The 5pm Post – Tour historic McMillan Park Saturday

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2012 at 5:00 pm 18 Comments

Photo courtesy of Friends of McMillan Park

From an email:

Tour historic McMillan Park
Saturday, April 21, 2012 10AM-1:30PM

Sponsored by Friends of McMillan Park

Free tour and refreshments
Entrance: 1st St, NW & Mcmillan Drive

The original McMillan Park gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. His father, Olmstead Sr., is known as the “father of American landscape architecture, having designed New York’s Central Park, the U.S. Capitol grounds, Stanford University and the country’s oldest state park, the Niagara Reservation in Niagara Falls. DC residents enjoyed access to McMillan park until WWII. In 1985, the slow sand filtration plant at McMillan was replaced with a new rapid sand filter plant.

Come and see, photograph, and enjoy this uniquely historic site.

  • if you love american ruins or unusual dc history, go check this place out before it’s gone!

  • I missed the last tour… definitely want to go this time around!

  • Anonymous

    Do we just show up at 1st St & McMillan at 10″

  • eric_in_ledroit

    argh, it’s not “McMillan Park” it a vacant eyesore wasting a huge chunk of prime real estate. Development now please!

    • Keepin’ it Real

      Yeah. This area is a dump.

      • yeah…

        dude, in a city full of architectural interest and beauty, your dullard’s mind makes you wasted space

        • NoLongerNew2CH

          Seriously, zero imagination (it doesn’t take much, honestly, to picture how awesome this could be). I am sure that naysayers called the High Line space a useless dump too. This space is an inventive urban planner’s ultimate dream.

    • Barrie Daneker

      Thanks Eric I agree it’s an industrial waste land and was ever ever a park no matter what that wacko jacko Tony Norman says!

  • I just started reading “devil in the white city” and Olmstead Sr is a huge part of the story! I’m finding the book kind of “meh” so far but it’s given me an appreciation of architecture that I never had before.

    • Oh, I loved that book.

      I thought the latest development plans included quite a bit of parkland here. No?

  • Anon X

    Where’s mcmillan park?

    Oh, yeah, there’s no such place.

    This thing has become such a mess. In everything I’ve seen, the development plans dont look great, but the opposition to the development sounds like they’re full of shit.

    • Barrie Daneker

      Your right they are so full of shit their eyes are turning brown! Lies, pipe dreams and fairies!

    • Barrie Daneker

      You’re right they are so full of shit their eyes are turning brown! Lies, pipe dreams and fairies!

  • I think this site is pretty cool and would love to go. Can you just show up at any time during this stretch, or do you have to be there at 10? I wish they would update their website with more info …

  • ohno

    Crap, just saw this. :(

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    Went today, it was absolutely AMAZING, one of the greatest spaces in D.C. It would be an absolute travesty to lose this space to development. I realize that they may need to develop some of the edges to get income, but with that income, they should turn this into the D.C. equivalent (only way cooler) of NYC’s uber-popular high-line. Combine vast fields for frisbee / picnicking / sun-bathing with the amazing and totally unique industrial catacombs (which pretty much any kid would LOVE to play in, just need to work on some of the safety issues), add in some interesting greenery, this would be one of the best, most vibrant, and I guarantee most used public spaces in DC. I really, really hope that this is not developed, or at least that most of it is left undeveloped and just polished up a bit for regular public usage. What an amazing hidden D.C. treasure.

    • Barrie Daneker

      Yes 9 acres are set aside for public use. but the whole thing will not be a park!


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