Tasty Scuttlebutt: New Richard Sandoval Peruvian Restaurant Coming to 715 Florida Ave, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2012 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

I told you I had a lot of scuttlebutt this week… Back in March 2010 a liquor license application was posted for a new spot called The Independent which was slated to be:

“Coffee House, bar lounge, 199 seats and total occupancy of 235 on first floor and storage on first and basement. Summer Garden with 75 seats and a total occupancy of 90.”

I now hear that Richard Sandoval is looking to take it over and make it a Peruvian restaurant. Sandoval is the Chef behind El Centro, Masa 14 and many others.

This would be huge news for this section of Florida Ave, NW. I think this would fit in nicely with the recent additions of Howard Theatre, Shaw’s Tavern and Bistro Bohem. Hard to imagine it would happen just a few years ago. Now it seems like a natural fit.

Of course, this is just scuttlebutt so I have no official confirmation at this point. I’d give this one a 78% accuracy rating.

  • oh please! oh please! it’s awesome seeing Shaw’s Tavern and Bistro Bohem come to life. A peruvian restaurant on the block would be fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    I do love Peruvian food. Most underrated food in my book.

    This is a huge space is it’s only going to be a restaurant. Hopefully a bar, too.

  • I am hoping that the Howard will cause an explosion of restaurants in the area. Florida Ave is filling in even faster than I thought.

  • I hope this is true; I will definitely be giving them some good business if it is!

  • Anonymous

    This would be incredible! This area is really taking off. I love it.

  • J

    Instead of opening a new restaurant maybe he should focus on making the food at El Centro suck less. I do like Masa though

    • Agreed.

      • L

        I have to agree with J on this one. If this is true, I hope the food is as good as Masa 14’s instead of as mediocre and overhyped as El Centro.

        • Masa -14

          Trip to Masa two weeks ago was disappointing. Hope it does not mean Peruvian tapas…

    • Anonymous

      You should work on sucking less. El centro is amazing. (just kidding, I’m sure you don’t actually suck, but neither does el centro)

  • JH

    The Hilton brothers were supposed to open the Independent – wonder what happened? Stretched too thin?

  • José

    Amazing. Hopefully, it’s a full Peruvian Restaurant and not just chicken – although that’s much better than nothing.

    • Anonymous

      If it is Richard Sandoval I have no doubt it will be good. Everyone here is down on El Centro, but that place is pretty cool and has an amazing happy hour. If this place is even so much as a trendy but overrated restaurant with a good bar, it will still be a huge bonus for the neighborhood.


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