• Bloomingdale Rez

    Is this a houses on Bloomingdale’s fraternity row? I was there last night enjoying a keg, jello shots, and grilling with the best neighbors in DC.

    • neighbor

      Where is Bloomingdale’s fraternity row and why wasn’t I invited?

  • I’m sure it’s a popular motif, but it looks like it could be done by this Baltimore-based artist: http://www.etsy.com/shop/terrazaglass

    Not affiliated in any way, but wish my house had somewhere I could fit in work like that.

  • new

    This transom was done by Steve at Wholly Terra. http://www.whollyterra.com/

    Awesome guy and very reasonable. We liked the transom so much we got him to one for our back door too.

    POP next time you are in Bloomingdale knock on the door and we will show you the one in the back. Unfortunately we finished the keg and jello shots. I am sure we can find something to quench your thirst though.

    It does make you realize how long ago college was when you get a keg and realize that you have no clue how to tap a keg anymore. In my early 20s I could do it in my sleep.


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