• Meg

    Rave: Dim Sum at China Gardens and Laser Tag this weekend! I AM AN ADULT.

    • I want to be your friend, sounds awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Revel: Walking to work, saw a very nice purse on the ground. Picked it up figuring I could find the owner. A block later the owner finds me and was one happy lady to get her purse back.

    • Anonymous

      How did you know that she was really the owner?

      • I would hope OP had the wherewithal to match the person against the ID in the purse…or at least describe something distinctive and not particularly obvious in it before handing it over.

  • DSB

    Rave: RGIII!!!!!
    Rave: C A P S Caps Caps Caps!!!
    Rave: Nats in 1st place!!!
    Rant: Skinny Jeans
    Rants: Neon colored sunglasses
    Rants: Dirty Hipsters who think they are to cool for school.

    Did I mention RGIII?

  • Sheridan

    Rave: It’s Friday and I got word that I can have the coffee table of my dreams custom made in 3 weeks!

    Rant: Someone threw a bottle at my living room window at 11pm last night and smashed the glass. Thanks, Adams Morgan ruffians.

    • zrc

      Thursday night in Adams Morgan has become Idiot Time. I don’t know what it is, but it just seems like the suburban amateurs are out having their first beer of their adult life, and don’t know how to behave. At least on the weekend there is more police presence….

      • Anonymous

        Go to Smoke and Barrel. Bare minimum number of idiots.

  • Ladylike

    RAVE!!!!!!!!: THUG caught in Petworth!!! Hoping the victims who survived a quick and healthy recovery.
    RAVE: General Admission tix to see the Boss in September at Nat’l Park = purchased. So excited.
    Rave: Big weekend of performances (see 5pm post from Tuesday!) Tix are almost sold out. Going to be such great shows. Can’t wait.

  • Rave: Food trucks last night in Mt Pleasant! I hope it becomes a regular event.

    Rant: Dog with an upset stomach & I’m getting ready to travel. She’ll be staying with family, still I don’t want them to have to deal with any medical issues while I’m away.

  • rant: the way many (not all) cab drivers accelerate then pump the brakes for no reason. buying individual health insurance. math “quiz” with 120 problems

    rave: about to pick up my new jeans from the tailor! seeing old friends tonight and tomorrow night!

  • mega-rave: the new jersey devils winning game 7 in double OT last night to move onto the next round!!
    rave: my mom is awesome at the caption contest.
    rave: a guy made me a playlist, which i think is the new mix tape.
    no rants today!

    • Love your mega-rave! I am nervous for round 2–those Flyers are dirty players, and I can’t handle the Devils blowing their two-goal leads and ushering the game into OT. I just can’t handle it!!

      • i am nervous too! flyers are extremely dirty players – i don’t care for their franchise at all. but yeah, the devils need to stop getting comfortable and blowing their lead – it’s too stressful! every game doesn’t need to be an adventure! but, go devils go!!

  • Rave: leaving for two weeks in London, Venice, and Rome tonight. And I even managed to not over-pack!

    • Anonymous

      This is awesome. Rome is maybe my favorite city and the other two on your list aint too shabby. Not sure if you have been to venice before but taking the bus around (actually a boat) is a pretty easy way of getting around and fun too.

    • Anonymous

      You really should try to make it to Florence while you’re in Italy. Especially if you’re an art lover!

      • +1 even if you aren’t big into art. Florence is beautiful and charming beyond words, period.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Won my fantasy NBA league last night. This after winning my NCAA tournament bracket. Having never won any fantasy sports leagues for years, feels pretty good (and the extra money doesn’t hurt either)!

  • me

    Rave: Due to a last-minute cancellation, I was able to get my fibroid procedure done yesterday.

    Rave: My boss and coworkers are so cool that they didn’t mind me leaving on somewhat short notice.

    Rant: Kind of feel like crap today and wish I would have stayed home.

    Rave: I have the weekend to do nothing!!!

    • Anonymous

      holy cow, you’re back at work! go home early and rest. glad you got it done. and good luck. :)

    • that is great news, me! here’s to pain-free living!

  • anonymous

    Rave: Beautiful day and doing work on my laptop outside!

    Rant: Performance review later day. 14 months into the job and 3 months left to go. I have so much to say about how crappy this job has been but what’s the point at this stage?

    Rave: Fun weekend lays ahead!

    • If your remarks could/should influence improvement you should not keep them to yourself…even if the job is ending. That demonstrates your being engaged and concerned about the effectiveness/quality of the team and company. And, you never know where you might encounter the reviewer or others from the upper echelon in the future so you could well be laying down some good karma in advance.

  • ew

    Rave: Tying up loose ends at my old apartment, and being rid of my douche roommates forever in 5 days! Got my mail forwarded, renter’s insurance purchased, Uhaul reserved, and mostly packed up.

    Rave: Weekend in NYC starting tonight

    Rave: Great feedback from internal contacts at a couple jobs I applied for..hoping for the best!

  • Rant: Husband is away on a fishing trip, so I had trouble sleeping last night without him there. The dog also has taken on his protector role since the hubby is gone, so he spent all night growling at every little noise.

    Rave: With the hubby away, I get to have a girls weekend full of dinners and shopping! Outlets tomorrow for a shopping spree :)

    Rave: Interviewing for a new, better position this afternoon. However, it is my first interview in 3+ years, so I am a bit nervous!

  • sb

    revels: realizing that work is more under control than i thought. doing the One Day Hike (50k along the C&O canal towpath tomorrow).

    rants: fiancee is on a business trip and I miss her. and it is likely going to rain during the hike.

  • Rave: Booked a spontaneous week-long trip to Costa Rica!

    Rant: That means we’ll have to put off the house/condo search off a little longer, but I think a mental health vacation is well worth the wait.

    Rave/Rant: Almost done with spring semester, but I’m getting really burnt out with part-time grad school.

    Rave: Boyfriend’s got a *great* interview coming up–fingers crossed!

    • TG

      Love it. Spontaneous trips are the best.

    • tk

      Costa Rica is a great getaway! Be sure to tell us about the trip when you return!

  • Rant: Some stuff has popped back into place but my lower back is still killing me. Attempting work today with heating pad.

    Revel: I’m getting better?

    • Have you tried Lunar Massage in Adams Morgan/Mt. Vernon? I would definitely give them a shot if you’re in pain lasting more than a day! Feel better!

      • Yup! I’m a member and hit them up on Wednesday. I might have to make another visit next week.

  • bb

    Rant: The food trucks in Mt P last night were few in number and quickly sold out of all the good stuff. And where was Takorean? I hear all the raves about these food trucks, but don’t have the pleasure of working downtown. I thought this was my chance. Please do it again, and bring more trucks!

    Rave: Went to Rinconcito instead, and had a deep fried tamale. I have a new definition of heaven.

    • Annony

      The organizers had no way of knowing what the turnout would be — didn’t want to have lots of trucks with no customers. It was great that the trucks sold out – bodes well for them coming back next time.

  • Rave: Made a strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert last night–tastes like summer!

    Rant: Didn’t sleep well last night, which is very unusual for me. Already on my second cup of real coffee, also very unusual for me.

    Rave: Going to see the Five-Year Engagement tonight–with two guy friends! I find this amusing.

    Rave: This time next week I will almost be in San Antonio! Can’t wait for my weekend away from DC, away from the stress of life, and to see my old friend.

    • LOVE strawberry rhubarb tarts/crisps/pies/everything!! A great way to mark the beginning of summer. I look forward to baking strawberry rhubarb treats once my farmers market opens next week. Do you have a favorite recipe you’ll willing to share?

    • LOVE strawberry rhubarb tarts/crisps/pies/everything!! A great way to mark the beginning of summer. I am looking forward to baking strawberry rhubarb treats once my local farmers market opens next week. Do you have a favorite recipe you’re willing to share?

      • apologies for the double post!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Commentary on WaPo today saying game of thrones and other HBO shows too much skin and that it is gratuitious, exploitive etc. etc. Hope HBO tells the critics to stuff it. Let artists make their art and if we don’t like it we don’t have to buy it or watch it.

    • me

      I read it as though they were saying the show has so much nudity that it is starting to detract from the point of the show. I mean, I don’t think they were offended by it, just that it was enough already. We get it. Yawn.

      • Anonymous

        OP here. I think you are right that this was one point of the article but I don’t think it was the main one.

    • anon

      I haven’t seen the show yet, but my understanding from recent articles was that there was even MORE nudity and sex in the TV show than there was in the books…. which I thought was amusing, because the books weren’t exactly short on nudity or sex!

    • I might get cable again just to see Chris Meloni naked and making out with hot vampire dudes! :-D

      • Anonymous

        This is another annoyance of mine. HBO seems to go out of its way to show scenes of gay male characters engaging in sex. This is also gratuitous but since it vindicates a political ethic (acceptance of same sex couples), the same authors of the criticisms I note give it a pass. I am not offended by either depiction, although I prefer one over the other. Just stop being blowhards and let us watch our shows is my point to the WaPo article.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know that it vindicates acceptance of same-sex couples. Homophobic people are always quick to point out the gratuitous parade of flesh that happens during gay pride as an example of how gay people degrade society. Instead of showing more same-sex sex, the media should strive to show gay people raising families, working, falling in love, the same non-sexual things that heterosexual people do everyday.

    • Anonymous

      SNL recently had a very funny sketch about this (it turns out a 13 year old boy is the producer responsible!) I can’t post a link to it since I’m at work.

  • aohk

    Rave: Verbal job offer!

    Rant: Patience, waiting for the written job offer that’s arriving today so that I can put in my two weeks.

    Rave: Imagining the expressions of all the coworkers that I hate when I announce I am leaving.

    Rant: Telling my new, very nice boss that I’ll be leaving.

    Rave: No more being admin support!!!! A few years of that has left me pretty beat up, and the lack of respect that my current place displays towards admins is incredibly discouraging.

  • Rave: Finally got everything squared away for my travel to Istanbul!
    Rant: The whole process was ridiculously stressful and I ended up having to charge the conference registration and hotel reservation to my personal credit card (not cheap).
    Rave: My company is doing their best to get me a check to cover it ASAP.
    Rave: Going to Istanbul!

    • zrc

      Istanbul is an amazing city. The combination of the the truly ancient and the completely cosmopolitan is really mind-boggling. Enjoy your trip and have a Raki for me!

    • Have a great trip! If you have time, taking a boat tour on the Bosporus is a nice way to see some of the sights.

    • Anonymous

      Have a great time but stay alert while you are there. My friend was nearly abducted at the edge of the bazaar – some random guy literally tried to carry her away under his arm, and told the police she was his “drunk girlfriend.” Probably did not help his case that he spoke no English and she was not drunk. They let him go anyway.

  • Caroline

    Rant/Rave: The results of the 2012 Cherry Blossom photo contest are in, and the 2nd place winner in the Landcsape category is almost identical to my entry! Next year I will have to come up with something more original. :)

  • Anonymous

    Rant – Went to Home Depot and asked two different staff people if they had rain gauges – neither knew what a rain gauge was. I asked another staff person – at least he knew what it was but didn’t know if HD sold them. And proceeded to tell me that I could look at the nearest airport rainfall, or use weatherbug…no, I want a rain gauge so I can measure rainfall right here.

    Another rant: Colored mulch. Ingredients – mulch and colorants. Why wold anyone want to put this around their plants?

    • Dollar Tree has rain gauges.

  • Anonymous

    Not a rant, just sadness: A year ago today my Mom and I were planning a surprise trip home for my Dad’s birthday. That weekend was the last time I saw her before she died last summer. We fought pretty much the whole time I was there. I really wish the last memories I have of her were of something more pleasant than the two of us ruining my Dad’s birthday.

    • I’m sorry. I hope that over time all your happy memories will outweigh these last sad ones.

  • I’m coming back with another Rave: I have some awesome co-workers. We have an office joke about a French chicken running around, and it likes to leave notes and lay eggs on peoples’ desks. Every time I’ve left my computer for a substantial amount of time today, there has been a funny French chicken related sign hanging when I get back. Actually, the last one was left in the copier, and it was inviting me to coffee. :o) I’m normally the person doing the decorating/joking, so it feels nice to have someone do it to me.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Arrest in Petworth bashings. I was totally giving everybody the hairy eyeball on my way home last night.
    Rave: Spring weather, so fresh and nice it makes me wanna go sailing or hiking.
    Rave: Got a sitter for anniversary dinner! 7 years married, 21 years in love, still going strong.
    Rave: Kids are so cute, I want to freeze them at this age.
    Rant: Pollen, ugh!


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