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  • classic_six

    Love this photo…

    • Yeah. Those chicks are hot. (I am assuming that is why they are in the water).

    • Ducks don’t usually make me “squeee” but these guys are adorable!!

  • Rave: Between the Nationals being first in the NL, the Wiz on a 5 game winning streak, the Skins about to draft our new overlord RG3, and the Caps not only winning the series, but the game winner being scored by a black guy, on Tim Thomas, in Boston, this is the high water mark of DC sports fans since 1991.

    Rant: Man, Boston fans sure are proving correct all those jokes made about how racist of a city it is. If you haven’t seen the twitter aggregates, oof.

    Rave: leaving tonight for 3 day weekend of fishing and drinking in North Carolina! The PoP fishing posts this week have only made the anticipation worse.

    • Anonymous

      Boston is second only to Philly in terms of American cities whose residents are completely classless.

      • Britt

        Seriously people? Can we get over the whole “Philly has terrible sports fans” thing?
        I can predict all the examples you’ll put in here to rail against Philly fans but come on, the whole city as classless? I disagree whole-heartedly.

      • Anonymous

        stay classy DC…

    • TJ

      Dont forget about DCU. Unbeaten in the last 6 games

    • Ignorant

      Jim – your post is ignorant. Because Thomas is conservative and doesn’t support Obama he is a racist? Or Ward’s goal (who is Candadian by the way), somehow acts as a shot against Thomas’ political views? Give me a break.

      • Anonymous

        It has nothing to do with Thomas or Obama. Lots of supposed Bruins fans letting the n-word fly all across Twitter last night in reference to Ward.

        • Ignorant

          That is BS. The phrase was deliberate “a black guy, on Tim Thomas, …”

          • Anonymous

            Well apparently you read a different Twitter than the rest of us. Go ahead, search for the two terms together and see what you come up with.

          • Anonymous

            If you don’t believe me, check out these classy Bostonians here: http://dcist.com/2012/04/racist_boston_fans.php

          • Ignorant

            Anon – you are missing the point. I am talking about the inclusion of Tim Thomas with the clear implication that it was justice that a black guy scored on him specifically. I feel you understand what I am saying but are just ignoring it. My point has nothing to do with the inane racial rants of a limited group of idiots. Nobody is denying that there are idiots out there and this is what they are saying. But what the hell does Tim Thomas have to do with it?

          • Anonymous

            I think you’ve clearly missed what the real story here is.

        • Anonymous

          Regarding racism and classlessness. I have to telll you, I have attended many sporting events with both Philly fans and Boston fans and Philly is 400 million, trillion times worse. With all due respect to Britt. If a fissure developed and Philadelphia somehow broke off and floated down the delaware river out to sea, the country wouldn’t miss it.

  • Meg

    Rant: Stupid chest cold. I sound like death. I feel bad for coming into work, but Thursday is my newsletter deadline and it’s the only day I can’t stay home.

    Rant: Back tire was soft on my Civic, so I had to take my SO’s gigantic station wagon down 95, 495, 295, the Anacostia and then 395.

    Rave: I SURVIVED.

    • Meg

      Additional Rave: Wearing the sticker at work that my three month old son “made” for me in day care. Wearing it proudly.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Maybe I am asking too much, but could I at least get a personal rejection email when I made two separate trips to your out-of-state company for on-site interviews and writing tests? I’ll deal with a Dear John letter, but something a little more personal would have been appreciated. You couldn’t have interviewed more than 3 people…it’s not that difficult to email them directly. Oh well.

    • anonymous

      You’re not asking too much. If it’s really killing you, I would just politely inquire via phone or email. I think a lot of HR offices and/or hiring officials need a class in civility and good manners. That’s what it comes down to. When you’re at the stage you were at in particular, there really is no excuse for the hiring officials to not contact the applicants about their status.

    • anon

      That sucks. If it makes you feel any better…I have a friend who interviewed with a company for a job here in DC – flew across the country twice to meet with HQ and was one of three finalists. Didn’t hear anything for a few weeks (company told her it would take six weeks or so to hire). Ended up finding out she wasn’t hired when she went to a meeting and someone introduced themselves to her as the new hire for the company. Never heard from the company. No call, letter, email…nothing.

      I told her she was better off. Who wants to work for a company that can’t even communicate! Small consolation, I know. But I hope your job search ultimately finds you in a place where you’re at an even better company/association/whatever. :)

  • Annony

    Rant: Two people having sex on the church steps – practically on the sidewalk – yesterday evening.

    Not my rave, but maybe theirs – having sex

    • What gives?

      As long as they weren’t using birth control, the church is OK with it.

      • saf

        Now, that depends on the denomination.

    • What church? Where? You could make some serious money by setting up bleachers and selling tickets!!

  • Rant: Stayed home sick today. My boss sounded suspicious when I called in, I think because it could appear that I’m abusing my sick hours (I’m leaving soon and have over 60 hrs accumulated). When I heard the skepticism in her voice, I offered to work on a few projects from home/bed and that only made it worse. And I really do feel like crap! So now I feel sick AND guilty.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: UTI – Anyone have luck with a home remedy before?

    • Drink lots of water and cranberry juice. You could try that cranberry concentrate–might be in the herbal remedy area of CVS. Don’t home remedy too long though, the bacteria could travel up to your liver and get you terribly sick. Feel better!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think one exists. Cranberry or those cranberry supps otc can help stave them off, but once you have one you really have to go to the doctor to get it checked out. Don’t let it spread to your kidneys or cause permanent irritation to your blatter/tract. Feel better!

    • tk

      There isn’t a home remedy. Over the counter Uristat or the generic version from the drug store is extremely effective at easing the symptoms (although you will have bright orange pee) but you have to go to the doctor for a remedy. CVS’s minute clinic can hook you up with a prescription in just a few minutes if you don’t have time to go get checked out by a primary care doctor.

    • anon

      I second the warnings. I once tried to resolve my UTI at home and ended up with a kidney infection. My doctor won’t prescribe meds unless I go into the office, which is a hassle since I usually have to wait a day or two to get in (not helpful!). If that’s the case for you, you many want to check out that new clinic in NoMa that takes walk-ins.

    • You can walk into a Planned Parenthood without an appointment, be tested for a UTI, and leave with either the drugs or a prescription for the antibiotic needed. They’re amazing that way.

      • maria

        The walk in clinic in Cleveland Park, right by the Wallgreens, is a good choice. I think it’s $75 or 90 for a doctor visit, they didn’t take my insurance but you don’t really have a luxury of waiting a day or two with a UTI. Good luck!

    • Until you can get to the doctor and/or while you’re waiting for the antibiotics to take effect, drinking a whole lot of water should help with symptom relief. Also effective for preventing future UTIs and just generally a good idea.

  • ew

    Rave: PoPville community. Special thanks to Maria- I’m working on it right now!

    Rave: Trip to NYC with the boyfriend’s mom and grandpa who are in town from abroad this weekend

    Rave: MOVING in 5 days!!

    • maria

      EW – yey!!! good luck. hope i get to meet you in person soon.

      • ew

        Thanks again :D

  • Rave: Booked a trip to Machu Picchu in the fall. I have wanted to go there since I was little, I can’t wait!!!

    Rave: Moving to a wonderful new apartment in 6 days!

    Rant: Leaving the District.

    • TC

      I went to Machu Picchu in March and, despite the hype, it is one of those spectacular places that does not disappoint. Enjoy your trip! Also, if you want to hike Wayna Picchu (the steep mountain behind Machu Picchu in the classic photos) be sure to book a spot now as they only let 400/day up the mountain. I was unfortunately unable to go, but people I’ve talked to say the views are amazing.

      • d

        I just booked a trip to Peru and am thinking about going to Machu Picchu. Where did you make the reservation for Wayna Picchu? Was it through a tour company? If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them!

        • I hiked the 4-day Inca that ended at Machu Picchu Trail last August with Peru Treks. They are fairly priced, provide you with 2 English-speaking guides, cook amazing food, and are extremely kind to their porters. If you do book a trek like that, please don’t go for the cheapest one–go with one that has reliable and fair standards for their porters (guys who carry EVERYTHING–propane tanks, tents, etc)

        • We booked through an outfit in Cuzco called SAP adventures. Very good group. We also did a four-day tour of Manu in the Amazon Basin, one of the best trips ever!

        • TC

          To do the Inka Trail you have to book with a tour company because guides are required. I did the 2 day/1 night hike and wish I would have had the time to do the classic 4 day trip.

          If you’re just going to Machu Picchu via the train to Aguas Calientes and the buses up to the site, I think you can book tickets at http://www.machupicchu.gob.pe/. Also, you can book Wayna Picchu tickets there even if a tour company is booking your Machu Picchu tickets for you (you’ll likely need your ticket number though).

    • so jealous!! I was just looking at flights yesterday. But too many house projects are eating up the travel budget :(

    • Britt

      Have an incredible time! I’ve been twice and loved every second of it. If you cannot do the hike up Huayna picchu, the hike up Macchu Picchu mountain is pretty incredible as well and has ridiculous views!

    • pablo.raw

      I think you can get your Machu Picchu tickets at the Oficina de Turismo in Cusco. If you can’t, try to get to Aguas Calientes early the day before (before they close the offices) and get it there. You could also get your bus ticket that day. That will save you time, and you’ll be up the mountain early enough that you’ll be able to do the climb to Huayna Picchu. Oh! and take your PoP t-shirt with you! http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/07/pop-t-shirts-continue-to-travel-the-globe-pablo-raw-in-peru/

      • This is right. Definitely do Huayna Picchu and come down the back side (if you’re not height-phobic, there is a somewhat sketchy part) to visit a pretty cool Incan temple built into the mountain.

        And Lima, like any other South American city, is fine as long as you’re smart about knowing where and where not to go. If one is concerned, just hang out in Miraflores and you’re good.

        In all my travels Peru still remains my favorite. Enjoy it!

    • Anonymous

      SO jealous, Machu Picchu is one of my dream trips. To the other poster, who the f books a trip to Peru WITHOUT planning to visit Machu Picchu?
      P.S. Everyone I know who traveled to Lima except Peruvinas got mugged there, usually on their first day. Suggest you high tail it to Cuzco or the coast and not spend a lot of time in Lima.

      • I had to spend a day in Lima because of bad weather, stupid airline, etc. and I went to the Plaza de Armas in time to see the change of guard, and was able to tour one of the religious buildings there. Didn’t get mugged! Couldn’t get into the National Cathedral but it looks really impressive.

      • I didn’t get mugged in Lima either, although I always felt like I was about to be. We heard about the most/violent muggings in Puno.. thankfully I was so tired/dirty after the trail that we stayed in the hotel 90% of the time and avoided the muggings :-)

        • On my Inca Trail trip we were encouraged to bring no-longer-needed-but in good-shape sneakers or hiking boots, long underwear and light wind-cheater type jackets, which could be left after for the porters.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Went to Kentacobell last night. The 99c hard taco that I brought for lunch made my day.

  • anonymous

    Rant: Homeless guy who tried to put a whole rotisserie chicken on the conveyor belt for me to buy at the Safeway on K Street. I felt bad about saying no but come on, that is really aggressive and I’m vegetarian!

    Rave: Upon leaving Safeway, saw him eating the chicken with his buddies in the park across the street. Someone out there is kinder than I am! :)

    • classic_six

      Just curious – but what does your being a vegetarian have to do with saying no to homeless guy putting rotisserie chicken on the Safeway conveyor for you to buy for him? I don’t know what your reasons are for being vegetarian but the only way I would see that being objectionable would be that you don’t even want your money to be spent on animal products (including leather, etc.), let alone eat them. Otherwise, I don’t see a connection.

      • anonymous

        This is NOT the OP, but I totally get what he or she is saying. I object to eating red meat and would feel pretty awful about having to serve it to someone. It’s an ethical matter. I don’t want to give a dime to factory farms that hurt cows. That’s the issue. Responding to the OP, however, I must say that act was pretty presumptuous. I’m all for feeding the hungry, but c’mon. That kind of aggressiveness is wrong and should not be rewarded.

        • I have to say I disagree. This is not at all a criticism of the OP for not buying the chicken, but imagine being very very hungry and very very broke. Being aggressive about food doesn’t mean someone will actually buy you the chicken (although clearly, while the OP did not, someone else did) but you certainly would not get any food by not even asking for it!

          I think, maybe wrongly, that someone would have more success obtaining food by putting it in someone’s pile on the conveyor belt (as presumptuous as that may be) than asking for money with a sign outside and having people assume the money would be for something they didn’t approve of ie booze, drugs, or apparently meat).

          FWIW, I’m a vegetarian too, and I’ve bought a homeless man a hot dog many a time. To each his own, but if someone is truly hungry and asks for meat, and I want to help them out, who am I to prescribe what they should or should not eat?

          • anonymous

            You make some valid points and I don’t disagree with many of them. I wouldn’t begrudge poor children in Africa meat, for example, if that is what will save them from dying from starvation. I guess I’m more ticked off by how the whole situation went down for the OP. It’s one thing to be hungry and desperate, but we have a pretty awesome safety net in this city (food stamps, church meals/food pantries, etc…). It’s another issue entirely to step in and intimidate someone into buying a higher price item. I don’t see people starving on the streets in this town, so I highly doubt the “need” was a matter of life and death. When you’re a beggar, you don’t get to call the shots. That’s what that guy was trying to do.

        • classic_six

          I did take that into account in my responding comment, if that is why they are a vegetarian, so it would make sense in that specific context to not want to spend money on animal products, which, by the way, would also include goods such as leather. Otherwise, the OP comment read like that was the rationalization for not buying the chicken for the homeless man.

          While I get that the presumptiveness was startling, it was so nice to read about sneak’s compassion and “acts of kindness.” I know that we can’t do this every single time, but it’s nice to hear examples of when it’s done.

        • Anonymous

          The best solution is to do what I do – ignore the homeless when they try to talk to you, or yell “Go away!” at them.

  • anonymous

    Responding to the pet fee/deposit debate yesterday: I’ll agree to pet fees when apartment buildings start charging smoker fees that are commensurate with the damage smokers do to the building. We already know people who smoke indoors cause damage that requires a lot more money to fix than non-smokers. Why do they skate off without charges, but pet owners remain on the hook?

    • Anonymous

      excellent point. pets can leave dander/dust/hair aggravating allergies and asthma, but smokers leave poisons all over an apartment which is much more detrimental to one’s health over the long run.

      • drsnacks

        Actually cats and dogs can spread toxoplasmosis quite easily to neighbors and future residents for decades after they’re gone; and residential proximity with pets is associated with a heightened susceptibility to contracting Hepatitis C.

        • anonymous

          Sorry, drsnacks, but I know enough about toxoplasmosis to call your bluff. It’s ok if you don’t like cats and dogs, but get your facts straight. We’d have an absolute epidemic of toxoplasmosis and Hepatitis C if you were even close to being right.

          • drsnacks

            It wasn’t a bluff, it was a joke.

    • I totall agree with you. However, aren’t all buildings in DC suppose to be smoke-free (although probably hard to enforce)?

      • I don’t think this is the case – I recall looking at an apartment in a large, managed building two years ago and the property manager said that while smoking was prohibited in the common areas, “what you do in your own apartment is your own business” when it comes to smoking. Which of course isn’t true because can spread to other units via ductwork, etc.

        That said, I think that smoke-free apartment buildings are a fantastic idea, does anyone know of any?

        • what

          3333 Wisconsin Ave is smoke-free, even in your own apt. I love that!

          • drsnacks

            It’d be interesting to know if either of you were born and/or raised here.

        • 425 Mass is totally smoke-free. You can’t even smoke on your balcony.

      • There is no city law regarding smoking in individual apartments or private dwellings; however, a growing number of new (as well as renovated) apartment buildings don’t allow smoking at all from the get-go. Condo owners and associations can set smoking policy as they please since they are private property. Older apartments subject to rent control or other jurisdictional regulation cannot do so as long as there are existing tenants who smoke since that would violate their rights. (Yes, even smokers have rights regardless of how anyone feels about smoking.) Also, non-smoking buildings in some parts of the country are running into legal issues over whether such policies violate the Fair Housing Act or civil rights laws since smoking remains higher among protected minority groups than whites and there are assertions of smoking being used to justify discrimination…so non-smoking rental housing policies may not actually be enforceable without a Federal mandate (legislative or judicial).

        • drsnacks

          It’s easily a class discrimination issue, even ignoring the usage patterns among classes; it’s exclusively the upper-middle-class that champions proscriptive behavioral movements* (see the temperance movement to ultimately prohibition of the last decade).

          It’s the reason the OP felt comfortable choosing them to foist his frustration upon for being discriminated against himself. Why should he be punished for his high-class burden when otherwise irrelevant people with low-class baggage seemly get off freely?

          *Novel proscriptive movements (e.g. driving without a seatbelt, riding without a helmet, drinking under 21, etc.). Poor conservatives fighting to keep existing proscriptions are another thing.

          • anonymous

            It’s not so much an upper class/lower class burden as it is a health problem. Yes, smoking tends to occur among the lower classes, but that does not mean we should turn this into a class argument. Now that second hand smoking is no longer a hypothetical problem, I would hope that we would be moving in the direction of protecting ALL people who do not want to breathe in their neighbors’ smoke. That includes poorer people who cannot afford a single family house (if you want to bring in the class argument). Why should the poor be exposed needlessly? It comes down to this: at what point does a smoker’s right to smoke toxins stop at my right to breathe fresh air in my home? Why are we still giving the advantage to smokers when the health consequences for those they hurt are so clear? Bear, thanks for the information and your perspective. It made me think of how complex this issue is.

          • drsnacks

            Actually the only conclusive danger of second-hand smoke is from prolonged exposure within a residence (as in the same unit, not an apartment building).

            All other complaints of merely being able to detect that tobacco is being smoked is a matter of personal preference that class privilege grants an expectation of being respected.

          • drsnacks

            And I’m not “turning it into a class argument”based on usage patterns, which is why I said “even ignoring the usage patterns among classes”. It’s inherently a class issue because only a certain background gives you to wherewithal to engage in the social bullying of championing preventing people from indulging in something you disapprove of in their own homes; something that people have traditionally expected to be able to do.

          • drsnacks

            And I’m not “turning it into a class argument” based on usage patterns, which is why I said “even ignoring the usage patterns among classes”. It’s inherently a class issue because only a certain background gives you to wherewithal to engage in the social bullying of championing preventing people from indulging in something you disapprove of in their own homes; something that people have traditionally expected to be able to do.

    • ugh +Pi! My neighbors smoke (and drink a lot), so my hallway STINKS and it makes its way in to my apartment when they don’t open their windows.

      Worse, it smells stale, like a bar on a sunday morning, in my hallway much of the time. I get it, smokers have rights, but it definitely makes my living situation more uncomfortable. Maybe I’m too polite and I should just cook fish all night even though I don’t eat it.

    • Anonymous

      I would be totally fine with that. Smokers definitely do damage to a building. I would not want to rent to one. I am surprised this is not the policy in some places. When I rent my place, I plan to say, no smoking.

      • “Smokers definitely do damage to a building.”

        Damage implies they are rendering fixtures or the structure unusable/unrentable without repairs or replacement. Unless someone is burning holes in the walls, floors/carpeting or causes a fire, they are not causing damage. Making the walls dingy or causing an odor (no matter how unpleasant) are remedied relatively easily as part of the normal apartment turnover process.

  • Tony Montana

    Rant: Neighbor appears to be drug dealer (hard stuff). Any advice on how to help alert the authorities and get results whiile still keeping me and my family safe?

    • saf

      Start with your PSA lieutenant.

    • OatsDC

      Why not call the police and say something along the lines of your witnessing drug deals on your “drive” home from work almost daily at XYZ address?
      If the police responded, how would your neighbor know that you’re the one who alerted authorities.

      Is your neighbor dealing in the open? What makes you suspect he is a dealer? If he/she is dumb enough to deal outside, literally anyone could have called the cops. Does he/she know that you know he/she is dealing?

      • Anonymous

        Be careful, many of these operations have cops on the inside, if your name gets out, they may just come down hard on you in some very unpleasant ways. I’d start with your City Council Member and the District Commander asking them not to CC other officers. The MPD intelligence unit likely is already fully aware of this house.

    • If it’s a meth or ecstasy business, call the fire department and report “an odd, chemical odor” emanating from said apartment. They’ll see the cook, get hazmat there to remove it and pass it to the cops. A meth lab was busted on the other side of Dupont a couple of months ago when DCFD responded to a fire in the apartment.

    • Tony Montana

      It is out in the open so maybe easier to be anonymous. I definitely prefer to keep my name out of it.

  • Britt

    Rave #1: Rod y Gab and CUBA were incredible last night- what an awesome concert!!

    Rave #2: Best dog in the world (that we’re dog sitting) is chilling at home right now, waiting for me to come home for a lunch-time walk.

    Rave #3: Eventing (Rolex Three-Day) on TV and live feed!! Only time every year I get to see my favorite sport on the TV!

  • Rave: Caps WIN last night!
    Double Rave: Leaving for London, Venice, and Rome tomorrow for two weeks.
    Rant: Missing the second round of the NHL playoffs (yes, I know I can’t really complain given where I’ll be, but I’m still a little bummed) – I just hope the Caps are still playing when I return!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Georgia Avenue construction during rush hour… Seriously?!?!? It takes forever to get past it. Totally bad call DC.

    Rant: Need to rent an apartment for 6 months, not looking forward to moving and paying rent -and- my usual mortgage, worried about income changing.

    Rant: Aren’t they supposed to demolish the stinky Safeway on Gerogia Avenue already?!? What’s going on!? I want to be there when it’s knocked down! >:[

    Rave: So many changes going on at the same time around Georgia Avenue. I’d love to see a Petco with grooming services move in!

  • what

    Rant: The company that managed the apt building I live in were underbid on their contract with the building’s owner. They left last week but from all appearances the new company has not started. The lobby is a bit of a mess and there is no one man-ing the desk after work so we can’t pick up any packages. Last night a door alarm was blaring but no one was there who could shut it off.

    Rave: baby ducks.

  • j

    any info on the murder on Emerson Street?

    • Anonymous

      I pray it wasn’t a Trayvon related beating like just happened down in Alabama, where a group ganged up on a local guy and beat him senseless!

      • Anonymous

        In other words, a hate crime? I doubt the thugs who beat that guy will be charged with one.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this isn’t the place, but it’s amazing.
    Rave: Infant mortality in DC at historic low. 65% drop in the past 20 years, and 38% drop in the past 4 years. Knowing how hard it was for my parents to lose an infant, this is just stunning to consider the progress.

    • Anonymous

      I second your rave and I’m very sorry for you and your family. I can’t imagine.

  • halfsmoke

    Rave – Caps.
    Rave – Leaving for Jazz Fest in 5 days.
    Rave – Watching Caps playoff games in a bar in New Orleans.
    Rant – None.

  • pulling my leg

    Rant: have terrible calf pain on my right leg which has made it difficult to walk. I have a race (running) on May 6th and it is my favorite race each year. Now I am not sure I will be able to do it.

    Rave: the other night at around 730pm I took 2 ibuprofen and 1 valium and laid on my bed to rest. 500am woke up w/ alarm, fully dressed… had completely passed out. Freaked out thinking I might not have locked the door the night before. Great sleep tho!

    • Britt

      Calf pain stinks and scares the crap out of me after I had a blood clot…
      If it’s accompanied with swelling, heat, and reddness, get it checked out as it could be a DVT.
      Otherwise- best of luck!

    • cp

      If it’s a muscle strain try KT Tape. It is magic on a sticky strip.

      I think City Sports may sell it – I know Sports Authority does – you can also get it through the KT Tape website.

    • Anonymous

      Stop taking all those drugs! Eat a banana! Potassium is usually the fix for muscle soreness and cramping, stretching (carefully) reduces lactic acid stored in muscles too. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the Internet!

  • Rant: have really messed up my lower back. Sitting is akin to torture so I’m taking a break from work today and spending quality time with the heating pad at home. I would give anything for some muscle relaxers.

    Rave: The rain. Allergies are next to nothing and my garden is taking off.

  • Brad

    Rant: Sleepy.
    Rave: Engaged!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Tourist killed in Petworth. 12 year old girl missing – last seen Georgia Ave and Otis Pl.

    • Anonymous

      I see she was found. Hooray!

      Unfortunately nothing can bring back the 66 year old man who was beaten to death though. Thoughts are with his family.

      • Anonymous

        I also see MPD announced this shortly after midnight… um, does NBC Washington check any sources before reporting that she was still missing as of 7am this morning? wtf, people, it’s basic local news…

  • Rant: Work is pissing me off.

    Rave: paychecks

  • Rave: Yakisoba spicy chicken noodles for lunch cleared out my sinuses bigtime!

    Revel: This annoying snob woman at a client was on the receiving end of a long-overdue “Oh, SNAP!” A few months ago she was telling one of her GFs how she walked out on a date because he didn’t have an iPhone and spoke ill of Apple. Today she’s an emotional wreck because her fiance dumped her for having been nothing but rude and condescending toward his college roomie when he was visiting last weekend because he doesn’t follow the hipster mold and also came out. “Who does he think he is telling me that it won’t work because I refuse to just accept other people and let them live their own lives? Could he be any more selfish and insensitive? And doesn’t he realize how humiliating and embarrassing this is for me?”

    • Damn interruptions. Her walking out on the date was a few years ago, not months. Duh.

  • me

    Rant: Kitty is on his last legs. He’s been on his last legs for over a year but now the vet says they can’t do anything else for him and I just have to wait and see how long his body can handle his health issues. Not sure how I’ll know it’s the time, and I don’t know if I should get one of those home vets or take him to his usual vet when the time comes. And I’m afraid of how my other cat is going to handle it. And with a weekend out-of-town for wedding in a month, I’m not sure how that’s going to work either. Don’t want to leave the little guy when he’s so sick but can’t take him with me. :(

    • me

      Oops sorry, me with the kitty avatar, I’m just me, not the PoP kitty avatar me.

  • Rave: Poem in a Pocket day

    A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree
    by Emily Dickinson

    A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree —
    Another — on the Roof —
    A Half a Dozen kissed the Eaves —
    And made the Gables laugh —

    A few went out to help the Brook
    That went to help the Sea —
    Myself Conjectured were they Pearls —
    What Necklace could be —

    The Dust replaced, in Hoisted Roads —
    The Birds jocoser sung —
    The Sunshine threw his Hat away —
    The Bushes — spangles flung —

    The Breezes brought dejected Lutes —
    And bathed them in the Glee —
    Then Orient showed a single Flag,
    And signed the Fete away —

    • MUCH madness is divinest sense
      To a discerning eye;
      Much sense the starkest madness.
      ’T is the majority
      In this, as all, prevails.
      Assent, and you are sane;
      Demur,—you ’re straightway dangerous,
      And handled with a chain.

      • Isn’t she awesome? Let’s have an Emily Dickinson slam!

    • Excerpt from Shake the Dust by Anis Mojgani:

      …So grab this world by its clothespins and shake it out again and again and jump on top and take it for a spin and when you hop off shake it again for this is yours.

      Make my words worth it, make this not just another poem that I write, not just another poem like just another night that sits heavy above us all.

      Walk into it, breathe it in, let is crash through the halls of your arms at the millions of years of millions of poets coursing like blood pumping and pushing making you live, shaking the dust.

      So when the world knocks at your front door, clutch the knob and open on up, running forward into its widespread greeting arms with your hands before you, fingertips trembling though they may be.

  • Rant: In one of those “can’t-stop-eating-must-eat-everything’ modes. The more I think about NOT eating, the more I EAT!

    Rant: All of those can’t-stop-eating foods have been purchased today b/c I don’t have anything at home and have no time to shop this week.

    Rave: Caps WIN!!!


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