• anonymouse

    Revel: Today is a beautiful day.
    Rant: Ghetto ass kids who work and hang out at Target.

    • Stavros

      In Columbia Heights? Went there Saturday and the young lady behind the register could not have been nicer.

    • They take over the Garden area after school.

  • Kam

    Rave: By this time tomorrow I will be halfway to Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rave: 6 days of sunny weather, casinos, culture, different foods, nightlife, relaxation, beaches, music, history and much more. But most of all I am really looking forward to the rainforest excursion, scaling waterfalls and zip lining through said rainforest. Oh and I also am excited about checking out the bioluminescent bay in Vieques.

    I would love any advice or suggestions that anyone can offer. What are the things that I must do?

    • Anonymous

      Read a book. I went to PR in October, and it rains in the afternoons, so take a good book, not something trashy.

      • C3PO

        Why not trashy? If you’re going to read a trashy novel, a vacation seems the time to do it.

        • Anonymous

          Trashy novels read too fast. It’s all angsty, bodice ripping, teary ending, and an hour later you’re looking for another book.

    • ctk

      Awesome, I’m jealous! Check out the live salsa music/dancing at the Nuyorican Cafe in Old San Juan.

      How long will you be in Vieques? Rent a jeep if you’re staying at least a full day & want to hit the beaches in the wildlife preserve – roads are a mess. Try to hit El Quenepo for dinner (pricey but worth it) or grab lunch at the Sol food truck. The biobay is incredible. Vieques is one of my favorite places.

      • zrc

        We did our honeymoon in Vieques, and absolutely loved it. Definitely agree about renting a jeep and exploring some of the more remote beaches…we had a few of them entirely to ourselves! The bioluminescent bay is absolutely unreal…

      • Anonymous

        PR is awesome (Im Mrs CTK). the best ceviche I have ever had was at aqua viva in old San juan…also pricey but we ate their twice it was so good. Vieques is amazing but yes, you MUST have a jeep or else you can forget about any of the beaches other than the municipal beach close to the malecon. My fave beaches are Blue Beach and Secret Beach. half the fun is exploring, getting lost and stumbling upon some amazing beach that has about 3 people on it in the middle of the day. There is a tasty food truck usually parked at the dirt entrance to the main set of beaches, very good snacks to take with you. Blackbeards dive shop in Isabell is a good resource too.
        If you are taking a ferry to Vieques, please be advised that the service lately is TOTALLY EFFED up. Maybe it will , maybe it won’t. you need to monitor that on line daily if possible. Its a hot ass mess to put it mildly. We have ferried and also flown. The fly is tiny and terrifying but at least you get there in 20 minutes and on time.

        • B

          I 2nd the Aqua Viva recommendation. Some of the best food I have ever had, we had to twice also. Expensive though.

    • anon_

      If you have time, try to go to Ponce in the south. Beautiful city. And also Rincon in the west, is a nice surf town.
      If you really like Puerto Rican food, particularly pork, I suggest taking a trip to Guavate and eat at a lechonera. Guavate is located in center of the island in the mountains. It’s pretty much full of locals even though it has been getting very touristy as the years go on. Some of the best food out there and don’t forget to wash it down with a Medalla. The bonus is that you can work off the calories by dancing salsa and merengue at these “lechoneras”. Word of caution, if you drive there, be ready for the twisty roads and the speeding drivers -especially on the weekends.

    • Kam

      THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! You are all awesome. I really appreciate the tips and suggestions. I will do my best to report back to you all. Thanks again!!

      • …and don’t forget to bring your PoP t-shirt!

  • Hilltop

    Rave: The Petworth Farmers Market held a great fundraiser last night at Domku!

    Rant: PoP didn’t mention it in any posts :( Perhaps the Prince needs to eat his veggies to stay on top of these things. :)

    • Anonymous

      Did you email him about it before the event happened?

  • ew

    Rant: Getting upset with myself for being recognized on administrative professionals day or whatever this is. I can’t help but be slightly embarrassed that this is my job.

    Rave: Gift card from work

    Rant(Rave?): It’s only Wednesday…or as Pablo corrected me last week, it’s already Wednesday!

    • Don’t be embarrassed.
      I was trying to find a card for 2 of our admins but realized none of them applied. An admin is someone that helps you do your job better—not someone that begrudgingly answers the phone and takes 3 hour lunches. The cards said something like “for the professional we would be lost without” I wish we had better admins.

    • :D

    • anonnnnn

      I am and admin too, and instead of being embarrassed, be thankful that you are appreciated. so many admins are under-appreciated or not at all at their jobs. and THAT’s the real embarrassment.

    • anon

      Ew – come work with us! we would definitely be lost without our admins, or as we call them – project coordinators. If you are into design or museums or museum design.

      • ew

        I do love museums! If you are serious, I’m sure PoP can give you my email. I’m completely open to trying new things at this early stage in my career :)

        • maria

          OMG, yes! i’m serious!!!! it’s maria btw. i can’t remember my password. let me find a link to the listing. Tell them maria sent you. I’m the only maria here. :)

          • maria

            I’m totally blowing my cover for this! will need a new user name. Here’s the job posting: http://www.jobtarget.com/c/job.cfm?job=10053099&vnet=0&site_id=8712

          • Anonymous

            <3 this! The good side of PoP

          • ew

            :D Thank you, Maria!

          • AnononWednesday

            This is so great!! Has the concept of a job forum ever been tossed about on PoP? I wonder how many other opportunities/connections could be made…

          • Anonymous

            I wish you posted that job announcement back when I was job hunting! I actually searched for musuem and archives positions when I was looking. Oh well, good luck to ew!

    • Ha! I was just saying to my friend that I was bummed I hadn’t received any tokens or acknowledgements of appreciation today. We have a company-wide celebration for all us admins, but it’s nice to be recognized by those you directly support.

    • classic_six

      To ew,

      I’m sure some people will “look down” because, well, that is who they are. Hopefully you are being recognized and valued for what your bring to your work place and to your boss. A good boss will know this and treat you as someone who is a valued member of the team and makes his/her job run smoothly, not someone who answers phones or makes copies or what-have-yous.

    • Anonymous

      I got a gift card today as well…what are the chances we work at the same digs?

    • C3PO

      I’m slightly embarrassed by your comment. You make it seem like being an admin is shameful work that is far beneath you.

      • ew

        Not my intention at all. But hiphopanonymous pretty much summed it up as well or better than I could, so see below.

      • classic_six

        Even though I get what you are saying, or at least I think I do, it’s possible that someone might feel this way because so many people don’t seem to be all that respectful for anyone who does this job. I’ve seen it, where a woman said to the admin or assistant or however you wish to name the job – wondering how this person puts up with the job and deals with obnoxious people. I was only sorry to have witnessed it but I kept thinking that this woman was a good example of someone who was being obnoxious.

        • C3PO

          I understand ew’s attitude that it’s not a dream job. I worked in customer service after college, and felt the same way. But I finally realized that this “low” job was one that other people were pleased and proud to have.

          For years my mom was a secretary (as they were called then), and as she got older and less cute, found herself having to compete against recently graduated college girls without half of her skills, but with the notion that b/c they had a degree, the job was beneath them. Folks need to be careful when expressing that sentiment, because for many, an admin job is not a starter gig, but a profession. It’s unintentionally insulting.

          • classic_six

            I definitely get what you’re saying, which is what I was thinking the first-time around, too. I really believe that that wasn’t their intent when they were voicing some frustration. My guess is that it was probably somewhat stunning that if they did go to school/college/university – it’s a hard transition to thinking you have the world in your palm and then realize that maybe the world that you were envisioning or hoping for wasn’t what you had dreamed of and envisioned. I very much agree that it’s important (or try to) to be sensitive and when saying something, to try to be sensitive because you could inadvertently be insulting someone, unintentionally, when airing a frustration.

          • Anonymous

            you know, generally I’m all for sensitivity and tolerance and all that, but seriously?! the person who would be offended by this person expressing frustration at their job needs to get over it. you can’t shelter everyone from the general belief that a person without stellar skills can do an admin asst job. listen, I think for somebody to actually be good at it, they probably have to be pretty smart and skilled, but the fact of the matter is that almost anyone can get hired as one. so to those who would get offended: keep doing a fantastic job and get over it.

          • C3PO

            Ahh… “get over it.” The classic fall-back retort for someone who can’t put together an intelligent response.

          • classic_six

            To Anonymous 1:10,

            You might want to add “diplomacy” to your list of skill set that a good admin should have – heh.

    • I feel exactly the same. There were lots of things I wanted to be when I grew up and NONE of them was Admin Assistant. I came out of college, guns blazing, degree in Social Work and ready to save the world. Yet here I sit, answering phones and doing paperwork. I let it slip that I’m not too thrilled about today’s “holiday” so its been low key here. Boss asked yesterday if I wanted to go to lunch–don’t ask me, just say, “Hey, we’re going to lunch!” Ugh, I hate today.

      • Okay, I had to come back and add this. Just a little while ago I was given a card signed by everyone in the department–not a tacky thank you card, just blank card. Everyone was very sweet and appreciative and it reminds me that, while this may not be my dream job, I work with some AWESOME people. That really helps.

    • Anonymous

      At least you got recognized. Nobody at my agency did anything here for National Library Week, a couple of weeks ago.

      • Anonymous

        I meant “didn’t do anything.”

    • Boss Hog

      I realize this will come off cranky but here goes. My problem with administrator’s professionals day is that it is forced appreciation. I am made to feel obligated to send flowers, do something nice etc. I would be happly to do something on my own if I thought the situation warranted it. In fact, most of our admins have been here way too long, are complacent, work ours that do not reflect the needs of our organization and persistently complain even though they have it really good. Some are excellent, don’t get me wrong, but most are not.

      • I’ll join you in being cranky. I don’t even understand why there is a such thing as “Administrative Professionals’ Day”.

      • Boss’s day is way worse. The boss here always makes a big fuss about the flowers the admin asst gives her. It is beyond tacky.

        • Boss HOg

          There is a boss’s day. That is way worse. Pressuring an employee to get something for their boss. Boo.

        • classic_six

          There’s a Boss Day!? – oh for good grace. I am embarrassed by that information; that seems tacky. The things that I learn here on PoP.

      • xyz


        It is SO forced. I didn’t do anything for my admin because she sucks. Everyone else she works for got her something, so it makes me look like a real jackhole for not doing anything. However, I do not feel like I should be ‘shamed’ or ‘forced’ or whatever the right word is to reward someone who can’t do her job. I don’t ask for much and she can’t even complete the tasks I give her. She’s more worried about kissing the right asses than doing her actual job…and because of that, everyone whose ass she kisses thinks she’s god’s gift. The first couple of years she worked for me, I gave her stuff and she still sucked at her job — so it’s not like she’s not doing my work because she’s bitter I didn’t get her anything (and even if she were, grow up and do your job!).

      • classic_six

        Fair point – but it was probably “created” b/c people don’t appreciate other people enough and are often taken for granted. By the way, this applies to stepping out of the job field, too.

  • AJ

    Rave- Beautiful weather
    Rant: Depressing co-workers. I just found out that I can’t hear very high frequencies. My co-worked tells me that I have some liver disease or some other serious health condition. These are guys who the pharmaceutical companies target and who will buy every purple and blue pill because they think they have the same symptoms, which is fine- but just because you think you have issues- don’t think everyone else has some too.
    Way to start off my day by telling me that I can soon die because I can’t hear high tones.

    • Former Lawyer

      I think that this is a natural consequence of aging, with some variation based on exposure to loud noise and music over time. I have no idea about their scientific validity, but there are web sites that give you your “hearing age” depending on what frequencies you can hear.

      So don’t sweat it.

      • Be thankful

        I am very sensitive to high pitched tones and I sit between 2 shriekers…ALL day long….

        • AJ

          That makes me feel better :-)

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I painted my bathroom trim glossy black using Glidden’s Trim & Door Paint which is oil-based and it was incredibly easy to use. It looks like a gel when you apply it and it doesn’t drip at all.

    Rant: I still wish I had enough money to pay someone to paint for me!

    • classic_six

      Don’t you find painting a form of catharsis?

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Only needed a light jacket this morning
    Rave: Am positioned to get multiple job offers. Not exactly sure how this happened.
    Rant: Flying on Friday. I hate flying.

    • Anonymous

      I still needed my heavy wool coat, and I’ve been freezing all day. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

      • anonymous

        Or maybe there is something wrong with Anonymous at 10:39. I could see my breath when I left my place at 6:30 this morning, and having no heat in my apartment building or at work doesn’t help. It is still too cold for my liking! :-)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I wore my parka this morning when I left the house around 6:45.

  • sadface

    Rant: Still in shock over my broken engagement. I can’t believe I invested so much into a relationship that I thought would last a life time. It all seems like a waste. We lived together, and I can’t bring myself to put my place back together. And the thought of trying to meet someone new makes me sick. Everything I see or hear, triggers a memory of the relationship, and it’s so damn painful. Not to mention the guilt and pain I feel for my parents, and hers too. Oh, life.

    Rave: Trying to stay positive and seize this opportunity to better myself and reinvest in me. Thinking about going on a trip to a foreign land, far, far away, as well as finishing a certification I have always wanted. Yoga is helping a lot too.

    • ew

      I’m so sorry. I’m proud of you for already taking proactive steps toward personal happiness. I have no doubt that the healing process will help you regain joy in things, and sincerely my heart goes out to you. Having been in a similar, but less serious (not engaged or living together) situation, I truly wish you the best.

    • alsosad

      I can empathize. Last Tuesday, my boyfriend of three years and I discussed going to premarital counseling and get engaged. On Saturday, he decided that we should end the relationship. I’ve been sick and losing weight since then, but yoga has definitely been helping.

      • sadface

        Thanks for all the advice out there, cw especially. You truly are wonderful people. It’s weird how comforting these blogs can be…how to feel support from complete strangers.

        Hey alsosad, I really know how you feel. It will get better. Everything that I have read, and felt to date (it’s been about a month), says you have to go through the pain, not around it. I have lost close to 18 pounds, but am getting my appetite back. Embrace the sadness, let out a good cry a few times a day, and it will pass over like a wave. That’s how I am getting through it. Best of luck.

    • wow, that sucks. i was like inches away from an engagement / living with my gf a couple years back, and it all blew up too.

      i remember seeing eternal sunshine months after that breakup, and it helped me get perspective –> even though the relationship in that movie ended in disaster, given the chance to repeat it, the main guy chooses to do so because there was still value in their time spent together.

      i think that’s a good way to think about [good] relationships: they’re awesome things that still might end in terrible ways. “better to have loved” and all that. still really painful though … good luck dude

      • ew

        Everyone I know who has been through a bad breakup has an Eternal Sunshine moment. I completely agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    Revel: I got the apartment I wanted!

    Rant: Not ready until the 25th of May. I really would like to move before that, but the place is worth the wait.

  • PR

    Revel: Dating a guy I like, finally.
    Rant: Anxiously checking my phone waiting to hear from him.

  • Rant: Pretty sure my sister is an unsub.

    Rave: That’s totally a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Major rant: After being unemployed for longer than I care to admit, I took a job well below the level I hoped to be in my career. As a result of this low paying job, I took on a second job. I just found out my second job needs me to work both days this weekend instead of the one I’m usually scheduled. With a better than even chance this will happen next weekend too, I’m going to have to work somewhere between 13-25 days without a day off.

    All this is fine. I can take it. The rant comes when I mention this to people and they say “Well, aren’t you glad to be working too much instead of not at all?” What a terrible thing to say. I’m the first to recognize things are better. But I’m allowed to be tired every once in a while, and I’m allowed to be a little disappointed I have to work two jobs just to get by and have no free time as a result. Now on top of all that you want to make me feel guilty for not appreciating what I have? Screw you, everyone in my world right now.

    • C3PO

      Yikes! 2-3+ weeks without a single day off is nothing to be happy about. Hope it goes quickly and painlessly for you.

    • That totally blows and I hope you can get some free time soon. I would have been close to punching those people.

    • L

      I totally agree with your rant. I hate that because I am self employed, when I tell people I am insanely busy with work and have no time to sleep or eat, they tell me that’s a good thing, like there are only two options — starving and homeless due to no work or overworked and going crazy because of it. There is a middle ground and I’m allowed to be tired. Harumph!

      • C3PO

        I’m not being flip, but if you’re self-employed, don’t you have some control over how much work you take on?

        • L

          Yes, I do, but people act like I should be so happy I have any work that I should be thrilled to work myself into the ground regardless of consequences to health or sanity. I choose not to, thus taking a pay cut, and am more than happy to do that. Rant is more about people’s attitudes about self employment than anything else.

  • mc

    Rave: Early morning yoga. I feel great. I’m so glad my roommate and I decided to buy a livingsocial for a local yoga study. We both absolutely love it and I think we will end up becoming regular students. Happy to discover “real” yoga as opposed to the classes I was attending at my gym.

    Rant: more of an annoyance…Windows internet explorer message popup that I cannot get to go away despite closing all other windows.

    • ctrl + alt + del –> click on “task manager” –> click on iiexplore, click on “end process” = no more message :)

      • mc

        I tried that…no such luck :( Thanks for the suggestion though

        • I have not had one single pop-up since I started using Chrome…

    • What is a yoga study? And where do you go? Would love to know a bit more!

  • Rant: People who speed up to pass me by 6 inches to my left, only to abruptly stop at a stop sign or red light 25 feet ahead. YEP I’m a slow biker, but you aren’t getting anywhere any faster by scaring the bejeezes out of me

    Rant: all of the smartphones at Verizon are too big for my tiny hands! except the iphone, which for whatever reason I am hesitant to get

    Raves: THIS WEATHER, semester wrapping up, another weekend of fun plans ahead, beautiful clematis blooming next door, finally having time to go to the Container Store tonight

    • Did you pass this faster cyclist earlier in the trip by jumping stop signs or red lights?

      • I was referring to cars. I have no problem with faster bikers passing me

        Generally speaking, I don’t run stop signs or red lights

    • The new android phones are huge! I have no idea why they keep making them bigger. I don’t want to go iPhone either, but it’s the perfect size. That said, I love my Droid Incredible 2. The extended battery is amazing.

  • Rave: Ron, the 74 bus driver for the 9:10 bus, found my lost hat yesterday and gave it back to me today.

  • rave: the new jersey devils huge win last night, forcing game 7!!
    mini-rant: annoying, tedious work tasks that i have been putting off need to get done today.

  • Britt

    Rave: Woohoo!! My good college buddy just e-mailed me to tell me she is visiting DC this weekend, may crash at my place, and is possibly coming here for Med School!! Just made my day :-D.

    Rave: Rod y Gab tonight.

    Rave: Survived my soccer game last night, the knee felt great. We lost but it was with a great group of people and it felt so good to be out on the field again!

    Rave: Best dog ever arrives at my house tonight for five straight days of dogsitting.

    All my rants overshadowed by the greatness of the raves!

    • zrc

      Gabriela has the most incredible right-hand technique (I hate the fact that saying that about a female guitarist makes it sound dirty…). They are so much fun to see.

      My personal rave: I got my teenage guitar student hooked on Rodrigo y Gabriela a few years ago when the first record came out, and his mom is taking him to the show tonight. Psyched that I was a positive musical influence in a teenager!

  • maria

    Rave: still daydreaming about the last weekend – 3 days in florida did me well.

    Rant: one of favorite coworkers is moving away. Super sad. Anyone wants to be a project coordinator for a design firm? just think about how fun it would be not being in a corporate office…

    • tk

      I do I do! Been applying for months to art/museum related jobs and turning up empty handed. I saw the link you posted as a reply, I’ll apply!

    • What kind of design? I might be interested…tell me more!

      • maria

        Giantsquid, the link above in a reply to EW is about a project coordinator position. But I think we are also looking for mid weight designer, environmental graphics for museums.

  • b4life

    Raves: The sun is shining and the tulips on my desk are delightful.
    Finally feel like posting again.

    Rant: Still dealing with the death of one of my best friends. It’s only been a week, but still can’t get use to not being able to call him and talk when I want.

    Revel: We were friends for 30 of our 40 years! Thank God for the memories.

    • Ladylike

      I’m very sorry. For what it’s worth, I love your revel. It’s so true (and just made a light go off for me). Give yourself time to heal and when things get extra tough, think of those memories and smile. They’re all yours. :)

  • Rant: Administrative Professionals Day. ‘Nuff said.

    Rave: Caps v. Bruins, Game 7! Let’s go Caps!!!

    Rant: Haven’t talked to the Boyfriend since Monday morning.

    Rave: My photo of Jack picked for the Animal Fix!

  • Ladylike

    Rant: Tendonitis in my right foot just days before a huge weekend that requires my foot to be in tip-top shape.
    Rave: Ice packs, arnicare, iburprofen, and extra-special care to myself so it gets better soon.

    • Chocanon

      Is arnica more effective taken in pill form or topically? I have a pulled leg muscle slowing me down and was thinking of trying arnica.

      • Ladylike

        I can’t speak to the oral tablets because I’ve never taken them but I’ve noticed a big difference using the gel. It esp feels good after I ice the area. Take good care and heal soon!

  • houseintherear

    I need a recommendation for a personal-training-only gym… anyone?

  • Rave: Cauliflower rice. I heard of it a while ago but never tried cooking it until last night, and it was so easy and tasty. Highly recommended for anyone trying to do low carb or sneak more veggies into their diet.

    Rave: Temperatures starting to warm up a bit again.

    Rant: Forgot to take allergy medication this morning and don’t have any with me. Can’t shake this sinus headache…

    • Anonymous

      Im intrigued. Where did you buy it?

      • I assume you mean the cauliflower rice? It’s actually just a head of cauliflower grated (I had no issues using a box grater, but some people recommend a food processor), and then cooked in a pan with a little oil (I used around 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 Tbsp butter) until softened. Not quite a perfect imitation of rice, but quick, tasty, and great for serving with a curry or stew.

  • Rave: T.S. Eliot.

    April is the cruelest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain.

    from The Waste Land

    • classic_six

      Thank you for posting this…I love T. S. Eliot.

      • Irving Street

        “Birth, and copulation, and death. That’s all the facts when you come to brass tacks.”

        -Sweeney Agonistes

        • classic_six

          I should have specified, poetry.

  • rant: vida verizon keeps adding new programs that cost extra in addition to the monthly extortion I already pay. May have to consider becoming a non member…
    rant/rave: love the barre classes at vida so I probably won’t be able to break the love hate relationship!

    • I couldn’t agree more! I pay Vida a lot of money for the month but yet they have all these other programs that are hundreds of dollars extra, that’s so lame!

    • Consider Biker Barre–it’s about to open on Barracks Row (and is currently Red Bow Studio, which is on Mass Ave–they are adding cycling to the mix http://www.bikerbarre.com/pdf/biker_barre-press_release.pdf)

      • I saw that a few days ago. However, without knowing how much (i.e. unlimited classes at b fit are $200/month) … but it does combine my two loves: spin and ballet.

  • kittyfoster

    Rant: lost my first kitten, likely to panluek. Another one barely hanging in. Comes on so quickly…did everything we could for the little guy. Still feeling guilt and wondering if there was more we could have done…if only we had detected sooner. RIP Little Tarzan.

    • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this! If you got the kittens all of their shots when they growing up, they can usually avoid panleuk, but it is possible they go it before they were born. I doubt you were at all responsible, but I know it still hurts. Thoughts with the other kitten you have–hope he pulls through!

      • kittyfoster

        They were 4-weeks old . We don’t normally vaccinate until 6-8 weeks b/c of potential health risks posed by the vaccine when immune system is not fully developed. We absolutely vaccinate all kittens/cats prior to putting them up for adoption.

  • 3 city tow trucks are having fun across the street (NH and 4th). It looks like they are picking up two trucks and a car from a two block area and have gathered together to haul them a way as a pack.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: gossip whores at work spreading rumours. Can’t prove who originated the rumour and of course no one would dare actually ask me the truth so I can’t confront the catty b*tches.

    • Annoyed

      So are you my coworker who keeps trying to hook up with every man in the office? Because we’ve noticed that.

  • Rant: They should rename the BLT I bought for lunch the L.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Im the IVF lady and just when I think things are ok, they arent. the two remaining embyros we had never made it to day five to be frozen. we have no back up plan.
    rant 2: god I really want a drink right now or Crossfit, or power yoga or any number of activities that used to help me relax that I had to give up in order to get through IVF.
    Rant 3: Even with insurance, this baby making science experiment is costing about 7k.
    Rave: I have the two they put in my on sunday but based on how the others did, I am no longer confident about these.
    Rave: not sure but I know I gotta snap outta this funk, finishing ranting and think about good things.

    • Anon

      I’m so sorry :( We’re still thinking good thoughts for you. Hang in there.

    • crossing fingers for you!

      worst part of ivf for me was not the daily injections but giving up kickboxing/spin at the gym. So I am embracing the next two month before cycle 2.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed Novadancer. The shots haven’t bothered me so much (wow, never though I would say that four weeks of daily shots in the stomach) but the giving up hard workouts is killing me!! Easy walking around the city is never a replacement for running, jumping etc. Hell, i was told to even be careful wtih yoga…NO TWISTING. whats the point? If this cycle fails, I am totally throwing myself into the summer fit plan 100% before trying again! You never know how much you miss something until its taken away from you.

  • Rant: Not being recognized at all on “administrative professionals day” as one of three civilians in an office full of uniforms, so makes me wonder what I actually do. The other two civilians, both who have zero advanced education yet make more money than me, got gift cards.

    Rant: I am not “qualified” for another job in my field because I’m too low of a GS to apply for any of the ones that are open (not enough time in grade since I’m not even the grade to begin with).

    Rave: Got some moving materials to pick up next week courtesy of POP forum posting. Thanks, POP!

    Rave: looking forward to a long weekend in Chicago/Milwaukee soon and a long weekend further out to Vegas. Am excited and given rant 1 and 2, I will be leaving my blackberry at home.

  • t

    Rant: there are too many damn “luxury apartments” going up in DC. We (specifically me) need affordable housing, not more luxury units!

    I’m in too crabby a mood to have a revel… sorry…

    • Anonymous

      Not that this will make you feel better but there is not any land left in the district in private hands that could be built with “Affordable” units. The cost of land is too high to justify it. All “affordable” units in the city are financed through Low income housing tax credits, DC gov (with whats left in the housing production trust fund), or on DC owned parcels that have been released to the private sector with affordable stipulation, or through inclusionary zoning that requires a few units to be set aside in market rate buildings.
      Even more frustrating is that most of the affordable units are geared to an income bracket that will constantly struggle to make the monthly condo fee, rent, mortgage etc. The middle class is DC is truly shrinking (yeah I know I sound like a politician but in DC its true). And I am someone that works in development and the govt…

  • Anonymous

    Sitting in the office with 3 1/2 more hours to go. Last week was INSANELY BUSY. This week is insanely dull. Why can’t I just leave? I see no point in sitting here for all most four more hours.

  • Bear425

    Rave: It’s my birthday!

    Rave: I found out yesterday that I’m getting a fat (and long overdue) raise! Also, I had an interview yesterday and two of the panel members responded to my “thank you” email saying that I was an impressive candidate! It’s nice to finally (FINALLY) feel like I have options in my career and am not stuck in a dead-end position.

    Rant: I’m going to be hungover for my birthday dinner because I went out last night and celebrated the fatty pay raise and job prospects.

    • anon

      happy birthday and congrats on the raise and job prospects.

      your job-related raves gave me a little bit of hope that there’s something out there for me too…even if i have to wait a bit to find it!


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