• classic_six

    Revel: DC’s sanitation and recycling crew – you are great. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • Britt

    Rant/Rave: Back onto the soccer field (with doctor’s approval) tonight after two knee surgeries. It’s a friendly game and all but I’m nervous!

    Rave: Rodrigo y Gabriela (and C.U.B.A.) tomorrow night at Warner Theatre!!

    • me

      Holy crap. I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela in a small pub in the UK on a first date back in 2003. I had no idea who they were. But they were PHENOMENAL.

      • Britt

        That’s awesome!
        We’ve been seeing them whenever they come around and they rock. Unfortunately, now they’re really freaking expensive to see in concert but we decided to spring for the show tomorrow night.

        • Caroline

          Have fun! My sister and her husband saw their NYC show a few nights ago and said it was really good. I’m trying to be frugal so I’m missing this show. :(

  • C3PO

    Great photo! Spring, come back soon!

    • Anonymous

      I really like this photo too. I took a picture of a woman with a yellow umbrella during the Snowpacolypse in 2010 and would like to think it’s the same woman. If you’re the woman in the picture and you were walking with some dude down the middle of 14th Street the Saturday after the snow, reply and I’ll post the picture to the PoP flickr feed.

  • Rant: Store Managers imposing their own rules that goes against national store policy.

    Rave: I contacted TARGET Corporate Office to verify what the Columbia Heights Target informed me regarding their new coupon policy. They contacted the store and then informed me that I should no longer have problems using my internet printed coupons. If the store continues to misinform me about their policy, I should call them while in line.

  • Anonymous

    Rave rave rave: I am a final candidate for FOUR positions. Four! There is one I want more than the others, but they are all viable choices. Now we play the waiting game…

    • Congratulations! That’s a wonderful spot to be in!

  • Ladylike

    Rant: Sitting in an unknown liquid substance on metro and not realizing it until I got up. *shudder.

    • 17th St

      Just keep telling youself “It was only rain from a leak in the window or roof. It was only rain from a leak in the window or roof. …..”

      • Ladylike

        haha, that actually DOES make me feel a lot better. thank you! :)

      • Anonymous

        And maybe you should get tested for menengitis. :)

    • If this makes you feel any better:

      One time I was on my way to a training class and as I was getting up to get off the train, somehow the back pocket of my pants got hooked on the arm rest, and it basically ripped off like, an entire buttcheek’s worth of fabric. So I had to walk around for the rest of the day showing the entire world some side butt.

  • Rave: All the awesome events constantly going on in DC. Just found out about the Science & Engineering Festival that’s happening at the Convention Center this weekend (featuring Bill Nye! And the Mythbusters!).

    Rave: After this week, only 18 (or possibly less) weeks until I leave my job – and one of those will be a business trip to Istanbul! And another will be a week of vacation! And with my schedule (every other Friday off), that means only about 70 more days of coming into the office.

    Rant: Never know when something’s worth going to the doctor over. It’s just such a hassle to schedule a visit…

    • Istanbul! I want to go back!

    • Anonymous

      Rave: PoPers letting me know about awesome things going on in DC. Thanks. :)

      • Britt

        Thanks for the tip- I love Mythbusters!

    • wdc

      That Science & Engineering expo… Weekend planning DONE! Thanks Claire, it looks awesome!

      • Caroline

        Ditto. I wish I didn’t have a real engineering project (for grad school) that is consuming all my free time.

  • Rave: Actually stopping to admire the roses (and lavender and irises, etc) this morning. I love seeing the result of countless hours of work every time I step out the door. Our garden is finally starting to mature!

    Rave #2: Baby showers as an excuse to shop for gorgeous children’s books. A baby is most definitely not in our immediate future, but I have this weird desire to build a library for little kids. It really is a shame that our cats can’t read!

    Rant: Bad drivers (again). I need to find a dream job within walking distance of my house.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Used the DC311 app today. I was very surprised how easy and efficient it is to use. Plus I totally thought I was in Maryland! Turns out if I just walk a block I’m in DC.
    Rave 2: Taking it easy today. Last week was hell and yesterday I almost cried.
    Rave 3: I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. OMFG! It’s so good.

    • Anonymous

      Happy to report back that 311 worked great! They removed the dead animal’s body the same day.

  • Anonymous

    Is that Keira Knightley?

    • me

      In the picture above? That doesn’t look anything like her. At all. Well, they’re both women, but that’s about it.

  • anon

    Rant: I was in Dupont yesterday and truly honestly did not see a guy crossing in the crosswalk when I made a turn. I was not on my phone and was absolutey paying attention to the road. I really did not see him. He proceeded to run up to my car, call me a “stupid b****” who obviously is too “f***ing important to pay attention to the road.” All this time, I was apologizing and saying how sorry I was. He just kept going on and on. I told him that I’ve been a pedestrian too and I know how bad drivers in the city are and that I was truly sorry. He could not have been more unkind, despite my apology. It left me so upset and shaken, I didn’t know what to do.

    Rave: I know that not all people in the world are like this, and it will make me rethink how I react to situations. I never ever want to be like that guy, no matter how upset I am.

    • kk

      Did you hit the pedestrian? Or you just came very close?

      • anon

        No. Absolutely did not hit him or come close to hitting him.

    • Anonymous

      No, you did not “truly not see” him. You truly did not look. I’m not saying his reaction was warranted, but please be more careful.

      • anon

        I was looking and I was paying attention. Pedestrians often dart out in crosswalks trying to cross before the light. Since you were not there and did not witness the incident, it seems like you’re not qualified to state that i “did not look.”

        • Anonymous

          +1! Stick to your guns and don’t be bullied into taking on fault that isn’t yours!
          Pedestrians often dart out and cross against the light (all the time!), then act self-righteous and entitled about it.

          • Anon3

            SO Well-said, Anonymous! Glad no one was hurt, anon, and sorry you had to deal with the kRaZY… I like you’re perspective though: what did I learn from this sitaution? To continue being a vigilant driver and never be batsh!t crazy like that guy. :)

    • Annonny

      A disadvantage of city living is that there’s a critical mass of mentally ill people and you will encounter them at some point.

      I spent part of my morning bus-stop time getting berated by a woman accusing me of divorcing her and that our case was going to the supreme court. Thankfully I had enough money to hail a cab after being denounced for about 3 or 4 minutes.

      Be glad you didn’t hit the guy and try to move past his harangue. Try to think positively about him getting over his anger issues and mental illness.

    • This happened to me once a few years ago while I was living in Minneapolis. I was making a left turn and there was sun glare. I truly did not see the guy, even though I was looking. Almost hit him and felt so guilty. He was fine and didn’t seem fazed. But I still feel panicked/guilty about it.

      I’m glad no one got hurt!

    • Was that on P St.? I saw a guy yelling at someone through the window of a stopped car.

      • anon

        Yes that was it…around 5:30pm

      • Biz-Man

        Nice pic JB!

  • me

    Rant: So upset. In order to have fibroids removed, the doctor has to request an OR every day for the next day, meaning I can’t actually make arrangements for the surgery that may or may not happen. We haven’t gotten a place on the schedule because of women who bump me for IVF treatments. I only have a fairly small window to get this done each month as well, and it is just so hard to keep going through the pain and issues with work, of not being able to have a set schedule. I am sick of this and just WANT IT DONE. As I was bumped this morning for tomorrow too, looks like we’re looking to next month. :(

    Rave: Some positive feedback at work. It’s nice, especially after working with some real jerks in the not-so-distant past.

    • Ladylike

      I’m really sorry you have to deal with this. :( Hang in there. It’s easier said than done but I hope you can take comfort in the fact that it will happen in due time and it will be that much more wonderful. Take care.

    • what

      The IVF procedures are much more profitable to the hospital, that’s why you’re getting bumped. Bummer.

      • Anonymous

        not sure they are more profitable but usually a lot more time sensitve. As someone who went through it, they really are calling you at the last minute based on your hormones and you have to drop everything and go it for procedures. There is absolutely no wiggle room on timing.

    • Possible to change hospitals? I had a polyp removed last fall at Georgetown, and the scheduling was no problem at all. I was a little worried that my doctor would have a baby to deliver or something, but everything happened right on schedule. Anyway, i had a great experience there. These things are nerve-wracking enough – very inconsiderate to keep changing the schedule on you.

      • me

        Yeah, I understand that the IVF stuff has a really tight time crunch, whereas mine has a wiggle room of 3 days. They can’t put me on the pill to regulate when it can be done, so it’s a waiting game for as soon as the days are here, we try to get it done. I’m not saying I shouldn’t be bumped for them, just that it sucks when it does happen. The fibroids need to be removed so that I can go on to IVF stuff, so I am aware of the costs of everything… it’s just a sucky situation. Thanks for the PoP love. :)

    • Anonymous

      I am sympathetic to the IVF plight but at the end of the day I think “me” should take precedence. She clearly has a medical need and is in pain. To me, that trumps a desire to get pregnant on an elective basis. I think this is bull shit actually that she is getting bumped. It is just not right.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: depression hitting pretty hard lately.

    rant: i yelled at my dog this morning before i left for work, and now i feel terrible. “what begins in anger, ends in shame”.

    rave: at least the sun is out again? it’s wild how much my moods are affected by even the slightest bit of grey in the sky.

    • xyz

      My depression has been really, really bad lately, too. Every day feels like a chore. I know it’s because I hate my job – and what I do – so every day feels like a poop-laden gerbil wheel. Weekends are my only savior, and even then, Sundays are pretty much filled with dread knowing I have to go back to work the next day. Job prospects are bleak for so many reasons, including people at work telling others to not hire me because they don’t want me to leave – yet they do nothing to help me grow or develop within my position, despite me asking for that many, many, many times. I need to win the lottery.

      • Anonymous

        You sound exactly like my girlfriend. She is actually taking a leave of absence from her job because her depression and anxiety have gotten so bad. Like you, she tried expressing her concerns with her managers, but the situation didn’t improve. She tried different medications, and that didn’t help either. It was clear she would not be able to get her depression and anxiety down to levels where she could function normally unless she took some time off. Her doctor agreed and wrote a letter advising she not work for a few weeks. If you’re in a similar situation that’s something you should look into. If you are afraid of the stigma associated with mental illnesses, just say it’s a medical issue that you don’t want to discuss. Your employer is not allowed to pry further.

      • Feel free to ignore this, but having struggled with some depression myself, here’s a little advice:
        > Take care of yourself – get enough sleep and try to eat well. Really does impact your mood.
        > Exercise. Even just doing some yoga or going for a ten minute walk every day can help.
        > Develop hobbies/make plans. Having something to look forward to makes a huge difference. Especially if your job is less than ideal and feels draining, it can really help to be doing something you’re really enthusiastic about on the side so you feel like you’re moving forward.
        > Vitamin D supplements. If you feel like your mood is impacted by the weather, you might have a vitamin D deficiency. As someone who has gotten really depressed every winter for years, taking vitamin D supplements for the past year or so has been an enormous boost. Started when routine bloodwork showed I had a vitamin D deficiency. I slowly upped my dosage until my mood felt much more stable – I take less in the summer and more in the winter, and it’s become pretty obvious to me when I need to increase or decrease the amount I’m taking.
        > Don’t be afraid to see a therapist. I honestly think every single person can benefit from therapy (although I understand that it’s not always feasible due to time/money).

        • xyz

          Thanks, Claire. I do have a therapist and exercise regularly. I don’t take Vitamin D, so I’ll start that now and see if it at least helps. And my eating habits aren’t great 100% of the time. So I will work on that too. I hope this is just a funk and it will clear in a few weeks. But feeling like I’m going to cry at work all the time isn’t normal or professional.

          Anonymous – I may have to consider the same thing. And yeah, where I work, mental health-related issues are a sign of weakness and will only work against me. So it would have to be confidential!

          Thanks, guys – hearing that I’m not abnormal made me feel better. :)

          • Anonymous

            “And yeah, where I work, mental health-related issues are a sign of weakness and will only work against me. So it would have to be confidential!”

            Now I’m starting to wonder if you and my girlfriend work at the same place. :) She is always fighting to hold back tears too. And this is from someone who NEVER cried over anything prior to taking this job.

          • Lei

            I had a pretty severe vitamin D deficiency and it definitely had an impact on my mood. I started taking 10,000 IU a day for about a month and then went down to 5000 IU a day.

          • classic_six

            Cases of vitamin D deficiency have skyrocketed, especially since all the warnings about (or against) sun exposure. Although there are foods that have vitamin D, the best way for the body to get vitamin D is through sun exposure (I think the recommendation is 10 or 20 minutes, probably 10). Not advocating sun exposure or lack of sunscreen here, just an exercise of “d_mned if you do, d_mned if you don’t” here. I thought this was now one of the routine tests doctors give you in a yearly exam (not sure, though, if you have to request it and if you do, if insurance covers it, so ask questions). Not sure where they are on that point now.

      • anonnnnn

        a lot of it has to do with my job too, but it’s just life in general. and since work is such a LARGE part of life… i’ve really tried separating this part of my life from the rest of it, but it’s really hard when you spend most of your waking hours here. i’m kind of lost. i’ve tried talk therapy many times, and am on meds, and just feel lately like life is something i just have to endure because i don’t have another choice. terrible way to live really. i hope it gets better for you someday. and then sometimes i think some people just aren’t meant to be happy, and maybe i am one of them. ugh!

        • I’m sorry you and XYZ (and anyone else) are going through this. I don’t have any advice or anything, I just want to offer my support. Depression is a bitch, but you aren’t alone.

        • ew

          I’m in the same boat too. I eat right, exercise, have hobbies and lots of friends, but I can’t help letting my job and lack of prospects get me really, really down. You’re not alone.

          • Meludc

            I was in a similar situation where work was causing serious depression/anxiety and I finally took a huge risk and quit. I now bartend a few nights a week, make more money and have never been happier. I know it’s not for everyone, but it seriously changed my life for the better and I wish I’d done it sooner. I guess I’m saying that maybe looking for an atypical job might get you out of a crap position even temporarily. Life is too short to suffer EVERY friggin work day, at least that’s what I tell myself.
            Also- I quit my shitty job and got pregnant the very next month. We’d been trying for a while without success and this made me believe that my overall unhappiness truly was affecting my health. Got rid of tons of stress and anxiety and BAM, knocked up. Will never stop being grateful I quit that hellhole. If I even think about going back there I feel like I could puke, and it’s over a year later.

        • misscaseyregrets

          Oh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling so crappy. I’ve been there and I know how terrible it is.
          If you need a break from work to get healthier, your sick time and short term disability should take care of at least part of your salary for a few weeks – and yes, it can totally be confidential – just a medical issue.

          If winter gets you down, try a light box, it has really saved my life.

          And if you feel like life is something you have to endure, then it’s time for an appointment to adjust your meds and try a new therapist, maybe with a different style than you’ve tried before. Or if talk therapy isn’t it for you, maybe massage or acupuncture or some other kind of regular caretaking?

          Life can suck sometimes, but it can totally be better than just something to endure! And I know, I’ve been so depressed that when I’m well I can’t even remember how bad I felt, because it’s impossible for my healthy self to comprehend how shitty things were.

  • ew

    Rant/Rave: Today marks the start of (potentially extreme) frugality for me. This probably means turning down more happy hours and dinners out with friends, but I also hope it means learning to cook better, having people over to my new apartment to entertain, and exploring all of the wonderful free things DC has to offer. I’m trying to frame it as a hopefully rewarding challenge to myself, rather than a burden on my lifestyle.

    Rant: I had a terrible day yesterday.

    Rave: Today has been a significant improvement.

    • Good luck with your endeavor, ew! I also find I am less willing to spend money out than my friends (particularly when they always seem to want to split evenly and I carefully ordered the least expensive item(s)). Here are a few of my suggestions:
      1. Why wait for jazz in the garden and pay $18 for Sangria? We get together in Meridian Hill to relax. (Um *cough* not an endorsement for drinking in public. *cough*.)
      2. Husband and I have a hardcore board game collection. Seriously.
      3. Movie night at home. Movie and popcorn/drink at the theater can be upwards of $20. You’d be surprised at the amount of movies you can check out for free at the D.C. library (or MD & VA libraries with reciprocity) and make a bunch of popcorn.
      4. Make your own pizza party for your friends. We’ll buy a whole bunch of toppings and everyone gets a portion of the pizza to make their own. Sounds a little cheesy (har. har. har.) but we had fun.
      5. Now that the weather is nice, hiking in Rock Creek. Freeeeeee!
      6. Can’t wait until the public pools open up again. Surprisingly, Banneker pool is really nice. I always really enjoy laying out and reading a magazine with friends. Also freeeeeee! (Minus cost of trashy magazine and sunscreen.)
      7. Screen on the Green starting in July.

      • Anonymous

        Plus the Smithonsians, Millenium Stage, outdoor festivals, art openings, poetry readings, lectures, the occasional free fitness class (this week dance classes at CHAW), insight meditation classes… there are so many free things to do in DC!

        • One of my favorite free things is to go to the movies at the National Gallery of Art, and there is always something interesting happening at the tower!

          • ew

            I definitely can’t wait to see where my free adventures take me- love the suggestions, everyone! Have heard of/done many, and many are new to me!

        • ew

          Meditation? Any more details would be awesome! (when/where) I tried meditation a couple of years ago, and think it would be great to go back

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Just can’t seem to get motivated to complete the work on my rental property so 3 units sit vacant still. Losing $$ each month. Wish I could find someone who would be interested in free rent in exchange for caretaking the greenhouse, forest, garden, and hunt club.

    • I bet finding someone to do that wouldn’t be a problem — reach out to the local college students desperately looking for cheap places to live.

  • PG

    Rant: My dog kiilled two baby bunnies this morning. I don’t think that’s such a horrible thing (although, poor little bunnies!), but I don’t want her eating dead animals and getting sick. I’ll have to keep a close watch on her when she’s in the back yard. She keeps going right back to the bush where she found the first two.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mean to sound crass, but there is some merit to the F*** like bunnies saying. Those things play the numbers game, 9 month breeding season 30 day gestation, large litter size, 30 days to weaning and they are ready to breed at 6 months. Bunnies are good for the environment because they breed fast, poop nutrients, and give food to predators.

    • houseintherear

      I’m sorry :(

      My parents have a terrier, and so do I, and both dogs have killed backyard animals before. My parents’ dog killed a baby rabbit a couple years ago, and my dad still mumbles, “Murderer.” at her sometimes.

  • Annonny

    Rave: Today’s photo! Awesome!!! The better-looking sister of Mary Poppins?!?!? :) :) :) :)

  • what

    Rant: I’m not photogenic. Every person I’ve met through online dating has told me that I look much better and younger in person. I thought my pics were great. Don’t know how to get “better” pictures taken, its not like I’m going to hire someone to take photos for a dating profile.

    Rave: I guess its good that I look better and younger rather than looking just the opposite.

    • Annonny

      I have the exact same problem. My advice – get a friend to take a lot (e.g., 100’s) of photos of you doing something you like and pick only the best. If you’re enjoying whatever you are doing while being photographed you’re likely to be more relaxed and look more like yourself in at least some of the photos.

      • That sounds good, but I would ask friends to be the ones picking the best photos (even if you’ll pick the very best one among them to use as your id). My guess is that their eye will match the one of the online dating site persons better since we all have a very particular way to think about ourselves. Hope that makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever you do, don’t take a picture of yourself in the mirror with your phone. Those photos are always tacky looking.

      • what

        Speaking of tacky, anyone remember the Glamour Shots craze of the early 90s? Ugh

        • ew

          I still love my mom’s from probably the early 90’s with big poofy red hair, a sparkly “sky” background and glitzy dress. Makes me laugh every time.

  • Rant: People who work from home whose work phone doesn’t work and they don’t call IT to get the damn thing fixed, so they miss my call and get mad at me because I can’t do the work they want without talking to them.

    Rave: Tea and donuts.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Another crazy week – heavy work demands while renovating my house as well… When do I get to the Miami Beach vacation phase of my life? It seems sooo far away.

    Rave: Found a baby bird on my front house steps last night, took it in for the night because it was cold outside. Put it outside this morning and it was re-united with it’s parents (I Hope). DC animal services said it was learning to fly, so it’s parents kicked it out of the nest… It disappeared 10 minutes after I put it outside this morning, hopefully it wasn’t because of alley cats!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: So hungry lately! I’ve already gone through my breakfast, lunch, and snack for the day (all 564 calories’ worth) and I’m still ravenous. Guess I’ll have to tough it out for the remaining 4 hours I’m at work.

    • Sue

      564 calories doesn’t seem like much to get you through a whole day at work – no wonder you’re hungry.
      It seems like a good day to go get a (healthy, if that’s what you’re going for) snack.

      • Anonymous

        It’s about how much I normally eat. I only need 1400 calories a day (I’m a small woman with a desk job), and that’s almost half. Keep in mind I usually eat a post-work snack and a substantial dinner (with a glass of wine) as well. The only snacks available at work are vending machine things, which I have no interest in. Oh well!

        • anon

          Have you had enough to drink today? Sometimes the body is really thirsty, but signals that it’s hungry instead (e.g., growling stomach, etc.).

  • Query: Does anyone have recommendations for where to buy reasonably priced wedding bands? We’re looking for something in silver or maybe titanium. Ideally it would be somewhere in the area we could go check them out in person before purchasing.

    • Florista

      Try etsy.com – there’s a tab for “find local,” where you might find a DC area artist who could design & make the rings just for you. Hard to get more unique than that! Good luck!

    • EP

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