• Anonymous

    Rant: Levon Helm died. :(

    • Anonymous


      I see my light come shining / From the west down to the east / Any day now, any day now / I shall be released

      R.I.P Levon

  • Rave: Previous thread let me know where to avoid if I don’t want to run into smoochy, romantic couples :-)

    Rant: Good friend in hospital. May or may not be related to existing chronic illness, but looks like it’ll be a few days before we know anything.

    Rave: TGIF

  • anonnnnn

    rave: FRIDAY!

    rant: can’t decide what to do tomorrow – between an artist statement writing workshop or tour/photograph the macmillan site. they are both at the exact same time.

    rave: the sun. my friends. my family. my pup.

    rant/rave: buying lots of stuff online.

  • Rave: After a little misunderstanding with “Anonymous” in this section yesterday, I came back hours later to find a lot of love and support from the PoPville community. Thanks a lot!
    And for Anonymous, no hard feelings!

    • Dang Anonymous, such a split personality :)

      I appreciate your work, and good on you for trying to promote yourself a bit on here, as long as you don’t go over the top and start spamming, continue on!

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: That’s my office building in the photo above. I come to PoP to escape work, not to be reminded of it!

    Rave: Friday.

    • well, looks like they like to party hard in your building :D

  • rant: hating on ticketmaster right now. tried to buy tickets for bruce springsteen and the e street band for his jersey date on my mom’s birthday – for her birthday – and after waiting 15 minutes in queue, no more tickets were available.

    rave: big win for the devils last night!

  • mc

    Rave: Woo Caps! Holtby is a saint.

    Rant: Feeling old. Enjoyed a few beers at the game last night and I am feeling it this morning.

    Rave: It’s Friday, no one else is in my office, have my music playing, and I am ready for the weekend.

  • MtP Gal

    Rave: I’m pregnant! Yay!

    Rant: Sooo, to the other ladies out there, how did you get through the last few hours of work everyday with this first trimester exhaustion? It’s much more intense than I was expecting. So tired! And I can’t tell anyone why!

    • Congratulations on the pregnancy! I found increasing protein, fruits and vegetables helped me with the exhaustion. That and trying to take a walk during lunch. After work, I would take a quick nap before dinner. The exhaustion usually subsides in time for the second trimester and can return during the third.

    • mc


    • ctk


    • Meg


      I cheated and drank coffee. :) Also, eat a good breakfast and don’t worry about what others think when you go to bed at 8 pm.

      • Meg

        I should add that I kept my caffeine intake to under the advised limit, but that first cup of coffee in the morning was what kept me alive. And my son is just fine!

      • Anonymous

        Much to my consternation, my wife drank two cups of coffee with both her pregnancies. I actually made her bring me a note from her doctor saying this was ok – I got a little over protective. Anyways, the doctor said this was fine. I have the note to prove it.

        • Jen H.

          Really??? All the studies show that 2 cups of coffee a day is fine. They just tell you not to drink it on the off chance that it might have an affect. I dare say you’re lucky that wife of yours puts up with you!

          • Anonymous

            Don’t I know it. With baby # 2 I chilled out but you can’t fault a first time dad for being a nervous nellie.

          • MtP Gal

            You guys are the best, thanks for all the well wishes and good advice!

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a private office? I would skip the lunch and take a quick nap on the carpet floor. It helped. Congrats!! I also drank coffee

  • classic_six

    Question for PoP:

    It seems that the proprietors of TangySweet, Red Velvet Cupcake, and Rabbit (Clarendon) will be moving into the AKCK space on 14th Street. The co-owner was on one of the Washington Post’s chats yesterday, so I think it would be pretty safe to assume that it’s not scuttlebut. It’s supposed to be American comfort food at lower price points than most of what you would find on 14th Street.

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • classic_six

        You’re right – there is no question in there, I guess. That’s right you did post an entry to that – and the funny thing is that I even commented in that thread. Heh. There is a little more information about the place tk; I think there is a lot of weary souls for the small-plates concept so the American tapas idea might be modified, which sounds like it would be good news considering it seems that people are tiring of that trend. We’ll see, though.

  • anon

    rant (actually more of an annoyance): people who don’t pick up after themselves at the gym. we are all adults, people. don’t leave your towels, empty water bottles, used q-tips, and/or kleenex lying around the locker room after you leave. gross.

    rave: it’s friday! my boss is out of the office!

  • Rave: Daughter’s first birthday party this weekend. Can’t believe a year has gone by and yes, it goes as fast as they say it does.

    Rant: Family drama.

    Rave: Ignoring the drama so I can focus on the fun stuff.

  • Britt

    Rant: Have a clear weekend with nothing standing in my way and really want to head up north to visit with old friends but I JUST got home from two weeks overseas and will be leaving again in another week or so for another two weeks overseas. So I have no motivation to leave my home.

    Rant: Home is a disorganized and sorely in need of some love from 8 months of travel for work and family.

    Rave(?): Rainy weekend might be perfect time to knock out some major cleaning and organizational (and donation) efforts.

  • Jack5

    Rave: Found a new General Contractor for my renovation project!

    Rave: Bad Brains at Howard Theater tonight! Yea!!

    Rant: Street sweepers still do nothing, they removed trash cans years ago from our block and its always lined with junk that blows into my yard.

    Rant: Can’t wait for a 3 day weekend next month, its been ages!

    • Maybe try getting the city to place new trash cans on the street?

      If you go that route, I’d recommend going through your councilmember. (I suggested this to a friend of mine who was frustrated with all the litter that was being left at the bus stop on her property, and she was successful in getting the city to place a trash can there.)

  • Rant: Trying to find a good place to repair my vintage watch. I’m a little paralyzed by the process.

    Rave: Working from home today!

    Rave: The Jefferson Lecture is coming up in just a few days. I can’t wait!

    • I know it’s a bit out of the way but I highly suggest Ecker’s Clock and Watch Shop in Bethesda. I’ve been there multiple times to get my watch battery replaced/band fixed and the place is FILLED with antique/vintage time keepers. Great job, good price, I’d give it a shot.

      • Ha, I’m in Rockville, so it’s not out of the way at all! Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          If its a nice watch try Khory Brothers, they were in White Flint Mall… I know a guy there that works on exotic watches full time.

          • It’s nice but not super high end. I’ll check them out, thanks!

  • ew

    Rave: Had a great time with hookah and happy hour with some old friends and new people last night.

    Rave: The networking frenzy continues!

    Rave/Rant: (Still) 11 more days until I move away from my roommates.

    • Anonymous

      Careful with those hookahs. That got the secret service in a lot of trouble recently.

  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave2: CAPS!!!

    Rant: Have to umpire on Saturday, and am going to miss the entire game. At least I make $100 cash for the two games?

  • blithe

    Rant: Feeling stressed and hyper — like the energizer bunny just before he winds dowwwwnnnnnn.

    Rave: Re-discovering knitting — a nicely calming mild obsession.

  • Rant: The guy next door. I am soooo sick of him telling his office mate how girls only want the “alpha male” and then going into long, stupid lectures on it. His poor office mate is never going to get a girlfriend if he listens to alpha-male boy.

    Rant: I really need to see about getting Teresa fixed. Part of one of her seams is almost worn through. I guess I need to call Dior.

    Rave: Teresa and Tracy

    • Rave: Melissa at Dior is sooo nice. She gave me all the info I need to get Teresa fixed. Basically, just drop by and they will send her off to be repaired. Mildly embarrassed that Melissa knows me on sight and by name, but I guess that’s her job.

      Rant: I cannot afford to buy all Dior all the time.

    • Frank T.J. Mackey

      Ha ha. Maybe you need to get this guy fixed. Alpha male aside, let me pose a question. I have a frend that is not aggressive enough in my mind when it comes to women. He will meet someone he likes and exchange numbers and say give me a call sometime and not follow up. On dates, he seems indecisive and never has a plan or a suggestion but asks the girl what she wants to do. Am I wrong to tell him that women want a guy that is decisive? Your comment has me rethinking this advice.

      • Bear425

        I for one welcome it when a guy is assertive. If someone is being wishy-washy with me I take it as a sign that they’re not that interested, and frankly, I don’t want to waste my time on someone who’s only feeling so-so about me. That said, “assertive” does not necessarily mean “aggressive” and there’s a line where it can turn in to overly pushy alpha male type behavior. I get the sense that EmmaLeigh is talking about behavior that’s crossing that line.

        • Right, decisive without being aggressive or pushy. If you want to do something with a person, suggest something. If the person you ask doesn’t want to do that, but they want to see you, they will suggest something else. Wishy washy is not sexy at all.

          Also, the guy next door is so not an alpha male, she just talks about them all the damn time in stupid, pseudo intellectual ways. He’s such a loser. I can’t hear his office mate as well, so I don’t know his personality, but he’s good looking and smart enough to have that job. I bet if he quit listening to alpha male obsessed guy and talked to an actual girl he’d get a date.

  • Fed?

    Applied for 3 Fed jobs and scored 100 on each application–and still haven’t heard a word…Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It’s the federal government. Don’t achieve so well. Shoot for the middle and you’ll be on your way.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the organizations will already have a group of people (if not a specific person) that currently work there that they view as viable candidates for the position you are trying to get. You are also competing against a large number of wounded veterans that are somewhat vaguely/relevantly qualified, and WILL get chosen before you.

    • blazing sun

      I’ve been talking to friends of mine in fed gov (and am currently working on getting in it), and they said in their areas the only ppl who get interviews are those whose resumes come with internal referrals. For a position my ex-collegue got there were 4 boxes of resumes- this is really the only way for anyone to start weeding people out. Granted, in my area there aren’t many ex-solders (legal area) so that is all they have. Out of 4 boxes 12 ppl had referrals and got interviews. I’ve had a few interviews as well, but only through my internal referrals (and am now waiting on the results). So, I guess what I’m suggesting is to network like crazy and find someone who can pass along your resume in addition to the normal hiring process. Good luck!!!

    • anonymous federal employee

      The federal job application process can take a really, really long time. For my first federal job, I got a phone call in January about a job I’d applied for in August. By that time I’d almost forgotten about it, and I’d been applying for so many federal jobs that I was struggling to remember which one it was!

      I think USAJOBS has a “Track my applications” option; you could try clicking on that to see if it provides any information.

      I disagree with the first part of what Anonymous 11:11 am said… sometimes there’s an internal candidate in mind, but in my experience, more often there isn’t.

      However, the second part of what Anonymous 11:11 am said is true. Veterans, especially wounded veterans, often bump everyone else off the list for “public” (outside the federal government) candidates. Veterans do have a presence in the list for “status” (within the federal government) candidates, but not to the point of bumping all non-veterans off the list.

    • DC20009

      As other have said, it can take a long time in the best of circumstances. Currently, it seems that the process is getting harder. I have recently been getting the response that because there were so many veterans applying that they would not even review or rate any applications from non-veterans, for that position; so clearly things are tight, but the fact that you were rated at all is a good sign. If you do network with people in an agency, ask if there are internal job listings that you could see – my office often has openings which don’t appear on USA Jobs. They can use an alternative hiring process/status called “Schedule B” which is sort of like a contract position, usually time-limited, but you are still a federal employee with benefits. There are other limitations, but the key is that you get into a position so that you can become known and have an boost when other ‘regular’ positions open up. Worth asking about – it may be just another way to play the game. Good luck!

  • me

    Rant: Starting to worry about fibroid removal next week. I’m tired of having to go through so many different procedures like this, but it’s not something I can ignore, as there are 3 pretty large ones.

    Rave: I am really hoping I see some benefits from the procedure. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • jcs

      I had a fibroid procedure done last fall and am feeling so much better! Hoping success for you too! If you have questions/concerns – talk to your doc. They were great with explaining things to me. Good luck!

  • Super Rave – “The Colorful Realm” exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. It is only open until April 29 so go soon. It is extraordinary – don’t think it’s all butterflies and flowers on golden screens like in a Chinese restaurant – ( which, unfortunately, the promo photos make it seem.)

    There are riotous muscular chickens – insane colors and very modernist sensibility. And these scrolls are not likely to ever be displayed all together like this.

  • Rave: booze brunch with work folks today + surprise date night at Policy tonight!

    Rave: one day closer to seeing Trebek in person. Mere hours, sir.


    Rant: I’ve got a ton of homework to do this weekend, but I hear the weather is going to be right for staying inside all weekend.

    • devils are my rave too!!

    • Whoa, so jealous you get to go to the Jeopardy taping! I tried getting tickets, but was unsuccessful. Have fun!

    • DC20009

      I am so eager to get on Jeopardy! that it’s just as well that I wont’ be going to the taping – I’d probably rush the stage and try and take over someone else’s place!

  • Rave: This weather! Fun weekend plans!

    Rant: Too many things going on at the same time. Shopping for individual insurance. Occasional waves of loneliness after breakup last month.

    Question: The Blackberry I got from a very nice Freecycler last summer is on its last legs, so I guess it’s time to cough up the cash for a new phone. Any recommendations for a Verizon phone? I’m not against an iphone but I’d like to consider other options

    • I have a Droid 4 and I love it.

  • blazing sun

    Rant: Possible rain on Saturday. We’re heading to Pups in the Park at the Nats game and don’t want to have wet smelly pups!

    Rave: Boss was out most of the week so I was able to bring in my pup to work 4 days!

    Rave 2: Good friends moved into their newly renovated home 2 doors down! It is so much fun to see them every morning and evening in the backyard and let the pups play together!

    • Anonymous

      Argh, thanks for letting me know about Pups in the Park. With that nonsense Saturday and kids day Sunday, I now know I need to get my baseball fix tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: We haven’t gotten into one single charter/public school in the lotteries. And I hear of some lucky people who has gotten into 3!!!! Argghh!

    Rave: It’s Friday and beautiful outside and I have a wonderful husband and kids. We will be OK…

    • Anonymous

      Good luck. We just moved inbounds for Murch so I am happy to avoid the need for lottery. It can be a nightmere.

  • Rave: full weekend of plans…Mousetrap, game night with friends and DC United makes up for a hellacious tax season!

    • Anonymous

      Is Mousetrap part of the game night? I haven’t played that one since I was a kid!

      • me

        Mousetrap is a recurring event at the Black Cat- Indie dance pop stuff.

  • Rave: Going on a much needed 3 day getaway to Florida tomorrow! Can’t wait to turn off my phone and email, hang out with my man, and just eat and relax.

    Rant: my workmates are trying to give me a heart attack before I go.

    Rave: doing a pretty good job of not completely losing my s#!t and killing people today.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if J Bell’s Winghouse closed for good? I haven’t seen them open in a while now, but I keep getting his answering machine when I call.

  • Rant: Almost got run over by a taxi driver making a U-Turn while riding on the Pennsylvania Ave bike lanes. He was coming at me like he was trying to hit me.

  • Tim

    Rant: toenail clippings on the office bathroom floor…WTF!?

  • Rave: The new trees and plants along lower Sherman Ave – it looks amazing! I can’t wait from them to finish the whole street.

    Rave #2, 3, and more: Closing on our refinance early next week! Our 2012 appraisal came in at 170% of our 2009 appraisal! We’re going to be saving hundreds each month! I really wish we had jumped on opportunities to refinance ages ago, but I’m so, so, so psyched to sign on the dotted line.

  • Bear425

    Rant: Round #2 at the dentist in 45 minutes. Hoping the novocaine works this time.

    Rave: I get to go home and be lazy for the rest of the day once I’m done. A welcome end to this crazy week!

  • +1 – just because you spent a lot of money on something…

  • On the Hill

    Rant: Posting this rant/rave on the romantic restaurant post first. Looking silly in front of the PoP community. Sigh.

    Sad-rant: One of my closest friends is moving to NH with her hubs and adorable chubby-cheeked toddler IN TWO WEEKS. It’s been a whirlwind month of “we’re putting our house up for sale, hey it sold, we have a speedy closing, oh we’re moving.” It’s to be closer to her husband’s work, which is great for them, but she’s an amazing gal and I will miss having her in the area.

    Rave: Yay frequent flier miles! I heard NH in the fall is beautiful.

    Rave: Splendid weather today! Ready to curl up with a good book this rainy weekend.

    • Britt

      I agree with you on the curl up with a book front!
      Did you (or anyone?) see the opening to the Office episode last night? They try to get Phyllis to say the twelve cliches she says every time it rains – like “It’s raining cats and dogs” or “I just want to head home and curl up with a good book.” It was hilarious!

  • Eloise

    Rant: My best friend/college roommate’s husband was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. He’s 27 and has beat lymphoma. He’s survived a bone marrow transplant and now the graft vs. host disease is what is killing him. He’s been fighting for 3 years and all I want is for him to recover.

    Rave: I know the PoPville community will send all their thoughts to him as he fights for his life for the 3rd time in 3 years.


    • Britt

      My goodness- I’ll tuck him in my thoughts and send him good vibes.

    • Army

      So sorry to hear he is going through something so traumatic yet again. He sounds incredibly strong. Sending positive thoughts to you and your loved ones.

    • L

      Oh God, that’s horrible. I have a friend in a similar condition (young but with lymphoma, bone marrow, the whole ordeal) and I worry about it all the time. Not that the worrying helps. I hope your friend’s husband pulls through, and please can we figure out how to cure this shit already?

  • Rant: Wore skirts and short sleeves all week and froze…now today I’m wearing pants and long sleeves and am too hot!

    Rave: Movie night with the girls–going to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie!

    Rant: Super tired…up late fighting with the Boyfriend. Who was supposed to be at my place but, for reasons that I still don’t quite understand, was not. Thus the fighting. Obviously I’m still pretty pissed off.

    Rant: I want to lose approximately 10 pounds by May 4th. Knowing myself, this is a huge improbability.

    Rave/Rant: I have awesome co-workers. Unfortunately, they’re only here for a year and will leave in August.

    • Um yeah, 10 pounds in two weeks is not possible, even if you dangerously starve yourself. It’s taken me 6 months with a 1,240 calorie-a-day limit.


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