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  • Revel: Fountains of Wayne tonight at the 9:30 club.
    Rave: going to NYC to visit one of my favorite people this weekend.
    So far today it’s all good.

    • Idaho Ave

      Enjoy! I didn’t even know fountains of wayne was still around. I saw them in 1997 opening for the smashing pumpkins!

      Revel: Best holiday of the year tomorrow!

      Rant: New coworker who makes everything into a big ordeal. It’s not even busy season yet.

  • Elza

    Grumpy Rant: In most other places I’ve lived, semi trucks were only permitted to make deliveries downtown in the middle of the night, or at least only during specific hours. Does this kind of regulation exist in DC? Because, man, something has got to be done about the craziness that is Irving Street between 16th and 14th. TRUCK MADNESS blocking traffic all morning.

    Revel: Forgot my lunch today. Which means I have an excuse to get bibimbap from the Korean cart instead.

    • Yes, that block is a nightmare. There is a tiny half-lane turn out that none of the trucks use anyway. Can’t they pull into the building on 14th street and unload from there?

    • Anonymous

      I would bet there is a law against this and cops are either too lazy or too on the take from restaurant/bar owners to do anything about it. Same thing with UPS and FedEx trucks in the bike lanes, or pick another traffic law people are allowed to flagrantly break with no consequences. Just because something’s illegal doesn’t mean a cop’s going to be bothered to try to stop it.

    • It’s not just all morning – it’s all day. The truck drivers don’t want to deal with the traffic turning onto 14th st. & navigating the alley to deliver to the rear of Lou’s, Acre 121 etc. The Panera delivery truck often parks on Irving east of 14th St. and actually walks his delivery back from there rather than deal with getting to the loading zone.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Exhausted. Wish I could take Monday off.

  • Ladylike

    Rave: Today is Thurs, which means tomorrow is Friday.
    Rant/Rave: Online dating.
    Rant: Boring work that does not excite me is ahead of me… all… day… long…

    • Poster in Disguise

      Trying out online dating ay? I tend to feel the same ( if I understood the Rant/Rave part correctly ). Seems promising sometimes but never much success. What about some PoP dating? Down for a blind date…?

      • Ladylike

        haha, seriously! There needs to be a personals section on here… it really is the most pulic service-oriented thing you could do for us, PoP. ;)

  • jt

    Rave: Chelsea over Barcelona 1-0. It’s going to be even tougher next week, but a great start yesterday.

    • neednewhob


    • imonaboat


    • Great result. jt = John Terry? Do we have a twice former England captain on the blog?

      • Britt

        That would be awesome.
        I still giggle thinking about John Terry playing goalie in that awful game where both other keepers Petr Cech and Cudicini were injured.

      • Timmy

        John Terry, all around good guy. Unless of course you’re Wayne Bridge or black.

        Chelsea deserved the win, but man that was an ugly game to watch.

        • Or any referee in the EPL. The guy can be a douche, but I think the Wayne Bridge thing was blown a bit out of proportion considering she was his ex-girlfriend. I still hold out hope that I’m wrong and that he’s not a total dick. I think if you met him in a pub he’d tell you to “piss off” but he might not go all “Joey Barton” on you.

    • me


  • Rave: was interviewed for a photography/photographer’s podcast and receiving positive feedback from other photographers. http://patrickonofre.com/
    Rant: Printers hate me.

    • Anonymous

      er, can I just say… rant: people who continually use a local blog to further their career. it ain’t subtle, man.

      • Anonymous

        Er..Can I just say that Pablo has some of the coolest pictures that are posted on this site and some of us like to hear about how his photography is going?

        Pablo, correct me if I’m wrong but you are not a full-time professional photographer, correct? And you kind of got into photography as a hobby and it has just really taken off, right? At least that was the impression I was under.

        Also, keep posting, many of us out here really like your pics and like to hear that your amazing pictures are being noticed by more than just some people on a local blog.

        • That’s right; I’m part time-musician, part-time photographer and part-time designer :D .

          • Your pictures are always great. You’re obviously very talented. Maybe talk to PoP about a weekly/monthly feature with tips for those of us who need some help?

        • PabloFan

          + a million. Keep ’em coming, Pablo, and congrats on the recognition!!

          • Anon3

            viva el Pablo!!!!!

      • If you listen to the podcast, you’ll see that it’s more about me personally than about my photography. Having said that, I will use any possible means to further my career and I don’t see why I need to be subtle about it. If it’s not ok with PoP, he knows he doesn’t have to publish it and it’s totally ok with me.

        • Anonymous

          Guess we’re all entitled to our own opinions and it rubs me the wrong way… it’s these subtle “printers hate me” comments that really mean “hey, ask me why printers hate me — go on… it’s because I’m such a perfectionist and my work requires printers to really know what they’re doing.” I can’t stand false modesty.

          • anonnnnn

            you should get over this. this is a rants/rave post where people post things that happen to be, for the most part, totally self absorbed ranting and raving. if his posts really “rub you the wrong way”, maybe you can just skip over those?

          • Op-ed

            My personal opinion is that your trolling this website, looking for ways to bark up the wrong tree… clearly, getting publicly irritated with Pablo Raw on PoP is a good place to bark up the wrong tree. :)

          • Reader

            I just wanted to say that I read that as the HP in the corner wouldn’t stop saying PC LOAD LETTER…

          • Op-ed

            @Reader: haha, that’s how I read it, too! Clearly, I need to brush up on being higher-browed!

          • Anon202

            Just scroll on past the ones you don’t want to read.

          • em

            I’m with reader and op-ed – I read the printers hate me comment as I can’t get the machine to work right

          • Maire

            You should get to know Pablo. I know him personally and false modesty is just not his thing. He’s genuine, humble, and all around great.

          • TG

            Ha ha. The reactions to your hating on Pablo are pretty priceless. If you didn’t already know, he is a bit of a regular/celebrity around this blog. Next time you should stick to a subject that people are not passionate about. I recommend something related to how you hate dogs.

          • Anonymous

            I totally understand what you’re saying LOL

          • I know, it’s just a silly way to express my frustration for the 2 days that I’ve been having problems with the printers in my office. Nothing else.
            Have a nice day.

        • Keep it coming, Pablo. I think the majority of us dig your photos, and hope that you keep doing what you’re doing. Promote the hell out of your talent! It is refreshing positive light on all the “I hate my job/I hate the people I work with/I can’t find a job/I want to move to NYC” negative rants on here every day.

          • Anonymous-est

            LOL, negative rant = oxymoron. If you don’t like what people are b!tchin’ about then consider not reading the rants. ;)

          • Happy Anon


          • Anonymous

            It’s redundant, not an oxymoron.

          • +2! Pablo’s photos add something special to this blog on practically a daily basis. And I have to say that in general it’s nice to see someone pursuing something arty/fulfilling (and not always lucrative), and having some success and recognition with it. I wish I had inherited my mother’s artistic talent, but I’ll have to settle to for being an art appreciator. (I appreciate you very much, Pablo, keep ’em coming!)

          • Anonymous-est

            lol, duh. That’s what I *meant to say. I’ll tell ya who’s a oxymoron minus the first three letters… me! heeeyyy-ooo!!!

      • Britt

        Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pablo for sharing his awesome pics with us!

        • seconded! And thanks to all the other photographers who share, Mr T in DC is another who comes to mind.

          • PG

            Thirded! Keep up the good work!

      • what

        Quiet you! We like PabloRaw in these parts, he makes the world a nicer place.

        • Agreed. I always enjoy reading your updates and seeing your photos, Pablo! And all the more power to you that you’re pursuing something you’re passionate about (and heck yeah, you better promote yourself).

          Can I also just say that I love seeing other PoPers defending Pablo? Even though this isn’t always the case, I like that most of the time, commenters on here are very encouraging/helpful/sympathetic, especially on the Rant/Rave posts.

        • +1.

      • As it says everyday on this posting “But please no personal attacks.”
        The world needs a few places where we can be civil.

        • anonymous

          I fail to see how that was a personal attack. The person was simply expressing annoyance.

      • Of course it’s an “Anonymous” who posts smack about Pablo. I wish people had to register (with a name other than anonymous) to leave comments!

      • Rant: people who complain about regular contributors like PabloRaw — who adds far more to the vibrancy of this blog than anonymous (dare I say, jealous?) commenters like @10:28.

        Go Pablo!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I am very tired of being penned up in an office all day, listening to people drone on about pointless meetings and tasks, taking themselves way too seriously. I have no interest in office culture of any sort, but do not have the right combination of motivation and courage to change my situation. I feel like I’m in limbo, just treading water.

    • anonnnnn

      are you me?

      • Anonymous

        If I am, then it sucks to be you. :)

      • xyz

        and me, too?

        • Reader


      • Anon


  • anon

    Rave: My bday is Saturday. Fun weekend planned with friends.

    Rant: A colleague at work who complains about the flowers that my husband sends me. This is the second time (that I know of) that she’s talked to others about it behind my back. Says that the polllen is “killing her allergies.” I can’t imagine that the small bouquet on my desk (very far from hers) can be doing any more damage than the loads of pollen outside. I hate passive aggressiveness in the workplace.

    • It’s probably not the pollen but the scent. I know some flowers smell very strongly to me (stargazer lilies) but for the short amount of time cut flowers last, there’s no point bitching about it.

      Besides, maybe she’s just jealous you’re getting flowers. I know I am! Can your husband talk to mine?

    • Happy Early Birthday!

      I had a similar situation at work, my boyfriend sent me flowers for Valentines Day and a woman that I worked with waited until two days later (when I was out of the office) to send me an email me informing me that they had moved my flowers to the front office because they bothered the allergies of someone else. She also referred to my flowers as orchids, which they weren’t, and had they been orchids they wouldn’t have bothered anyone’s allergies. But it really bothered me she waited until two days after they had been there, when I was out of the office to send me an email informing me that they had moved something from my desk, without asking first. So my boyfriend sent me another bouquet the next day…I think they got the point.

      • Your boyfriend rocks!

      • C3PO

        Perhaps they were bothering an intern or her subordinate (i.e. someone who was low on the totem pole, and would go to her with a problem), and they didn’t tell her until you were out of the office. It’s as likely a scenario as her just not having the balls to ask you to remove the flowers. In either case, it makes you and your boyfriend look like jerks that you brought back another bouquet when you knew it was bothering an office mate.

    • Sue

      It’s really rude of her not to speak to you directly and politely, but it is possible that it is really bothering her.
      If someone in the same general area of my office had lilies in their bouquet, it would definitely bother me, especially if my allergies were already set off by the general pollen floating around.

      That said, if it happened on a regular basis, I would gently and politely mention that I was quite allergic to that flower and ask if they could try to stay away from them in the future. I wouldn’t complain behind their back.

      • My office manager is also allergic to lillies, which I found out after my boyfriend sent me flowers. She sent me a nice email, asking if I could keep my door closed because the pollen was killing her. I took the flowers home that night and let my boyfriend know about the office allergies. Case closed.

        • Anonymous

          Well that was a professional, adult, mature, responsible thing to do. Are you sure you live in DC?

          May be you did not get the memo. According to 2/3 of DC you are supposed to stick it to the man, look out for your own interest, screw the rest and realize that there is nobody else in the world but you.

          You need to get with the program chick, you are making the rest of us look bad!

          ; ) (well done you, thanks for setting an example of exemplary behavior)

      • FWIW, lilies should come with the anthers (which contain the pollen) pinched off. The pollen will stain the petals – and clothing – once the anthers open. this is a very simple thing to do, and takes care of the pollen problem, but not the scent problem. This could be done with many flowers used in bouquets.

        • Yep, I had my wedding bouquet made of lilies, and had to have all the anthers taken off because I didn’t want to get yellow pollen on my dress!

    • original poster

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and stories. Since she’d complained before and I knew of her issues, my husband knows not to send fragrant and pollen-y flowers. So I don’t believe that was the issue this time. I really think it was a case of a bitter person passive aggressively talking behind my back. Be an adult. I’m a reasonable person. Be one too…that’s all I ask.

  • Britt

    Rant/Rave: Need to clean up my act- been hating on a perfectly nice person due to their work behavior (nice to them and all but expressing frustration to others about their work and such). Person drops off the new bruce album for me to listen to today! A reminder to shut my mouth and give people some slack.

    Rave: Doing interesting work while listening to the Boss.

    Rant: Husband in Mexico City for the week…

    Rave: Heading out to the barn tonight! And it’s going to gorgeous out.

  • Rave: Went to a cooking class for the first time. I went by myself, but I met some nice people and had a great time.

    Rant: Really, really slow week at work. Makes me feel like I’m not useful and makes me wonder why I was hired.

  • El Puerco Feliz

    RAVE: I just bought a caja china to host a cuban-style pig roast at my place next month!

    RANT: No clue where to buy a whole, fresh pig. Ideas? Suggestions for roasting pig?

    • Irving Streete

      Contact Truckpatch Farms, where I once bought a whole pig, and see if they’re getting down to DC the week before your bash. They’re at U Street and Mt. Pleasant Markets. Not sure if those markets will be open in time for your needs, but Brian has been doing some deliveries to DC in the mean time.


    • jdc

      maybe you could stop into the 3 Little Pigs shop in Petworth? You might be able to order through them and they should have ideas on roasting.

    • Woah, Cuban-style pig roast – how do I get an invite??

      • j

        Exactly how do you know the pig is Cuban?

        • El Puerco Feliz

          Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Now throw in some Cuban Cigars and rum and we have a party!

  • JoeEsq74

    Rave / Rant – Now that the construction of Monroe Street Market http://abdo.com/urban_communities/index.htm has started seeing the actual scale has me a little concerned about the density especially with the proposed McMillan development also impacting Michigan avenue corridor.
    Rant – New DC residents who have not registered to vote in DC primary elections. C’mon people.

    I know this is primarily a Ward 1 / Ward 4 blog but Ward 5 readers /voters PLEASE consider Kenyan McDuffie for Council. Delano Hunter should not lead Ward 5, it would be a step back.

    • xyz

      for various reasons, I haven’t been paying attention to the special election at all. is there any sort of site that maybe summarizes the differences between the two? Or if you have some info, I’m all ears. I’m Ward 5 and plan to vote.

    • Anon20009

      Agree whole-heartedly on the need for all residents to register and vote. I have to put in my two cents here on the value of signing up for permanent absentee voting. Once you do that, the City automatically sends you the ballot for each election (primaries included), which makes it so much easier to participate every time, even the (so-called) smaller ones. That way, no excuses, and no guilt. (I know some people enjoy the process of going to the polls, but that is not me.)

    • classic_six

      Is this true? This blog tends to attract readers from primarily ward 1 and ward 4? I have never given any thought to this before but am curious now.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        It started out Ward 1 and 4 heavy but that’s no longer the case. We still do have more readers from Northwest over the other quadrants. Though there are a good number of readers from Capitol Hill, H St, NE, NoMa and Brookland as well.

        • em

          and SW

        • G

          I am also about to move to Chevy Chase (D.C.) and plan on keeping up with PopVille. What else am I gonna to out there …

          • Enjoy the good life – that’s what you’ll do.

        • classic_six

          Thanks, PoP, for your response. Interesting.

        • Hell, I was an avid reader of this blog back when I lived in Virginia and could only dream about living in DC.

      • Ward 2 here.

        • + 1

          • JoeEsq74

            My statement, “this is primarily a Ward 1 / Ward 4 blog,” was a little strong. I really just wanted to reach out to any reader who is eligible to vote in Ward 5. PoP has broad appeal I was actually introduced to PoP by a non DC resident .

            Since PoP welcomes all residents I will add one more Ward 5 specific rant. The Charles Drew Bridge (“CDB”) on Michigan Avenue needs a makeover. Renovation was recently completed on a bridge on South Dakota Avenue @ Franklin street (over CSX tracks.) In that case they completely rebuilt the bridge and the rehab included retro street lights, stone façade and Iron fencing instead of chain link. If these cosmetic upgrades can be made to the CDB , at a reasonable cost, it would really add to the beauty the neighborhood , make it feel more walkable and it will look attractive alongside all the new construction. Additionally, If you are going to honor a prominent citizen make the structure attractive.

    • classic_six

      To JoeEsq74,

      There was nothing about your comment regarding wards that was too strongly worded, in my opinion. I just read it and it triggered a question about something I had never thought about with respect to this blog.

  • Revel: My parents are moving from Kentucky to the Eastern Shore! No more 14 hour car rides!!!

    Possible Rant: No guarantee we’ll be in this area soon after they move.

    Revel: Still pretty amazing to have seen the space shuttle flying above DC on Tuesday.

  • ew

    Rave: Having the apartment search off my back has alleviated my frustration about my housing situation, and I feel my attitude toward life/work/future becoming more positive and proactive

    Rave: The reception I went to at the Portrait Gallery last night made me feel fancier than I am. Used Uber for the first time and felt even more fancy. Great food, great people, and Christine Lagarde was awesome.

    Rant: Sunday baseball plans got rained out, but I can’t wait to hit up some Nats games soon!

  • Rave: Had an great dinner last night at Cajun Experience. I still don’t approve of what they do to the poboys (ketchup), but the etouffee, fried alligator, and fried green tomatoes were tasty.

    Rave: Promotion at work! The best kind of promotion: no extra work!

    • Britt

      Congrats on the promotion!! I hope you can celebrate it well!

  • what

    Rant: Have a 1st date with someone from an online dating site. I accepted the invite when I was buzzed from a couple of beers, so it sounded like a good idea at the time. I checked out his profile again when I had a clearer head and now I’d really rather not go.

    Rave: Nice weather

    • j

      Solution: go on the date already drunk.

    • TG

      If you decide not to go, I would say just let the person know. Would be cruel just not to show up.

    • It’s ONLINE dating – not your Grandma setting you up with her bridge partner’s grandson! Email him/her and say you changed your mind. Sheesh!

      • Just because it’s not someone you know from real life doesn’t mean it’s not rude to cancel at the last minute.

        If What didn’t cancel this morning, it’s really too late to do so now.

  • neednewhob

    Rant: 18th Street construction. My walks home have become plagued by weaving in and out of neon orange ribbon gates, cones and concrete blocks. When will it finish?!

    Rave: Beautiful weather.

    Rave: looking forward to spending a weekend with some great friends from back home and in DC :)

    Rant: Still missing my now ex-boyfriend. I miss our daily calls, chats, our laughs and sleeping next to him. I never felt so secure with another person in bed — the feeling was utter bliss. I want these feelings to either go away or convert them into thoughts of ‘maybe he’ll magically show up at my doorstep,’ like in the movies. Yeah f’ing right.

    • Anon

      NeedNewHob, I feel for you. Broke up with my ex almost 3 years ago (we were together for 8) and have dated others since him, but still have a lingering wish that he’ll smarten up and come calling one day. Sadly, in nearly 3 years this has not happened once. My advice is to distill why you broke up down to a tiny, pocket-sized nugget of a memory (be it all the times he didn’t come through for you, the way he made you feel when he acted disinterested, the qualities that make him more of a jackass and less of a prince, etc.) and hang on to that memory for dear effing life. When my strength to not contact my ex starts to wane (we tried staying friends for a year and a half afterwards, which I do NOT recommend) I just hold on to that pearl of a memory that leaves me with an overall impression of how he is not right for me even if he’s great in every other respect, and it keeps me on the course that’s ultimately best for me. Good luck. Break ups suck.

      • Anon

        That smiley face is supposed to be an 8.

  • Rant: NHL. I think they are likely more corrupt than the DC Goverment. Seriously guys, Backstrom gets suspended… for that… In the Play-offs? While you let Shea Weber get away with slamming a guys face into the boards twice?

    Rave: Caps still have a shot tonight. Lose tonight and its curtains though.

  • PG

    Rave: Got an A on my final exam, and I’ll most likely get an A in the class.

    No more grad school until the end of May! No rehearsal tonight, no gigs this weekend, plenty of time to relax.

    Enjoying the new job, and my clearance should be finalized soon.

    Can’t think of anything to rant about today (except for how cold it was this morning, but it’s gotten nice out.)

  • Rant: Supposed to be traveling to Turkey in a month, but my job still hasn’t given me the money to register for the conference I’m attending or book a flight! I gave them cost estimates over a month ago, at their request, but now the flight is going to be almost twice as expensive. And in order to get the visa I need, I’m going to have to show proof of registration for the conference (and most likely, my flight tickets as well). I hate the amount of hassling I’ve had to do with this, but goddamn, I am so frustrated with the whole situation and have no idea what to do (other than keep hassling)!

  • Rave: The guy unicycling down my street this morning.
    Rant: All the “Right Size Hine” signs that have popped up on my block. Talk about peer pressure! I’m still sticking to my opinion that the Stanton/Eastbanc development everyone’s so worked up about is appropriately sized.

  • Anonymous

    The PanAm International grocery store (on 14th between Perry and Parkwood) was closed by DOH yesterday for numerous health code violations. They have a sign on their door saying they’re closed due to electrical problems.

    • dp

      I hope it closes for good

    • Anonymous

      On the one hand, I feel for the folks living in Columbia Heights (I will hear none of this Tivoli North talk) that are more than likely illegal and working hard to make their way in the world (not all are illegal I realize). On the other hand, the code violations that are allowed to persist in these businesses, and more importantly in some of the unsafe 14 people in a row- house type tenament living, must go.

  • Anonymous

    rant: terrible cankersore on the inside of my bottom lip that has been there for days. damn sleep schedule.
    revel: bravely/deliciously enjoying my chopt telepan school lunch salad that has AMAZING sabroso vinaigrette and is my charitable deed of the day.

    • what

      Buy some Alum (in the spice section of the grocery store) and dab it onto the cankersore. Works every time.

    • Anon3

      Colgate Peroxyl is G-d’s gift to people who suffer from cankersores… trust me. It’s incredible. Should be able to find it at any CVS.

  • Rave: going to the taping of Jeopardy Saturday morning. Super excited!!

    Rant: my office cactus my boyfriend bought me from Little Shop of Flowers is dying, and I don’t have a clue about how to save it from a sure but slow death. This adorable collection of plants is fading fast. Any ideas?

    • I know that the #1 reason that cacti are likely to die in my car is overwatering. If you think that might be the case for you, try re-potting it with new, sandy soil in a pot with easy drainage and make sure that you set it in a location that gets plenty of sunlight. Good luck!

      • That is, my care*.

  • Rave: Got a crazy amount of sleep last night (10 hours!) and thoroughly enjoyed playing the part of little old lady in bed with a book and a cat before 9PM.

    Rant: Woke up exhausted as ever. I feel like 24 straight hours of sleep would maybe make a dent, but anything less just isn’t cutting it.

  • inagoodspace

    Rave: Vacation starts Sunday
    Rave: Everytime something bugs me and I think I’m going to Rant about it here I forget what the offense was by the time I get to this site. :-)

  • Rave: Just bought a plane ticket to San Antonio and going in three weeks!

    Rant: Took a stupid gamble and now flying in/out of BWI with hours not conducive to public transportation. Screwed myself over with that one.

    Rave: Who cares, I’m getting out of here!

    • Anon3

      Clearly I have no clue where you live so this probably means nothing to you but I used to think the same thing. I live in Petworth and now I love flying out of BWI. Of course, nothing is convenient as DCA but all you need to do is go to greenbelt and then catch the bus from the metro station to the airport. Assuming you have a flight during public transport hours than it’s super easy. Have a great trip!! :)

      • Yeah…my flight leaves BWI at 7:45 a.m. and returns at 11:57 p.m. That’s what I get for being cheap. SuperShuttle it is!

  • MsKitty

    Rave: The Hirshorn with Song 1 is the best, hippest thing in DC in the past many years. So mesmerizing. It keeps drawing me back for more.

    • Anonymous

      They’re always playing seal when I’m on my way home from work. its weird because It looks like a concert is happening next to 7th street…

  • Rant/rave: in Nashville visiting father who is in a nursing home. It’s good to see him, but still a tough trip.

    Rave: the weather is nice and I’ll see some old friends as well.

  • Anonymous

    Rave-egg retrieval day on IVF. got more than we expected. Of course we won;t know if any are good at least until tomorrow.
    Rave 2-actually feeling pretty good and contemplating going to Maple tonight.
    Rave 3-my husband is awesome and thats probably the most important rave of all.

    • Yay on all three counts!

      Best of luck with the IVF (and with everything else).

  • Rave: Babysitter and dinner out with sister and husband at 1789, ooh la la.
    Rant: The bill from that dinner will not be pretty.
    Rave: New garden flowers look great
    Rant: F-ed up my shoulder pretty bad by gardening too hard, trying to do too much in one day.
    Rave: Hope to join 7th and Emerson neighbors at cleanup next weekend, go Petworth!!!


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