• classic_six

    Revel: Red squirrels

  • Britt

    Rave: My apartment building featured (in a positive post) on PoP yesterday!
    Rant/Rave: Leaving Tunisia early tomorrow morning. Last night in Tunis (until next month) and I’m not feeling so hot!
    Rave: Looking forward to baseball, burgers, and beers. Oh, and seeing my husband :-D.

  • Rave – off to Coachella today

    Rant – temperatures only in the 70/80s here this weekend

    • Hawkeye

      “only in the 70/80s”

      The average high temperature this time of year is upper 60s, so how unseasonably warm do you want it to get?

      • “Here” is Coachella – it’s been in the upper 90s for previous festivals. I was also trying to be funny.

        • Hawkeye

          Oh, that makes much more sense.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and that Rebecca Black song doesn’t get in my head because I’ve never heard it!

    Rave: Fried dill pickles!

    • Hahaha, I think that every week when I see the posts about that song! I sometimes wonder if I should listen to it so I get the reference but I always decide against it. Ignorance is bliss.

      • Zach

        Don’t open Pandora’s Box….you’re both better off not having that demon in your head. I’m impressed you have avoided it, though; I can’t resist the temptation to check out a meme when everyone is talking about it! Although you’d think I’d have learned me lesson after 2 Girls 1 Cup… :-/

        Oh and emmaleigh504, if you haven’t had the fried pickles at Shaw’s Tavern, you need to bless your life as soon as possible with a trip there. So good.

        • I will try the pickles at Shaw’s Tavern, thanks for the tip!

        • Are those off the menu? Will have to ask for them next time I’m there!

    • ew

      Ah, emmaleigh, I want fried pickles RIGHT NOW. yummm

      • I’m so excited about the pickles I can barely contain myself!

        I’ll also be enjoying the company of some super cool people. yay!

  • ich

    I guess this is a rant, but I’m mostly curious about people who don’t tend to walk to the right on the sidewalk. I mean, nobody should be militant about it, but it makes life easier… you don’t need to guess which side to go to when other people are coming at you and people can pass on the left so you don’t block the sidewalk. It’s weird to me that somebody can be walking down the sidewalk and see everyone else walking to their right and still just kind of meander down the middle or the left, making EVERYONE move out of their way. Isn’t that more exhausting than just going with the flow? I mean, isn’t it common sense that we’d defer to the general rules of the road on the sidewalk? We do that for the metro escalators.

    Maybe I’d really just like to implore left/middle sidewalk walkers to stay to the right. It makes everyone’s life easier and nobody will think you’re a jerk.

    • ich

      To add to that rant: smokers. For at least half of my morning commute — a 30 minute walk — I was breathing in cigarette smoke from smokers on the sidewalk.

      I’m sorry, I know it’s tough having an addiction, but when you smoke on the sidewalk you bother me. More than that, I’m pregnant so you 1) make me want to vomit, 2) poison my fetus, and 3) make me furious. I know you won’t change, but I want you to know how terrible you make the air around you and that you make life harder for people around you.

      I mean, who still smokes anyway??? It’s crazy.

      • Or even worse, let’s combine these two rants: Smokers who saunter down the middle so you CANNOT get around them! Ugh, I hate those people.

      • anonymous

        Ich, your rant is my rant as well. It is amazing how far the stench of cigarette smoke travels even in the open air. I try to run past smokers if I can, or go to the opposite side of the street if I think I’ll be walking behind them for blocks. The only thing I’d add to your rant is the idea of allowing smokers to smoke in apartment buildings nowadays. I know it’s controversial, but smokers drive up liabilities (fire) and they add considerable cleanup costs for building owners/management companies. Plus, their cancer-causing habit invades the lives of innocents around them with second-hand smoke. I’m hoping we’ll eventually get to the point where this is recognized. I know the government is already thinking this way with some public housing around the U.S.

        • MC

          This one isn’t fair, but I hate when people are fresh off smoking and come into an enclosed space like an elevator or bus. Someone got on the bus yesterday and five people tried to open their windows at once. It was soooo overwhelming…

          Rave: Gel manicures!! They are virtually idiot-proof

          • There’s actually a name for this: third-hand smoke.


          • me

            There was a woman in the elevator that complained the entire ride because someone who was a smoker was on the elevator as well, and she could smell it. I actually found the smell of the woman complaining to be much more offensive, as she had doused herself in a horrid-smelling perfume that made my eyes water.

      • anon


        Smoking is a horribly selfish habit because it totally impacts everyone. The smell of smoke (in the air and on clothing) also makes me want to vomit (and I’m not pregnant!). And the littering of cigarette butts drives me nuts.

        • Anonymous

          There is a recent post on unsuck dc metro with video of a man smoking on the train. Of course nobody asks him to put it out.

          • Probably because they’re afraid of being yelled/cursed at, or worse (assaulted/shot).

      • Anonymous


        (smoking is not illegal. get over it)

        • Anonymous


        • anonymous

          No, it is not illegal, but it is increasingly the habit of the lower class and uneducated (see smoker profile stats). If some hospitals are now saying smoking nursing attendants can’t touch new babies, take the hint. You’re a walking toxic package who many of us are trying to avoid.

          • Anonymous

            Waaah. Plenty of room on public sidewalks, walk somewhere else.

          • Anonymous

            “Wah” is neither an effective nor a logical rebuttal.

          • Anonymous

            So what? There’s no reason to reply to whining with logic.

      • Cross the street if it bothers you that much. Plenty of wide open air for you to breathe. The exhaust fumes from cars and buses are worse, and far more inescapable, but somehow i never see people complaining about that. The world is full of harmful stuff – cigarette smoke is nothing compared to additives in food and god only knows what in the water we drink.

    • classic_six

      So, in London, on which side of the road do you drive? Which way do you look before you cross the street?

      • ich

        can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or not. I think that was my point—in London people should walk on the left side of the sidewalk because that is the cultural convention there… only in my actual experience in London people walk all over the place. Maybe it’s because people come from right-hand countries, but it’s very confusing.

      • ich

        can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or not. I think that was my point—in London people should walk on the left side of the sidewalk because that is the cultural convention there… only in my actual experience in London people walk all over the place. Maybe it’s because most people in London aren’t British and come from right-hand countries, but it’s very confusing.

        • classic_six

          It wasn’t that I was agreeing or disagreeing with you. I was just asking the question b/c I think that with something as second-nature as walking people don’t give much, if any, thought to it and so you could be used to walking on one side of the road (and not giving any thought as to what people around you are doing). Your point about London these days where people are just everywhere, London is no longer a city of Brits or people from countries under former British rule; it is an international city and the sidewalks reflect this, in the manner that you were pointing out.

          • People in London are probably taught proper manners from an early age. If so, then a gentleman always walks nearest to the curb/road, regardless of which direction they are walking. That way they can protect ladies from being splashed on if horse-drawn carriages run through puddles. This used to be the case in the good old days – really.

          • classic_six

            Those days, with rare exception, are probably long gone, my friend. People might not complain about sidewalk congestion there, though, because everything is better with a British accent, or at least, some would say. Heh

        • flipperman75

          Adding to the confusion, they reverse everything on escalators (walk on left/stand on right). But at least they have signs instructing that.

          • Anonymous

            really? if memory serves, i was confused the whole time about why the escalators still went to the right.

          • Nah, their escalator practice is the same as ours.

            And unlike Metro, the London Underground actually has SIGNS on its escalators instructing people to stand on the right. I wish we had signage like that — I bet the tourists would be a lot more cooperative if we did.

      • KenyonDweller

        I’ve never been to London, but I’ve been to India, where they also drive on the left side of the street. At first, I kept nearly walking into people because they also tend to walk on the left side. I was surprised at how ingrained the right/left habit is. I think most people here do tend to walk on the right, which is probably why those who don’t stand out.

        But, this is really a non-issue for me. In the grand scheme of things, I just can’t get worked up over the side of the sidewalk people are walking on.

        • AK

          I’m not the original ranter, but bad sidewalk etiquette is probably my biggest pet peeve. Yeah, I know it sounds SO stupid, but when I encounter texting meanderers/groups walking five across with linked arms/left-side walkers who don’t go with the flow/esacalefters, I wonder whether they have any sense of awareness of their surroundings and comprehend or care about the fact that they have to share public space with lots of other people. To me, it just reads as selfishness. Little manifestations of a big issue, you know? I try not to let it get to me though when I’m walking around though.

    • rosey

      Cause I’m a left handed so walking on the right just doesn’t come naturely. I often find my self blocking people on the sidewalk, but I just keep drifting to the left. Try having everything you use (scissors, door knobs, notebooks) be designed for the otherwise handed-its a pain.

      • OMG the scissors! I’m a rightie and grew up in a house of lefties so we only had left handed scissors. I didn’t know scissors could actually cut a clean line until I was well into my teens. I was in my 20s before I figured out how to carve roast beast. I’ve also known the joy of a left handed notebook (a hand me down). My sister doesn’t know how good she had it.

      • Fellow lefty here, this made me laugh. I never really thought about it until I noticed that I trained my dog to heel on the “wrong” side because it just felt more comfortable. It drives my dog trainer crazy. Strangely though, I can’t use left-handed scissors. I think it’s because a) I’m the only lefty in my family and b) when I was in school they only reallly offered us the right-handed ones, so right-handed scissores were all I ever had to use.

      • When my parents kick the bucket and I come into my left handed scissor inheritance, I’ll give them to you.

        • Ha ha awesome. Thanks!

    • 17thSter

      They could be from the UK or someplace where they drive on the left. When I moved to England I was always bumping into people headed the other way and very confused until I thought of it.

    • qst

      This. And the HEADPHONES that keep the meanderers from hearing you come up behind them, so they don’t move to the side like people who are actually aware of their surroundings do.

  • Zach

    Rave: busy weekend of gigs, but especially looking forward to playing at Yuri’s Night at Artisphere on Saturday. We played there last year, and it was a such a wild and fun party, and a refreshing change from the normal DC events. If you haven’t been, and you don’t mind a bit of fun dorkiness, you gotta go.

    Rant: none needed! Life is pretty awesome right now…

  • Rant: It was a long shot, but my photo didn’t make into the semi-finalists of the National Portrait Gallery competition :(

    • anonnnnn

      bummer. i’ve gotten 2 rejections in the past week from work i’ve submitted to juried exhibitions. 1 was accepted though! it’s all a part of the process though.

  • Anonymous

    Rant x 1000-not responding to IVF drugs after 2 weeks of twice daily shots.
    Rant again-$3500 out of pocket for drugs.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry. Keep your head up. There are a lot of us out there experiencing infertility so you’re not alone.

  • ew

    Rant: A little black raincloud has been following me Peanuts-style for a couple of days.

    Rave: Met some awesome people at a networking social last night.

    Rant/Rave: Busy weekend

    • I know that black rain cloud well…As they say in England, “Keep your pecker up!”

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rant: Keep feeling like I’m falling further and further behind with my obligations. Lots of little things that just kind of get shoved aside as I try to deal with a few big things.
    Rant: I feel guilty for even the meager hour or two that I allow myself to relax each day.
    Rant/Rave: I have no one but myself to blame for the amount of things I’m doing – could drop some if I wanted, but ultimately I choose to keep doing them because I enjoy them (just have to keep reminding myself of this).

    • PG

      I know that feeling. Life was a lot easier when I was unemployed, but I kind of like having a job.

      I’m in grad school, but it’s one class at a time, and all online. Next semester I’m going to have to get used to doing my assignments at night and weekends. My band usually gets pretty busy in the spring and summer, so I have to factor that in too. And now my dog is home alone all day, but I think she’s matured enough to be okay. I don’t lock her in the crate when I leave and she hasn’t destroyed anything this week. That might change next week she’s there by herself (this week I have my mother’s dog and they seem to be keeping each other company when I’m away.)

      It’s good to be busy and have an interesting life.

      • Your life sounds similar to mine :) I’m taking an online class while working full-time. Instead of being in a band, I have a food blog I update three times a week. Used to have a part-time job too but quit once I took on the online class and realized it was all too much. And substitute the dog who only just matured enough to not destroy your possessions with a cat who only just matured enough to not pee on my possessions. But, yes, having an interesting life makes it worth it (I think).

        • PG

          I’ve read and enjoyed your blog. Cooking is also one of my hobbies, but I haven’t cooked much lately. Hopefully I’ll have more time for cooking when this first class ends.

  • PG

    Rave: This discussion/slide show about the history of the music scene in PG County:


    Rant: Can’t go because I haven’t started my final exam yet. I’ll be doing lots of writing this weekend.

  • Unclezilla

    Rave: My niece is getting married this summer!

    Rave: She is marrying the father of her 8 year old child.

    Rave: The family likes him.

    Rant: I have to lose 25 pounds by August

  • me

    Rant: I hate it when people are mean just because they can be. There is a respectful way to speak to people, and there is a way that makes you an asshat. Don’t be an asshat. Cause you ruin my Friday mornings.

    Rave: Getting to leave a bit early today, plus, the weather should be gorgeous this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: My new shirt smells kinda like bleach.

    • At least it’s a clean smell?

      Kidding. I imagine that’s obnoxious since you can’t exactly get away from the smell.

  • Larchie

    This thread’s photo looks like the start of a real life version of an xkcd comic.

  • Mister_ Fed_Up

    Revel: After months of water pipe work in the neighborhood, we have pavement, ladies and gentlemen! Sweet, sweet asphalt. It’s like buttah under my bike wheels.

    Rant: Meth lab raided across the street. Meth? Seriously? I know it’s budget time on the Hill, but what is this, Arkansas?

    Revel: One less meth dealer on the streets (at least for a few days). And the raid went down BEFORE the new pavement was laid, so the perp didn’t get to enjoy the sweet new road surface on his/her way to the clink.

  • xyz

    rant: hungover. getting old sucks.

    rave: it’s friday and i’m leaving early.

  • Rave: In honor of yesterday being National Grilled Cheese Day, Boyfriend and I made horseradish cheddar and bacon grilled cheese. It was a-mazing! And dessert? Homemade poptarts, super easy.

    Rant: I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Friday……..plus, after being really busy the past two days, work load has dropped by 80%. Going by sloooooooowly.

    Rave: The new Georgetown mascot, JJ, is being introduced on campus today, so at least I have a puppy to look forward to!

    Rant: Just like ew, I have a raincloud over me today.

  • Mister_Fed_Up

    One more rant: To all of out good friends from MD and VA, is it really too much to ask that you move fully into the right lane to turn right, and fully inthe left lane to turn left? Maybe the whole Mister Magoo approach to driving is OK out where the lanes are thirty feet wide, but here in the city we really need a little cooperation from you to keep things moving, mmmm-kay

    • anon

      Your Mister Magoo comment made me spit water all over my desk/keyboard.

  • anon in Park View

    Rave: My mom is coming to visit this weekend, and is going to help me with a bunch of things (assembling bookcases, landscaping the yard, etc.).

    Rant: She’ll also be second-guessing me and questioning my judgment about EVERY POSSIBLE THING, the way she always does.

    • houseintherear

      Gotta love moms. :)

  • JRoseC

    Rave: Sunday is my 6-monthiversary of smoke-free living. YAHOO!
    Rant: Now I just have to go the rest of my life without…booo

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Continued veil of secrecy for the child assassins….

    From the Washington Times…”DYRS has been plagued by a pattern of crimes involving youths under its supervision in recent years. In a 2010 series, The Washington Times examined a years worth of data and found that 1 in 5 killings in the District involved a youth in the custody of the city as either a victim or a suspect.

    In January, a Times analysis of data released by the city found that more than 50 D.C. youths in the custody of DYRS either have been killed or found guilty of killing someone else in the past five years — and the majority of them had been categorized in advance as posing a “high,” “high-medium” or “medium” risk of reoffending.

    DYRS officials have a policy of declining to comment on youths either currently or formerly in its custody.”

    • me

      That just makes me so angry.

    • Anonymous

      If the Washington Times said the sky was blue, I would really need to go outside and check just to make sure.

      • Anonymous

        I feel the same way about the Washington Post, New York Times and MSNBC!

  • give me a break

    I’m sure there are things you do in public that others find offensive as well. As he/she pointed out, smoking outdoors is not illegal (yet), so you should be fighting to get the laws changed if you’re so concered. Believe it or not, people who smoke can actually be nice people! They’re not villians set out to kill us all.

    • Anonymous

      “They’re not villians set out to kill us all.”

      Whether they’re set out to kill us or not, second hand smoke is responsible for over 50,000 deaths in America annually. Just imagine the other horrible health effects that don’t result in death.

      • Granted, secondhand smoke is harmful – INDOORS. Where you are continuously breathing and rebreathing it, and can’t get away. This is why we can no longer smoke in bars, offices, restaurants, homes, and why people who smoke in their cars with the windows closed are crazy. Indoor smoking bans are a good thing. But out on the sidewalk, in the open air? Puh-lease. Just cross the street if you are so concerned about 2 seconds of exposure.
        And the comment about smokers being uneducated and low class is pretty funny. Most of the smokers I know have PhDs and work in health science.

  • Rave: Looks like more travel is coming up! I’m excited to re-visit Uganda and possibly see a couple of new countries.

    Rant-ish: I could maybe be leaving as early as next week. I was kinda looking forward to a little down time after the craziness of the last few months.

  • rileysoprano

    RAVE: I’m moving to Petworth this weekend!!

    RANT: I have to do it quickly though, because I have to be at work that night.

    RAVE: At least I have awesome friends who are helping me so I can get it all done!

    • mrsK

      Welcome to the ‘hood!

  • Rave: DC Film Festival, so many dope Jamaican films
    Rant: Meth bust two blocks away
    Rant 2: Gonna need to find a new meth dealer…really enjoyed the convenience

  • Anonymous

    I’ll try again (never really sure why pop censors some posts and not others …)

    Rant: why isn’t the taco place on 11th not yet open? Has anybody seen work being done there?

    Rant: pop’s censorship

    • Not sure what was in your original post, but if you had a link, it won’t appear until PoP has approved it (usually within 10 minutes of the post being submitted).

    • Maybe he just really hates double negatives.

  • Rant: Coming down with a cold.

    Rave: Going to see Wanda Sykes tomorrow at the Howard Theater with two new friends!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Me time!
    Rant: My boss is deliberately undercutting other publications not in his regional focus when they are clearly our most popular attractions.

  • Rant: I acted kind of like a petulant baby yesterday.

    Rave: I think the victim of my petulance has forgiven me.

    Rave: Did a little lunchtime shopping and got some cute things.

    Rant: I went out without a jacket and nearly froze. It’s not as warm as it looks!

  • mrsK

    Rave: Just signed the contract to landscape our backyard.

    Rant: I hate dealing with construction.


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