• Anonymous

    Rave – They’re calling my references!!!!

  • Rant: Moving. It sucks.

    Rant: Moving to Alexandria. Ugh.

    Rave: New place has backyard for the pups!

    Revel: Booked flights to Brazil for honeymoon!

    • classic_six

      If you’re ranting about moving to Alexandria (“Ugh.”), then why are you moving to Alexandria?

      Why do people do this?

      • anonnnnn

        maybe because some people don’t want to pay/ can’t afford the ridiculous cost of living in dc?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, because Alexandria’s so much cheaper.

          • anonnnnn

            sure, depends where in alexandria, but yes i think it is.

          • Anonymous

            Depends on where in DC you’re comparing it to as well.

            In my experience Old Town is comparable to Dupont, Logan Circle, or Georgetown in terms of rent prices. The sketchy southern part along Route 1 is probably more like Shaw or Columbia Heights prices. The other parts (Del Ray, Landmark) are priced comparable to Capitol Hill.

            The apartment that you can get in Alexandria might be slightly bigger or slightly nicer for the money, but the tradeoff is that you’ll probably have to drive everywhere unless you’re paying a lot of money.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, move further out to save a few hundred bucks a month. Then pay a few hundred bucks a month commuting back into the city every day. It’s genius!

          • anonnnnn

            anyway, we really don’t know why the person is actually moving to alexandria, i posted that as a guess.

          • Some people work in Alexandria.

          • Anonymous

            If I were trying to save money I’d move out to the MD suburbs. They are so much cheaper and so much less congested. Virginia is overpriced and the traffic is insane!

      • Anonymous

        I spent three years of my life (that I will never get back) living in Annandale because I had a truly amazing deal on rent. After a year in Alexandria I never though I’d return to Northern Virginia, but my partner’s mother was willing to rent her second home out to us for practically nothing. We saved up a ton of money that was later put towards a downpayment on our house in DC.

        Was it worth it? Hard to say. When I lived in Annandale I was depressed, inactive, and far less social. The 2-3 hours of driving to work everyday really took the life out of me. On the other hand, I now have a house that I never would have been able to afford if I’d been paying normal rent. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices and live in a place we hate for some ultimate goal.

      • Primarily because it’ll make my fiancee’s life a ton easier. That’s one reason why people “do this.” So settle down, classic_six.

        My ugh is directed more toward my sadness for leaving Adams Morgan in which I’ve lived for the past five years. I’m actually pretty excited about having a big backyard and saving on rent so we can buy a house soon (as anon notes below).

        • classic_six

          I’m actually quite settled, so thanks. My question is if you are doing it out of altruistic reasons (as you say, to make things easier for your fiancee) then why complain about it. When people make compromises, they should be doing it because they want to, not because they have to. I do understand what compromise is and how compromises work.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t understand your logic.

            Of course, one can complain about a compromise since it is a less than optimal choice. If she hadn’t compromised and moved to Alexandria, then, well she wouldn’t have moved and there’d be nothing to complain about.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a good point. There’s a huge quality-of-life tradeoff between living in a place like Adams Morgan and living in Northern Virginia (especially if you work in the city). The backyard will help, but not as much as you might think. It’s going to be a huge lifestyle change, unless you’re living in Old Town which is semi-urban. You’ll probably feel quite isolated. Be sure you really are willing to commit to this before jumping in– otherwise you’ll end up resenting your fiance for it.

          • One, if you bothered to read my second post, I clarifed I wasn’t complaining, but rather was simply lamenting the fact that I will miss living in Adams Morgan.

            And I agree it will take getting used to. But it not like I’m moving to freaking Herndon. And I were to resent my fiancee for something like this, then there is something seriously wrong with the relationship to begin with. The only thing I resent is posting this rant/rave on PoP, but after reading this blog for years I should have expected this.

          • anonymous

            Beerdude, I’ll stick up for you. Some of these people are making it sound like you’re moving to Prince William County or Manassas. They need to chill and focus on their own issues. Good grief. Enjoy your new place.

          • Anonymous

            To be fair, though, Alexandria is a lot more like Herndon than Adams Morgan. Similar demographics, similar retail/dining/nightlife options, similar levels of walkability. Unless you’re talking about Old Town or perhaps the heart of Del Ray, of course. Alexandria’s just physically closer to the city, that’s the biggest difference. But if the fiancee works in Fredericksburg or something it’s probably the best they can do.

          • And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Good luck with all.

  • nona

    rant: finally ready to confront the boyfriend about something that will likely end the relationship. And for WEEKS, between visitors and holidays with family and work trips and living in different cities, no opportunity. I’m distracted and stressed and just want closure!

    rave: knowing the relationship’s days are numbered, I don’t actually mind that for WEEKS we haven’t spent any time at all by ourselves.

    • Oof, that doesn’t sound fun – hope it works out for the best.

  • mc

    Rave: Road trip to Ohio this weekend for my cousin’s bridal shower. I’m very excited to see all of my family out there and start fulfilling my bridesmaid duties, whatever those are.

    Rant: Wish I could spend more than 2 days there.

  • How do you get a 4 way stop installed in an intersection?

    I live near 11th and Girard St. In the CoHi area it is the only intersection that doesn’t have a 4 way stop and is particularly dangerous intersection because of that. Cars going down 11th St Speed through trying to make the light nearby and have narrowly missed hitting pedestrians (and even children from the Carlos Rosario school). Like we all know those yellow Pedestrian warning signs do very little to ensure cars actually pay attention to pedestrians and the right of way. The intersection is also very difficult for cars on Girard St to see oncoming traffic and has been a factor in at least 6 accidents in the last year. Although I can’t imagine there haven’t been near misses for bicyclers as well.

    I’ve attempted to contact DDOT, open up 311 tickets and contact my council member but I’m often ignored, not followed up on or told there’s nothing they can do. Who can do something?

    • I don’t think there’s much you can do beyond contacting your councilmember and DDOT (and having your councilmember contact DDOT on your behalf).

      Have you tried contacting the ANC commissioner for the area? Maybe he/she might have more success in lobbying your councilmember and DDOT for change, particularly if there’s a critical mass of people in the neighborhood also interested in a four-way stop.

      I seem to recall a discussion here a while back where people were trying to get a stop sign at 1st and Florida NW (?), but DDOT wasn’t receptive because there hadn’t been “enough accidents” (in their judgment) there to justify a stop sign. Others might have a clearer recollection of the whole story…

    • Anonymous

      3 people had to get T’d and killed in the space of ~ a month before Tommy Wells would get off his keister and put a stop sign in a known bad intersection.

      Good luck, but self immolation may be your only hope.

  • Kam

    Rant: Our super loud, annoying, talkative, obnoxious, uncouth (any many other adjectives) office assistant is back from being sick.

    I don’t wish ill will on anyone but I swear it was so quiet (and wish it would remain that way) while she was home sick for the past 3 days. I get to the office today at 8 and at 8:15 she is back at it with all her snapping, stomping, GURRRRRRLLL, WHAT’S GOING ONNNNN, TeHEHEHEEEE, I know that’s right…This has been nonstop since that time except for when the boss came to my office and all the sudden it got quiet.

    I am all for self-expression and we are all different but come the FLUCK on.

    I think the only good thing about us moving to Ft. Meade is that I doubt she will come and if she does I know they will not put up with that BS there.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: i really need to take a drive across the country. one day. i will do this.

    rave: boss out for the next few days.

    rant: i think it’s really starting to show to some people here how over this job i really am. i really don’t know how to pretend to give a sh!t anymore.

    rave: thurssssday.

    • anon

      Go!! In 5 days you can get across a good part of the country!

      • anonnnnn

        have you done it before? have any tips? i’d love this to be a photography trip so i imagine a lot of stopping involved though. hmm.. have to think about it!

        • Anonymous

          Mostly just joking that you should take advantage of your boss being gone to get a start on your adventure! Have never done the full-on cross-country trip (would love to), but have done big stretches. The best times have been when I’ve avoided interstates and major tourist hotspots and not had much of an itinerary (in terms of hard and fast dates), some idea of where I wanted to go, and flexibility to change my mind as I went.

        • I’ve done the drive three times (twice as a child, once as an adult). I recommend booking it through the East, then going along I40 (and skirt along the famous Route 66) and enjoying the deserts. We stopped to spend some time in Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and then went up to San Francisco (the final destination). It was a great bonding trip for me and my sister, and a nice way to explore parts of the country we never really get to.

        • Definitely do it! Everyone should drive cross country at least once. I’ve done it at least 3 or 4 times driving & twice hitchhiking. Take your time – there’s lots to see. Are you familiar with auto-driveaway companies? A good option for some.

          • anonnnnn

            please tell me more about the auto drive-away

        • Yes, do it! i have done it 4 times driving from Ohio to LA (for internships). I like the southern route the most – along Route 66, but also going through Colorado and dropping south through Nevada is good. Definitely hit Utah, Arizona, California.

        • One of my best trips ever. I took two months and threw my tent and bike in the back of the car and basically went across the bottom to LA, up the west coast to Vancouver, and came back through Glacier, the Tetons, Yellowstone, Denver, etc. Be sure to buy a National Park Eagle pass if you do it.

        • ZZinDC

          You should do it – it can be big fun… One of the times I’ve done it I was helping my brother move to San Diego, so there wasn’t a lot of time for excursions. To make it more interesting, I decided to take a photo every hour, no matter where we were – it made for a great slide show when I got back to the office.

        • Google Auto driveaway or auto transport. These are companies that arrange to transport someone’s car by finding a driver to drive it. You sometimes get a gas allowance as well. Usually a stricter time-limit however – maybe 10 days coast to coast.

    • When I was in college my parents and I took a 3 week trip to drive to Southern California and back. It was so amazing. We planned to stop at cool places like Bryce Canyon and also left time to stop at cool stuff we just saw along the way like the roller coaster at State Line Nevada.

      I hope you can take your cross country drive sometime soon.

  • PG

    Rave: Enjoying the new job (same as the old one, but with a different contracting company) and getting used to working full time again. None of the annoying people I worked with six months ago are here and all of my coworkers are normal, smart and easy to work with.

    Rant: Trying to balance work, school, dog, band, girlfriend and trying to get regular exercise is tough, but I’ll manage.

    Rant: Final exam is due Sunday and I haven’t started it (except for looking at the questions and thinking about what kind of answers I’ll write.)

    Rave: Final exam is the last assignment for my first graduate course. I got A’s on almost all of my assignments and I think I’ll do well with this one.

  • IrvingStreete

    Revel: after seeming to have disappeared, the headhunter calls Monday, arranged face-to-face interview for Wednesday and then, rather than happening “in the next two weeks,” the videoconference with the Yokahama office has been arranged for tonight.

    Rant: no rants when the potential for a raise and a relocation to Paris is growing greater at an alarming clip.

    • schweeney


  • Rant: I don’t like your dog, I don’t want your dog sniffing me, I don’t want your dog touching me, I don’t want your dog slobbering on me or my stuff, that is why I was standing 5 feet away from you and your dog. Thanks for the dirty look when I told your dog to go away since you weren’t minding it at all and it was f*cking slobbering on my (expensive) bag.

    Rave: Everyone is going to die one day.

    • Stoney_D

      This! You’re my new hero of the day.

    • Anonymous

      It astounds me that people let their dogs come up to somebody who is not trying to pet it and let them sniff (and as a result slobber on) them and shed hair on them. I don’t want your dog’s disgusting wet nose against my bare leg. You are rude and a horrible pet owner. Please, dog owners, keep them away from strangers.

      I recently saw some woman let her ROTTWEILER get all up on and sniff A BABY in a stroller! If I were a parent, I would’ve gone apeshit on the owner. I don’t know your dog, I don’t like your dog, I don’t want your dog that can bite (oh I don’t care how sweet and gentle you think it is) anywhere near me or my child. GRRRRR.

      • anon

        I don’t do that with my dog. She’s friendly and wants to meet everyone she sees, but I know that some people don’t like dogs. She stays very close to me, on a leash, when I walk her.

        That reminds me – I saw two guys outside my office building letting their dog walk on the sidewalk with no leash! The dog was staying near them, but it pisses me off when people do that Leash laws exist for a reason.

        • Thank you for being a responsible dog owner. When I had dogs I also kept them close. (I don’t hate all dogs, just dogs that aren’t mine.)

          • Anonymous

            You’re welcome. And I don’t hate all cats, I just dislike most I’ve met.

      • Anonymous

        Dog people are like people with babies. Theirs is the cutest. It’s never annoying. It can do no wrong.

        • +1

        • Babies/kids are worse. I can tell a dog to go away and it usually will and (so far) I’ve only gotten dirty looks from the humans. With kids they don’t listen and there is a very high likelihood that the parents will bitch you out for crushing their precious snowflake’s spirit.

          • I’m going to be a person with a baby soon and I vow (vow!) to not be like this. It’s lose-lose for everyone involved.

          • I’m going to be a person with a baby soon and I vow (vow!) to not be like this. It’s lose-lose for everyone involved. I’ll strive to be like the good dog owner.

          • KenyonDweller

            Gotta say, I’ve never had a kid run up and slobber on me, so maybe you have worse luck. Anyway, I think the better comparison to dog owners is smokers. They both have dangerous, disgusting habits and are bewildered why everyone doesn’t love it as much as they do. At least, that’s the way smokers were 20 years ago before we put them in their place.

          • Thank heavens most parents are responsible! I was really just thinking of a particular kid. It’s just so much easier to remember the bad people than the good.

          • anon


          • Anonymous

            Kenyon Dweller has never been to Wonderland on baby happy hour night. Then it’s even worse than slobber. It’s junior’s ketchup stained hands running around treating the patio like a playground. I have no problem with kids in beer gardens. But in Europe, the parents know how to keep their kids behaved.

          • KenyonDweller

            Anonymous 1:26, I have been one of the parents at Wonderland at toddler happy hour night, and I have always done my best to keep my kid away from others. But, do I really need to point out that it’s “toddler happy hour” and that if you have a problem with kids and ketchup, maybe, just maybe, you should consider drinking elsewhere on Wednesdays?

          • ZZinDC

            Yeah, and no one believes you when you tell them you are allergic to babies. No sympathy there.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, KenyonDweller, you do need to point it out to people. A sign on the door would be quite nice. The night I went, I didn’t know about toddler hour until I’d been there a half hour and the parents started showing up. The first few were fine, as their kids actually behaved themselves. But when the kids started running around, throwing food, and trying to play with adults who had no interest in them, we did get up and leave, and I haven’t been back to Wonderland since. I don’t begrudge them. That’s the business model they’ve chosen to pursue. But if I were the owners of Wonderland, I would begrudge the parents who don’t know how to be parents. Because it’s one thing to enjoy a beer on a nice day in an outdoor beer garden with your family. It’s another to pay no mind or consideration to the fact that not everybody wants to play with your dirty children.

    • anon

      I think self-absorbed people with a sense of entitlement can be problematic whether they’re dog owners, parents, or something else.

      If they’re dog owners, they’ll be the ones who allow their dogs to approach strangers who may or may not want to be approached. If they’re parents, they’ll be the ones whose kid is running wild all over the restaurant.

      It’s more common to be slobbered on by a dog than by a kid (in part because kids are comparatively slow-moving), but I’ve definitely witnessed some slobbery kids.

  • Kam

    Rant: Last night I knew something was going down very close to my house because there were nonstop sirens and cop cars racing around our block for about 10 minutes but I could not figure out what was going on. This morning I found out what happened, a man was found laying in the middle of Benning Rd NE b/t 18th and 19th with stab wounds. I had literally just left the exact area/store front) he was found in front of about 5-10 minutes earlier.

    Rant: I walk that area all of the time.

    Rave: If I can call it a rave, the good thing about stabbings is that it is usually personal. Now of course you could get stabbed while being robbed but being that this happened at around around 7p or so when still busy and light outside makes it doubtful yet something did happen.

    Rant: Reading there was a stabbing at the same spot at 1:18 in the morning so either it happened twice or I still don’t know what happened yesterday.

    • Kam

      Aight, I know what happened now. There was a shooting on 24th St NE in Kingman Park neighborhood last night around 8p, that is what all the commotion was about. I guess no PoP post about that…

      And then later in the morning around 1:18 there was a stabbing on the 1800 block of Benning NE, which made a mention on the morning news.

  • Anon4

    Rave: Flyers amazing come-from-behind victory over the Pens last night.

    Bonus Rave: During the game, a friend called with an extra ticket to opening day today. So psyched to get to go!

  • MHFoodie

    Rant: Someone(s) in my building is smoking in the stairwell and I can smell it in my apartment. I’m thinking its the “guests” that frequent the building thanks to a certain tenant who freely gives out spare keys. I’m not comfortable confronting any of them.

    Rave/Rant: Checking out an apartment this weekend!! Although more space and better rent, he location doesn’t have the conveniences I currently have.

  • Anon1980

    Rave: Had great time with my college roomate, her wife & son.
    Rant: Don’t like dealing with the possiblity of change.
    Rant: Don’t like the craziness of Louisiana politics and how on one day PV savings matters and on another day it doesn’t.

  • anon

    rant: my job. working to change things, but trying to stay positive until they do change may test my limits. i can’t even explain how frustrating and demoralizing this place is. positive thoughts…positive thoughts…

    • classic_six

      Yay for your trying to change things. Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope that you succeed in the changes that you want and are stiring for – good luck.

    • classic_six

      That should have been “striving” not “stiring”

  • Rant: PoP readers who feel the need to criticize other people’s complaints. This is supposed to be a free space where we talk about what’s lifting us up or bumming us out. Just because something doesn’t seem like a complain-worthy issue to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal to someone else.

    Rant 2: Migraine that won’t go away and is making me crabby.

    Rave: Excited to spend the weekend with my parents and do some early birthday celebrating!

    • Anonymous

      Your critique of my critique offends me.

      • your offense offends me

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Going to see my best friend in Baltimore this weekend!

    Rant: I have to work on Saturday morning I go.

    Rave: It’s okay because I’m getting a raise.

  • ew

    Rave: Both the Rays and the Nationals are kicking butt so far this season!

    Rave (?): A director at my company invited me (a lowly assistant) to lunch this afternoon. Wondering what for, hoping for something good, but trying to contain my emotions. Not sure what it is that he couldn’t have just asked/told me in the office…

    Rant: So close to my budget for this month’s credit card spending with almost 2 more weeks til closing…

  • Rave: Dogfish Head brewery tour this weekend! We plan on heading out to Rehoboth Beach for a seafood dinner afterwards. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to stop along the way between DC and there for lunch?

    Rant: Can’t figure out what is a responsible price to charge for rent when we start advertising our rowhome in a few months. DC real estate hurts my head.

    Rave: It’s my Friday!

    • Where’s this rowhouse?

      Have a blast at Dogfish Head!!

      • It is a block off of Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill. We are moving overseas for a few years so we are going to rent it out. We just want to cover our mortgage payment and offset a bit of the cost of a property management company, but I am unsure if that amount is too much, too little, etc. We aren’t looking to make any money off of it. We simply want to get good people in the place who will take care of it.

        • A good property management company should help you determine a good rental rate. They’ve been in the business and should know what similiar row houses in the area are renting for.

        • What price range are you thinking? I’m interested, as long as your place is cat-friendly :-)

          • We are thinking around $2700. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a detached garage, a deck, and is well maintained and updated. We are cat friendly so if you are interested maybe PoP can put us in touch.

            Oh and it would be available September 1st.

    • I would say depending on the location of the townhome, taking into account neighborhood, and proximity to metro, and size/quality of the home, somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 a month. :)

    • michelle20912

      Best place to eat is actually near Dogfish Head brewery: it’s called Po’Boys and they serve seafood with a New Orleans style. See the reviews on yelp; I’ll put it up against any restaurant in Lewes and Rehoboth.

  • Rave: Went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years today, and I have no cavities! I went to a dentist someone recommended on this site, so thanks PoPville!! I was so anxious and nervous about going back after so long, but the dentist was awesome and the visit was relatively painless. So happy my “haven’t been to the dentist” streak is over.

    Rant: need my impacted wisdom teeth pulled :(

  • PSAtoTourists

    Rant: Woke up late
    Rant: Got elbowed by 3 “tween” tourists on the metro ride… who then proceeded to laugh
    Rant: Living in Arlington, I miss DC. Not saving anything on rent. No idea why I decided to move here.
    Rave: Aforementioned tourists knocked some sense into me
    Rave: It is almost my weekend (8 hours to go!)

  • me

    Semi-rant: I kind of wish there weren’t so many “anonymous” posters on here. I mean, it’s not like any of us can really be identified by the chosen monikers, unless we decide to give details about ourselves, but I like knowing details about some of the posters.
    I like knowing Meg is a new mom, and I was waiting to hear about how the birth went.
    I like knowing that emmaleigh is a nice poster that loves her tea and often makes me chuckle.
    I like that anongardener and soozles are often quite supportive in their comments about many things.
    (And there are many more of you that are regulars on here that I quite like!)
    And then there are a bunch of anons that I can’t distinguish between. Oh well.

    Rant: SO UNBELIEVABLY SORE from 2 back-to-back days of pretty intense tennis matches, when I haven’t been playing for the past couple of months.

    Rave: My coworker, who gave me his last 2 Advil.

    Rave: This is the first evening where I have nothing (important) to do after work, and so I am going home, putting on jammies, parking myself on the couch, and catching up on DVR!!! (And maybe order pizza. Cause I deserve it!)

    • Me – i feel the same!

      • classic_six


        I said this about all the Anonymous (and all of the factorials) posters a few weeks ago but I just think more Anonys came out to post. Anyway, what it enables is that because there are so many, you can’t “track” down which anonymous poster is saying what necessarily.

        • Anonymous

          I’m just too lazy to log in and half the time I forget or don’t feel like typing my name up top. I’m not a “regular” so I don’t think it makes much difference if I do, although I’ll agree if gets confusing if another Anonymous jumps into the conversation.

          • classic_six

            Really? So you don’t have to enter anything into the “Name” field and it will populate with “Anonymous” as the default? I didn’t know that. I thought people were taking the time to actually type in “Anonymous,” which if I had to do that each and every time might trip me up, as I’d probably mis-spell Anonymous more times than I would care to count.

          • Anonymous

            yep, it auto populates as Anonymous

    • +1 to your semi rant, and thank you

    • Totally agree about your semi-rant. I feel like I’m friends with a lot of you and know you even though I don’t know what you look like! Funny. Or is it just weird?

      • Maybe it is weird, but I feel the same way!

    • On the Hill

      Reply: Indeed! I haven’t made it to any of PoP’s gatherings, but I’m playing in the bocce tournament this weekend and hope to meet some other commenters!

      Rave: Had a great event this morning — total win!

      Boo-hiss: Bummed that the Nats’ home opener is a day game today — would love to be at the ballpark right now!

  • Rave: Heading out of town alone for the first time since the birth of our son (16 months+).

    Rave: Heading to Las Vegas for a soccer tournament.

    Rave: Have a non-stop flight to and from DCA!

    Rant: It will be the first time away from my Bear and Girl in almost a year and a half! I will miss them.

    • Kam

      Do you also play in the area or know of any good teams looking for players? I am looking for a team to play with. I played D1 in college (center mid) and can play any position. Now granted I graduated in ’99 but I can still put in a bit of work.

      Please let me know and good luck with your tournament.

      • Hey Kam, yes I do play in the area. Are you looking for coed/men’s/women’s? I play coed, and used to play women’s. There are a few leagues in the area. I play in both the CCSL (Capital Coed Soccer League) http://www.theccsl.com and District Sports (www.districtsports.org). Both are well run leagues. If you are looking for women’s try http://www.wawsl.org or men’s try http://www.wisl.org. Good luck finding a team, hope this info helps. And thanks for the luck in the tournament!

        • Kam

          Thanks for the information. I will play wherever I can. Just want to get out there and knock the ball around and stay fit.

  • i’m not sick but i’m not well

    Rant: I woke up with a heart of darkness today. No patience, no smiles, no inner calm to speak of.

    Rave: This never lasts for long and so far, I’ve been successful in keeping my temporary bout of rottenness to myself.

    • I’m pretty sure my heart was stolen in the night (Ashlee?) because I’m wishing death and destruction and just plain misery on everyone today.

      • Not that it’s any of my business, but is there something going on with you? I feel like you’ve seemed less cheerful than your usual self for the last few weeks. If there is something going on that’s bringing you down, I hope it clears up soon.

        • I’ve noticed it too. I think I know what the deal is and there are plans to fix it. Thanks for your concern :)

  • RAVE: Nats opening day! My sons are so excited to be working the game. I let them take the day off from school so they could be there.

    Rant: got a little spoiled by the warm weather. I’m ready for it to warm back up.

    Rave: The seeds I planted are coming up! I love checking them every morning—7 tomato plants, zinnias, hollyhocks, and lupine (I think).

  • Rave: Promotion!

    Rave: Surprise extra day off!

    Rant: Those f-ing rabbits ate my bleeding heart, which they are not supposed to like. They also destroyed my perennial phlox. I hate those f-ing rabbits so much.

  • Peter the cyclist

    I’m a cyclist and I commute to work. I’ve been hit by a car that didn’t use a turn signal and ended up going head-first over a car’s hood. I wanted to write about some biker etiquette that I try to respect, and would–I feel–lead to fewer bike accidents.

    – Yield to cars that actually use turn signals.
    – – That said, cars that don’t use signals suck. Slow down if you’re approaching an intersection and you’re next to a car. Bikers don’t have the privilege that they are never required to yield to drivers, just like they should yield to us if we’re approaching a green and they cut us off.

    – Don’t run red lights if it’s a big intersection. Feel free to run lights if it’s a small one-way road and you can see there won’t be cars for many minutes to come. Cars should be able to, too. Signals should be replaced with stop signs.

    – Wear a helmet.

    – Signal. Use your right hand if you’re turning right, and left if you’re turning left. I point my hand forward if I’m going straight through an intersection.

    – Don’t weave between cars. Chances are about 100% you won’t be seen. You won’t really save much time by doing it, and it leads to more stressful biking.

    – Use lights at night.

    – Bike on the left side of the bike lane if you’re near parked cars that could open their car doors.

    – – – –

    Drivers, a few words:

    – It is illegal to park your car in a bike lane (or wait there at a stop light). You have your road and also usually have your turn lane to the right of the bike lane. We have our bike lane. Simple as that.

    – Look in your side-view mirror before opening a door.

    – Use signals. Jesus christ. It’s not that hard.

    • Wow, good luck with this thread you just started..

      Quick thing: “It is illegal to park your car in a bike lane (or wait there at a stop light). You have your road and also usually have your turn lane to the right of the bike lane. We have our bike lane. Simple as that.”

      Actually, when approaching a light, bike lanes are dashed, not solid, so it becomes a shared lane for cars and bikes. I’ll stop and wait for a light in that lane because its legal. Example: Irving St approaching Mt Pleasant St NW.

      • Peter the cyclist

        hey squish – it would be great if this led to a post of some kind.

        This is the law I was referring to: “No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in a bicycle lane, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, in compliance with the law, or at the direction of a police officer or traffic control device. (P-385)”

    • Kam

      You need to inform your biker friends to learn how to signal as well. I know a lot of motorist don’t but I RARELY see cyclist do it, if ever. Good way to get killed.

      • Peter the cyclist

        Hey Kam – I’ll try to lead by example.

        I really appreciate cars that yield when they see a biker look over their shoulder. Very considerate when that happens. It’s tough to signal, at times, because of balancing the bike and wanting to have hands on the brakes.

        If I’m going downhill and need to switch lanes and there are potholes (e.g. 14th street, just north of U St), I’m Not gonna signal as I need both hands to a) hold my bike steady so i don’t go over my handlebars and b) be able to hit the brakes if the car in front of me does. I look over my shoulder and make sure there’s no car there, and that’s the best I can safely do.

        • Kam

          I get that, I am talking about the ones that either don’t know or don’t care to signal because they are on a bike and feel like you should be looking out for them. I just don’t get that attitude. Fine, you are on a bike but you also have to take responsibilty and not put it on everyone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen some excellent and responsible bikers but I just think with all of the new bikers, entitled bikers and CaBi bikers, there are more and more people that don’t get it.

          Be safe.

  • Rave: I’ve been super busy for the past day and a half now! Trust me, this is a nice improvement (for a while).

    Rant: I’ve been cordially invited to celebrate “Administrative Professionals Day” with a reception and keynote speaker. How depressing. I think I’ll skip.

    Rant: Our director is leaving in August, which just sucks all around. He’s an awesome boss, wonderful at what he does, has a heart for the work, knows how to manage a department…and its terrifying to think of who they’ll get to replace him. Which makes me think that, depending on who that person is, it might be time to move on. It’s not like I really *want* to me an admin assistant, so if this new person makes my life/job worse…why stick around? (great positive thinking, huh?)

    Rant: Today feels like Friday, yet I still have to get through tomorrow…plus come in for a few hours on Sunday.


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