• b4life

    Revel: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Happy Easter! Happy Passover! May the spirit of the season live in you throughout the year.

  • Anon3

    Rave: holy shitballs it’s beautiful outside. happy holidays to all!

  • Raves: Awesome run on Nat’l mall = mucho endorphins. Chocolate Easter Eggs + Red Wine = Dinner.

    Rant: Almost got hit in the crosswalk by car running a red light at full speed on Constitution Ave.

  • PG

    Going back to my old job on Monday! (both rant and rave)

    Rave: Almost done with my first grad school class, and got A’s on almost all my assignments.

    Rant: Final project (due tomorrow) should have been finished yesterday, but one of my teammates on it did less than the bare minimum on it. He’s updated it some, but boy is this guy a lousy writer.

    • PG

      Rant: just complained about a teammate’s lousy writing by using a poorly written sentence. :)

      • Happens to the best of us:) I write for a living and am a stickler about grammar/punctuation. My friends never let me live down ONE misplaced comma, typo or grammatical error.

  • rant: neighbor blocked access to our driveway so hubby parked on street last night. kids threw a brick through the window in broad daylight :(

    rave: another neighbor who saw it happen gave detailed description to cops and stayed by the car until the cops arrived.

  • Rant: Why doesn’t sushi taste as good the following day? I bought avocado rolls last night, then forgot to eat then because I got sidetracked. Thought I’d have them for lunch and was very disappointed about the taste. Yep, truly a luxury problem to have.

    Revel: My parent are freakin’ rockstars. I can’t believe how generous they’ve been with helping us with closing costs and other expenses for our new home. And my parents aren’t exactly rich right now either, so it shows just how awesome they really are.

  • Rant: It’s cold. I can’t wait for summer to get here.

    Rave: Violets are blooming.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: weather last week was great, glad I picked then for vacation.

    Rave: New washing machine works like a charm!

    Rant: tough getting a loan for renovation when you’ve already started demolition on your house… *sigh*


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