• IrvingStreete

    Revel: Amazing moonset over the Anacostia this morning, just before dawn — an orb the color and (seemingly) the size of a ripe pumpkin dropping below the horizon somewhere behind Pentagon City.

  • The ghost of Michelle Rhee

    Not sure if this is a rant but the article in the post yesterday about PTA support for schools kind of bothered me. The part that bothered me was the implication that there was some kind of unfairness in the DC school system because parents in wealthier school districts were able to offer greater monetary support to their underfunded schools than parents in poorer school districts. Are we really criticizing parents for being too devoted to their local school? It is a joke because DC schools can be so crappy but when a group of parents band together to make their school not crappy, it is somehow their fault that the other school is still crappy.

    • Ladylike

      Interesting… I didn’t read it as criticism towards the parents in the more affluent school districts. I read it as more of a commentary on the realities facing all of the budget cuts in education (so what else is new?!), esp since the article really only referenced a few schools in the District. They could have done a better job naming the article.

      I’d be interested in hearing more about the cases it references in OR and CA where they are requiring districts to pool any resources together for equal distribution. In any case, the school system in the District is a dismal. I definitely don’t think the article intentionally put the blame on anyone for the increasing disparities… and if it intended to do so then it definitely left out some key players responsible for getting the DC school system to where it is today.

      • DCPS’s problems have never been money. Oh, sure there was 20 or so years when schools were falling apart and the A/C didn’t work, but that was city wide and still the students in NW schools turned in vastly different performances than schools eslewhere in town.

        And for the past 10 years, DC has been dumping mountains of money into DCPS, letting us spend more per student (by quite a margin) than all our suburban neighboring school districts who are in the top 10% nationwide.

        It is the age old lesson…its more of the parents than it is the kids. Households with more money tend to take a more active role in parenting. They get involved not only in their kids daily work, but get involved in higher percentages in things like PTA.

        This has been studied and documented for decades. You can spend all the money you like, hire all the world reknowned Phd’s you like, but students aren’t going to be better students until their moms and dads become better parents.

        • Ronald

          “Households with more money tend to take a more active role in parenting.”

          Er, uhm…maybe qualify that a little bit? Low-income families are just as interested — or disinterested — in parenting as their affluent counterparts. But households with more money have greater access to parenting resources like (1) leisure/non-work time they can devote to PTA, (2) money for kids’ school supplies, tutors, music lessons, etc., that the school doesn’t provide, (3) ability to afford better quality food to help support growing minds and bodies (it’s absurd that fresh vegetables cost more than processed foods), and (4) at-home educational resources like the internet, which isn’t available for all kids.

          • The ghost of Michelle Rhee


            Everything you are saying is true. However, I think you are discounting the fact that the lower income communities tend to have less educated parents and more single parent situations. On the parenting front, I think it is sad to say that there is a gap in terms of the quality of the parental involvement. This is an admitted generalization, and of course there are exceptions. However, I don’t think I have ever seen a six year old watching a two year old out on the streets in uppper northwest, while I see it all the time in Columbia Heights.

      • The ghost of Michelle Rhee

        Perhaps I chose my words poorly. The article expressed a concern over inequality in the same system where one school has a private fundraising organization that supports the school, pays for technology upgrades, salaries, etc. and another school in the same system can’t afford to do that. My point was that efforts to elevate any of the schools should be applauded (especially when they stem from parental involvement and private contributions). My fear is that if donations are pooled, and can’t be targeted to specific schools and programs by specific PTAs, what you will get is the same ineffectual use of resources on a city wide basis. You may also get a huge drop in enthusiasm for fundraising because folks will know that their donations will be seriously diluted across the system and won’t have the intended effect of improving their school for their child.

    • Jeff

      Ghost? What? Who killed Michelle Rhee?

  • Ladylike

    Rave: Happy Friday! Happy Easter! Chag Sameach!
    Rant: I’m grateful to have a good job but I’m not into it.
    Rave/Rant: Constantly on the lookout for the next best thing when I just need to be appreciative and content with all of the wonderful things I have in the moment.

    • Ladylike

      I forgot…

      Rave: Congrats to PoP on the WaPo thing yesterday (and nice trying to keep it secret! ;) ).
      Rave: Seeing movement and some sort of event going on at Chez Billy last night. I got excited thinking it might be open but then jealous since it was an exclusive event! Can’t wait to check it out!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Revel: The weather

    Rant: Marion Barry and his racist rant about Asian shopkeepers. Yet he keeps getting re-elected…

  • Anonymous

    Rave: So hopeful about life right now. I feel good, confident, and competent. I feel like I am kicking ass and taking names right now! :) :)

    • anonnnnn

      what a great feeling to have :)

      • Ronald

        Until the machines take over :-/

  • Elza

    Revel: Quiet day in the office.

    Rant: Realized this weekend is Easter and I have zero plans. :(

    Rant: Question for bikers–At the intersection of New Hampshire and 16th Street (right by U Street), there is a sign by the bike lane saying to wait at a specific place for a bike crossing signal. I always wait and wait and wait and the bike crossing light NEVER changes. Eventually I give up and just cross with the traffic on U Street. Has anyone experienced the same thing there? I try to be a good biker but HOW do I get the sensor to know I’m there? I swear it is a trick, haha.

    • Same here. I have tried waiting and waiting, but it never turns for me.

      • sb

        email/tweet DDOT? it might be broken. they’re pretty responsive.

        311 will also connect you to the right people to report this to.

  • Timmy

    Does anyone have any information about this crime? 6:40PM on a Thursday evening is pretty crazy!

    UNIT 3012 CONFIRMED A robbery gun at 16th St and Florida Ave NW. LOF 3 B/M’s. last seen w/b on W St NW with a bike. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20120162492

    • Anonymous

      Dang, this is scary. I saw something in this area on Tuesday where residences on U between 15th and 16th were taped off and there were tons of cops. Anyone have any info?

  • Anonymous

    Fish Fry! Need a Fish Fry recommendation. Puhleasse.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: only 2 other people in the office today. dead quiet, makes me wonder why i had to come in!

    rave: boss is leaving at 1, which means i can leave early!

    rave: my mother.

    rave: had my photography accepted for an upcoming exhibition this spring.

    rave: FRIDAY

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Billable hours. While a quiet friday screwing around on PoP seems nice and warranted, I will actually have to make this time up later to meet billable hour targets.

    • I share in your rant.

      Rave: First weekend in many that I’ll have no work to do. Looking forward to a long ride on the trails tomorrow and a Easter morning of fishing with the pups.

      • classic_six

        This kinda makes me laugh: “…fishing with the pups.” Do you sit at the edge of the stream while your pups jump in and every so often retrieve fish for you?

  • Rant: new gang graffiti in the alley behind Ontario Rd. One is 17th st crew and some other ones. Looked up graffiti removal requests and it must come from the owner of the property. But is there any way to report it still?

    Rave: it’s friday! Looking forward to a delicious Easter brunch pot luck.

    • which block of ontario?

      • Between Kalorama and Euclid. It’s on a concrete low wall that sticks out perpendicular to the alley.

    • anon

      Hm. Have you tried 311 online? I have made a couple of graffiti requests through that, though they were on public spots (e.g. concrete walls in parks).

      • All I see on 311 is the owner’s permission PDF document? Am i missing something?

        • anon

          The site isn’t arranged all that great, but if you go to ‘request a service’ – http://app.311.dc.gov/CWI/ServiceRequest.mvc/SRIntake – there’s a drop down menu – graffiti removal is among the choices. You will have to register for the site. Hopefully that helps!

    • I thought maybe there was an exception about the owner’s permission when it comes to gang-related graffiti (as opposed to non-gang-related graffiti), but looking at the dc.gov website, I’m coming to the same conclusion as Maria.

      Maria, I’d recommend contacting Jim Graham’s office. I find most D.C. government agencies to be a lot more responsive to councilmembers contacting them on behalf of constituents than to people contacting them directly.

  • em

    revel: seder with new friends tonight

    revel: another set of friends’ baby getting dedicated on Easter morning, followed by celebratory luncheon

    revel: Chag Sameach / Happy Easter everyone in PoPville!

  • Rant: Not sleeping well at all this week and it’s making me super absent minded and forgetful. For example, I can’t find the $400 United voucher that I was gonna use to book a trip to the Grand Canyon and Vegas in June. Said voucher expires on Sunday so if I don’t find it before then I can’t use it. Kicking myself right now.
    Rave: The source of my insomnia, the big proposal I’m managing, is looking fantastic and will be submitted today–before the deadline and under budget. Hooray!

    • Britt

      Are you bidding on GAPP in Uganda?
      Best of luck!! That’s great news you are managing the proposal and feel confident about it. Congrats!

  • Rant: While I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed today (as in, I don’t find basically everything and everyone rage-inducing), I’m still definitely in a funk.

    Rave: At least the week is over?

  • Rave: Caps in playoffs.
    Rant: Ward 8 still calling for Barry to lead.

  • Michael

    Question: I was heading home on Tuesday night and exited the CH Metro at about 7 PM. As I was approaching the corner of 14th and Irving, a man (turns out it was a plain clothes police officer) sprinted right past me toward the SW corner near the Metro elevator. Simultaneously, about five other plain clothes officers swarmed on what appeared to be about three targets. The first suspect was tackled as he started to run away, and the other two were handcuffed. It appeared to be an incredibly well-planned and well-executed bust of some sort. It was highly orchestrated. Given what I know about the crime and police activity at that corner, I got away quickly to avoid any danger. As a result, I didn’t see the completion of the situation. Any idea what happened? It was rather frightening to be honest – I nearly got run over by the officer as he was running to the scene. I’ve searched the news and Twitter and have found no information on this. Anyone know anything about it?

    • Anonymous

      sorry, Michael. didn’t know anything yesterday, don’t know anything today.

    • The Columbia Heights Metro station is in Police Service Area (PSA) 302 (within MPD’s Third District).

      The Third District PDF of all its PSAs (http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/lib/mpdc/info/districts/3rd/pdf/3d_psas_123011.pdf) lists the contacts for PSA 302 as:

      Lieutenant Stuart Emerman – 673-7404
      Captain Charles Morris – 671-6777

      You could try calling them, and/or checking the MP3D Yahoogroup:

      If there’s nothing on the Yahoogroup about the incident, you could e-mail asking about it.

      According to a message posted on the Yahoogroup, there’s a PSA 302 community meeting coming up:

      Thursday April 12, 2012
      7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
      Third District Station
      1620 V Street, NW
      Snyder Community Room
      Washington, DC 20009

  • Anon1980

    Rant: Cucaracha carnage in my kitchen. At least the extermination is working. I just wonder how long it will be before I will stop having to remove the carcasses. YUCK!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: going on a date tonight with a newcomer to DC from the west coast. very excited to show her around.
    Rave: friday
    Rave: mild weather
    rant: tourists clogging up sidewalks and the left side of the escalators on the metro.

  • anon

    Rant: In a major funk today. Am trying to work my way out of it, but being at work (which is part of the problem) isn’t helping.

    Related-rant: I have a pretty decent life and I’m pissed that I can’t remember that given things could be a lot worse for me. I need to adjust my perspective.

    Rave: Looking forward to the weekend and nice weather.

    • Anonymous

      anon, don’t make things pointlessly harder by beating yourself up for not being as happy as you “should” be! there is no should. they do say that taking time to be grateful for things every day helps with happiness so you can always give that a try, but don’t get down on yourself for how you’re feeling. maybe you can figure out what feelings you’re holding onto and why they are probably not true. and then eat some chocolate. :)

  • Britt

    Rave: Loving Tunis!! Work is crazy but Tunis is quite an awesome place to be stuck doing work :-D.

    Rant: Still can’t sleep cause of jet lag.

    Rave: Awesome mint tea all day every day at every meeting to keep me awake and energized :-D.

    • Britt

      Double Rave: French all-day and my Arabic is coming back to me- what a cool cool language.

      • SpitSpot

        So jealous! I just came back from Morocco but wished I was in Tunisia the whole time.

  • neednewhob

    Rave: Sunshine and green trees. Working from home. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to my fellow American Christians and Jews!

    Rave: Friday!

    Rant: Working on Sunday.

    Rant: The need to get in shape as I feel healthy but get so winded after running. I can barely muster a pushup. Pathetic.

  • Rant: Too many of my friends are looking for jobs elsewhere. Sure, I always said I wasn’t going to stay here forever, but now I kind of love the place. I want all my friends to stay forever.

    Rave: Slow day at work and everyone is leaving early.

  • anonnnnn

    another rave: took the battery out of the damn clock.

  • DCster

    Rave: Mayor Gray’s committed funding for the streetcars = no extra long waits to get a streetcar on the way to H Street hang-outs.

    Rave2: Spring is here, I’m ready for the warm temperatures.

    Rave3: Nationals won!

  • Rave: had some tacos from Districto Federal (the place on 14th?), and they were amazing. May have to get some more tonight.

    Rave: sons are working on a Habitat for Humanity project all day tomorrow for their community service hours.

  • Rave: Downtime before finals. (Just wish it would get a teensy bit warmer.)

    Rant: today was the last day of an internship I really loved. I always cry on the last day of a job and it’s really embarrassing because I get all splotchy, so I left without saying goodbye to everyone.

    • Anonymous

      wish I loved a job enough to cry when I left.

  • Rave: bought my new favorite shirt a couple days ago
    Rave: Greyhound! Service is so much better now, reading PoP on my iPod Touch
    Rant: USPS woman said “no” when I asked her where the passport office is just because I didn’t make the line! ?? For a second I hoped that a private company take over and made them dissapear, but then the passport lady mother of 3 and pregnant was the nicest person in the world!

  • hs

    Why doesn’t the intersection of 14th and Irving NW have a pedestrian only walk time like Gallery Place does? The amount of foot traffic in Columbia Heights is already significant and it’ll only increase. It would make driving in that intersection so much faster too because if you’re trying to turn, you don’t have to dodge pedestrians. Anyone know who to contact about this?

  • pablo

    There was a cyclist struck at the intersection of 13th and Spring Rd NW this morning about 8:50am. Tried looking in WaPo for info to see if he was okay – any knowledge of the incident or word how the cyclist is doing?

  • rant: i have a respiratory infection.
    rant: my health insurance sucks and barely covered all of the necessary medication i need to recover.
    rave: i love lucy complete series dvd set will keep me company while by doctor’s orders, i have to lay in bed for 3 days.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: No work so slept until 9!
    Rant: only after waking up at the usual 6:30 and going back to sleep

    Rant: Major drama with the boyfriend. He doesn’t tell me when things get bad and then I find out from a third party. Def ruined my day off and really has me thinking about whether or not this stress is worth it anymore.

    Rave: Good Friday service at 11 tonight! I like church late.

  • Doug

    Rant: Boo, hiss to the DCRA for harassing used book and record stores. The biggest criminals in this town are running the government.


  • Sully

    Rant -Don’t know what was going on Wednesday but all hell broke loose in Chinatown. (Youth Day?). I picked the wrong day to go shopping at H&M. Walked down the road to find 40 cop cars blocking 7th street then walked by what appeared to have been someone’s weave set on fire?

  • Anon

    It’s Friday night and I’m home watching too many episodes of Mad Men because I have no friends. :(

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have any friends either. :( I’ve spent my Friday night cleaning the house, baking hot cross buns, washing my hair, and working on my research project (but I’d much rather be watching Mad Men!).


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