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  • ew

    Rant: After not getting called for my sceduled phone interview yesterday afternoon, I emailed and left a voice message for the HR person who was supposed to call me. I’ve heard nothing, and tried again this morning. No response! And this is a large and well-respected international development consulting firm….is this a joke!?

    Rave: My first piece got published on the online magazine I got accepted to. Looks great, and I’m proud of myself.

  • Meg

    Rant: Almost hit a dog on my way to work today. To the owner — very sorry, thanks for keeping your cool. I was reminded to be more careful.

    Rave: Last day before a three-day weekend!

  • neednewhob

    Rant: The amount of bad news I received yesterday.

    Rant: Allergies.

    Rant-y: DC fashion. Just overheard my coworker say “DC fashion is boring.” Couldn’t help but agree when all I see is khaki, navy, black and white. While I often wear black and white, a little color in this town wouldn’t hurt anybody…

    Rave: Moving to New York in 9 months, as I am over DC.

    Rave: Almost Friday.

    Rave: I really enjoy my job. It’s the first job I have ever had where I look forward to going to work. Good coworkers, good morale and vibes — couldn’t ask for anything more.

    • AK

      Eh, I think a lot of that is just the nature of business and even business casual attire. Sure, you sometimes see ladies commuting in white sneakers and guys in ill-fitting, vaguely shiny navy blazers (ickkk), but I see more and more stylish people even on a weekday morning around Farragut Square and tons more on the weekends around the neighborhoods.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, but…

      rant: dc haters who are too lazy to do anything but live a boring existence while here. I’m sorry you work in a boring industry in a boring neighborhood with boring colleagues, but get over it.

    • TG

      New York is a great city. Congratulations on your move. I have to say though that I am perpetually annoyed by the bashing of DC on a blog generally dedicated to people that love this city. I also can’t help but think that the hate of the haters is the product of individual circumstances as opposed to a city wide infirmity. Nonetheless, enjoy the free backgammon.

      • Ha ha to free Backgammon. You’re awesome!

      • imonaboat

        I agree. I love DC and that’s why I live here.

        Plus, backgammon will never stop being funny. Best PoP thread of all time? I think so.

        • That one and the Shaw possum!

          • And let’s not forget the peeing-off-the-porch neighbor.

          • Ronald

            no, please. let’s.

          • Oh, most definitely the porch pee-er. That was laugh out loud funny!

      • long-standing backgammon rivalry

        Ha! Too funny!!!

    • what

      You realize that just about everyone in NYC wears nothing but black day in and day out?

    • classic_six

      I hope you have a great job lined up in NYC or you might start hating NYC, too. I’m not saying this to be snarky but one of your raves is about how much you enjoy your job now – and a good job is hard to find–anywhere. Since most people spend a good chunk of time at work, good co-workers, good morale and good vibes are not necessarily the norm.

      • neednewhob

        Actually, my company’s hub is in New York, so it makes me for move closer to there as I don’t have a lot of attachment to this area. I am also more of the nomadic type so I don’t fear moving to another big city (already lived in London prior to moving to DC).

        In relation to the DC bashing, I don’t think I am bashing the city. I certainly don’t hate this city by any means. I just think it wouldn’t hurt if people came out of their shells once in a while (and I don’t mean eat jumbo slice and carouse on 18th street at 3 a.m. — good ol’ college youth). Granted, I recognize the government runs this town, and as a more socially conservative place, I think it’s safe to say that I don’t really belong to this crowd or even condone it way too much.

        My point.

        • Anonymous

          I’m curious who you’ve met in the city and where you hang out that you think people need to come out of their shell. it’s just strange to make a blanket statement like that when my experience over the last 12 years in this city has been that there are a ton of varied, exciting, creative, open, interesting people. sure, they tend to be over educated, but that’s the only real stereotype I could make about the people I’ve met here.

          • neednewhob

            I have lived here for almost three years in NW DC, but enjoy hanging out in NE from time to time on H Street and what not. I’m not saying there is a lack of creativity in this town but I feel like it has yet to become something on the scale of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago — even Miami. As someone who gets off on creativity, I just see DC as a more ‘socially conservative place (obviously not politically conservative) and I think that’s rather fair, no?

            Most of my friends are from college (I went to school in the area) and a few new folks in the region. I have met acquaintances through friends and coworkers but I still find it to be a rather stifled environment for a city (where it’s quiet after 8 p.m. on weekdays and sometimes weekends!). I think I just need more of a thrill which this town doesn’t offer me. Again, not bashing the city — just my opinion…

          • Anonymous

            ugh, I shouldn’t even respond when people compare a city of half a million to NY, LA or Chicago. what? “man, I don’t understand why there are so many more coffee shops in NY” hey, maybe it’s cause there are EIGHTEEN TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE THERE.

            I’m just sick of people coming here, making no effort to break out of their tired old circles (hello, college friends) and then deciding DC isn’t cool enough for them. FWIW, I have met my fair share of anarchists, punks, drug abusers, sexual deviants, and a zillion gender queer activists. that thrilling enough for you? y’all need to just own it when DC beat you down. you didn’t “make it” like you say you’re going to in NY so have fun. the less haters who don’t do anything to fix their situation here, the better.

          • Anonymous

            also, it’s NEVER quiet at 8 or even 11pm in my neighborhood. If you find that Miami’s “creativity” is your cup of tea then I’m guess I’m barking up the wrong tree anyway. that city is the biggest craphole filled with the worst people I’ve ever come across.

          • Anonymous

            sorry, I realize my tone is harsh. I’m crabby today. it’s not personal, I guess it just struck a nerve.

          • anon

            Anonymous’s tone was overly harsh (as he/she later acknowledged), but I think he/she has a point regarding needsnewhob’s group of friends being primarily people she knew from college.

            It’s always easier to stick with people you already know, and meeting people after college isn’t necessarily easy. But if you aren’t really feeling socially fulfilled, it’s time to widen your social circle.

        • Anonymous

          I could see the point if you were in the Capitol Hill or the Smith Point crowd but I have to concur that DC is way more diverse than that. In fact, right now in DC is probably one of the most exciting periods in the city’s history as it is becoming an incubator for all sorts of new and expanding neighborhoods, restaurants, concepts, etc. Also, if you ever spent anytime in the financial district in New York you would see that they can be pretty stodgy there too. In reality, the business community in New York is much more coservative in dress and manner etc. than it is in DC.

  • Matt

    Rave: Just purchased tickets to France in October for 12 days with my girlfriend!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rant: There is a glitch in the commenting system, so your comment may be delayed a few minutes before it gets posted. Sorry about that!

    • classic_six

      That’s why I double posted under PORC, which I guess was intentional but not intentional. I love technology.

  • Rant: Seasonal allergies are kicking my ass. Any suggestions for relief?

    • Anonymous

      Over the counter meds like Claritin and Benadryl will often do the trick.

      For a natural remedy, try local honey.

      • me

        Local honey is a myth, and unfortunately, even if it did work, it would take quite a while to build up in your system.

        In speaking with friends of mine who are doctors, they say that only about 20-30% of their patients find total relief through any sort of medicine like Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, etc. Obviously, the best remedy is shots, but I can tell you that after going through 6 years of them, they are a pain in the rear. They really did work, however, and completely got rid of my year-round pretty extreme hay fever.

        Different OTC medicines work in different ways for everyone. Some find more relief with one than another. Zyrtec really helped my itchy eyes, but Allegra and Claritin never did anything for me. I also used to take a RX form of Zyrtec, and the RX told me to take it twice a day (even though the OTC form says once per day). My allergist said it was completely safe.

        Avoidance seems to be the best thing. Invest in a high-quality HEPA air filter and run it during the night. Try the Benadryl gel that you put a bit on the tip of your nostrils and it helps catch some of the allergens before they get in your system. Good luck!

        • blithe

          Rave: That — so far — I’m in that 20 to 30 percent!

      • Charles

        Anonymous, someone recommended honey to last year on this blog and it didn’t work. I use honey all the time in my oatmeal. However, I tried Caritin and it seems to work. I drove over to the Target in Columbia Heights last night to pick up a box of Claritin. Also, invest in a good humidifier.

    • Benadryl is the best medication I’ve found for allergies.

    • Anonymous

      Zyrtec, Zaditor, Flonase

    • I got a NeilMed Sinugator from CVS to deal with congestion. It is totally awesome, way better than the neti pot i was using. You might try that, to keep the pollen washed out of your nose.

  • Rave: Randomly took a few days off at the beginning of the week and boy does it make a difference! Time away from work is so healthy.

    Rant: My boss continually discusses issues related to my department and staff to a peer of mine, who she also supervises, who happens to have nothing to do with things. My peer will often know about personnel issues and/or big changes about my program several days before I do. To make it worse, our shared supervisor explicitly tells him not to tell me, which of course he does. Puts me in a very awkward position with both of them and I’M SO SICK OF IT! So dysfunctional and unhealthy. ARGH!

  • anonnnnn

    rant: the clock ticking above my desk. it’s been so quiet and slow here, it’s all i can hear sometimes. when i finally lose my mind, it will be because of this clock. it’s getting louder as i type this, because it knows.

    rave: it’s thurssssday. it’s pay day. one day closer to a weekend that will once again go too fast, and then before i know it i will be right here again.

    rave: got mom’s bday presents all sorted out. hope she likes them.

    rant: my poor pup who hates going back inside after our morning walk because she knows i’m going to leave her for work. i need a job where i can hang out with my pup all day.

    • Your rant about the clock reminds me of Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” when he imagines hearing the heartbeat of the guy he just killed:

      “Yet the sound increased — and what could I do? It was A LOW, DULL, QUICK SOUND — MUCH SUCH A SOUND AS A WATCH MAKES WHEN ENVELOPED IN COTTON. I gasped for breath… I talked more quickly, more vehemently but the noise steadily increased. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased….”

      • b4life

        +1000 to the Poe reference. One of my faves!

  • Rant: Family drama back at home…

    Rave: my photo looks really good in this magazine (Page 24-25) :D http://media.modernluxury.com/digital.php?e=WASH

    • Anon3

      Really beautiful, Pablo, congrats!!

    • classic_six

      Congratulations – that is an exciting step. I love how the eye of the photo is taken from an ordinary thing that so many of us do and opens up to something so much bigger, so much greater.

    • Annonny

      That’s fantastic, congratulations! I always enjoy seeing your photos on-line; great you got a 2-page spread in a big print mag!!!

  • mc

    Rant: Not feeling prepared for my exam tonight. The professor didn’t give us much direction so I have no idea what to expect.

    Rant: Doggy has been acting so strange lately and I can’t figure out how to make him better. He’s also decided to start sleeping all day and keeping me up all night…I’m so tired.

    Rave: Very much looking forward to this weekend. Can’t wait to just relax with the family and try my hand at making Easter bread with mom.

  • Anonymous

    OPENING DAY! Go Reds!

    • j


  • we just adopted a rescue greyhound. he’s a sweetheart and getting settled in. i had some questions that i was hoping some seasoned dog owners could shed light on:

    1 – what’s the best way to be a responsible dog owner and also socialize your dog with other dogs? he is great with people, but he has only known greyhounds and gets very excited with other dogs, especially small ones, which resemble the things he was taught to chase. we don’t want to be bad owners and let him loose at a dog park not knowing what he would do. how do we get him to play nice and ease him into this?

    2 – any tips for dogs that cry at night? he is getting better so it may just take some time. the first night he cried/whined/howled for about 7 hours. now he just does it at around the 5:00am hour. we have been ignoring it and trying to reinforce good behavior.

    welcome any other tips for new rescues! thanks popville.

    • Ruff life

      Hi Brooke, Congrats on the dog! I’m a dog lover and soon-to-be-owner so I’ve been doing a lot of research in preparation. I’ve come across a ton of resources through the American Kennel Club. Petfinder also has great links to resources. I would recommend looking up Greyhound Rescues, too, since they might be a good resource for your dog, specifically. I know this is vague but there are infinite resources online so hopefully this gets you headed in the right direction. Good luck! p.s. There’s always Cesar Milan… ;)

    • blazing sun

      Congrats on the Greyhound! I’ve never fostered one, but they are supposed to be fantastic dogs. I would definitely contact someone who has Greyhounds about the little dog issue. It makes sense that they would chase anything small that runs, and that could be scary for you at a dog park. But, I have seen multiple Greyhounds at the dogpark, so it is do-able.

      Regarding the crying at night, you are doing it correctly. Ignore it and it will slowly end. We have that with fosters sometimes, and eventually they understand that the pack is supposed to be sleeping at night. That having been said, they tend to be quieter when they are allowed to sleep in the room with you (I have no idea what your situation is, just a comment here) and tired when they go to bed at night. If you have both of those areas covered then just keep doing what you’re doing. There are a lot of good online tips, but first and foremost is to always keep calm and to not over-react.

      How fun will that be to see your greyhound running at the dogpark! I just love watching them run, it’s so effortless!!!

    • mc

      I had the same concerns about dog parks when I adopted my dog a few months ago. Since we are pretty sure he is part pitt and had just adopted him, we were nervous about how he would act in a park setting. I waited a while to test out the dog park until I had a better idea of how he did with other dogs. Just taking him on walks everyday through the neighborhood gave us a lot of opportunities to meet other dogs. Eventually, after many successful dog meetings, we tested out the dog park when there were only a few other dogs. I definitely recommend trying the first few times while not many other dogs are present (and probably when little dogs aren’t already there). It worked out great for our guy, but I still avoid going when its over crowded.

      Good luck and enjoy!!

    • Anonymous

      Congrats on the greyhound! Like the comment above, don’t take the dog to dog parks for a long time (and honestly avoid them if you can) until you both are in sync and you learn what your dogs cues are. Far too many people use dog parks as the sole opportunity for exercise for the dogs which makes them way too hyper to control especially with so many running around. Plus many people don’t know the difference between excited/aggressive and think humping or other potentially aggressive behavior is funny.

      When introducing your dog to others on the street don’t let them go face to face if possible, that can lead to aggression with dominant dogs. Butt sniffing introductions are best. Allowing the other dog to sniff your dog first is usually best.

      Most importantly, dogs feed off your energy, so if you’re worried or scared the dog will react to that and likely won’t react well to other dogs. If you’re calm, confidant and in charge the dog will relax.

      Also might want to try quiet talk radio at night to help calm/relax your dog. good luck!

      • +1. Also, please don’t assume that you can walk your dog up to any dog on the street. Ask if it is ok, it’s good ettiquite and is also good for your dog’s safety. One of my dogs is aggressive on-leash (while a sweetheart off it and social queen of the park) and it annoys the heck out of me when an owner marches its dog right up to mine to meet and greet, or even worse, has one of those 15 foot leashes and can’t control its dog.

        • Oh, and congrats on the greyhound! One of the few dogs that can outrun my hound.

      • thanks everyone! this is very helpful and reassuring. we have tried the radio/music at night and when we are gone. i think it helps. from what i’ve read/heard, we just need to be patient and know that it takes a little while to work out some issues and feel comfortable in a new home.

        the recommendations for the socialization were helpful too. we’ll take it easy, though we’ve tried to do the face-to-butt meetings, and even that doesn’t go that well. maybe we need to be more confident and in-charge in those situations so he knows it’s ok. i wonder if there are any organized socialization classes/opportunities out there…

        extra rave: we brought him by mr. larry’s pet stop to pick up something last night and mr. marcus gave him a welcome package for being a new adoptee. it was really sweet!

        • WARL offers Good Canine Citizen and other classes that are a good place to brush up on skills and interact safely with other dogs: http://www.warl.org/about-us/programs/dog-training/

        • For night crying – does he have a “den?” A hideaway place – a crate – left open- with a blanket over top and comfy cushion?

          For meeting other dogs on leash – my old leash-agressive dog responded well simply to “advance notice.” When you see the other dog coming, call your dog’s attention to it before you encounter. Calm but excited voice and a tiny treat.

          good luck and congratulations.

        • kittyfoster

          If you can get out to Arlington, Cat Claws and Dog Paws University has free socialization classes/groups for rescue dogs: http://www.dpncc.com/DPnCC/SocialGroups.html

  • anonnnnn

    seriously wondering if i could make it as a dog walker in this city. so tired of being in an office all day.

    • anon

      same here. there are days when I’m so burned out on work/my line of work/being inside all day that I wish I was a construction worker or a landscaper. dog walker is a better option, particularly since I’m not exactly handy and I am inept with plants (I’ve killed a cactus).

    • Anonymous

      I was a part-time weekend walker for a year and a half. A full-time walker for a month when I was out of work full-time. It got old fast. I love dogs but the responsibility of managing some else’s dog wasn’t so great. But I wasn’t in pretty good shape after walking every day for multiple hours and saw a lot of the city!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry should say “But I was in…”

    • My understanding is it’s a tough job with no breaks. Weekends and holidays? You’re working. Weekdays? you’re working. Cold and rain? Gotta go outside to work. And if you’re not working, you’re not getting paid.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The lean finely textured beef crap. Get educated from the right sources people. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/story/2012-04-01/lean-finely-textured-beef/53933754/1

    Rant: I’m running my first ever 5K tomorrow and my knee cap feels like it’s about to explode in pain. Will go see a doctor afterwards…if I can even find one taking appointments.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and a rave: I just finished reading “50 Shades of Grey” and it was so so so good. I highly recommend it to all of the ladies out there.

    • While I agree with your rant, linking to an opinion piece in USA Today is not a very good way to lend credibility to your point. That doesn’t really count as the “right sources” for anything except maybe national weather and sports scores.

      • Anonymous

        Well considering he was the former administrator of FSIS…I would think it was a pretty damn good opinion.

        • Oh, please. Many of us are all too familiar with the “revolving door” system whereby people are chosen from within industry to be in charge of the agencies supposedly regulating industry… and once those appointees leave, they promptly go back to working for industry, usually as lobbyists.

          Republicans have an especially strong tradition of appointing the fox to be in charge of the henhouse, and even the Democratic Party tends to cave to industry pressure and appoint people who are nowhere near as tough on industry as they could/should be.

          Russell Cross is hardly an objective voice in the debate over LFTB (a.k.a. “pink slime”).

          • Anonymous

            hmm alright, I guess since he’s head of the Animal Science Department at Texas A&M University which is probably one of the top, if not the top, animal science departments in the nation then he knows nothing. Cool.

          • I didn’t say he’s not knowledgeable… just that he’s not objective.

            Industry in the U.S. has generally opposed labeling — be it calorie counts at fast-food restaurants, country-of-origin labeling on food, labeling of genetically engineered products, etc., etc. — out of concern that if consumers knew what was in their food, they’d no longer want to buy it.

          • classic_six

            This is true – the revolving door system, as you put it. It happens on both sides of the aisle.

        • I’m just saying that USA Today is a very lightweight news outlet and you cited an *opinion* piece by a former government official written on behalf of the makers of so-called pink slime. You’re probably not going to persuade anyone who doesn’t already agree with you by citing that. I think it’s a good opinion too (but I already did anyway).

          • classic_six

            I don’t disagree with you on USA Today being a lightweight; I’ve looked at the paper all of maybe three times (and when someone left it on a seat before).

            If someone wants to take a quick glance at the news, USA Today might give you that. It’s a good thing that people want to read and be informed.

          • Anonymous

            Alright, well that is just one of the many links I have bookmarked. I just put USA Today for more face recognition.


          • classic_six

            To Anonymous,

            For face recognition, I think you would have been okay citing: The NYT, WSJ, The Times, Washington Post, FT, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Economist, etc.

          • +1. An op-ed piece from USA Today and two industry press releases don’t make for particularly convincing reading.

      • classic_six

        And all the pretty colors in USA Today.

        • Mandatory pie chart or bar graph on page 1!

          • classic_six

            Apologies – it might have seemed a random post but it was in response to gdopplerxt’s response about USA Today. I was just trying to add levity.

        • Anonymous

          We’re eating more beets!

    • Anonymous

      There are a great number of resources out there that describe running injuries. You might consult one before going to the doctor. One common symptom for people that just starting running is pain just below the knee cap. This is generally due to weak cartilage that usually will just go away on its own once your muscles catch up to your new activity. There are many other types of injuries too but this is a common one that I went through myself when I started running. Good luck with the race and your injury.

    • Anonymous

      Says anonymous person linking to an article written buy a guy representing the views of a company that sells the product.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Email from Food & Friends with the subject line “Do you love to food?” As if the term “foodie” wasn’t bad enough, now the word food is being used as a verb?

    Rave: The PoPville flickr pool has so many submissions that one can find a picture to accompany just about any subject (like onions).

  • Michael

    Question: I was heading home on Tuesday night and exited the CH Metro at about 7 PM. As I was approaching the corner of 14th and Irving, a man (turns out it was a plain clothes police officer) sprinted right past me toward the SW corner near the Metro elevator. Simultaneously, about five other plain clothes officers swarmed on what appeared to be about three targets. The first suspect was tackled as he started to run away, and the other two were handcuffed. It appeared to be an incredibly well-planned and well-executed bust of some sort. It was highly orchestrated. Given what I know about the crime and police activity at that corner, I got away quickly to avoid any danger. As a result, I didn’t see the completion of the situation. Any idea what happened? It was rather frightening to be honest – I nearly got run over by the officer as he was running to the scene. I’ve searched the news and Twitter and have found no information on this. Anyone know anything about it?

  • dreas

    Rant: neighbor’s house/deck (?) on fire at 12:30 am last night.
    Rave: DCFD had to have been there within two minutes, the damage seems to have been minimal, and everyone appeared to be fine. And it got me thinking about how we’d get cat, dog, and kid(s) out of the house should something similar happen to us (knock wood).

    If you guys happen to be reading PoP today and we can do anything at all to help, please don’t hesitate to come across the street (we’re the white house) and let us know.

    • j

      Or… bring a dish over later and see if they need anything.

      • dreas

        Of course; on the off chance they also read PoP and aren’t bogged down today with home insurance stuff, also just wanted to put the word out there that their neighbors are glad everything is seemingly ok and that we’re happy to help in any way possible, in case life with a 3-year-old gets in the way and we don’t get a chance to stop over tonight to make the offer in person.

        • C3PO

          Your good intentions and well-wishes were clear. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re being smug. Maybe J is one.

          • j

            An empty gesture is an empty gesture.

          • C3PO

            And a smug reply does nothing but make you feel self-satisfied. Good for you.

    • Anonymous

      Not surprising from a race baiter like Barry. In the exchange between him and David Catania, Barry is quoted as saying that Catania has a problem with black people. I mean give me a break. Barry only has one tune and he has played it for 40 years.

    • Annonny

      You and me both. What an embarassment.

    • me

      How the @#%)@(#%& is he still in office?!?! In what world is that appropriate?!?!?!

      (Yes, I used a lot of punctuation, but that just shows how angry I am!)

      • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Rant: I hate my job more and more each day. I have been job searching but I’m really not sure what to do next and it makes me really, really anxious :( I can’t bear the thought of hating yet another job.

    Rave: Social life has been great lately! Lots of fun stuff and spending time outside with the great weather.

    • me

      I’m sure this doesn’t make you feel any better, but I hate mine as well. I think I just hate the actual fact of work, in that I haven’t really had a meaningful/super interesting job. I sometimes wish I could be a stay-at-home mom, but I have no kids! Maybe a stay-at-home mom for my pets? :)

  • Anon3

    Rave: My friends.
    Rave: Wearing clunky white sneakers to work and then have people post about how boring I am on PoP. :)
    Rave: Granville Moore’s frites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Rant: Freaking out right now because I might have a cyst under my pointer finger. I’m an editor and a pianist- a pianist with a performance coming up in May. I can’t afford this right now.
    Rave: Doctor will see me tomorrow. I’m hoping this is nothing to worry about.

  • MC

    Dear DC April Tourists:

    I do not hate you, but I hate everything that you do.

    • Anonymous

      Dear DC April Tourists: If you’re reading this blog, good choice. Also, while you’re here, have a good time, and do what you want. You’re not visiting to please the locals.

      • Anonymous

        right, like litter all over the place and make metro run slower. we’ll take your money, but try not to act like bumbling, disrespectful idiots all the time.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, we do a good enough job of littering on our own streets. We don’t need your help.

      • Sweetsound

        True enough, but courtesy to the natives of any destination is one of the basic tenets of good manners while traveling, no?

  • Anon

    RANT: I need to find a new job. I want to change careers, as I have never really liked what I do… but I have no clue how to do so… and I have very little money to get education/training.

    REVEL: Going to the DCU match this weekend with a good friend, and another good friend is in town for work, so we get to meet up. YEA friends.

    • Anonymous

      oooh, do tell us what industry you’re in and what you’d like to do. we love to act like experts and give advice here.

      • Anon

        Database Management, working in the nonprofit sector. Completely self-taught.

        • Anonymous

          self-taught, awesome. that must mean you know you can self-teach yourself almost any other new skill (except for things you need a degree for like law or medicine). unfortunately I don’t even know what database mgmt means so I have no idea what that could segue to. is it possible to get another job in your nonprofit where they’d hire you for another position because they know and trust you? what is it you’d like to do?

  • Rave: Had a sort of ’employee art therapy’ session over lunch and I LOVE crafty stuff! Not to mention a fabulous homemade lunch. And my art project is an Easter card for my friend…with Alex Ovechkin on the front.

    Rave: Not working tomorrow! So excited to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

    Rave: Plans for tonight: Picking up new glasses and going to the library! Nerdily excited.

    RANT: Group of teenage (I assume) tourists on the metro, Dupont at rush hour. Loudest and most obnoxious group I’ve encountered in my 7 years here. They had a little girl, 2 or 3 y/o, sitting on the floor by the door, eatcing fro-yo, and the group kept screaming, ” Don’t step on her!” Get yer kid of the damn floor! Not only is it RUSH HOUR, but anyone could pick her up and run off, AND that floor is GROSS!

    Rave: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Really happy that it’s Easter weekend! Such a great holiday.

    • classic_six

      If it makes you feel better, I think the little girl was breaking the law – heh. (Eating on the metro.)

  • Revel: Gorgeous day today! And I’m working off-site, meaning I can sit outside with my laptop. Love. My. Job.

    Rant: Nah. Nothing today.


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