• me

    Rant: It is my 2nd day on a contract. I was left a big piece of paper with a few tasks to complete this week. Everyone who actually knows anything about the project is out for the entire week in a conference across the country. So, not only do I barely know how this part of the org works, I honestly am at a loss as to how to actually do the work this week. I don’t think I’ve ever been this scared on a job before in my life.

    Rave: I think that freeze dried banana slices are going to be my new obsession. They are SO yummy.

    Rave 2: Our neighbor, a few doors down, has a cat that they let outdoors. So, anytime we are outside doing anything, the cat comes over to chill with us. I love the little guy and wish I could cat-nap him!

  • anon

    Rant: 60 minutes last night

    I actually love 60 minutes but one of the segments just ended up infuriating me. It was a fully formed 6 minute microcosm into the hypocritical minds of Republicans.
    Segment on the shelving of the space shuttle program in Florida, and the unemployment and jobless fallout it has caused. You have Brevard County Florida which is heavily Republican which lost ~10,000 good aerospace jobs, which they are saying resulted in another 10,000 lost private sector jobs in the local economy. Now you have these same people that have been screaming for decades that the space program is nothing more than government spending at its worst, a liberal money pit from the flat earth crowd blah, blah, blah, and when Republicans finally get what they want, they whine and moan about the President who took “their” jobs away. Woeful lamentations about the loss of their jobs and how irresponsible it is for a President to cut Government spending like this and let the program suffer.

    We all see this on a daily basis. Complaints from the Republicans about government related jobs and spending, but NOOOOOO…when it comes to “my” government “excess” spending, hands off…that spending is fine. You had an entire FL County, and tens of thousands of hardcore republicans who were dependant on “government welfare” as they have called it for decades, and now it is gone. Same is happening in Texas right now too.

    Then it got better at the end of the segment as the now out of work Republicans are complaining that they can’t afford healthcare coverage, and that their monthly prescriptions are $800 a month now that they don’t have insurance, and they are having to do without to stay afloat, and how the Feds should step in and do something because it is unconscionable that medical care can cost that much.


    Rave: I hate to see anyone of any creed or beliefs suffer, but my god, there is some level of smug “I told you so” in their hypocrisy.

    • Anonymous


    • KS

      I’m confused. People who lost their jobs were complaining or Republican officials were complaining? If it’s the former, there’s a good chance a lot of those complaining weren’t Republicans. The county is about a 55/45 split, so it’s not as heavily Republican as you may think.

      • anon

        All of the ex aerospace employees they interviewed were republicans, went on to talk about how they voted for McCain despite what the then campaigning Obama was saying etc.

        Bascially…one big mess of hypocritical entitlement run amok.

  • Rant: Barely had a chance to take a breath this weekend! Lots of social obligations, plus major to-do list tasks.
    Rave: Made maple bacon s’mores and they were delicious!

    Rant: Boyfriend experiencing pain all weekend which flared up especially badly this morning.
    Rave: But then it resolved itself – he’s still going to the doctor but it no longer seems like a medical emergency.

    Rant: Called in at the last minute to work an event for my second job tonight – so now I have to pretty much go straight there from my 9-5.
    Rave: The event is the Taste of the Nation so it should be fun even if I’m there working.

  • Scuttlebutt: I heard from a friend, who had lunch with the wife of one of the proprietors of Standard, that said proprietors are ticked because an entrepreneur plans to bring a very similar type of venue to the lot just south of Q St. on New Jersey. Has anyone heard anything about that? While I agree that it would potentially take some business away from Standard, which is a fabulous little spot, I think it would be an absolute boon for the Shaw/Bloomingdale neighborhoods. What’s the deal?

    • Anonymous

      seems like a ridiculous thing to get pissed off about. for one, you didn’t invent and patent the outdoor biergarten bbq joint. two, it’ll only be good for your business. just look at coffee shops and hair salons all in proximity—it benefits them. three, I certainly hope a competing place opens and they make it less prison-like. every single joint on 14th is packed with people, it’s not like the market is saturated yet, and if it is, maybe a bit of competition would mean that both places would have to work harder to be better. I’d be over the moon if standard ever decides to put an ounce of effort into their atmosphere. it’s stuffy, loud, and feels like a jailhouse in there.

      • anonny

        I agree, it is kinda infuriating to hear people lay claim to “their” market. Yes, there is a nerve wracking and sometimes expensive barrier to entry in opening a bar. However…the payoff in this town is beyond ridiculous.

        I used to hang out with an owner of Wonderland but a couple years ago I had to listen to him whine and moan about how it was unfair the city was letting all those places open on 14th street and that it would hurt business.

        This in a place that looks like a cross between a fraternity basement and crack den, where they obviously spent no money on buildout, nor have spent any money sense on cleaning supplies, yet charge Dupont Circle bar prices. Wonderland, and bars like it are printing their own money on their self admitted ridiculous prices. Cry me a river that you get some competition and actually have to work for your 6 figure bar incomes.

      • I agree that it’s ridiculous to be upset about. I guess I was just noting that because it made the rumor sound more likely to be true. And I really don’t think it would be taking THAT much business away. 14th St. will always be busy. It will take a certain kind of clientele to hike all the way to NJ for a similar experience and the rest of the patrons would be local neighborhood people who are sorely in need of an establishment like this. I hope it’s true!

        • NJ Ave

          I would love a (less douchetastic, more neighborhoody) Standard-style beer garden on New Jersey Ave. Please tell me this is not a belated April Fool!

          • So far it’s very much just word of mouth. I guess I was hoping that someone else had heard something. Would be really sweet for the area.

    • classic_six

      Interesting – isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle black: can you say, “American Ice Company.” Weren’t they up-and-running before the Standard biergarten and those two are pretty similar in terms of concept and similar in terms of neighborhood proximity? I get that AIC (it has a fantastic interior/outside ambiance (think LA meets London) has a huge business backing and they own a lot of places in DC, whereas the Standard is smaller, home-grown. There was room for both and the idea was hardly novel. In fact, didn’t the proprietors crib the idea from Williamsburg, so it’s not as if they came up with idea in the first place.

      I hope the rumor isn’t true because it is an ungracious way to be.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I had a phone interview on Friday. They said they would let me know by the end of the day if they wanted to schedule an in person interview.

    Rant: 5pm Friday came and went with no call…I was completely depressed because I just want to move and be with my husband already. I thought I rocked the phone interview and the job is a really great fit for me. Not moving on in the process meant starting at square one again.

    RAVE: At 6:16pm on a Friday night I got the call! I’m going in on Wednesday!! I just about had a heart attack when my phone rang. Now I just have to seal the deal in NYC in two days. :)

  • Rave: Putting in an offer on a house this morning! Fingers crossed.

    Rant: Worrying about whether or not we will get this house. My stomach is already in knots!

  • anonnn

    rave: brother just informed me that a lump he recently discovered has been checked out by the doc, is nothing to worry about

    rave: had 2 lumps on my dog checked out this weekend as well and found out they are nothing to worry about

    rant: now my dog is having issues with going up the stairs in our building

    rave: mild depression over the weekend, but feeling a bit better today.

    rant: mom’s bday coming up have no idea what to get her as usual.

    • I’m having the same problem with my Dad’s upcoming birthday. @Nettie saved the day for the winter holiday gift (both my parents LOVE the mushroom growing kit). Got any more ideas Nettie?

      • Anonymous

        Mushroom growing kit? Tell me more… this sounds like something my parents would like as well. They already grow their own vegetables, herbs, and fruits, and make their own wine.

      • I’m so glad they like it! I bought one for my husband and he is impossbile to buy for, too.
        Another great gift for gourmands: finishing salt sets. They have them on Amazon and Etsy sellers have some very pretty sets.

        • Very interesting! I will check these out. Thanks so much!

          • Anonymous

            Sapore, the new olive oil & vinegar shop near Eastern Market, has a good assortment of fancy salts.

  • ew

    Rave: I ran 5 miles this weekend outdoors- that’s the farthest I’ve done. I went at a fairly slow pace, but challenged myself with hills, and while going around the Capitol was reminded why I love living here. Mad sore yesterday and today though.

    Rant/Rave: Spent more money than I should have on new clothes yesterday. So worth it though, because for the first time in my life, I’m fit enough in the hips to rock slim ankle crop pants.

    Rave: Headed to FL for Easter weekend with the family on Thursday evening

    • Great job on the 5 miles! I am sticking with the 5K distance for now but will probably bump myself up slowly after April.
      Isn’t it nice to fit into new clothes? I am putting off purchasing new clothes as long as possible because it’s so dang expensive and I know they wont fit in a month!

      • ew

        Yeah, it’s pretty great! I’m not sure at this point if I want to lose more than a couple more pounds, but I looked like a clown in my work pants, so I had to shop. On the up side, this nice weather in the upcoming weeks should make for some good running weather, which doesn’t cost any money, now that I have none after shopping…

  • Anonymous

    Randomly – did anyone else hear two separate shots around 7:55pm and 8:00pm last night around 16th and Harvard streets? At first I thought it was a car’s tire popping, but then it happened again about 6 minutes later…

    • dreas

      We’re a little further north, but my husband was out walking the dog right around then and said she heard shots/fireworks and immediately turned tail to go home, dragging him the whole way. No idea which it was, but they heard something around the same time.

      • Jayn

        I thought I heard shots around 2 am last night – on Mt Pleasant near Park Rd. Probably 4 loud bangs and then a car peeling away

    • I heard something as I was leaving the target parking lot. About three in a row- I thought they may have been gunshots or firecrackers a little ways away.

    • harvard street

      Yea, I heard it too. We’re between 14th and 15th on Harvard. Just thought it was fireworks. I heard it both times.

      • Anonymous

        Saw the fireworks– just fireworks

      • I also heard this and assumed that fireworks season had started early this year.

  • Rave: Great Sunday at my country home (aka my sister’s house in the suburbs).

    Rant: A roach crawled across my pillow last night just as I was fixing to turn the light out and go to bed. I’ve lived here 5 years and never had bugs until this year!

    Rant: For some reason big-ass Louisiana roaches are easier for me to cope with than these little “palmetto bugs”.

    Rave: I live in a building with a GREAT management company (Bernstein) so all I have to do is call the manager and they will spray for bugs today or tomorrow.

    • Oh god this is my worst nightmare. I don’t think I would be able to sleep in my bed after that. Hope you don’t see any more bugs!

      • I slept on the sofa. It’s funny because in college a giant roach crawled under my shirt and down my back while I was in bed in my dorm and all I did was scream and rip the shirt off. Went back to bed with no problem (in a different shirt). Those little suckers are so much grosser and make me want to go to the bin and take a vacation from life.

    • Horrifying. I don’t know how you got to sleep.

      Palmetto bugs, by the way, are huge and fly.

      • fly as in fly around like small birds, not fly as in hip and cool.

        • me

          That made me chuckle. :)

        • LOL!

          (Especially since I initially read it as “hip and cool.”)

      • I’ve heard the tiny gross ones called palmetto bugs. I don’t really care, they are both roaches in my book.

        • they all make my skin crawl. The big ones look prehistoric, but at least they move a little slower. Hope it was just a random occurrence!

    • I had one of those reallyreally ugly gross gross gross centipede-thingies crawl across my pillow a few years ago. Got strange looks from the roommates when I came screaming down the stairs and out the door with the pillow. ::shudders::

      Thankfully no roaches, as I’m allergic! (of all things)

      • classic_six

        That’s a first: I had no idea that someone could be allergic to cockroaches (other than being utterly disgusted by one). I learned something.

        As for those frightful-looking things: centipedes. They actually are supposed to be pretty good…I’ve heard they eat bugs/pests, for example, mosquitoes, especially, and maybe even roaches or waterbugs. Trying to look at the brighter side of things.

        • Oh yes! I used to babysit a little boy that was allergic to cockroaches, chicken, gluten, and milk. They had to have some crazy treatment done to their house and have the sheetrock replaced because apparently if there is ever cockroaches in a house they leave behind tons of dander.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Ready to go abroad again.
    Rant: Trying to get a job abroad in international development or security research is so far a crap shoot.

    • ew

      Same and same. Good luck to you.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks – luck to you as well!

  • Rant: The Giant on Wisc. and Newark has stopped restocking its shelves of everything but milk and produce. I don’t want them close! The people who work there are the friendliest in DC.

    Rave: Went to the open casting call that POP posted about last week for the series House of Cards. It was a neat experience; people from all walks of life were there.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t go to the House Of Cards casting call but super excited for the premiere of Scandal this week.

    • You are right about that Giant – the folks working there are incredibly nice. But that store is overdue for a renovation.

    • Meg

      Ugh, I lived by that Giant. Yes, the people were great. But that grocery store was the worst I’ve ever had to go to.

  • Revel: So, when people tell you to actually get fitting for proper running shoes, they are not kidding! I finally sucked it up and when in for a real gait analysis, got some awesome stability shoes, and am now running without pain for the first time in months! I had refused so believe that shoes could make that much of a difference. So much for the whole minimalist trend…

    Rant: I dropped an embarrassing amount of money on said running shoes.

    Revel: But now I am excited about running again!

    • KS

      Could you recommend the store/person you went to? I’ve had trouble finding some good running shoes and have experienced some less than stellar service. I know I need a neutral shoe because I have extremely high arches and I’m a supinator, but I’d really love to find someone who can give me more guidance than that.

      • Anon

        I’ve used Pacers in Logan Circle, I can’t recall his name but he had shaggy blond-ish hair and he was very helpful. I was having calf pain before and he helped with me with some tricks and excercises that have helped quite a bit.

        On a side note, I’m not sure why someone would tell you that you need a neutral shoes if you supinate, I have always been told in that instance you would need a stabalizing shoe…but I’m no expert, just making an observation.

        • I think we saw the same person. He was very thin. I went in to Pacer’s at Logan Circle when I was just starting on my running journey and they helped so much. I didn’t feel judged either. I have a bit of a problem with flat feet so I was custom fitted for orthotic inserts and haven’t had any problem with my feet since.

        • Yep, Pacers Logan Circle was where I went. Their gait analysis is awesome–seeing video of how differently I run in different shoes is cool! I can’t remember the name of who helped me–it was a 20-something guy on a Friday afternoon. He was very helpful in figuring out what I needed and gave me lots of great insight about how I run and what I can do to avoid more injuries. He knew his stuff.

      • imonaboat

        I go to the Pacers in Pentagon City. They do a gait analysis and the employees are very friendly.

  • Anonymous

    Today would have been my Mom’s 58th birthday. First one since she passed away last summer. Today’s gonna be rough.

    • anonnn

      i’m sorry (hugs)

    • anonymous

      Though I don’t know your name, I have added you to my prayer list today.

    • Sending a giant hug your way. Treat yourself well today and maybe do something your mom would have enjoyed.

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sorry.

    • Big hug to you.

    • classic_six

      The year of firsts are always tough. Wishing you good strength and hope that you will be able to revel in the good and loving memories of your Mom.

  • Kam

    Rave: President Obama is the scheduled guest speaker at my NAA luncheon tomorrow.

    Rant: Dealing with all the hassles that go along with it.

    Rave: Dog welcoming soldier home video. If anyone wants to smile, watch this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAbCyA2rbxM

    Another reason why dogs are the best ever.

  • Rave: Completed the cherry blossom 10-miler in 1:36 – much slower than my half marathon last fall, but not bad for a pregnant lady :)

    Rave: Finally booked European flights for early May over the weekend. And the prices weren’t terrible despite only booking a month out!

    (little) rant: I didn’t get around to napping yesterday post-race, so now I’m still tired. Hoping to make it home at a reasonable hour and then early to bed. We shall see….

    • anonslowrunner

      CONGRATS! I ran the race yesterday too (first timer) and you finished way faster than me! Did you have the cute “baby on board” sign pinned to your back? If so I think you passed me around mile 8 or 9 … and you are a ROCKSTAR!

      • DCster

        Another first time race runner here. My friend saw the ‘baby on board’ runner too. I loved the race – the participants’ energy and enthusiasm was contagious.

        Rant: Worryed that turnout for the election(s) tomorrow is going to be very low. I’m hoping people will find the civic energy to come out and vote – there should be short lines!

      • LOL, nope – I didn’t wear a sign. A friend suggested it, but a lot of my colleagues – including one of my bosses – ran it and the news isn’t public (and won’t be for a few more weeks), so I didn’t want to take a chance running into any of them with it. Thanks muchly though! And congratulations to you too! It’s a huge race, and completing it is a huge accomplishment in my book. I was thrilled with how I did :)

  • Anonymous

    Anyone want to play what would you do if you won the lottery?

    Me: Tell NestDC to find me a 3 bedroom, 3 bath loft in downtown DC. Pay in cash.

    • Anonymous

      ha, yes. quit my job, travel, sign up for a hundred language/music/art/cooking classes and make a dozen babies.

    • MC

      Ha ha!

      1. Quit my job

      2. Clear all debt

      3. Travel – spending a significant portion of time in Europe, Turkey, South Africa and Ghana

      4. Start a foundation

    • Oh, the lottery:
      Stop worrying about the career ladder
      Help my parents retire
      Get a useless MFA in writing and/or a PhD in literature
      Buy a small historic home or rowhouse
      Buy a second home in Indonesia
      Pay for me genius little cousins to go to college
      Probably settle on an eventual career in teaching/education

    • So, I’m pretty boring, but I dream about being able to pay off student loans/mortgage in one fell swoop and splurge for house cleaning twice a month.

      That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

    • me

      1) Quit my job.
      2) Give heaps to my family.
      3) Buy a castle-looking mansion in or around Beal Fierste (those who know what I’m talking about will get the different way of spelling the city).
      4) Buy out every single ticket to the next Super Bowl. So then it would just be them playing for me and my friends.
      5) Buy out a couple of houses and hire some caregivers, and give the houses over to abandoned pets at humane societies in the area. And then I will visit them all of the time. (Every time I see pets up for adoption, I secretly wish I could just take them all home with me.)
      6) Wherever I end up living, hire a chef. I can deal with the cleaning (I don’t like people going through my rooms and stuff), but I can’t cook to save my life.
      7) Guess I’d probably have to change my number.

    • 1) Pay off all debt/pay back my mother
      2) Buy a house! No more roommate’s I can’t stand!
      3) Buy my mom a new house
      4) Get my degree/certificate in ASL
      5) Spend the rest of my life working in small non-profits and not worrying about making ends meet
      6) And, of course, GIVE

    • 1. Quit my job.
      2. Spend as much money as possible at Christian Dior (a Lady Dior bag in every color and size).
      3. Buy houses for my sister and myself in New Orleans close-ish to my parent’s house (pay off their mortgage, bills, etc). Also buy a couple of my other favorite houses in town.
      4. Volunteer at public schools that don’t have librarians (other volunteer idea is at the public schools that don’t have art programs).
      5. Trust funds for my sister’s kids.
      6. Get a few vehicles: 1970 Chevelle Super Sport 454 LS6, smart car, and a truck.

    • 1. buy a house in DC
      2. buy a condo in Paris or Barcelona (and plane tickets for my friends and family who might never have a chance to visit Europe otherwise)
      3. give my parents the money to finish the house they’re building in Bolivia
      4. quit my job and finally get the PhD I’ve wanting to get, probably teach at a public school once I’m done
      5. build a chocolate factory in DC – talk about some delicious economic development!
      6. charity-wise, I’d fund the Latin American Youth Center to continue growing their network of programs and services into Latino communities in MD and VA

      • Haha, funny that we both share the dream of getting PhDs and then teaching school.

        Kind of sad that that feels like a luxury for the rich. :(

  • Rave: Awesome long weekend with a childhood friend who came to visit. We ate, drank, and completely overdosed on culture and merriment. It was amazing, way over due, and exactly what I needed to become re-infatuated with DC.

    Rant: Weekend spent sightseeing, eating, and drinking means that no house projects were accomplished and the appraisal is Wednesday! I feel like I shouldn’t worry given the strength of the Columbia Heights real estate market, but I am. I really, really, really, really want this refinance to go through!

  • Rant: My HOUSEMATES! On Saturday night, the other female arrived home to find the back door wide open. One of the (2) boys had forgotten to close it before leaving. This morning, I walk out of my room at 6:25, glance down the stairs and see that the front door is open a few inches! Again, one of the damn boys. Come on, grow up, and check the damn door before you leave/go to bed!!! It’s ridiculous!

    Rave: Overall had a great weekend. Went country dancing on Saturday night and we were there for five hours!

    Rave: Going to a Wizards game tonight (meh)–my friend won a free box/suite for 9 people, free food, drinks, etc! If it’s free, count me in!

    Rave: Participated in the National Walk for Epilepsy on Saturday morning, went over my goal of $350, and had a great team walking with me!

    • Anonymous

      My girlfriend was always forgetting to lock the back door, until one windy night when the door blew open and set off the alarm. Nothing like being woken up in the middle of the night, thinking someone had broken into the house, to make her less forgetful.

  • Em

    Question! There’s a band that practices about once a week in a row house on Calvert St. NW directly across from Cliffbourne. Anyone know who it is? Or if and where they play in town? Would love to support a local band!

    • Were they practicing on Saturday? If so, I heard them, too!

    • Next time go over and ask them, then go away. Bands really like it when people notice them, but don’t really like strangers hanging around when they’re trying to practice. (This has been my experience anyway.)

    • There’s a studio in the alley behind Stroga that has all sorts of different bands practicing. I don’t know the address, but people do call the cops on them when they practice too late at night.

      I would love to know how to contact the owner.

      • Clarification: I’m not against bands practicing, I just want some more sound proofing or turning the volume down a bit.

  • Anon

    Rant: Dino’s. I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people seem to be such fan’s of this place. I have never once had a good experience here, from food to service. The owner, Dean, has been a total jerk to myself and other patrons (even one time chasing an adult male out because he inquired about his wait time). Several times our server has seemed to “forget” that he even had us as a table. The food is mediocre, I’ve had been Italian other places and alway leave underwhelmed (and hungry). I have tried several times to give this place a chance but I think enough is enough.

    Rant: It’s Monday and I have no desire to be at work

    Rave: I’ll get back to you on that

    • Anonymous

      ha, I feel the same way about Pearl Dive. except in their case it’s not the service, it’s the food. I keep wanting to love it and hear people who are fans, but the menu is so terribly boring, the food is so unbelievably mediocre, and their drinks are insanely overpriced (bad selection and not good either!) that I am just dumbfounded at the popularity of this place. I guess interior decor goes a long way…

    • PJYinCapRiverFront

      Dino’s is like NASCAR. You either love it or your hate it.

      I was shocked when it wound up at the top of like 3 Washingtonian readers’ choice lists last year. I think there are some neighborhood folks in Ward 3 that love it, and they are carrying its high ratings. I lived down the street from it and went all the time because I knew some of the staff. Here’s the appeal: It is truly some great food (the burger is hands down the best in DC. It actually isn’t even close. The best kept culinary secret in town maybe) at some fair prices, with sustainable concepts, and its very accessable (It isn’t a tough table to get, and you can feel casual there). On top of that, the wine list is really legit. Put simply, for the neighborhood crowd, its a great neighborhood restaurant.

      But Dean doesn’t seem like he was born to manage, from what I’ve heard. And that’s where you get the resulting service issues. With their menu, location, and wine list… they could be one of the better restaurants in the city.

      Incidentally, Ripple, down the street, has a great concept, menu, and wine list. You will not leave there unsatisfied.

    • Anonymous

      i’ve only been to dino’s once, but it was horrible. i got a rockfish that was absolutely unseasoned and overcooked. my wife got some vegetable dish that was hardly edible. but the place is ass ugly inside. i’d never go back.

  • Future Fed?

    Received notice that I scored 100 on my Federal job application–anyone have any idea how long it takes to find out if I get an interview?

  • Revel: I finally used On Demand to watch and catch up with Smash. My god! It’s like Melrose Place with showtunes. Guilty!

  • anon

    rave: national peanut butter & jelly day!

  • rant: How is this not a bigger story? http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2012/04/02/cab-drivers-assaulted-female-passengers-linton-says/

    RANT: I can’t wait to see how long it takes those cab drivers arrested for assaulting women to get behind the wheel of a taxi again. Anyone want to place a bet: 3 months?

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s so common it’s bot a big deal anymore? I agree that something needs to be done about this. I stopped taking cabs 6 years ago because I simply feel it’s too dangerous.

    • I was curious about that too, but there appears to be almost no information – therefore not a big story. I mean, it sounds pretty outrageous, but I can’t get outraged on the basis of one fairly vague statement from Ron Linton.

    • This sentence creeps the hell out of me: “There were hundreds of drivers in the room, and most of them immediately burst into a mixture of laughter and scoffs at Linton’s testimony.”

    • It’s the reaction of the DCTC that pisses me off so much. “Panic buttons”?! yeah right.
      Maybe I should get a “panic button” on my taser.

  • Mayhemnsuz

    Rave: $3 draft beer at District Commons tonight 6 pm to close
    Rant: I have to work forever so I can’t go.

  • Rant: I’m starving, and there’s nothing good in the fridge. What I really want: a cheese sandwich with tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt. Boyfriend forgot to buy bread, cheese and tomatoes last night, so I’m SOL.

    Rant: Work is going to be insanely busy this week. I’m lucky if I get five hours of sleep per night. I don’t do well with stress and inadequate sleep, so I’ll be in some mood for the rest of the week.

    Rave: My 35th birthday is coming up, and I still look like I’m in my early 20s:)


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