• JML

    $29 for Ramen? Am I missing something?

    • SF

      The effect of people with more money than brains is spreading far and wide. Three courses at Toki would be $10/ramen + $5 dumplings + $5 dessert, or $20 thereabouts.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Yes, you’re missing the extra $16 for a craft cocktail and/or beer.

  • Ian

    Well, you forgot to factor in the two hour wait to get that bowl of ramen at Toki. If you want to save 9 dollars by waiting for a long time, do so.

  • Anonymous

    I think this thing is already sold out though.

  • VStreet

    Are you forgetting tax, tip, an hour wait, and the opportunity to try both Kaz and Erik’s food? Sounds like kind of a sweet deal!

  • read

    Looks like it’s 3 courses, so if Ramen costs me 9 bucks minus the wait and tax I’ll take it!


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