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Prayers Unanswered: Capital City Diner Moving to Union Market at 1309 5th St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2012 at 10:30 am 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Nivad

In early April a reader sent a link to a craigslist ad mentioning a 24 hour diner being moved to Columbia Heights/Petworth. I prayed it was the Capital City Diner. I didn’t pray hard enough. In fairness to God, the 1996 New York Yankees did win the World Series and I distinctly remember at that time, promising to God I would never ask for anything else again if the Yankees won. Ed. Note: In 2005, after winner lottery tickets to attend the Nationals first game, I converted to a full time Nationals fan.

Yesterday the Washington Post revealed the final resting place for the Capital City Diner:

“The historic diner’s new owner is the same company, South Carolina-based Edens, that is developing part of the Capital City/Florida Avenue Market into the forthcoming farm- and chef-driven Union Market.

Edens is still not sure what it will do with the diner yet, but the spokeswoman said the developer plans to “preserve it and incorporate it somehow into the Union Market redevelopment.”

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  • ew

    Congratulations on your new baseball affiliation. Being from Tampa and under the age of 30, I can’t help but hate the Yankees :P

    • oh?

      I’m not the Steinbrenners’ number one fan, but if you’re from Tampa, then someone you know probably benefited from how much money they poured into the youth sports community. I think it’s a bit ridic to have schools named after him though. ;)

      • ew

        Oh sure, in fact I used to love him because he was someone “famous” in my neighborhood and waved at me once when I was a kid. I dislike the Yankees because I was a Rays fan since 1996, before they existed, when we first found out we got the team, and people refused to support their local team because they were bad for a long time and they still held on to Yankees affiliations…until 08 :P

  • Should benefit from more foot traffic in the new location. Hopefully the new owners fix the other issues.

  • The diner’s relocation also made semi-national news when The Atlantic Wire picked up on a (confusing?) tweet from Huffington Post DC: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/entertainment/2012/04/missing-diners-stationery-and-purple-maps/51535/

  • anonymous

    I guess the question is: what about that Craigslist ad looking to staff a diner in Columbia Heights/Petworth? Is that still happening (separate from Capital City obviously), or was it a prank?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see any reason to doubt it. Diners do not have to be located exclusively in old steel dining cars, ya know.

      • anonymous

        Of course, but the ad actually said “We purchased a classic silver diner car will move it to the CoHi/Petowoth area.”

  • I prayed way harder than you PoP and it looks like I’m in god’s better graces.

  • Anonymous

    good, it just moved a little bit closer..

  • CoHi Rex

    Sad to see it not come to CoHi, but glad it’ll stay in DC. Been jonesing for decent chicken & waffles ever since they closed. Really miss CapCity & their awesome Flo-style waitress.


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