New Restaurant, Table, from Frederik de Pue Coming to Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2012 at 4:30 pm 10 Comments

903 N St, NW

More good news for Shaw. Washingtonian reports:

“…the neighborhood spot will have a lineup of casual fare projected onto the wall so changes can be made if dishes run out or new ingredients arrive. The concept is hyper-seasonal: At dinner you could find a dish like frog’s legs with porcini gnocchi one day, and lamb loin the next, while lunch will focus on sandwiches and salads.”

  • classic_six

    Oh good grace – what is “hyper seasonal”!?? Maybe the frog will jump on the table before being served, just so you’l know how hyper seasonal you are getting.

    • Identified

      All right – you got the “hyper seasonal”…
      –the restaurant is named table… but from the link: say it the French way: “tawb-luh”
      –the “line-up”… nondouchtastic places call that a menu
      –projected onto the wall… what – the spot can’t have iPads for guests to look at the “line up”… or why not just tweet the 86 list to each guest
      –“casual fare”… frogs legs are casual fare?

      This (fta) is my favorite:
      “where you can linger for hours over coffee and pastries in the morning, or a bottle of wine after dinner. Essentially, the type of restaurant that’s scarce in Washington.”
      Scarce? Maybe in 1997 restaurants were scarce, but not so damn scarce in 2012.

      Newer Newer DC: where pretention is something to strive for not be ashamed of.

      • In their defense, the obnoxious descriptions seem to be more the fault of bad writing in the Washingtonian, not necessarily this place’s pretentiousness. It’s not like this is a link to their actual website.

      • Anonymous

        i can’t think of many restaurants that have pastries and coffee in the morning and wine late in the evening and lets you linger all you want. what places are you thinking of?

        as for the rest of it, i agree, sounds lame.

        • Anonymous

          watch me macsquat here and see what happens.

  • Sounds kind of pretentious (that’s saying a lot coming from me), but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because I would kill for some frog legs, porcini gnocchi, or lamb loin right about now. And I’m extra forgiving of anything walking distance from me.

  • Give it a chance. All new places have to have the absurd, gushy writeups before they open. I’ll take pretentious over crack-baggies & dog-choking chicken bones over here any day of the week.

  • Anonymous

    Frederik de WHO?


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