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Judging Markets – Smucker Farms

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2012 at 12:00 pm 35 Comments

2118 14th St, NW

I was pretty excited when Smuckers Farms opened up at 2118 14th St, NW in Nov. 2011. For those not familiar with Smucker Farms their Website says:

Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co. was founded to make a direct connection between the producers of food and products in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and consumers in Washington, DC. We focus on small farmers and producers, stocking our shelves with the best that Southeast PA has to offer. Many of the small farmers in Lancaster, primarily Amish and Mennonite, have distanced themselves from the corporate food chain and are instead focusing on high quality artisan food and products.

The result is an explosion in the availability of grass fed beef, free range poultry and eggs, heirloom pork, European style cheeses, butters, and yogurts, and of course an abundance of organic leafy greens, root vegetables and fruit. Smucker Farms will also be carrying a wide variety of unique baked goods, canned products, dry goods, handmade soaps and beauty products. To best serve the busy urban dweller, we have prepared modern American take away meals made in Lancaster, PA for your home and office. For those who want a weekly variety of fresh produce and fruit, Smucker Farms is the pick-up point for a CSA program organized by a cooperative of Amish and Mennonite farmers in Lancaster Co. Examples of handmade furniture are scattered throughout the store to help you choose an item for pick up or delivery, and handmade toys can be put to the test in our Kid’s Corner.

Any fans?

  • Living on Mt P

    love it!! best eggs in town. also great place to get milk. once you buy milk in glass, you’ll never go back.

  • Anonymous

    Do they recycle the milk jars too? And do they have whoopie pies?

    • sherman

      Yes (they are returned to the dairy — there is a deposit on the jar) and yes (they’re great).

  • Columbia Heights Mom

    I’m a fan, but it is pricey so I only buy select items. The eggs are really, really fantastic. So are the roasting chickens. The dairy is also excellent. Didn’t like the breakfast sausage and haven’t tried the other meats. The bread is also great, but sometimes when I buy it, I feel like it is a bit stale — so it is either a day old or it has been sitting all day since very early in the morning. I also love the soaps that they sell in the back. Overall, I’m happy it is there and use it to buy eggs, chicken, dairy, and a few personal care products on a regular basis.

    • Doug

      The last bread I bought there was fantastic, some of the best I’ve had lately. It’s especially good with the apple butter.

  • rheannew

    Love it. Prices are a bit steep on some items but if you look around you can get good deals, especially on the meat in the freezer. Milk is good too, if you return the glass jar it comes in you get $2 back. Gordy’s pickles are amazing, def get the spicy kind. They’re doing a CSA right now too, which is cool.

  • Anonymous

    products and food are fantastic if you don’t mind spending the GDP of a small nation

  • Kiki

    Definitely put off by the prices. the staff are nice and it’s cool they carry Soupergirl, but I am more inclined to head to Seasonal Pantry for these types of specialty goods. Dan makes most everything himself, it’s all sourced locally and his prices are outstanding. No, he didn’t pay me to put this up, I just compared both stores and Seasonal won out because of the quality and prices.

  • mlop

    I found the same milk at whole foods for a cheaper price…

  • jcm

    I’m a big fan. In addition to the things others have mentioned the yogurt (Pequa or something) is awesome. Sure it’s expensive, but you’re paying for quality. You can’t buy pastured chicken at area grocery stores, and the grass fed beef at Whole Foods is very expensive, too.

    Also, he is carry the Stachowski sausages that I’ve been missing since the CH farmer’s market closed.

  • Anonymous

    I am addicted to their Peanut butter.

  • As someone who’s originally from Lancaster County and has bought these same products directly from the producers, I can say that Smucker Farmers does not inflate the prices. When products are hand-raised, or hand-made, or hand-jarred, etc., what do you expect? You get what you pay for, and in the case of Smucker Farms, you are getting quality products. I love this place. I’m able to get all of the brands from my hometown without having to bring back loads of stuff to D.C. every time I go back home. My favorites are the jarred foods they offer.

  • Agree with what everyone has already said: the eggs and milk are fantastic.

    More importantly, the ice cream (Trickling Springs Creamery, I believe) will change your life. I grew up with home made ice cream as a kid, but their ice cream is easily the best I’ve ever had.

  • sherman

    I echo all of the positive comments from above. The store is just a fantastic gem. To begin, the staff couldn’t be any friendlier. It is wonderful hearing from them the stories of the products, and seeing the passion that they have for what they sell.

    The dairy is outstanding. I still miss their egg nog from December — I can’t wait for it to return. And I may be developing a slight addiction to their whoopie pies.

    Perhaps the biggest hit for me, so far, is the gourmet popcorn they offer. I know. I’ve never been a gourmet popcorn person. But this stuff is amazing. I’ve started taking it as a party gift in addition to beer/wine when going to house parties — it is always a huge hit. I can’t recommend that stuff highly enough.

    I’ve found the meat outstanding. I think the prices have come down a bit from where they used to be, and I now find their pricing competitive with whole foods — but the quality (at least it seems to me) is far better.

    And the wooden toys near the back look fantastic. I want a niece or nephew so I can buy some.

  • Sean

    This place is great! The Christina Maser jams are delicious. And at $6 a jar, it’s more than the stuff you can get at Safeway, but so so much better, totally worth it. The bacon is also really good.

  • Anonymous

    The sweet & salty popcorn is extremely delicious and an excellent party snack. Also the Root Beer they have is amazing — really low natural carbonation, almost like a cask beer.

    Still waiting for them to become EBT-approved like the local farmers’ markets have so that they can bring this delicious, healthy stuff to folks who can’t really afford it (including myself).

    • Anonymous

      I like that the government gives enough money for people on food stamps to apparently eat better and more expensive food than I can afford to buy without them.

      • sb

        I know you’re trolling but for the folks who don’t know, the maximum amount of food stamps a single person can get is $200 a month, and it’s reduced (though not dollar-for-dollar) by income–it’s actually a pretty complicated formula.

        So food stamp recipients are not eating a whole month of meals from Smucker Farms.

  • am dem

    The grass-fed beef is wonderful too. Its great to not have to buy from Wholefoods anymore.

  • Chalk

    This place is amazing. Intimate neighborhood feel – the staff makes a point to remember you! – and great products. Everything is very high quality. I’d rather pay more for a better product. I wish I could do all my shopping here, as I get what I pay for and I’m supporting a great local business.

  • wreckifish

    yep, we’re lucky to have this place near us.

  • Fran Albers

    Smucker Farms is a marvelous little store and a wonderful addition to 14th street. My favorite: the lemon yoghurt!

    I just signed up for the CSA program and am looking forward for the season to start.

  • Josh

    Everything I’ve had from here is delicious and well worth the price. Because it’s expensive, I’d say to shop here when you intend to use the ingredients well. You know, don’t microwave the noodles on a night you’re going to scarf dinner down in 5 minutes… Use ’em when you’re cooking real food. Great spot/great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Colleen

    Big fan! I was so excited to see that they are here in DC…connecting the city to the farm to table approach to food. They are also incorporating local vendors for breads and canned goods. Stay local! I will be going there often! I’ve found my new butcher shop.

  • DC Resident

    Super store! There are lots of highlights, but their eggnog is easily the best I’ve ever had. I’m already looking forward to next December (or sooner, if I’m lucky). I also really like that they’re doing a CSA.

  • meh


  • Kate

    Try the uncured bacon – it’s amazing!

  • URneighbor

    I’ve actually had the exact opposite experience with the staff. Each time that I’ve walked in, I’ve felt ignored, even when I was the only person in the store. I struggled each time to not walk out empty handed, but never felt like my patronage was valued, and probably won’t be back again.

    • huh

      I find that surprising because I’ve never had anything but the best experience with the staff. The guy who is the owner (I think) seems incredibly friendly. All I can say is that I’d suggest giving it another go.

  • homeimprovementninja

    I signed up for the CSA also. I eat Paleo so it’s hard to find places that have grass-fed beef or pastured chickens, so i’m a fan. Because the stuff is seasonal, you won’t really find fruits/veggies there in the winter, but there is a YES! market accross the street for that. I try to support small businesses where possible so i usually stop here first when shopping and fill in the missing ingredients at other places. (there is also a farmer’s market a block or two away from this place).

  • Paul

    I love this place. Great selection and some nik-naks that make for some unique gifts as well. Oh, and the amish root beer is awesome.

  • Lancaster County to DC is really stretching the definition of “local.”

    I’m a foodie who doesn’t mind spending more for quality but their prices are way too high for me.

  • Anonymous

    Nice little shop.

    The root beer was great, while the popcorn was wildly and unjustifiably expensive.

    Regardless … so if the store was founded so to ” … make a direct connection between the producers of food and products in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and consumers in Washington … ” why are they selling bread and pickles produced in DC to consumers in DC?

    Sorry, just seems to me like a gimmick.

    • K

      I’ve talked to the staff and they say ~90% of their stuff is from Lancaster and from small producers (mostly Amish and Mennonite). That sounds pretty good to me! I suspect that with the bread, you’d have to buy local in DC because it’s not feasible to get a small bread shipment from Lancaster on a daily basis. Also, what’s wrong with incorporating some stuff that’s from DC? Again, nearly everything else is from Lancaster.

  • Adam

    The Staichowski sausage at LF is better (and cheaper) than the homemade stuff at Seasonal Pantry, but Society Fair’s butcher crushes both of them. They’re doing amazing work down there, but considering it is essentially an extra prep/test kitchen for the Armstrong empire that’s not shocking.

    LF is a great little shop though, and I always pop in for a thing or two if I happen to be in the area. It’s not a main shopping destination for me, but I live a little bit away.


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