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Butcher Shoppe, Barbeque-Market-Smokehouse, Coming to Shaw Near O Street Market

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2012 at 11:23 pm 44 Comments

7th and O St, NW

Looks like Shaw is about to get a new BBQ joint. A chef tells me that he has just signed a lease near the O Street Market (we should know the exact address soon) for a space that will become the Butcher Shoppe. This is the same chef who was deciding between a wine bar and Tavern that we spoke about last December. He has decided to change the concept to a casual BBQ joint with a beer garden that will feature home made sausages and smoked bbq serving ribs, briskets etc.

How does the menu sound?

Full menu after the jump.


Cornmeal Crusted Catfish / Lemon Pepper Aioli 7
Crawfish Hush Puppies / Maple Butter. 8
Flash Fried Onion Straws / Remoulade Sauce 5
Hot Grilled Wings….6pcs…$7 12pcs….$12
Drunken Spicy Shrimp Boil / Scotch Bonnet – Cocktail Sauce $7 per pound
Caeser Salad $5 w/chicken add $2
Smoked Eggplant & White Bean Dip / Warm Pita 7

All sandwiches come with one Complimentary Side Dish

BBQ Pork Belly / Hoisin BBQ / Ginger Plum Relish / Onion Rings $11
BBQ Beef Brisket / Coleslaw / Onion Rings $12
BBQ Chicken / Grilled Onions / Horseradish Mustard $10
Grilled Homemade Chicken Sausage / Peppers / Onions “Q” Sauce $9
BBQ Burger / Smoky Corn Relish / Chimichurri Grilled Onions $12
Family Style Packages
(Take Out Only)

#1. 1 Whole BBQ Chicken, 1 Full Rack of Ribs, 3 Pints of Sides, 6 Pieces of Cornbread, Texas Style BBQ Sauce.. (4-5ppl) $50

#2. 1 Whole BBQ Chicken, 1 Full Rack of Ribs, 1 Pound Chopped Pork, 3 Pints of Sides, 6 Pieces of Cornbread, BBQ Sauce (5-8ppl) $60

The Combinations
#1 ¼ Chicken, ¼ Rack Ribs (Dark $12) (White $13)
#2 ½ Chicken, ¼ Rack Ribs $15
#3 ¼ Chicken, ¼ Rack Ribs, Beef Brisket $17
#4 ½ Chicken, ½ Rack Ribs, Beef Brisket $22
#5 ¼ Rack Ribs, Chopped Pork, Brisket or House Sausage $15

By The Pound
Chopped or Pulled Pork $11
Barbeque Pulled Chicken $11
Barbeque Beef Brisket $15
Grilled Lamb $19
House Chicken & Black Trumpet Mushroom Sausage $10

Ribs & Chicken

Barbequed Spare Ribs
Whole…$24 Half…$12 Quarter…$10

Black Angus Beef Short Rib
Whole…$27 Half…$15

Barbequed Organic Chicken
Whole…$12 Half…$7 Quarter.. $4

BBQ Grilled Wings
6Pcs….$7 12 Pcs …$12 24Pcs….$22

Sides & Salads $3

Barbequed Baked Beans (No Meat)
House Cornbread
House Coleslaw
Traditional Potato Salad
Texas Corn Pudding
Macaroni & Cheese
Smoked Jalapeno Pepper Braised Greens (No Meat)
Hand Cut Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Tomato, Cucumber & Mint Salad
Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Mash

Homestyle Desserts $6

Granola Crumble Peach Cobbler / Cinnamon Ice Cream / Butterscotch Sauce

Red Velvet Cupcake / Marshmallow Butter Cream Frosting

Sticky Pecan Upside Baby Cakes / Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Bittersweet Chocolate Marble Bread Pudding / Whisky Sauce

We only use red oak & hickory wood to cook our meats, this gives the meat a pinkish color with a phenomenal taste when you bite in. Our goal is to deliver home style meals, using ingredients that are organically grown, sustainably produced and purchased from local farmers whenever possible. Bon Appetite.

Butcher Shoppe

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic

    Thank god for all the small business owners opening places. It’s amazing how many great places have opened in the last 6 months… Bistro Bohem… Shaw’s… DC Reynolds… Boundary Road… and many more. And lots more on the way.

    Speaking of which, I’m wondering when 1905 is opening its roof deck? It’s prime roof deck season

    • classic_six

      To piggyback on your 1905 question: Minus the past couple of days, it’s been roof deck season. I’d hate to be on the roof deck yesterday or the day before…for sure I would have been an ice sculpture by the end of the night. Heh

  • Anonymous

    Omg, this sounds f*cking incredible. I’m salivating. I digress…

    Good luck, and welcome to the area!! :)

  • Blithe

    Drool!!!!! The menu looks great!! I Really like the sound – and the price points – for the group meals. Yum! I might not ever cook again!

  • neighbor

    I’m generally a huge Shaw booster. But its sort of hard to get excited about this tonight after hearing three gunshots ring out at 8pm earlier, within a couple blocks, followed by what can only be described as a “tepid” police response. I really hope that development brings safety.

    • Anonymous

      I thought I heard shots as I was driving by the convention center last night. Those garden apartments / housing projects won’t be there long after market at O opens. The free market is really starting to close in around the 7th and O block.

    • xyz

      Yeah, this is going to be pretty sweet, but I am not sure how comfortable I feel with this neighborhood. I live within walking distance and I’m not sure I would walk there, especially at night. It sucks because that area is growing and changing so much, with the exception of O between 5th & 9th.

      • This is actually exactly why having new places like this open up in the area will be great. The more foot traffic, busy restaurants, etc, the less likely the usual suspects will feel comfortable shooting at each other around there.

        • anon

          I agree and disagree with this.

          Look at the shooting that happened in broad daylight on 1st and Q a few weeks ago. The newly-renovated park was jam packed with kids/parents/people at that time. Shooters found no reason to hold off just because the park was full of people. I’m not sure these punks have the ability/willingness to make thug decisions based on population density.

          I do agree that increased foot traffic helps. That’s how my neighborhood has started to slowly come around. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig for this…let’s see if I can get to this place without getting shot/stabbed/mugged.

          It’s a catch-22 for sure.

          • brian

            Are you guys kidding. I have been living here for 6 years. I feel safer here than in adams morgan.

      • Rich

        When the Giant was still around, I found myself shopping later and later after dark as time went on. I have no trouble with using the library on RI Ave when it’s open late either. The area isn’t exactly Bethesda, but it really isn’t that bad, either.

    • Q-Street

      Third eruption in 10 days. I was across RI when the shooting happened. By the time I got off hold with 911, everyone had scattered and a few cars peeled out. After I got home, I stayed outside talking with a few neighbors when a cop finally showed up (3 blocks off the mark) and asked me if this is where the shooting happened. To their credit, the gun shots were so loud that I’m sure they were getting calls from blocks around thinking it was right on their street.

      If you follow the criminal justice process of the criminals in our neighborhood, it doesn’t really matter if they are caught anyway. They’re right back in the neighborhood in a few months.

      • Blue

        Where were the shots fired last night? thought i heard something inside my house too…

        • neighbor

          Right at 8pm. Living near 9th & Q, these were the loudest shots I’ve heard in some time.

  • new

    Um…YES PLEASE! This sounds amazing!

  • ShawGuy

    Heck yeah!

  • Leroy

    That sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to try it. That said, I got really stoked when I saw “Butcher Shoppe” … I really want a place you can just buy serious cuts of meat.

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s the type of butcher I’d love to run into in Shaw instead of the goons trying to cut people down with their knives and guns on our streets.

    The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council meets tonight at Shiloh, 6pm. Get some face time with all the top decision makers: the Chief, Deputy Mayor Paul Quander, Judiciary Chair Phil Mendelson, Chief Superior Court Judge Lee Satterfield, DYRS Director Neil Stanley (in charge of controlling most of these out of control criminal juvenile gang members and drug dealers, muggers, etc). I hope our elected ANC commissioner aren’t too busy or on vacation. But if Shaw residents don’t show up, they’re going to think everything is just hunkey-dorey here, throw out some platitudes, pat each other on the back, smile, and leave, like they did last time. … And the shots will just keep coming in advance of the height of the usual summer crime wave.

    My friends uptown, across the usual borders, on UStreet and in Columbia Hieghts, felt this was not an opportunity to pass up. So we jointly wrote a nice little letter to present to them. The last time the CJCC met here in Shaw/(Borderstan…), they announced the meeting just hours before the meeting started, which (intentionally or not) minimized public turnout and participation. They should leave this time with a solid to do list.

    It’s time for us to have the safe, peaceful neighborhood that we deserve.


  • Anonymous

    Do any of these barbecue places in the city actually use a smoker? I don’t trust any “barbecue” from a place where I can’t smell wood burning.

    • Irving Streete


      I also don’t trust any butcher who describes his establishment as a “shoppe.”

      • Anonymous


        The Rib Pit is a bbq joint. This is a bbq bistro. I am excited for the concept, but the faux-down-market thing that all the new restaurants are presenting is tiresome.

    • Anonymous

      The bottom of the menu detail says he uses only red oak and hickory wood to cook, so I assume he means smoke… I hope.

    • I can attest that Standard uses a smoker (albeit a smaller one), and that apple and cherry woods are used to smoke the meats.

    • Anonymous

      I know for sure that Standard does use a smoker.

  • Shaw Resident

    Yum! Bring it on.

  • Reserving judgment until tasting the brisket.

  • Anonynony

    I realize BBQ is the only thing more local than politics, but after a business trip to KC a few years ago I am convinced that if you don’t have burnt ends on the menu ur doing it wrong. Still, wish them well and hope Shaw continues to get promising local places like this.

  • Anonymous

    Would be cool if this went in at the old Space location.

    • actually a place called ‘Table’ that PoP has referenced previously is going in there. Hopefully both will be amazing local hangouts. Viva le slum historique

      • Anonymous

        Ah yes, that’s right… Tabbluhh… thanks!

  • Fonzy

    Finally, a BBQ menu in DC I understand… Hill Country is the most confusing place ever.

    • Anonymous

      And way overpriced!

  • Wow! My first thought was a lack of excitement (there are already so many BBQ places in DC, it feels like), but after reading the menu, I can’t help but be stoked! I especially love that they’re offering those family-style take out options (and at a reasonable price for the quantity, it seems), and also that they have the meat by the pound! I’ll definitely be stopping by to try the BBQ pork belly or buy a pound of the pulled pork (don’t judge, but I love buying some great barbecue and then putting it on a salad at home). Get some good beer in there, open in time for summer, and this could be one of my new hangouts…

  • styglan1

    Having lived in Shaw for six years and seen the ANC plus churches in action I wish this guy luck and tell him not to sign a lease until he gets approval (or at least a voluntary agreement) with the local powerbrokers to serve alcohol.

    We all know he will want to serve alcohol (which is perfectly normal, acceptable and right) but all those churches will block his every dream in the name of jeebus and the children. (Think of the children who will see a man drinking Shiner with his pork ribs! THE HORROR!)

    If you don’t believe me then look at the thai and Ethiopian (Queen of Sheba) restaurants a block away. Only decrepit buildings get a free pass in Shaw – anyone who wants to develop will have to give a pound of flesh. And blood, sweat and tears.

    • agreed – make sure you get the blessing of the ANC – it is a small but powerful and dynamic group. And then don’t botch the liquor license… ;) That said, this seems like a good addition to the neighborhood, and I have no doubt that you will be getting a ton of business from my husband.

      • Logan Res

        Agree with both of you which is why I’m putting this out there…..SHOW UP at your ANC meetings! We don’t need Shiloh sending in their representatives from PG county to protest and block something for our neighborhood.

  • Q-Street

    Yes please

  • Dennis J. “Tank” May III

    This is a great idea. When is the place opening? The Delta’s will be celebrating 100 Years next summer. They will be at the Convention Center. They are expecting 50,000 Delta’s to invade the City. I cannot wait.

  • dave b

    why do “chefs” always need to be opening places? is that unique to dc?

    what should i do? a bbq joint? pizza? a wine bar?

    can’t some billy bob from the south open a bbq place with a family recipe?
    why can’t vinny from ny open a pizza place?

    how long does it take a chef, mostly of the celebrity variety, who opens up a burger place and pizza place or an italian place and a mexican place, to reach chain restaurant status.

    the food might be good/better than appelbees and maybe i should stop hoping things would be more authentic or a labor of love instead of an idea conceived in a boardroom

  • Sully

    Food looks great. Prcies look great. It may very well give Standard and American Ice some competition.

  • jenn

    The area is changing block by block, and the pace is really picking up now that O St Market is a reality. My guess is that, like Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, etc. a few pockets of criminals will remain for a while, but eventually they’ll run out of isolated/ignored areas to do their crimes and will have to resort to doing them quietly behind closed doors while the rest of us enjoy the neighborhood. Hallelujah.

  • They had me at Catfish and crawfish hush puppies. Can’t wait! Shaw rising, I love it!!

  • Lauren

    Menu looks great and we welcome this new addition to the neighborhood! I agree that foot traffic is an important step to making the area safer, though it does not guarantee anything. As many have said here, getting involved with the police and local government officials is extremely important so they see firsthand what issues they need to address and feel the pressure to make our streets safer.

    On the menu, is there a pulled pork sandwich or just pork belly? And will they sell fresh cuts of meat as “butcher” implies? Would love to have a good butcher nearby.

  • Anonymous

    This is torture considering the unfortunate fact that this place probably won’t be open until at least 2014.


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