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Vegan Sunday Brunch Coming to Hawthorne Market March 25th

by Prince Of Petworth — March 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments

3706 Macomb St, NW

Hawthorne Market recently opened at 3706 Macomb St, NW. You’ll soon be able to make reservations for Sunday brunch on their website. The first brunch will be March 25th.

Here’s a peek at the menu:

Vegan Brunch (PDF)

  • Anonymous

    Went here a few weeks ago and was disappointed. They were out of several of the fruits/vegetables that were on their menu. Every time I tried to order one of their juices or smoothies I was told “we don’t have that..” so I had to settle for something very basic that I could have made at home yet but had to pay $5 for instead. Fruits/vegetables were not very fresh. Guy at counter was not knowledgeable about their products. Sort of seemed like someone had a vision for a juicing place and built it and then walked away, letting people that really don’t know how to make a business successful run it.

  • Anonymous

    the percentage of people in dc who are vegans is so unbelievably small, that I don’t know why you would open a vegan restaurant. as a vegetarian, it’s a turnoff. just say it’s vegetarian and don’t serve cheese or eggs in most things. or how about, just open up a good damn restaurant and have most of the options be vegetarian or vegan?

    • bloomies

      There are a number of vegan establishments that thrive in this city. There are more vegan consumers – especially with the many animal rights/welfare groups in the area. And, you don’t have to be vegan to eat at a vegan restaurant. To claim that it is a turnoff is pretty small-minded.

      • I agree with you. DC has a large population of animal rights groups/lobbyists, and it’s also one of the healthiest/fittest cities in the US. I’d say there’s more demand here for a vegan restaurant than in most places in the country. There are quite a few successful vegan eateries in the area already (Sticky Fingers, Everlasting Life, etc.)

        That being said, $35 for brunch is a bit much.

      • Anonymous

        less than 10% of the population here is vegetarian, let alone vegan. that’s like whole foods having an entire dry goods and frozen section for gluten-free shit when less than 1% of the entire population has celiac disease—which they do, which is stupid. just make good damn food and stop labeling it. that’s my problem. I don’t eat meat, but I don’t wear the label of vegetarian because that’s just weird. I also don’t eat ice cream, but I don’t need to call myself something special so that if I have a spoon of ice cream the entire community will shun me.

        I’m just sick of the divide between “regular” restaurants where 99% of food on the menu is meat-centric and vegetarian restaurants. can’t people just make a great restaurant where they have a wide range of items? it shows lack of creativity when every dish starts with steak, pork cheeks, etc. there are so many other tasty foods that won’t kill you and the environment.

  • Sir Douchy

    $35 per person for some fruit and a couple of veggies??? Oh honey, this ain’t going to work, not no way. Even the fancy folks in that part of town don’t drop $35 for a brunch they could buy at the Whole Foods up the road for less than $10.

  • Anonymous

    Wowza. I just ate a 3-course brunch at Volt in Frederick for this exact price…

  • The idea of a vegan brunch = totally cool with me.

    A place that sells a $150 3-day “juice cleanse” to “flush the body of toxins” = bleh, I hate trendy pseudoscience!

  • Trixie

    I’m a vegetarian and support the idea of a vegan brunch… but dear lord, this menu sounds AWFUL. Count me out.

  • Anonymous

    What, no organic/vegan mimosa or blood mary included for $35? Pass.

  • I think it’s a great idea, but maybe a bit overpriced.

  • That is not how you do vegan brunch. This is how you do vegan brunch:


    (Millenium is an upscale vegan restaurant in San Francisco that even omnivores love. The food is soooooo good. The closest DC has ever come was Vegetate (RIP))

    The Veganomicon is my go-to cookbook and that menu doesn’t even look appealing to *me.*


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