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  • AriSparkles

    Purim Sameach….Whoooohoooooo. Booze, costumes n’ junk food!

    • Anon3

      haha, Here’s to two wacky days!!! Purim sameach. *waving around grogger like crazy right now. I’m also craving hamantaschen like it’s nobody’s business but I didn’t have time to make them this year. Anyone know of bakeries selling them in the district? I won’t have time to make it to the burbs.

      • Just had hamantaschen for the first time this week thanks to Jewish co-worker. Sooooooo good!!!!

        • Jennifer

          Well I’ve never tried this approach, but I am wiillng to try anything. Although, my fear would be centered on two things. One, I would be too worried watching the timer to see how much time I had left to continue my mini breakdown, or two would not be able to stop the outbreak after the bell went off. Not sure if I would be more frustrated before I started. Who knows. Now what would I do then??? (lol) Now What???

  • sullivan

    One rant, one curiosity.

    Rant: Why are doctor’s office receptionists so mean? I only want to make an appointment, why do they treat me like I’ve done something wrong?

    Curiosity: What ever happened to the Eastern Motors commercials? I love those.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha, great question!

    • Rant: Now I have that insanely catchy song in my head.

      Rave: The receptionist at my Doctor’s office is super nice & informative, even to mean patients.

    • Anonymous

      I hate when they ask what my appointment is regarding. It’s regarding me wanting to see the fucking doctor. Just mark it down!

      • Matt

        rave: this, hahaha

      • sullivan, this is the answer to your rant question. The receptionist spends all day dealing with people who just want to see the f***ing doctor already – they don’t want to fill out the forms, they don’t want to answer your questions and they resent you for keeping them stuck in the waiting room for so long when all you need is some flippin’ antibiotics that only the doctor can provide. I would probably not be very nice if I had that job.

        • Exactly. And they probably don’t get paid near enough to put up with all the asshattery.

          • Anonymous

            Who does?

          • Good point, most of us don’t.

        • sullivan

          Excellent point! I will keep this in mind and try to be extra nice and extra patient when interacting with them.

        • TG

          That is a symptom of a larger problem – Doctors need to see a quadrillion patients in order to make a living with managed care and slashes to what medicare will pay for services.

          Not to get on a rant (channeling old school Dennis Miller) but a great failure of Obama care is that, while it did a lot in terms of enhancing rights and access to health care, it didn’t do anything to address the costs of services and the fact that the service providers themselves are getting crushed. The move toward concierge medicine is absolutely a product of this mess and I think the trend will continue.

          Of course it is not lost on me that Doctors are partially to blame because they are such bad business people they acquiesced in the creation of a system where the highly trained professionals have basically no say in how much they get to charge for their services.

          • anonymous

            Please don’t make this political and blame Obamacare. This problem has long existed way before Obama and has been this way through several different presidential runs (Republicans or Democrats).

          • TG

            Anon – you misread my point. I was not blaming Obama care, of course this problem has long existed and actually much of Obama care will not impact the doctors because existing plans were grandfathered in. My point is that you had this historic overhaul of the system that completely ignored the existing issues of costs. It actually will make them go up but I don’t think it has yet. I absolutely don’t think the mess was caused by Obama.

          • Wobber

            Do you mean “The Affordable Care Act “?

            You sound like Rush Limbaugh when you say Obamacare. Next thing you know you’ll start calling all women sluts.

          • TG

            Holy sh*t Wobber, pretty big leap there. I think your comment is pretty offensive. Are you sure you also don’t want to call me a racist for good measure? Pretty low level of rhetoric.

            I guess you believe that the title of leglislaton says it all, look no further. For that reason I will bet you are a big fan of the Patriot Act, because who isn’t in favor of Patriotism. I actualy read most of the thousand plus pages, not just the title.

          • The ACA does have a problem with not incentizing more family practice doctors, now that there’s going to be more patients. (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/the-health-reform-laws-biggest-threat-30000-too-few-doctors/2012/02/10/gIQALEQp4Q_blog.html)

            However, the costs of services thing is sorta incorrect. There’s a bunch of things in the ACA that address the costs of services (in addition to costs of the programs themselves, like holding Medicare increases down). It sets up Accountable Care Organizations, in which Medicare pays one provider to integrate all care, instead of just paying a bajilion $ to a bajillion doctors for a bajillion treatments. But the point of the law was *insurance reform.*

            By getting folks in state-sized pools thru the mandate and having private insurers compete within that pool, giving low-income folks a subsidy so they can afford private insurance and not hitting up the ER when it’s too late/costly, and regulating those exchanges, people will hopefully begin to have the insurance necessary to not swarm doctor’s offices at the last minute, when they’ve gotten super sick.

            Btw, here’s a great program on this sorta thing I caught the other night -> http://www.pbs.org/programs/us-health-care-good-news/

    • Anon3

      yo job’s yo credit… that is a great question and thankfully, youtube can pull through for us on this one…

    • I worked as a receptionist at a doctor’s office back in day. It was a horrible, stressful, thankless job. Most likely they hate their job and are taking it out on you.

    • anonymous

      While I’ve encountered my share of unpleasant Drs office receptionist, I try to see it this way. Think of it from their point of view – they have to deal with (some) people who are sick and sometimes sick people act mean well, because, they have a lot to deal with. Sometimes one nasty interaction can trigger another. When you encounter someone mean, you likely could be dealing with their whole day, their morning commute, etc. You get the idea. Being rude – there is no excuse – for sure – but I try to empathize with the position that the other person is in and that can be helpful in many situations.

      • I like the way you think. It’s a good way to interact with people in general – there’s a whole lot of context you’re not aware of in how they’re interacting with you.

        • cp

          Agree to an extent. Some people are just assholes in general, regardless of how good/bad their day is.

    • I just saw an Eastern Motors commercial this weekend!

      I’d rather have mean receptionists than the incompetent ones I have to deal with…..can’t wait to change doctors!

    • I changed doctors once partly because the doctor’s receptionist seemed to see herself as a gatekeeper charged with preventing access to the doctor, rather than facilitating access to the doctor. She also had an ongoing vendetta with a receptionist for the doctor across the hall, which made it a hassle when I needed a referral from the one doctor to the other and I had to come in in person just to take the piece of paper across the hallway.

      At my current doctor’s office, the administrative staff are friendly and professional. It’s a relief.

      I think some people — whether they’re receptionists, teachers, or police officers — like to exploit their power over others. It certainly doesn’t apply for all people in any of those jobs, but it’s frustrating when you run into someone on a power trip.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Rant: softball team pitcher left for another team
    Rave: I volunteered to learn how to pitch
    Rave: we play on real fields
    Rave: in my head my knuckleball pitch is already perfect. Visualize, practice, achieve!

  • houseintherear

    Rant: Dropped my cat off for surgery this morning, ended up crying in the waiting room like an ass. Then crying more in line at the coffee place. Then crying on my way to work. LIKE AN ASS. Luckily I’m a quiet crier so I don’t think anyone noticed.

    Rave1: I get to make red velvet cupcakes today for my friend’s bridal shower while I hang out with the drugged up cat tonight. Using a Paula Dean recipe, so you know they’ll be deliciously coma-inducing.

    Rave2: Grad school payments have paid off with not just a degree- I got a *huge* tax return this year!

    • houseintherear


    • mc

      Good Luck to your cat! I’m sure he/she is a champ and will pull through just fine.

    • ew

      Love to the kitty cat. I’m sure the recovery will be smooth. I would react the same way if I had to send mine in for surgery.

    • Hope the surgery isn’t anything too serious and you get some good kitty cuddles in tonight!

    • anongardener


      don’t worry about it. i cry at stupid things, like tv commercials. i used to try to hold it in, but now i just go with it. there are worse things.

      best wishes for a speedy recovery for your cat!

      • ew

        All those new Subaru commercials make me cry. I’m not proud, but it’s a fact.

    • houseintherear

      Thanks, PoPers! He’s getting his eye removed, so that he can be like half of the cats on PoP. And because it had turned to mush (yum). The vet says he’ll be fine, but there’s a risk he won’t wake up from the anesethesia because of his old age.

      • Sending good kitty vibes your way and wishes for a speedy recovery.

      • Poor kitty! I wish him the best – I got a little freaked out recently when I took my kitty in have a couple of teeth pulled – I’ve never been responsible for taking someone in for surgery and didn’t realize how nerve-wracking the experience would be. Let us know how your little guy weathers the surgery!

    • Crying Game

      I am a big burly dude and I cry all the time. I’m like Dick Vermeil and John Boehner. Only personal stuff, and usually more sentimental than actually sad. I can hold my sh*t together at work where I need to be a hard ass. My point, cry on crybaby. Emotions are natural and healthy to express.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: That is actually my view of the Capitol Dome from my roof deck. A church roof top is blocking the rest of the building. : )

    Rant: That durn Progression Place building going up is gonna block my view of the Cario Building and the Scottish Rite Temple. I should sue for lowering my property value by degrading my current view. Durn gentrification! : )

  • Rant: I called 5 doctors to get an appointment yesterday and none were accepting new patients.
    Rave: Out of desperation, I want to a CVS Minute Clinic. After wading through the packs of immigrant workers outside, I was pleasantly surprised with the service I received. I was in and out in under 40 minutes and I bet at least 25 of that was the Nurse Practitioner spending time with me. Cost billed to my insurance, $85.00.

    • Rant: My boyfriend pre-ordered a new iPad last night. Sounds like he will be mentally MIA for the next month….

      • ew

        Ugh, I was mistress to my ex-boyfriend’s Apple products for too long. Good luck.

        • Anon3

          Rave: The weather.
          Rave/Rant: How is it possibly daylight savings time this weekend???
          Rant: Waiting for boss to review work before I can proceed is going to make for a painfully slow day.

  • Rave: Tasty African peanut soup waiting for me for lunch.
    Rave: Three day weekend starting tomorrow.
    Rave: Boyfriend comes back from a business trip tonight.
    Rave: Fantastic weather.
    Rave: Daylight savings this weekend means that I’ll actually get to see sunlight after work now!

    No rants today!

  • ew

    Rave: Job interview today. I feel prepared, knowledgable and enthusiastic. Bringing my A game, and a revamped set of references I feel good about.

    Rave: I got an incredibly sweet text message in French this morning from a number I didn’t recognize or have saved. I asked qui est-ce but the response confused and intrigued me more. It wasn’t meant for me, I’m quite sure, but it made me smile and feel good anyway. I hope whoever the symbol of love, peace, and friendship is gets their message.

    Rant: People who insist they are right about something pertaining to me, even when I (subject of the conversation) say otherwise. Actually, no I didn’t cook xyz and leave it in the fridge, thank you. Can’t wait to move away from micromanaging dipshits.

  • PantsOff

    Rant: what’s up with all this frickin wind?
    Rave: epiglottis

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever noticed that DC seems to only have strong winds when you wish it would be just a little warmer? I feel like it’s never windy on the stifling summer days…

      • Anonymous

        Well…that’s because during the stiffling summer days, the air is thicker and cannot move around as much.

        • Anton Noosbusch

          Yeah, no. Not at all.

    • The wind is actually partly responsible for the warmer weather as it is currently blowing in warm air from the south. That’s why warm spring days are often windy, but hot summer days aren’t (the heat is already here in the summer regardless of any wind).

  • Rant: Wiped out, tired and no motivation. Long to-do list in and out of work and just cannot sit down and concentrate.

    Rave: Seeing “Urbanized”, a documentary film on cities, with co-workers today.

    Rave #2: Happy International Women’s Day! (My husband’s female co-workers in China get a paid half day off from work. Me? I got virtual flowers from my boss….nice thought but I’ll take a paid half day off from work, thank you very much! :-D)

  • RAVE: Finally bought my long overdue christmas present… iPad3

    RANT: Being stuck inside at work all day today on what’s shaping up to be a gorgeous day.

    RAVE: Mom’s cooking tonight.

    RANT: Won’t get home in time for a run in Rock Creek.

  • Anonymous

    RANT: The weather. First, no winter, I love winter. I didn’t even get to wear a jacket this year. Second, everyone is all happy that we are 20 degrees over normal, which is just stupid. Wait until we get to 20 degrees above normal in July. Finally, summer is coming and no where I have ever lived has worse weather than D.C. in the summer…man I need to move.

  • imonaboat

    Rave: Wizards beat the Lakers last night and I was there to witness Kobe’s tantrum in person! It was glorious.
    Rave: Woke up early for a pre-work run today. Not a morning person at all, but it felt great!
    Rave: I think I want to sign up for a 10K.
    Rave: I have a coupon for a free burrito at Chipotle today!
    Rave: No rants!!!

  • Rant: Getting yelled at for things that are out of my control. Go ahead and report me to your boss, I still can’t do what you want.

    Rave: No one every gets my name right at work, so Elizabeth is going to get reported (for following protocol), not me.

    Percentage of the world I hate today: 98%

  • Anon

    Rant: Was 15 min late to work today so my client supervisor sent an email cc’ing all of my contract and firm leadership letting me know that I didn’t follow appropriate protocol for notifying them that I was late and scolding me like a child for being late. I understand that late is late, but seriously 15 minutes?!?! I’m normally 10 minutes early and have let it be known that my commute is dependent on the timeliness of the metro AND a bus. If he felt that compelled to bring it to my attention then I would have at least appreciated a private conversation for the first occurance, and if it continued to occur then I feel a conversation that roped in leadership would be warranted. The kicker was when I was informed in the email that perhaps I should look into other forms of commuting, really?!?! I don’t own a car and do not live within walking distance to my office. Annoyed, annoyed, annoyed.

    Rave: Awesome weather, said client supervisor is teleworking so not in the office today, awesome happy hour after work planned, and realizing that a job and stress are never permanent, and one day I will find a job that makes me happy in my profession of choice.

    • mc

      UGH. I am so sorry. The copy-your-boss email is one of the worst and most insulting ways to communicate. I have vowed to myself that it is something I will never do.

    • Anonymi

      Dude, that sucks hardcore. Sorry you have to deal with that. Sounds like a micro-managing a-hole and/or taking his insecurities out on you since you were in an easy-target-vulnerable position. Awesome follow-up rave.

      • Anon

        Thanks guys. I guess if I was in his shoes, I’d be kinda pissed to know that every day is a 10-12 hour day while the contractors (me) get to clock their 8 hours and bounce, and on the RARE occassion when more is required of the contractors, they get to compensate by working less hours another day…I’d be bitter too. But then again, he chose his profession so…sorry I’m not sorry??
        When I finally have that dream job, I vow to always have that first conversation in private, no one needs to be made an example of…

    • Eponymous

      I’m not necessarily directing this at you, but one of my biggest rants is people in my office who live in the burbs or further out in the city and they use the metro, bus, or even their cars as an excuse to constantly be late. People can check WMATA or WTOP for delays and plan ahead – aka leave earlier.

      • The one time I was late this week was because WMATA had issues that they did not put on their site or twitter feed. I didn’t hear about it on the radio either. Of course, my job checks these things to see if I’m lying. So I didn’t know I needed to leave early or use an alternate route and my job thought I was lying. But in a strange twist of fate, I got in trouble for being early, again metro’s fault, but not something I expect to get lectured about.

        In short, “official” communication about delays in commutes is not always reliable.

        • Eponymous

          Oh, I know. But it is every. day. with some of my coworkers.

          • Ok, that’s completely different. I feel your pain.

          • Anon

            I see your point and can agree that this would be frustrating. I live in the city but work in Arlington and my client site is not located near a metro stop, so multiple modes of transport required to commute does make things a bit frustrating at times. I would have a completely different arugment (or rather none at all) if I knew that this was a “habit” of mine, however it is not and very much the exception not the rule. Which is why I found the leadership that cc’d not only my task and team lead but also the contracting officer to be a bit overkill. In addition to the suggestion that I find alternate methods, really? Like what? Throw down a couple thousand to purchase a car? Ride my bike in every day? Skateboard? I’m curious as to what other methods were considered options. The bus that shuttles me from the metro to the client site runs every 20 minutes, so if I miss it, then I’m stuck waiting until the next time it comes. Apologies for the extra long response just still irked by the email (not you).

          • I ride my bike to and from work every day. Perfectly reasonable. Contractor meetings, construction sites. If it’s within 10 miles, i’m biking there. If it’s raining or if I have to carry a full size set of doc’s I might take metro and/or bus.

    • Arnold Hartson and Burling

      That is a bush league move. I am a lawyer at a law firm and don’t punch a clock so it pretty much doesn’t matter when I arrive or when I leave so long as I get my work done. I do have to say that one pet peeve of mine is that our support staff work wildly different hours than we do. They are not expected to work as much, which I get and is appropriate, but most lawyers live close in and work roughly 9:30 to 7:00, while most secretaries arrive before 8 (almost two hours before their bosses get in) and leave between 4 and 4:30. That does not quite align with the business needs but has been going on for years and will probably never change.

    • Anonymous

      tell those jerks to pay you more so you can afford a car.

      • Anon

        Not sure if this was serious or sarcastic, but I’m not advocating that they increase my pay to make buying a car less of an expense. I used to own a car and made a conscious decision to get rid of it. Yes, this means I am wholly dependent on public transport and the sometimes unreliability of it. Was not intending to use that as a defense but my overall point was to say that this is not something that happens on a regular basis, and the intial conversation should have taken place first, privately before roping in senior leadership.

        • Anonymous

          Driving is a lot less reliable in my experience. I used to live just inside the Beltway, and my public transit commute involved a bus, two trains, and a shuttle. The commute could vary by 30 minutes or so, depending on how lucky I got with the timing, but unless there was some rare major calamity I was never severely delayed.

          Driving, on the other hand, was another beast. I’m not one of those morning people who can get out of the house at 5:30, so I had to deal with traffic and its variances. Sometimes (like on a gov holiday) I could get to work in 40 minutes, but more often it was an hour and a half or two hours. Once it took me eight hours to get home. Even with traffic reports it really is difficult to predict how long it will take to drive somewhere during rush hour.

      • I guess I’m in the minority here, but i don’t see what’s the big deal about being 15 min late. If you are paid hourly, just stay 15 min more at the end of day. And if you are on salary, dont get me started. There have been plenty of studies that show that giving employees a flexible schedule is actually more productive. I work a lot more than regular 40 hours, and if i had to come in on the dot, i’ll start leaving on the dot as well.

        • anonymous

          I’m not saying this is the situation for the OP who wrote about being 15 mins late and was chastised in front of co-workers via email but the point about being “on time” is that it is one way that shows responsibility and respect (for others, for the workplace) by being able to be on time. I don’t think it’s an issue for the OP because it sounds as if this was an atypical occurrence. In today’s world, workplaces do tend to give more flexibility and while many people work way more than 9-to-5, that is what one of the points to punctuality is, as old-fashioned as it might seem. For those whom I’ve known to “clock-in” right on time, I have also know them to “clock-out” right on time as well, so your point is well taken.

          • I guess i don’t understand how me being 15 min late is disrespectful to my coworkers who are doing their own thing and may not even talk to me the whole day. It’s different if there’s a meeting, but first half hour is all checking email/drinking coffee/cleaning desk time anyway, so who cares if someone missed their bus, or had some emergency that made them late, whatever. As long as the work you do is good, and you are putting in your hours and plus some, I think that’s very respectful to the workplace.

            It’s a bummer for OP to be chastised for such a trivial, in my opinion, thing.

  • Rant: daylight savings. over the last three weeks, with the increase in morning light i have finally stopped feeling like a hibernating bear. i am waking up in the morning before my alarm. i am at work early. life is good. and on sunday that is all going to go to hell. my body clock and the actual clock will be out of sync by an hour, and the increased evening light will only encourage me to stay awake later, thus increasing the morning lateness problem. daylight savings is an anachronism. oh how i wish we could just be rid of it.

    • Soooooo…I never actually changed the clock in my bedroom in the fall…meaning my clock has been an hour ahead for the past 6 months. Guess it’s too late to change now, huh?

  • Rave/Rant: The weather! I really do enjoy this heat wave but WHERE IS MY SNOW?!? I’m from the Midwest and am used to snow through April.

    Rant: Another soul-sucking day of this job, including a two-hour department meeting in which we discuss the future……even though I secretly plan to not be here in said future.

    Rave(ish): Thanks to current job I’ve been introduced to Art Therapy…now thinking of a Masters in Art Therapy………?

    Rant: Want to move to NYC but have absolutely NO money.

    • My mother likes to joke that when she was in the bin (as in looney) she failed art therapy. Maybe if you go into that field you could give her some remedial classes?

    • Anonymous

      what IS art therapy?

  • mc

    RAVE: all the new and exciting things coming to Park View!

  • wdc

    Rant: Peter Shapiro, city council at-large candidate. His canvassers were on my block a few days ago, and his flyers are now littering the street to a ridiculous degree. Not kidding, there are 30 of them blowing around just in front of my house. I wish political hopefuls (and Chinese restaurants and pizza places) were required to follow up their papering days with a clean-up day.

    • My apartment’s front desk staff unintentionally allows chinese food delivery guys, gyms, etc walk through the building and shove flyers under our doors. If it doesn’t make it under the door all the way, and stays there for a few days, it can be a sign that no one is home. Always been a subtle security risk in my eyes. Really hate those guys.

      • “Unintentionally”? Maybe they’re being slipped a few bucks or something?

        Complain to your building management. At its best, this practice is another annoying solicitation to get rid of. At its worst, it’s 1) allowing complete strangers to wander through your building (??) and 2) potentially alerting people that someone hasn’t opened their door for a few days.

        • HA, I wish. The building management contracts the front desk staff support out to another company. They could care less. Security measures in my building are a joke, as I’ve realized with my countless correspondence with management. I try, I do.

          • That sucks. :( Hang in there!

  • Rant: How hard is it to say, “thank you”? It doesn’t cost anything, it isn’t difficult to do, and it makes people feel appreciated.

    Rant: unmotivated with the tasks in my job, but don’t have enough motivation to look for anything else. The unmentioned perks and lovely people I work with are a nice reason to stick around, but I wish the work was more interesting.

    [A good or bad work environment can really make or break a job, and I’m really sorry Anon 10:55 am has a shitty work environment–I used to be in the same type of place, and the only way I found to deal was get out alive!]

    Rave: Good god weekend, please hurry up. So close to Friday!

    Rave: Boyfriend comes back from his midwest work trip late tonight. Jealous of his day off tomorrow!

    • anonymous


      This is a non-sequitur, but your blog name plus your pic just make my day everytime I see something posted by you. Thanks for a big smile.

      • Aw, thanks. That just made me smile, so thank YOU :-) I’ve been having a few “down in the dumps” kind of days and really needed a pick-me-up.

  • AG

    Rant: the woman in Pilates this morning who sounded like she was about to climax. I get that sometimes your breathing may become louder, but she was seriously making noises that should be reserved for the bedroom or the massage table.

    Rave: Daylight savings and getting out of work while the sun is still out!

    Rant: Just read anongardener’s rant. Might have to rethink my stance on daylight savings. Since getting back from Europe two weeks ago, my body naturally wants to wake up at 6:30, and it’s been awesome. Hope it all doesn’t go to the crapper.

  • neednewhob

    Rave: my relationship

    Rant: my relationship

  • Rave: My son got a job as a food runner for one of the restaurants at Nationals stadium. He’s very excited, and so are we.

    Rave: going for a long walk at lunch with a co-worker

    Question to fellow gardeners: Is it too late to trim back my roses since I forgot to do it last fall? Advice please.

    • re: roses, now is the perfect time! I just pruned mine last weekend.

      • Thanks! This is only my second year with them. How far back do I trim them? Six inches from the ground?

        • It depends on a couple of things. if you’d like to see flowers sooner, and feel that the shape of the rosebush is pretty good – nice fat canes, not a lot of thin stuff – cut back one third. if the canes look a little wimpy, you want shorter rosebushes in general, you’re trying to reshape them, there were diseased areas to remove, and you don’t mind waiting till summer for flowers, cut it back hard – by half or a little more. David Austin Roses has an easy guide to pruning – davidaustinroses dot com . plus lots of pretty pictures!

  • anonymous

    Hoping the “Help” poster last night is seriously going to speak to professionals about his problems with crating his two dogs, who he is keeping caged for 16.5 hours a day for three years. After speaking with family, who have successfully raised Great Danes and St. Bernards, we all agreed that the problem is most likely with “Help,” not so much his dogs. Further, having a girlfriend yelling at them all the time doesn’t help the situation and probably adds to the dogs’ anxiety. I’m not sure how you would properly train a dog if you were constantly caging them for most hours of the day. I’m not a PETA person, but that posting was both disturbing and frustrating to me. Reminds me that not everyone knows what they’re doing with their animals, and it’s the animals who pay the price. Very sad. If you’re too busy at your job, a dog may not be appropriate for your situation.

      • anonymous

        Yes, that’s the one.

    • um

      Don’t most people who have dogs have jobs that require them to be away from the house for 8 hours a day? What do you expect them to do?

      • um

        Also it seems strange to me that everyone needs a “dog professional” these days. I understand that a few dogs have severe behavioral problems, but you never heard of someone hiring a specialist to change normal dog behavior ten years ago. The Dog Whisperer phenomenon has really gotten out of hand.

    • Help

      Hi anonymous. If you are truly concerned about my dogs I’d appreciate any advice you’re willing to share. Otherwise I think your comment is insensitive and mean-spirited. I’m using crate training methods recommended to me by my vet, who has been in the profession for decades and is very highly regarded. He’s also, by far, not the only one who uses this approach.

      Yes, I go to work for eight hours a day, much like most people in DC. Unlike most people in DC, however, my eight hour day is actually an eight hour day, and I live one mile away so I don’t have much of a commute. Because of this I’ll sometimes go home around lunchtime and take them out. But usually I’m busy, or have meetings, or would rather just work through the day and get home earlier so we have more time to play in the afternoon. I don’t think this is a crime.

      I guess I should explain that when my girlfriend “yells” at them she’s not doing it in a way that would possibly scare them. She’ll say something like “Hey, come back back here” in an authoritative tone when one of the dogs wanders over to a marked spot, and he’ll come trotting back. I really don’t think this is giving them anxiety.

      I’ve lived with dogs all my life. I give mine lots of love and attention, including daily walks to the park where we toss the ball around and they play with other dogs for an hour or so. I just don’t want to find pee and poop in my house every day. If you think that makes me a bad person, feel free to call Animal Control and let them decide.

      • Help

        One more thing… although I’ve never hired a trainer I have spoken with professionals, read lots of books, and taken classes at the Humane Soceity. I really don’t appreciate being characterized as someone who shouldn’t have a dog just because I want to explore other options before shelling out a ton of money to hire a trainer. Just because YOUR dogs don’t have the same issues mine do doesn’t mean you’re inherently a better dog owner.

      • anonymous

        Hi Help- I didn’t mean to attack you, but reading your post from yesterday just breaks my heart. I am a diehard animal lover, so I don’t like hearing about dogs (social, communal animals) being caged most of the day. Taking away their access to water (something I have never heard of nor could ever condone) seems like something busy professionals do so that another living creature’s natural needs and habits conform with the professionals’ own busy lives. From today’s post, it sounds like you have made a lot of efforts to remedy the situation, and I certainly wish you the best. I myself wouldn’t be qualified to assess your own situation, which would require a lot of questions and maybe a home visit- hence, why I strongly recommend that you see a vet who can actually help you (clearly, not your current one). Again, I’m not trying to attack or be mean spirited, but you have touched on an issue that is sensitive to me.

        • Help

          Well, I haven’t done anything to remedy the situation yet. I do plan on trying the doggy diapers that the foster owner from yesterday suggested. In addition to hopefully solving the problem, this will allow them to be out of the crates more which would make us all happy.

          Crating dogs during the day and not giving them unlimited access to water is completely normal– other commenters from yesterday agreed. My dogs honestly do enjoy being in their crates, and I often find them hanging out in there during times that they’re allowed to freely roam the house.

          If your experience is with large dogs I can understand why you’re concerned; I can’t imagine a Great Dane or St. Bernard would willingly spend time in a crate. But mine are small and don’t seem to require as much activity.

          Anyway, I must get back to work but I’ll check back tonight. I’m really appreciating all the help and support that others have given.

          • saf

            My brother’s great danes love their crates – they go there even when they are loose.

            They are giant couch potatoes.

          • Just want to chime in and say I feel your frustration. Not all dogs are the same, and the training tips that work on some may not work on others. Sounds like you’re doing all you can, and I totally sympathize since I have a similar issue with my cat. Luckily, after a year and a half of trying various techniques to dissuade her from peeing outside the litter box (similar to your dogs peeing on your girlfriend’s rug, she loves peeing on my roommate’s oriental rugs – what is so tempting about those??), she is better although still not perfect (instead of an accident every day or every other day, now she has an accident once every other month or so). I think most cat owners I know would’ve given her away by now (and actually I got her from the humane society after she’d been given up by her previous owners, possibly for this reason), and same with most dog owners in your situation. Keep going though; sounds like you are on the track to find the right solution for your dogs, and in the end, it will be worth it!

        • Anonymous

          Crating & limiting water is not a “busy professional” thing. It’s a thing you do when you need to housebreak a dog and are training him to eliminate on a regular schedule. Most dogs, except maybe farm dogs who live outside, go through this.

          • houseintherear

            I agree! Crate training is amazing, and not cruel when done properly. My dog doesn’t have his crate anymore, but he still spends the entire day (8 hrs+) in the same spot on the bed while I’m gone or at home. They don’t just sleep 8 hours a night like us, but more like 15 or so. They like the coziness of their own space. Any vet would agree.

      • blazing sun

        Don’t let the poster get to you. You were looking for help and are activly looking for help (with the vet) so you are not evil. I have fostered dozens of dogs, and yes some dogs have more issues than others. Sometimes the issues are a result of the current owner, sometimes they are the result of the past owner. Sometimes they are the result of poor breeding (i.e. aggressive, very timid, or unhealthy dogs). Some people don’t look for help, they simply turn the pup into the local kill-shelter and are done with the problem. As a local foster home, I thank you for trying to deal with and fix the problem instead of giving up. I think everyone who read your rant was aware that it is currently not an ideal situation (even you were aware of that), but you are working on it. As I said yesterday, good luck with the issue, it is not an easy one!

        • anonymous

          Blazing Sun, with all due respect, the poster says the issue has been an ongoing issue for THREE years. That fact certainly influences how I saw his posting. It’s pretty revealing, actually. (And yes, I’m a foster person, too, and appreciate the difficulties of dealing with these kinds of issues.)

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a PETA person either but I don’t think successfully raising a dog or two makes one an expert.

      However, someone who has unsuccessfully raised a dog (accidentally killing it?) probably should not be trusted. :)

  • mj

    I’m sick of all the damned litter on the sidewalks and streets and in peoples yards. Clean up in front of your effing house, people.

    • TG

      Or even better, stop throwing your trash on the damn street. I can guarantee you that any trash in front of my house did not originate with me.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, with all the wind lately a lot of trash has ended up in my yard and in the tree boxes in front of my house.

  • saf

    Rant: Meat truck. I am NOT going to buy factory farmed meat from a random meat truck. And it kinda freaks me out how often they come around.

    Similarly, I am NOT going to change electricity providers based on the hard sell from someone knocking on my door. Again, it kinda freaks me out how often they come around.

    Rave: It’s a beautiful day.

  • DColSkool

    Why do the librarians at Petworth Branch allow teens to dominate and interrupt other patrons in the computer/teen space?? If the librarians don’t want to intercede, why can’t they regularly enlist DCPL security officers or Fourth District MPD to come in and enforce rules -including truancy laws-extract troublemakers and allow Petworth to be enjoyed by all patrons.

    This situation is out of control many afternoons because of Petworth’s proximity to several DCPSs.I am a 15 year+ patron. Please Help!!

  • $hack

    reading about a 20 dollar sandwich makes me sad. i wish there were more affordable dinning options opening up.
    i don’t need james beard award winning cooks. i don’t need house made ketchup. i don’t need 8 dollar beers. i don’t need anything with truffles in it.
    i don’t need 12 cocktails.
    please future pub and tavern owners, just open up something affordable.
    it makes me ill that manhattan is cheaper to go out in than dc.


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