Grassroots Gourmet Bakery Coming to Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth March 22, 2012 at 11:30 am 37 Comments

104 Rhode Island Ave NW

On Tues. Grassroots Gourmet tweeted:

“We signed a lease! We plan to call 104 Rhode Island Ave NW home by the early fall. Stay tuned for updates!”

Their Website says:

“Everything is made fresh, baked to order and delivered to your front door. Knowing that this yummy food will translate into a smile is the reason we do this. Our food is baked with love and delivered with care. We hope that you can share it with friends, family, and co-workers. Break cake with your neighbors… and get it from us!”

Check out their menus here. Have a look at some photos of their goods here.

104 Rhode Island Ave NW is located a couple storefronts down from Boundary Stone.

  • Vincent

    I see you, Grassroots Gourmet! Get it!

  • Fernanda Ferrell-Zabala

    Congratulations Grassroots Gourmet! Add me to your list of frequent customers.

  • tbecks22

    This is the best news ever. Their delivery is amazing–and now to be able to have a storefront!! ~~~doing a little dance in my office~~

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the late nights at Boundary Stone and early morning baking at grassroots can overlap a bit… and result in some milk and fresh baked cookies? :)

  • Gaby

    So exciting! I love me some GG red velvet :) Best of luck!

  • Rebecca

    Their food is too delicious. Cake noms are addictive. And its great to see a local business take off!

  • Carmen

    Omg!!!! I got some of their apple pie from Grassroots Gourmet a WHILE back, and it was DELICIOUS! So happy there is a bakery opening up that isn’t owned by some chain and is made FRESH!! YEAH YEAH YEAH! Can’t Wait.

  • Bonnie

    You must check out the twitter photos of their goodies – Bloomindale you are in for a treat !!
    good luck to Grassroots Gourmet !

    • Anonymous

      i looked at their flickr photos and and not sure what’s so special. they look average to me, which is fine, but why such excitement?

      • Carmen

        It might not look fancy..but its good. Good food doesnt have to look like it comes from an award winning chef. Its grandma’s baked goods with a youthful flair at its finest.

        • Stephanie

          I can’t wait to be biking down here frequently come Fall. Their pastries are tasty, and the people who make them are even sweeter. I’m sure this place is going to be really damn cool.

  • molly

    I LOVE GRASSROOTS! I love em! LOVE EM. so happy.

  • carlos

    Yeah! Cant wait to be able to walk in and grab my favorite treats!

  • Jude Menie

    Can’t wait! A great addition to a neighborhood that is definitely on the move now. Looking forward to the opening.

  • J

    Excited for them but I’ll keep going to Uncle Chip’s for my treats. They do wonderful baked goods and are super nice and friendly.

  • Elyssa

    Yaaaaa!!! This is so exciting! Grassroots Gourmet chocolate cake is amazing. Glad you’ll have a permanent store front in the near future.

  • Alli

    Yay! The Mexican Chocolate cookie so freaking good. Oh and the apple cake! Yay!

  • MZP

    Their cake noms are the most amazing thing you will ever put in your mouth. So excited for this addition to the neighborhood!

  • Love to see new businesses opening up in the area! Not much of a baked goods person myself, but I’ll be sure to check this place out at least once after it opens and tell others about it.

    • molly

      …you’re not a baked goods person?

      YOU’RE NOT A BAKED GOODS PERSON????? so if I showed up at your house with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, YOU’D REFUSE THEM???? I don’t believe this.

      • Haha, I certainly wouldn’t refuse them! I generally prefer savory to sweet though, and if I’m going to eat baked goods, I’d rather bake them myself than buy them from somewhere.

  • Angie Evans

    SOOOO excited to be able to eat their amazing cookies without ordering bunches!

  • Anonymous

    how have ya’ll heard of this place before? did they have another spot?

    • Anonymous

      Owner sent the pop link to all of their “friends” on twitter

      • Carmen

        because they deliver… grassrootsgourmet.org

  • Scott Roberts

    Thanks for the shout-out! A great addition to Bloomingdale’s retail mix.

  • Angela

    This is amazing news!! Cant wait to pop in for a cake nom!

  • Sarah

    Yay! Can’t wait! Congrats, GG!

  • It is hard to overstate my enthusiasm in welcoming this business to the neighborhood, but it would be even harder if they were also going to be baking bread. Translation – please consider making room for some fresh bread in those ovens.

  • LovestoeatinDC

    Omg! This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a while! I love Grassroots Gourmet. This is the most delicious bakery in DC. The red velvet, their cake noms, & triple chocolate chip cookies are amazing. Can’t wait to visit the store in person but just glad the business is doing so well that we can expect to eat their delicious goodies for a long time to come!

  • Meese is a pig!

    As a neighbor, I am psyched for this and all small businesses moving into our ‘hood! Yippee! Hopefully the remaining vacancies will attract a dry cleaner, yoga studio, a pizza parlor and/or an Irish pub. That way we can trade variety for competition! And who doesn’t like low, low prices?!

  • Soham

    This is awesome – can’t wait to get some cupcakes! Congrats!!

  • stephanie

    I can’t wait to frequent this bakery come Fall!! Their pastries are so tasty, and the people who make them are even sweeter. This is going to be a really sweet little spot.

  • Anonymous

    You girls @ Grassroots Gourmet rock!!! All of the other bakeries in town better be prepared for the best undiscovered baked goods this side of the Mississippi.

  • Roz

    I don’t understand their mission statement. Are they funding a revolution with the proceeds? If so, which one?

  • whoa $25 for a pie? I don’t think so….

  • Anonymous

    I hope that they also sell non-sweet baked goods. I think that fresh bread and rolls would be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.


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