Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar & Market Opens in (north) Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth — February 1, 2012 at 4:30 pm 18 Comments

Back in Nov. 2011 we learned that an organic juice bar and market was coming to 3706 Macomb St, NW. They quietly opened a couple weeks ago:

You can see their menu here.

Ironically, some of the wood used in the store was reclaimed from Hawk n Dove:

  • Sir Douchy

    A couple of things.
    North Cleveland Park is an official neighborhood in DC but does not include Macomb (it’s rough boundaries are Wisconsin to the West, Nebraska to the North, Reno to the East, and Upton to the South). This store is, I think, in Cathedral Heights.
    Second, given the high rent in that location I just don’t see this kind of store surviving. I hope I’m wrong, but it wouldn’t have been the location I’d have chosen for this business.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious, if this location does not seem right to you where would you open an store like this?

  • Irony

    What’s ironic about the reclaimed wood being used there? Am I missing something about the wood that was used by Hawk n’ Dove?

    • This is a very healthy place. While very fun, Hawk n Dove was not a very healthy place.

      • “This is a very healthy place.”

        *does not see bags of potato chips and sugary dried fruit snacks*
        *ignores that most drinks contain enough sugar to send a diabetic into a coma*

      • Irony

        I see. Apparently I was thinking too hard… I was like, ‘What?? Is this ‘wood’ not organic but it’s in an organic food shop?’ Clearly, I need to leave work. Now.

    • Alanis Morissette

      What do you mean every coincidence/interesting set of circumstances isn’t irony?

      • Relax – people get sarcastic about irony.

  • Michael

    Sounds exciting. Ive never really drank any crazy juices like this, so some sound kind of gross at first reading, but I assume they know what they’re doing. I’ll try em, since they’re more or less in my hood.

  • D

    Perhaps they should reassess some of their menu names… I can’t see anyone striding up to the counter and asking for a “large potassium broth, please”.

    • Irony

      This made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

      You forgot the part when someone willingly chooses to give money in exchange for it. 😉

  • homeimprovementninja

    haven’t tried this place but I will now that it’s on my radar screen. This city needs more healthy options. I have a juicer at home and if you haven’t juiced veggies you don’t know what your missing. all the good nutrients and enzymes from eating a LOT of veggies without actually having to sit down and eat a giant bowl of veggies.

  • someone’s going to spend $6 for 12oz of water with Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, and Maple Syrup?

    and I liked the “Ingredients always organic when possible” part of the smoothie menu. Is that like “organic unless it costs too much”?

  • Far H Street

    Looking forward to trying it – I miss my juice bar from NYC.

    I think the owner is the same chef who revamped the Cafe at Sports/Club LA in Foggy Bottom and made it organic/healthier – if so, I know she has a good rep for legit healthy menus.

  • thirsty

    Does anyone know a juice place where you can get a nice fresh healthy juice drink or smoothie for less than 5 bucks? I just can’t see forking over this kind of money for juice.

  • Juice. Rocks.

    I visited and they have the most delicious soups and smoothies. I tried the awesome green smoothie with spinach and kale (EW)–but it was AMAZING.


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