Washington, DC

Thanks to @lordscarlet for sending word. I’ve never actually been there but it sounds like it was great. Tortilla Factory often was mentioned in the comments when we talked about best places for Mexican food. Their Website says:

“Since 1975, The Tortilla Factory has delighted the Washington Metropolitan Area with the finest Mexican food this side of the border. They have something for everyone! From delicious Margaritas, to tasty enchiladas, to vegetarian options, to kid’s meals…

Come enjoy the authentic Mexican atmosphere with traditional costumes, hats and Mexican folklore decorations.”

Were there any fans?

From Connection Newspapers:

Customers from all over the Washington Metropolitan area are streaming to the Tortilla Factory in Herndon after learning the restaurant will soon be closing its doors after more than 35 years in business. Late last week word began to spread via the Internet that owner Chuck Curcio would be shutting down the restaurant on March 1. Since the public found out, there has been a waiting list each night to relive the memories and enjoy the Sonora Mexican style cuisine.


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