• AngryParakeet

    Wow! What great photos, when can I move in! I picture a cranky hoarder living there now who has a beef with the landlord so won’t cooperate with the photographer.

  • Grand Funk

    Definitely nothing special (perhaps sub-special) but a 1 bedroom for a grand 2 blocks from the metro is sadly hard to come by

  • JS

    The listing says it’s vacant, but there are no interior photos? Big red flag.

    • Grand Funk

      Click over to the second page for interior photos

      • JS

        Got it, thanks. Hard to tell if it’s a good deal; there are no kitchen photos, and I don’t think I saw a washer/dryer.

        • NP, I’m scared to see what the kitchen looks like and doubt it has w/d

  • Lord Dark Helmet

    I question anyplace that does not include photos of the interior.

    That being said, that’s a pretty decent/average price (although, is their a full kitchen in this joint?) in a pretty good location.

    • Grand Funk

      Again, click over to the second page for some uninspiring interior photos

  • snob

    looks horrible. kill me now.

  • Rob

    That is the cactus house!

  • toby

    Calling that an English basement is a massive stretch.

    • CuriousM

      Why? I thought a seperate entrance to a basement = English Basement? No?

    • anon in Park View

      I thought an English basement was a basement that’s at least partially above ground on both sides.

      This looks like it would qualify.

  • Anonymous

    Wow for 300 more per month I live closer to the metro, have a garage, and it’s actually recently remodeled. I guess I’m getting a better deal than I thought.


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