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  • Rave: It’s my birthday! The last year of my life has been pretty amazing, and I’m excited about the next year!

    • Anonymous

      Happy Birthday Claire!

      Please don’t put a lock on the fence. Make a wish and a promise and a cash donation to St Martin’s Church instead where it will do much more good. : )

    • Meg

      Happy birthday!

    • Kevin

      Happy Birthday!

    • Happy birthday, Claire!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: people thinking it is ok to put locks and trash on a fence and don’t see how it is the same as tagging a building. If the famous Bloomingdale tagger made a wish and a promise every time he spray painted a building that would make it acceptable?

    Revel: My belief that people are inherently good even if they don’t always take time to stop and think about their actions, and little reminders like this will bring them back into the fold.

    • Anon3

      LOL! The image of a tagger making a wish and promise every time he tagged a building is hysterical.

      Police approach the scene to assess the vandalism: ‘Yep, it looks like he made one of his signature wishes and promises again… guess we don’t have a leg to stand on with this one. It’d be a damn shame if we kept his wish from coming true.’

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Same goes for “ghost bikes” as well. Intended as a semi-permanent memorial, it is also trash that further congests sidewalks. Stick with a banner and some flowers, please. And then clean it up afterwards.

      • Ghost bikes aren’t just memorials. They also serve to remind non-bikers that a cyclist died at a given spot. Hopefully drivers will be more careful when interacting with bikes when they see that someone has died at that very spot.

  • jt

    Rave: My Week with Marilyn

  • Revel: My rescue dog, whom I’ve had for over a year, finally, for the first time, picked up a toy to play! The dog trainer said that when she started to “play” it would be a sign that she was truly at ease. So thankful to see it happen.

    • Anonymous


      • C3PO

        REVEL: all of these good people who care so much about their traumatized dogs, and have worked hard to make them loved, happy and secure members of the family. Love and appreciation to all of you from myself and many other animal lovers.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, that’s wonderful! We’ve had our rescue for 2.5 weeks and he won’t play with toys unless you get REALLY excited about the toy, and even then, he’ll only play for a few seconds. If you don’t give it to him, he won’t play. But your revel gives me hope!

      • houseintherear

        My puppy mill rescue wouldn’t play with toys at first, and he was really nervous at home. At the advice of a trainer, I brought him to a pet store and let him “shop”- he slowly sniffed every toy for a while and ended up taking one down off the shelf. When we got home I put it in his crate so he was with it all day, and I never took it away from him or touched it. He didn’t play with it really, but he rested his head on it when he slept and carried it around with him for the first few months. Finally one day he brought it to me and dropped it in my lap, and playtime started! Now he uses his many toys not only for play but also when he’s nervous or excited- they’re his security blankets. When I get home he always has a stuffed something in his mouth. It really helped him get more comfortable, I think because he had his own thing that I wasn’t taking away from him. Maybe letting your guy “shop” would help?

        • Anonymous

          Honestly, I don’t think that would work with our little guy. When we go to a pet store, he sniffs everything, so I have no idea what he would really be interested in. The first few days we left a few toys out for him to play with at his leisure. He was not even slightly interested in them. We would try and get excited about them but he wouldn’t budge. What works better for us right now is putting the toys away and pulling them out one at at time for brief play sessions. I think he is starting to realize that the toys aren’t out all the time so if he wants playtime, to play when we pull them out. Again, he’s new to our house so we’re working on it, but it seems to be working well for us now.

          • Ice cubes are excellent toys. Also, just a plain old towel to tug with. Or get an old washcloth, tie a knot in it, wet it & freeze it. Or a “Kong” stuffed with some kibble & peanut butter. And some dogs just don’t like or need to play the way we think they ought to.

        • Anonymous

          This is PAINFULLY cute–make video!

    • Do y’all have any recommendations for trainers in DC?


      • Anonymous

        Bonny-King Taylor (aka, “the doggy lama”) of capitol hill. she’s a dog trainer and a people therapist, so she works a bit of the psychology into the lesson and explains to you why the dog acts a certain way and what it means. i had a great experience with her training my rescue.

        • anon

          i have a nervous little rescue pup that freaks out at the sight of any other dog — almost to the point of being aggressive (this small dog apparently doesn’t know that he is small). i don’t know how your rescue behaved prior to training, but do you think this is the type of behavior she could tackle?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t have experience with other trainers, but Your Dog’s Friend is a training facility in Rockville. The facility has independent trainers come in for Puppy K, Manners, etc. They have a Fearful Dog Class which you may be interested in. I haven’t participated, but I know it’s available.

          • Anonymous

            i believe she could handle your situation. I spent some time with her on the phone before we first met and explained my concerns and initial observations with the dog so that she had a handle on what the issues were when we met. she’s a really great person and a true animal lover. http://www.thedoggylama.com/contact/

      • houseintherear

        I liked the Capital Dog Training Center (CDTC)- it’s technically in Md but right on the border in Silver Spring by 16th St.

      • I have different recommendations based on what you want. My first dog was not the most well behaved, so we used a trainer who’s method was clicker training. I liked it for basic commands like sit, stay, down, come. But I felt that it got kind of confusing moving beyond those commands. My current dog I’ve used a dog trainer for tips to deal with leash aggression and positive reinforcement with some commands. It was great for those things, but the sticking point has been dealing with extreme separation anxiety, which we haven’t made real strides with. So I met recently with another dog behavior specialist to get a different perspective on that issue. If any of that sounds like what you’re looking for, I can email you contact info for any/all 3 trainers.

      • blazing sun

        Kristina at Liberty Canine is fantastic! She helped us turn around our aggressive adult rescue dog when we got her a few years ago. She’s since helped us with our puppy rescue (and those typical puppy issues) and many of the foster dogs we’ve had (shy, aggressive, crazy wild, etc.). She trains the dog and the person, which gives you the ability to use the training with other dogs. We always turn to her when we have weird issues with fosters and she has never let us down. The best part is that our dogs love her and get super excited when they see her! She’s more soft-spoken herself and has worked with many dogs (including ours) which have been turned away by other trainers due to aggression.

      • Mary Klein. I met her in Rock Creek park while she was training her own dog and was impressed. Hired her to come work with my dog on a couple of specific issues and she was great.


    • That’s awesome – it took my rescued cat a little over a year to feel comfortable enough to come over to me and sit on my lap. Now she’s an affectionate little purring machine! (that might as well be my revel for the day – no rants to think of other than my commute took longer than usual)

  • wdc

    Rave: the little birds seem to be enjoying the pile of discarded Christmas trees on the corner.

    Rant: the obvious.

  • Anon3

    Rave: Anon 10:09’s post. I was super annoyed and crabby before I started reading the thread but that lightened things up. Thanks! :)

    Rant: Long work day still ahead of me. Feeling blah.

  • Rave: I don’t have any rants today!

  • Rant: A graffiti tagger sprayed NERO up and down 11th Street NW in the vicinity of Logan Circle, on various walls and surfaces. One loser has singlehandedly made the entire stretch look crummier in one fell swoop. I hope the various property owbers will clean it up soon.

    • He tagged an electric (?) box facing Grant Circle at some point recently too.

    • Anonymous

      That sucker gets around, he (or they, Nero group may be?) was all over Eckington, Bloomingdale and Ledroit last spring.

      I hear he is going to start putting NERO tagged locks on the North Capitol overpass soon! (that part is a joke, that tagging is not sorry for the defacing of your neighborhood and hope it is resolved quickly)

      (One more funny note, my next door neighbor was going around telling people that somebody was spray painting NERD on every thing lol, he thought Nero was Nerd which in reality….. ain’t far from the mark)

      • Nero-Nerd = funny. For years I thought the “Brown Union” crew was actually the “Brown Onion” because of their lame graffiti, and always wondered about such a stupid gang name.

  • Rant: People who do not RSVP to events. It’s one thing to ignore emails, but absolutely inexcusable if you have received a handwritten paper invitation in the mail, requesting a response. Utterly, unbelieveably rude! I am trying to plan an event and have not heard anything from half of the invitees – making it extremely difficult to plan.

    The time spent assembling and mailing your invitation is less than the time it would take you to type up a one-line email saying yea or nay. Hello.

  • anonnnnn

    rave: adrenaline. motivation. ambition.

    rave: new camera coming today.

    rant: needing to break it off with someone i’ve been seeing for about a month. i suck at this. i hate doing it. have no idea how to. in person? by phone? ugh

    rant: it’s only tuesday.

    • anon

      In person. Don’t be a wuss and break up by phone or other means.

      • Anon3

        +1 One time I called it off with a guy I had been seeing for about six weeks in-person. I had no idea how he would take it but he ended up thanking me for talking to him in-person and complimenting my character. Of course, everyone’s different but, personally, I’d appreciate being told in-person…

        • anon

          so… take him out to dinner, and when the check arrives….?

    • Jeff

      “I don’t want to date you. Here’s a puppy.”

      Works every time.

    • Idaho Ave

      Whatever you do…don’t just start seeing someone else and completely cut off all email, text, phone calls, etc in a way to get the message through…..not cool. Granted a month isn’t 3.5 years but stilll…not cool.

    • I broke up with a guy in a note one time………………in 8th grade. But seriously, I have major issues breaking up with people, to the point that I’ll stay in an unhappy relationship for much longer than is healthy/right. Had my college b/f not dumped me back in 2002 I would probably still be with him.

  • Rave: Work has been pretty quiet since I got back into town. I definitely needed some down time.

    Rant: That is all about to change. The next six weeks or so are going to be nuts!

    Rave: I’m ready for it–it’s my first big project that I’m leading solo and I’ve been prepping for it for months. Time to prove I’m worth that raise I’ve been asking for…

    • Anonymous

      alright! go get it!

  • em

    Rant: People who don’t pay attention and respond only to the first sentence in an email, not to the actual questions or issues.

    Revel: It is warm again! Living in the south has made me soft and I don’t really enjoy cold weather that much (yes, snow is pretty, but there is something to be said for being able to walk outside without my nose hairs freezing as soon as I take a breath).

    Rant: The warm weather cycle is probably another indication that climate change is knocking at our door.

    Revel: I work in the environmental science field, so I’ll continue to have a job as long as there is a need to investigate and respond to climate change.

  • Rave: While in the process of ordering rosaries for the office, came across this: “Great for Party favors.” Oh, you crazy Catholics…

    Rave: Borrowed some CDs from the library last night – currently listening to “Hits from the Second World War” and it’s awesome! Such feel good music. Up next? Phantom of the Opera!

    Rave: Last weekend made some beer mustard butter, which I just had on a turkey sandwich for lunch.

    Rant: Ten years ago I was out to save the world, one person at a time. Now I’m out to save the world, one administrative task at a time. *le sigh*

    • On the Hill

      I’m sure it’s a serious task, but the offhand way you said “while in the process of ordering rosaries for the office” made me giggle a bit :) Thanks for making my afternoon!

      • Me too! – It sounds like a lead-in to some bizarre story contest.

        • Glad to hear that!

          This week rosaries, last week prayer rugs (because ours have been stolen)…next week…a rake for a Japanese Zen garden?


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