Burger King to Start Delivery From Four DC Area Locations

by Prince Of Petworth — January 17, 2012 at 12:00 pm 33 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user DooleyPhoto

Speaking of Burger King, yesterday USA Today reported:

Burger King, the No. 2 burger chain, has quietly begun testing home delivery of its burgers, fries and other sandwiches since fall at four of its restaurants in the greater Washington, D.C., area, with an eye on expanding beyond that.

Be honest, we can be anonymous here, can you ever see yourself ordering Burger King for delivery?

  • No.

  • Anon

    Oh hell yea. But I’m probably just a lazy fatty.

    • Anon2

      (holds head down in shame) +1

      besides, aren’t there enough senseless, happy and hungry drunks in the wee hours (when nothing else is open) who would think this would be a fantastic idea?

    • Anonymous

      +1,000 (calories, that is). This could be dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Probably not. But I do secretly love their chicken tenders 🙂

  • wdc

    Heck no. Cheap food and cheap beer MUST be super-hot or super-cold to be palatable. I love me a fast-food cheeseburger (preferably with bacon) but it needs to be hot. Goes from sinfully delicious to trash in about 8 minutes.

    • another guy named chris

      this would be my fear… since it takes over a half hour to get delivery from places i can walk to and back in 10 minutes, I’d be concerned my fries would be soggy…

  • Anonymous

    I would and will have BK delivered. bi-daily.

    • getoffmylawn

      I could see myself doing it tri-daily sometimes. I already start every morning with a sausage, egg, and cheese Croissan’wich. Would be even better if it was delivered as I awoke…

      • Dreamworks

        They won’t deliver breakfast. Or fountain drinks for that matter.

  • live from Columbia Heights

    I can see this being wildly successful, especially if they add pizza to the menu.

  • No way.

  • rd

    only interested if delivered by the king

  • Anon

    Sorry but I think it’s kind of sad. Fast food is bad enough. People now can’t even leave their homes to go get it?

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Ever have somebody pick up a McD’s, BK, or hell even 5 Guys combo for you at work? It’s always a disappointing experience, even when you know the burger is going to be lukewarm and the fries limp and soggy. Not sure why anybody would intentionally subject themselves to that at home.

  • The Real Jason

    God yes. Finally, flame broiled goodness.. a mouse click away. I can lie slumped on my couch and down whopper after whopper. Heaven has never been closer.

  • Florista

    Feels like the ‘beginning of the end,’ if you ask me…

  • Bugh- That’s a resounding no from me. Drunken food bliss? Twenty four seven plus or a frozen pizza. Or just cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

    • Chocanon


  • svi

    i wish wendy’s would do this too

  • Joanne

    UM YES! I can see this being wildly dangerous for my health

  • I’m going to have to say, of all the fast food joints, I sometimes get the craving for a flame broiled whopper. I work near K St downtown, when the BK closed on K st, I was actually kinda bummed. Bummed enough to have a whopper delivered? No. So count me in the no camp on this one.

  • I would do it…but feel guilty about it. Mmm, Whopper Jr., it’s been too long.

  • Nick

    100% yes- for those evenings when it’s no longer a prudent decision to drive.

  • yum

    I’d be more excited if they took a lesson from Arby’s and instituted something like this:


  • ET

    BK lounge – no. Five Guys – maybe.

    (also, isn’t the picture in the previous post of the old BK on K? and if so was it deliberate to post these two next to each other)

  • Kind of like importing dogs from other neighborhoods to crap on your lawn.

  • Dreamworks

    Totally would. But that depends on if the food is hot and/or the girlfriend was out of town.

  • A Post columnist took one for the team and tried out the delivery. He was very pleased: “The fries were hot and crispy, the Whopper was fresh and unsoggy, the salad was pretty and delightful”

  • Anon

    I would be a lot more excited about this if instead of BK it was… Literally any other fast food restaurant besides BK.

  • newintown

    “Greater Washington DC Area” I went to the website, and there are not any locations in DC delivering. Just MD and VA.

  • You know this really isn’t the biggest deal in the world. All the McD’s in Manhattan deliver. Everything is just so much better in NYC…


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