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The 5pm Post – Make GA Avenue a Great Street – on Thur. Nov. 17

by Prince Of Petworth — November 15, 2011 at 5:00 pm 13 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

From an email:

“Dear Georgia Avenue Business Owners, Nonprofits & Stakeholders,

Recently, the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force petitioned Mayor Gray to keep $1.44 million in funding for the Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project. The funds are available for business development. Several GA Avenue Business Owners and Stakeholders met and decided that we need/want to participate in “Making GA Avenue a Great Street”.

Please join us and invite other Stakeholders to discuss – What we want the GA Avenue business community to look like and what we need to do to Make GA Avenue a Great Street – on Thur. Nov. 17, 2011
@ 7pm at G II Lounge & Restaurant, 2632 Georgia Avenue, NW, WDC 20001

( GA Avenue & Fairmont St., NW). PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO OTHERS!!!

If you have questions please contact me at [email protected]
or (202) 549-0176,

Take Charge!”

A possible first step for a Georgia Ave Business Improvement District?

  • Thanks PoP if anyone is looking for more information on the Georgia Avenue Business Association please contact me. Our second meeting is this Thursday as we look for additional feedback on making Georgia Avenue a Great Street.

  • Jolly Rolly

    Good stuff! Unity in numbers

  • W Jordan

    The $1.44M was left over funding. $2M went to the CVS project, like CVS needs the help(it was a developer give away). $500k went to Central Union Mission.

  • Local PW

    As a local but not a business owner I would love to see nicer signage and a cleaner, neater look along the storefronts and sidewalks of Georgia Avenue. Everything looks so dirty and sad, there is so much traffic along that street but the storefronts are depressing.

    • textdoc


  • J

    Is there a difference between the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force and the Georgia Avenue Business Association?

    • saf

      Yes. One is made up of community members, and one of businesses.

  • RH

    Let’s make sure we put this additional funds to productive uses. I hope to god this new project is not a shill to promote the Caribbean festival.

    • Scared

      Please don’t say that, GA needs business pride (shown in storefronts and beyond) and not a festival that brings people in for one day and leaves nothing but trash and bullet shells behind!

  • MartinG

    There won’t be business or signage improvement on Georgia until there’s improvement in people. Its not a color issue because if there were poor, indifferent peasant-acting whites on the street, it would likewise still look run down and dirty, with low tier businesses pandering to the typical clientele. Just because you improve a “streetscape” that means nothing. I take the Metro everyday at Columbia Heights, and the mess around those station entrances is appalling. Yet weren’t they “streetscaped” ?

    • Anonymous

      do you live around georgia?

      trust me, the peasant-ish folk are WAY nicer than the bourgeoisie. the peasants do throw more trash on the ground though.

      but i found i care less about that and more about people making eye contact and saying hello to me. that stops when you cross sherman ave.

      the peasants aren’t the problem with georgia avenue.

      • andy

        Tis true, tis. I have heard that the knights and ladies are are much less chivalrous. And zounds! Prithee do not speake of the Marquess of Delafield . . . What a miscreant!

  • JMC

    Don’t stop at Petworth… bring the love up to Brightwood too, please! We’re in a stalled revitalization of sorts.


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