• AggieMAB

    haha whoever ekelly80 is I believe we were at the exact same place taking pictures! Cheers.

    • Loving those yellow leaves, both great photos! Where is this exactly?

  • AggieMAB

    Skyline Drive, it’s a gorgeous highway through Shenandoah National Park. Thanks by the way!

  • ekelly80

    Definitely in Shenandoah!

  • victoria

    Is this the grove at about mile 6? (Mileage on Skyland Drive, for those unfamiliar, is counted from Front Royal.)

    We were there last weekend – and yes it is lovely – but be warned that weekend traffic is extreme nuts!

    We entered the park around 11 a.m. and there was about 10 min. wait to enter ($15.00 per car) the visitor center & first few overlooks were 2xs overloaded. 5 min. wait to pass the stopped cars at the grove in this photo. (Are they the famous linden trees? We didn’t find out.)

    We had a great hike around mile 10 (rangers at the visitor center are super helpful despite the 10,000 people asking endless questions) and on our return at around 1:30, cars were backed up for about 3 miles before this site as people stopped to take this picture.

    Play hooky and go during the week. Or arrive before 9 a.m. on Sat. & Sun. But if you just want to see great fall colors and don’t need the views, go to Rock Creek Park or Great Falls.


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