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  • Melanie

    The chicken is good, the sides are basic and tasty, and the agua fresca is great in the summer – not too sweet. By only complaint, and it is a meager one, is that the “greens of the day” is always broccoli. Always.

    • BeerDude

      Hahaha, that’s funny, everytime I go in the “greens of the day” is green beans! I would kill for some broccoli with my chicken and sweet potatoes.

      • styglan1

        yeah, we ordered on Saturday and it was green beans!

  • NHAve

    Love Chix, love their student prices, love their HH and reverse HH. Lots of food for the $. I like to get a burrito with no rice, it’s HUGE. Their sauces are all really yummy, too. And the sweet potato side.

    • Cornholio


      Covered everything. I love the side sauces and the reverse happy hour! Nice to have a healthier option in the area.

    • CAHBF

      whats HH?

      • textdoc

        I’m assuming “happy hour”… but what’s a reverse happy hour?

        • Sammy

          It’s 7-10pm!

      • styglan1

        happy hour

  • I. Rex

    It’s a nice healthy option and very reasonably priced. The only downside is the chicken’s a little bland in my opinion, but then again I’m a much bigger fan of peruvian chicken.

  • neednewjob

    I ate here once and thought the food, for the price, was pretty good. Everything tasted fresh – and I love their homemade tea brews!

  • I like the place a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of their food! amazing fresh, tasty chicken, great sides (tried the mac n/cheese?) and they have quite possibly the best chicken soup on the planet! And they deliver to CH – for free! The vegetable is usually green beans when I order – agree that they could be a little more creative.

  • Anon

    NOODLES AND CHEESE. Total must-order item. Also, $10 bottles of wine. Not the greatest wine, but the price is right.

    • Anonymous

      The noodles and cheese are SOOOOOOO good. As is the curry sauce. I love this place, as everyone here seems to.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet potatoes there are the bomb!

  • Jarvis Green

    It’s probably the best chicken-themed restaurant in all of Washington.

    • NHAve

      Been to Nando’s? A little pricier sure but sooo good.

      • GloverGuy

        +1. Nando’s rules. My vote for best chicken in DC.

  • Pokerface

    Yummy and they deliver too. I’ve ordered in twice and had my food within 30 mins of placing my order. Plus it feels good to eat healthy and tasty food.

  • Eleeza

    One of the top five things I miss about living on U St. Soooo delicious.

  • Neighbor

    Chix is delish, a steady ready go-to when you can’t think of anything else to order. I’ll also just note that I live right across the alley from them, and they are very good neighbors. It can be hard to share an alley with a restaurant (garbage, deliveries, etc.) but they are invariably considerate, and all-in-all class acts.

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING!!! I live around the corner and I have a hard time not going every day!

  • Anonymous

    Love love love Chix, I eat here at least twice a week. The food is delish and I love having a healthy take out option in the neighborhood. Lucas and Victoria are great!!

  • The Gup

    I tried it once over 3 years ago and found it bland. But you all have convinced me to give it a 2nd shot.

  • Anonymous

    i find it funny that the restaurant didnt make it as a peruvian chicken joint so they changed it to white people chicken and now its popular.

    • Anonymous

      smart business.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was never a peruvian chicken joint.

      • Actually, there was a Peruvian chicken joint in that space (can’t remember the name), which was the prior tenant before Chix. It lasted less than a year. (I ate there once — and had a grilled steak sandwich that was OK.)

        I’m a regular takeout customer from Chix. Really good sized chickens, nicely seasoned, and not dry. There is a yellow curry sauce that comes on the side that adds some zing. I also enjoy the cubed sweet potatoes as a side. While I admire their “green policy,” it does result in somewhat flimsy takeout containers. Also, on occasions I’ve eaten in the restaurant, I found that the plastic forks typically became deformed halfway through the meal.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Ah thanks, I thought he meant CHIX used to be a peruvian chicken joint – didn’t realize he was talking about a different owner. (Truthfully, I didn’t know it was peruvian before chix.) Thanks again.

  • anonymous

    Best bargain restaurant in DC. $6.50 lunch menu: 1/4 colombian chicken, black beans & Rice and green of the day (either green beans or broccoli). Avocado dressing is best dipping sauce around. $10 bottles of wine every evening 7-9:30PM.

  • Elza

    I have never heard of this place, and now I’m definitely going to check it out! Yay, I love when Judging Restaurants gives me new ideas. :)

  • Anonymous

    The chicken and rice soup is amazing. Taste like its homemade.


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