Washington, DC

King’s Deli & Grocery (photo above) located at 3651 Georgia Ave, NW (near the Petworth metro) has been a grocery store and deli for a while but they’ve just applied for a liquor license. The Park View blog notes:

“Within 1,500 feet of King’s there are already four locations with a Class B (beer and wine) license and two locations with a Class A (beer, wine, and liquor) license.”

And nearby Lion’s Liquors (photo below) located at 3614 Georgia Ave, NW is getting completely gutted. I took a peek inside yesterday and the space is huge. The owner says he is planning on making it more upscale with a significant wine section. The Park View blog got a bit more detail:

“while their initial focus is going to be getting a liquor store up and running, the also want to put in a wine bar where people can sit and relax. Lastly, they also hope to be able to serve some type of food down the road.”

Sound good?


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