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Adams Morgan BID: “ANC1C will vote tonight to reduce sidewalk cafe space on 18th Street in Adams Morgan”

by Prince Of Petworth October 5, 2011 at 2:44 pm 23 Comments

From the Adams Morgan BID:

“All business owners and property owners on 18th Street who are interested in having a sidewalk cafe after the 18th Street Streetscape construction has concluded or expanding your current sidewalk cafe should attend tonight’s ANC1C meeting.

The meeting will begin at 7 PM TONIGHT October 5th at Mary’s Center (the pink building) at 2355 Ontario Rd., NW.

At last night’s PZT Committee (Planning, Zoning and Transportation) meeting of ANC1C, the committee voted to support the following change to DCMR 24-311; 204 and 316:

“All rental of public space, whether for a café or other commercial use, must have an adjacent clear and unobstructed passageway not less than 12 feet in width at all points. Sidewalk cafes located at street intersections shall provide corner clearance of 12 feet to the corner. No sidewalk cafes shall be within 15 feet of a bus stop, a bus shelter or a Metrorail station entrance (24-311.6 and 24-311.7.7). The Public Space Committee has the authority to approve an adjacent passageway as narrow as 8 feet.”

How this is different from current law:

The existing city-wide law provides for 10 feet in width at all points
and an exception as narrow as 6 feet.

To be clear, ANC1C is proposing that there be 12 feet rather than 10 feet from the edge of the railing of the café (or other perimeter) to the curb. Thus the ANC’s proposal would create a greater distance from the curb to the edge of a sidewalk cafe and reduce available cafe space.

The ANC has not justified why they think that 18th Street should have different sidewalk cafe measurements than the rest of the city. Please attend tonight’s meeting and voice your opinion if this issue is important to you and your business or tenants.”


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