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  • GDopplerXT

    AAAAGHGH! Not again! It’s “Potbelly”, not “Potbelly’s” (just look at their sign!).

    Also, did you know that most front yards in DC are actually public property, not private property? ;)

    • Johnny Walker

      It’s a bummer the city never cuts or maintains it and when the owner doesn’t they get fined.

  • jm

    hahaha I really think that at this point he purposefully uses the possesive just to antagonize us.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    actually the possessive is correctly used in the title of this post. Not in the body however.

    • GDopplerXT

      True. I was referring to the one that is not correct.

  • NHRes

    How is this picture not up for a caption contest?

    • herewegoagain

      The reclusive man sheep giants risk a rare daytime appearance in order to look down a woman’s shirt.


      The mansheep giants refuse to admit that Up Against the Wall is no longer there.

      CAPTCHA – EWWN. They wish.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been to a Potbelly (I’ll admit I hardly ever leave my neighborhood and a sandwich isn’t a good enough reason to go to the other side of town). What makes it so good?

    • Angry Parakeet

      It isn’t.

    • GDopplerXT

      I’d say it’s a decent option if you just want a sandwich for lunch or if you’re on the go and just want to grab a quick something to eat on the way. Similar to Subway or Quizno’s.

      It’s not worth a special trip.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say better than Subway or Quiznos, but also agree that it’s still not special enough for a specific trip.

        • Bloomingdalian


          Subway and quiznos taste like synthetic garbage. Potbelly puts some soul (albeit pretty standardized) in their food! There’s something to be said about the “drone employee” culture that both Subway and Quiznos seems to generate…maybe it’s their fluorescent lighting?

          Anyways, great chain option when you’re in a pinch!

    • rooty tooty

      “so good” is not really a correct description. However, I’d say it’s “better than Quiznos” or “better than Subway” for the following reasons:

      1) awesome cookies (try the chocolate brownie one)
      2) a milkshake made with real ice cream for under 4 bucks
      3) salads that are not just a collection of sandwich toppings

      they’ve really improved significantly since adding grilled chicken on to their menu, in my view. prior to that, it was just cold cuts. their farmhouse and uptown salads actually have some tasty ingredients.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Kinda funny that your three reasons this is a good sandwich joint have nothing to do with sandwiches. :-)

        I like their meatball parmesan.

        • rooty tooty

          I agree – it is kinda funny…and is indicative of the quality of the sandwiches. I could actually put soups in that list as a strong point too :)

    • Anon5

      Their sandwiches are mediocre at best. Their array of toppings is very limited, and the sandwich portion is expensive, yet too small to be filling.

      I used to work near a Potbelly, but the Best Sandwich Place was a block away, and their turkey club is hard to beat.

    • Anonymous

      Potbelly pretends to be better than Subway or Quiznos, but it’s just more expensive and has halfway mediocre sandwiches on a good day.

      • Anon

        If by MORE expensive you mean, on the average, less than subway and basically always less than quiznos, you’re correct.

        • Bloomingdalian

          People get bamboozled by the ads for Subway and Quiznos cardboard – I mean sandwich – deals.
          Per ounce, I’m sure the cost is nearly identical. As far as toppings go, Potbelly doesn’t really need more toppings, the ones they have really work!

  • Best sandwich chain out there, IMO. That’s right, I went there. Your move, Quizno’s.

  • styglan1

    i cannot believe that no one has commented on the man sheep giants in the picture. wtf is that?

    • I agree, the real story here is not another one of millions of DC Potbellies, but the first (and second) Man-Sheep to be spotted in the city. The headline here truly ignores the elephant, or as the case may be elephantine man-sheep, in the room, not to mention that which will haunt my nightmares for the forseeable future.

      • MSF

        Regardless of how many Potbellies there are in DC, they are mainly concentrated downtown. This is the first one in The Shaw area of town. It’s nice to have one within biking distance of my apt if necessary, though I still need to get over to Sundevitch.

  • Soozles

    I’ve only been to PB twice, but I liked their salads. A decent, fairly healthy lunch.

    As for the photo, I think you have it, styglan1. They’re man sheep giants, but I think it should be hyphenated: man-sheep giants. Or mansheep giants?

  • Johnny Walker

    Reasonably priced sandwiches with a simple menu and good vibe….but with Jimmy Johns moving into the area competition will be fierce!

    • Johnny Walker

      Not to mention awesome jalapenos!

  • lipitor

    perfect. another in a series of soulless franchises with absolute shit factory food and “loaded”, “handmade” 12,000 calorie sandwiches. the scourge of humanity and america’s heroic mascot (along with elastic waistbands). might as well drink corn syrup from the tap like your fellow cows. eat up, fatties.

    • Anon5

      I thought Pfizer was the scourge of humanity.

      Say, doesn’t Pfizer make Lipitor?

    • MSF

      Have I been missing the 12,000 calorie sandwich at Potbelly? Damn.

    • Anon

      Your diatribe leaves out a disclaimer that you dont know what the hell you’re talking about. Even with 12,000 being hyperbole, Potbelly’s/s’ options are lower in calories than about 95% of the lunch options out there. So, I assume that since your rant is based on the unhealthiness of the food, that since its not high in calories, the entire thing is invalid.

      When eating out for lunch, I’d much prefer the easily identifiable nutritional content from chains than the hipster friendly coffee shop that discloses nothing but says its “organic” which is pretty much a bullshit term.

      So basically, you just dont like chain restaurants. Which is cool, but your vitriol is immature and uncalled for.

      • another anon


  • Anon

    I freakin love Potbellies’

    • Richko

      Potbellies’ what?

      Ice cream?

  • GloverGuy

    Potbelly rules and I’ll tell you why:

    1) They don’t skimp on the hot peppers, which come “standard” on all sandwiches
    2) They support local musicians in all their locations. If you go there at lunchtime, there will always be some guy/gal strumming away classic rock covers
    3) They are not that bad health-wise and publish very clear nutrition info on their website (e.g., roast beef sandwich for under 500 calories)
    4) Their “Zapp’s” potato chips are awesome

    Not necessarily a “destination” kind of place, but certainly much better than all the other fast food crap out there.

    • Anonymous

      Pffft. Effeminate under 500 calorie sandwich might satisfy Richard Simmons but a genuinely hetero Big Jack’s PB&J with double jelly, double peanut butter, banana; oreo shake with malt and macaroni salad lunch clocks in at a super straight 3423 cal with enough sodium to keep a horse hard for a week. Eat it.
      I heard that the phatest sandwich/side/drink combo gets a free bib.

  • RD

    i thought we all agreed the preferred name was “potbellies.”

  • Brookland Rez

    Mmmmm…… That sounds good actually.

    • Brookland Rez

      I meant that in response to the double pb&j post.


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