Washington, DC

help wanted

If you’ve been watching television for the past two nights, you’ve probably seen dozens of politicians talking about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Not to make light of our economic woes, but listening to this rhetoric, you’d think that the answer to everything is to utter the word “JOBS!”

What is the answer to our dependence on foreign oil. “JOBS!”

What’s the cure for cancer? “JOBS!”

How do we find Moammar Gadhafi? “JOBS!”

What is 13 Down in the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle? “JOBS!”

What do we do about unemployment? “JOBS!”

So with all this talk about jobs, I’d like to pose a hypothetical question.

If the President came to you to lead the PoPville Jobs Program–which provided funding for ONE job that you could use to do anything in our fair city–what would it be? One job to improve life in our fair city?

(Of course, nothing says government program than having a staff person hired to manage one job–but let’s look beyond that.)

You could answer by thinking of something practical like hiring a crossing guard outside of a senior center–or you could hire someone to cut the lawns at vacant property on your block (my personal choice).

Or perhaps you’d rather hire someone to correct the grammar and spelling on corner store signage.

Your choice.

So share your ideas for the ONE job in the PoPville jobs program. What should it be?


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