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Help El Gringo find his ride

A reader request:

I know you have posted about peoples’ lost pets, wallets and even umbrellas. I’m hoping you might be able to post about my stolen motorcycle. My beloved ride is a 2-tone black and silver 2000 Honda Shadow ACE 750. My Poor-Man’s-Harley was taken from in front of my house near 14th and Newton some time last night…the same night I brought it home from a thorough tune-up at Modern Classics. I was hoping you might post this email along with the picture to see if someone spots it being ridden, hidden or ditched. Worst of all? My job has recently moved me out to Virgina so I need it now more than ever! ( 2 trains + a bus into Arlington is going to SUCK)

Here’s a FAQ for PoPville:

– I’m pretty sure that it is a “near one of a kind” bike in this area – 2-tone black and silver Honda crusier-style bikes are NOT common around here. That’s why I’m thinking PoPville might actually be able to help me. This isn’t a silver Honda Accord we’re talking about.

– It was parked legally. Just in case I’m an idiot, I checked DCDMV and DPW to see if it has been ticketed or towed. No luck there.

– I have already filed a police report at the 3D substation, called my insurance company, and asked some of my old-school neighbors to keep an eye out. Police have given me a report number. Insurance won’t even start the claim process until 3 weeks have elapsed. Old school neighbors have promised to look around.

– I have lived in CH since 2004, and been parking the bike on the street in this neighborhood since I first bought it. No one has ever tried to steal it before.

– I did not leave the keys in it.

– I am a year-round rider and it is my primary means of transport so it doesn’t sit on the street for long periods. It was my plan to aggressively maintain and ride the bike until it’s last breath in another 10-15 years, so simple replacement with insurance money is sub-optimal.

– I would *greatly* appreciate any help in recovering the bike. (Money, food, beer, and public adulation are all on the table)

El Gringo

Anyone have a tip?


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