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Does it “say” something when you patronize a liquor store?

Dana Hill Liquors Sign
I recently had a conversation with a friend that stuck with me. I mentioned I was going to stop by my neighborhood liquor store for some, as I call it, “Eric’s Pain Go Bye-Bye Juice.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t do that,” she remarked.

After repeatedly saying that, no, I didn’t have a problem, she stopped me to say:

“No, what I mean is that when you patronize those places, you are supporting them and all the things that come along with them.”

She then listed off a litany of issues: serving the obviously intoxicated, loitering, drug activity, petty crime–all things that she felt gravitated around the liquor store. Her logic: get rid of the store, get rid of the problem. If you can’t get rid of the store, at least don’t shop there.

I had a different view. I think its naive to think that all those problems “go away” if a store isn’t there. All those things will still happen, just perhaps not in that location. So, if that’s the case, why would patronizing it make any difference?

Therefore, shopping at said liquor store is not a tacet endorsement of all those horrible things she mentioned.

What do you think? Who is right? Or, more than likely, is neither of us right?

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