Your Afternoon Animal Fix

by Prince Of Petworth July 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm 27 Comments

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.


“this is my pet bunny, Mrs. Crackers. we live in Bloomingdale! he has a bunny-sized harness so we go on walks.”

“Bo finally sheds his summer coat on Capitol Hill”

  • Megan

    Three for three on this one. So cute!

    And do you really take the bunny on walks? Because that is awesome and it made my day.

    • Molly

      yes! we go on hops often. only like twenty feet, though.

      also, his ears are permanently like that. he looks like he has a side pony tail.

      • Fellow Petworthian

        Awesome bunny! Love that you take him on hops.

      • JenDC

        Sorry Molly, after letting us in on that detail it is now mandatory that you provide a photo of Mrs. Crackers out on the town. Please???

        • TEM


        • Anonymous

          Totally! I demand to see bunny walk pictures!

        • anon


          • cia


        • anonymous chick

          Why is male bunny Mrs Crackers?

          No judgment.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea people shaved their cats in the summer. Is this really a popular thing?

    • elcal

      lion cut ftw

    • TEM

      I think it’s fairly common with long-haired cats–imagine how miserable it would have been the past few days with that much fur!

    • Cait B

      Foregoing the fear of being labeled a crazy cat lady, can I know where the OP had that done?

      • ¢hris

        we had ours shaved at petco. You need a vet papers to prove he/she doesn’t have rabies. We shopped around, and they were the cheapest we could find. Think it cost around $70.

      • Laura

        We have our cat shaved like this in May every year. Cuts down on hairballs and knots, and she actually seems to love it (though she looks ridiculous). We go to Capital Cat Clinic in Arlington.

        • me

          I had a Shih Tzu while growing up, and we used to take him to get a puppy cut every summer. Sometimes, they would shave the hair a bit too short, and no joke, he’d be embarrassed and would only come out of a corner if we put a toddler-sized t-shirt on him. Poor baby.

  • MtP

    Aw, I’m a sucker for bunnies! I always wanted one for a pet.

    Do you keep him in a cage or does he have free rein of the house? (And if the latter, where does he, um…poop?)

    • Molly

      free reign, baby! free reign. although he tends to stay in one room because there’s a carpet in it (he’s afraid of wood floors and tile).

      he has a little cage that he poops in. once in a while he will have a tiny accident but it’s ok. he’s just a bunny.

      • Sleepy

        If it’s a he, why the name Mrs. Crackers?

        • Molly

          oh, I dunno. we thought it sounded good. it’s not like he responds to his name anyway.

  • LA

    What kind of cat is Bo? I’m just curious because my Maine Coon cat would probably love the shave right about now (though I’m the one hesitant to do it).

  • Sleepy

    Hooray for bunnies!

  • sosayi

    Srsly. I, too, would love to know where that little adorable cat got the buzz. My maine coon is also dying in this heat. He might hate me at first, but I bet he’d be in heaven once he realized how cool it was.

  • RD

    that cat looks ridiculous

  • Owner of Bo here – we have no idea what kind of cat he is … he needs to be sedated to get the lion cut, and the only vet in the district that we’ve found will do it is dupont veterinary clinic on p st … we usually do it once a year, he has ridiculously long hair and can’t handle it himself, so he gets lots of mats … he’s so much more sociable with the haircut, a totally different cat

  • b

    dexter! so cute!

    • Anonymous



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