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  • Rant: Job search is still on. Life is too short to wallow at a desk and a company you despise.

    Rave: Taking an online course in Russian. Not easy, but I’m enjoying it!

    • really?

      you need a new attitude. you’re always the first post on R/R about hating your job. Does your job and coworkers hate you, too?

      • I actually like my coworkers – a lot. It’s the management that runs the place in a catastrophic fashion, and I believe one day this firm may collapse just due to mismanagement of funds and lack of appropriate leadership. I believe my colleagues are very talented and smart (there’s only six of us full-timers) but the higher-ups are plaguing the company.

        I’m just looking for a creative atmosphere in DC to work in, that’s all. Trust me, my version of wallowing at my desk is not crying into my sleeve. It’s getting on every job board I can find and applying to places around the city so I can feel happier. Spending 9.5-10 hour days feeling like I should be chained to my desk and occasionally work on weekends, all when I despise that overseer I deem to call a boss, warrants me to search for something new.

        Life is too short to feel miserable on a daily level when I can actually try and find a much better job!

        • ess

          have you considered the fact that your supervisors or a coworker who doesn’t like you could notice your posts and you could get fired? with the details you give (and the link to your blog) it wouldn’t be hard to figure you out.

          I don’t say it as a threat–I have no idea who you are–but as a caution.

    • EW

      I feel like I constantly commiserate with you, neednewjob. I feel the same. However, today, on a happier note, best of luck with Russian! I have studied it for quite a few years in college and now, in DC post-graduation. Check out thegln.org– they offer conversation-based classes and both times I’ve taken Russian, it’s really helped. I won’t take it in the fall, in order to study for the GRE (job market is so bad I want to go back to school)but the in-class interaction will really supplement your online course! Udacha!

      • Anonymous

        You really don’t need to devote much time to studying for the GRE. Take a practice test and you’ll be fine.

        • EW

          I probably won’t to be honest- I am already a reasonably good test-taker, it’s mostly just a matter of re-learning geometry and algebra that I haven’t touched since high school (even though I plan on going for a IR degree..sigh). I’m also hoping to take on a sort-of freelance editing/research assistant position, if it works out. I met a woman writing a book on a particular topic that I wrote my undergrad thesis on, who may need some help. So that’s a rave :)

          • Anonymous

            Oh, true. I forget that most people haven’t done the math stuff in a while. Good luck!

          • me

            Just something to point out- don’t go to grad school only because you’re tired of work right now. Especially if you’ll go for an advanced degree in the humanities. You can amass a lot of debt for a degree that won’t necessarily help you, unless your area of expertise really kind of requires it to get ahead (i.e. an MBA if you’re in a consulting firm, etc). I literally just read an article about that in Slate today. Otherwise, good luck to you! http://www.slate.com/id/2300107/

  • Britt

    Rant: Missed the olympic torch- ran downstairs from my office to see it and it had already passed me by.
    Rave: Mom and Godmom is in town for the day!

    • Anonymous

      Olympic torch? Where?

      • Britt

        From Canadian Embassy to British Embassy- DCist has info on it and the British Embassy was tweeting about it: http://twitter.com/#!/ukinusa

  • El Gringo

    Rave – love this party pic.

    Rave – travel to Tanzania on Saturday

    Rant – No PoP T-Shirt to photograph in Zanzibar!

    • Anonymous

      Me too. Why don’t I get invited to parties like this?

      • JL

        I got invited to the party in this pic but couldn’t go (srsly). :(

  • PetworthRes

    Rave: New traffic light going in at the corner of Georgia Ave & Taylor St NW next to the Yes Organic Market. No more playing frogger while walking home with my groceries!

    • caballero

      Is it going in right now? I knew it was in the works….

      • PetworthRes

        The lights were there yesterday, but covered with fabric (so not operating yet). I think they just installed them because I’m at the store every couple days and hadn’t seen them before yesterday.

  • PG

    Rave: Met PoP yesterday. Thanks again for the t-shirt!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Have had bloating and headaches since Sunday afternoon.

    Rave: Biked to work this morning and can see why people do it. It was faster than any other mode of transit, including driving, and I didn’t get as sweaty as I do when I walk.

  • Sammy

    Rant: Saw the aftermath of a cyclist getting hit by a car at 17th and P this morning. Really scary. Please be careful out there, everyone.

    • Anonymous

      Anybody know anything more about this?

    • Britt

      Any word on how the cyclist is? That’s my normal route to work…

      • Tom

        Same. I breeze through that light every morning on my bike. Not anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Oh god, don’t tell me that.

      I have a new biker question, actually. What’s the proper protocol for making a left turn from a bike lane? Should I move to the middle of the street so I’m in the left turn lane with all the cars?

      • joker

        Rant: Two cylists, both on the red cabi bikes blew through their red light (going south) at 14th and Fairmont this morning in Columbia Heights, forcing me and the car behind me to lock up our brakes. Their light had clearly been red for about 20 seconds, so who knows what they were thinking. They didn’t even bother slowing down or look left/right. Just biking, full speed ahead.

        Rave: Two Cops were sitting right there, ostensibly getting their Baskins Robbins Fill, saw what had happened flipped on their lights and pulled both bikes over.

        I drove by so I don’t know if they were ticketed/punished, but fingers crossed.

        These were the first two of about a dozen cyclists I saw blow through red lights this morning on 14th between Columbia Heights and Thomas Circle.

        • Kalorini

          $20 says they weren’t wearing helmets either. I don’t think I’ve seen more than a handful of people actually wearing a helmet, and I’m surprised there hasn’t been more serious “CaBi” bike injuries out there.

        • zcf

          UGH. Thomas Circle is the worst. The other day I was driving south on 14th St just north of the circle and some dude on a bike went from the right lane all the way to the left lane. Didn’t bother looking behind him. Didn’t bother signaling. what an asshole

      • IC

        yes, look behind you, signal, move to the middle, and turn with the cars.

      • Anony


        Yep, that’s exactly what I do. Move into the traffic and make the left as if you were any other vehicle.

        If traffic is really heavy or driver’s are being too aggressive, I will just stop at the far corner of the street and join traffic (in effect making a left turn) after the light changes.

      • Anonymous

        Merge from the bike lane to the left lane or turn lane if there is one over the course of the previous block. This is the legal and proper way to do it, though remember that like any other vehicle changing lanes you don’t have the right of way and you are required to signal. You are however allowed to ride in the leftmost lane if you are making the next left. If the situation is sketchy just pull over to the right at the intersection, wait for the light, and then either move over to the front of the line of cars in the leftmost lane or cross the street and wait for the other light. Note that you’re technically supposed to walk your bike when using the crosswalk this way, but unless there are a ton of pedestrians around it’s not a huge deal to just ride it.

      • jch

        Rant: Stupid motorist cut me off yesterday while biking home from Haines Point. I had the right of way and jackoff comes around from my left side to zoom past me and into the front of me. Hope he ESAD.

        Rave: Love getting to work faster then said motorists who are too busy stuck in traffic and commute from their home in the burbs.

  • SF

    Rave: This photo. Seriously good stuff.

  • Tom

    What is scuttlebutt?

    • Anonymous

      Rumor has it you should get a dictionary. :)

  • Tom

    Haha fair enough.

    1. Nautical .
    a. an open cask of drinking water.
    b. a drinking fountain for use by the crew of a vessel.
    2. Informal . rumor or gossip.

    Why would someone walk to talk about a water fountain though. ;)

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Maybe that’s where water cooler gossip evolved from – open communical nautical cask gossip?

  • Madison

    LOVE this photo! It would make for a good painting.

    • Anonymous

      It would! A la Luncheon of the Boating Party. THere’s so much going on here.

  • jenny

    Rave–I got my new trash can from the city finally! And it was free thanks to the post about the city no longer giving them away I got my request in just in time!

    Thanks POP!

  • cookietime420

    Anyone see the fight at 14th and Park last night? Know what the deal was? It looked like the cops let the aggressor go and arrested the person who was assaulted. There were a ton of people there.

    ARREST# : 031130548
    DT-TM: 25-JUL-11 – 0940
    LOCATION: 1500 PARK ROAD NW – PSA: 302
    SEX: M

  • Franklin

    Rant: watched an employee of a business sweep the trash on the ground into the middle of an alley. the trash included broken glass. rant = lazy ass employees that rely on the city to clean up a mess.

    • Kalorini

      A few months ago, I saw an Adams Morgan retail owner come out of his shop with a full bag of trash and put it in the public bin on 18th Street. Just incredibly lazy and rude.

      • Annony

        And illegal. Maybe he never listened to Alice’s Restaurant.

      • textdoc

        I’ve seen some of the public trash cans on the 1700 block of Columbia with kitchen-size trash bags in them… makes me wonder if the landlords of some of the apartments are too cheap to pay for trash pickup and leaving the tenants to (illegally) dump their apartment trash in the bins instead.

  • Rant: I have to have a fairly invasive test today that requires chugging 24 oz of liquid in 1 hour and then having my stomach pushed on (among other things) Not AMUSED. I wish my organs would stop trying to kill me.

    Rave: Leaving for a week at the beach on sunday and looking forward to turning off the phone and getting away.

    • strawmaj

      I commiserate. I had to do this two weeks ago when I was in the ER for mystery abdominal pains. Drink slowly and pace yourself.

      And be ready to loose control of your bowels and bladder. That shit made me feel disgusting. Good luck!

  • La Bella Donna

    Rave – still working on beating this depression. It’s a day to day struggle, but I’m trying.

    Rant – Would really like to be able to travel to all those wonderful places that people here mention that they are going to for vacation/work.

    Double rant – no money to go to thes wonderful places that everyone mentions. Seriously – how can a person(myself) making under 55K per year be able to go on trips to Europe? Any suggestions?

    • Try making 36K. Trust me, there are ways to make it work!

      I put aside $86 whenever I get paid. That’s fueling my spending money when I visit the UK for a few days this fall.

    • Annony

      Go off season, stay in hostels, couch surf, read the Lonely Planet forum for travel tips.

    • Local PW

      Fly in October or use frequent flier miles (you might be able to borrow/buy some from a friend), buy a Eurorail pass and a backpack, stay in hostels, get that guide to Europe written by Berkeley students. I did 2 weeks in Europe for about $900 (after airfare and the rail pass.) I recommend getting a plane ticket that starts starting in Amsterdam and working your way to Italy.
      House swap might be another good way to save if you’d like to do one city.

    • anon

      Join the Peace Corps.

    • PetworthRes

      Go to places that will be inexpensive once you get there. Europe is tough. But I had a great trip to Nicaraugua a couple years ago – I paid about $500 to fly there, traveled with friends sharing hotel rooms. We were not trying to make it ultra cheap, but still ended up spending only $250 per person for everything (hotels + food + entertainment). Voila – $750 overseas vacation.

      I also traveled in Croatia pretty cheaply – off season we stayed in 2BR apts that were new and about $50/night (and we cooked our own food for breakfast and lunch every day). Re: hostels – you can save $, but I think I’m too old to stay in hostels anymore :) VRBO apts are my favorite way to go now.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Tomato plant growing in Petworth (posted yesterday) has already been dug up…

  • Jr. Princess of Edisonia

    Bike Commuters: I rode past a pretty serious bike accident at 18th and P this morning around 9:15. There were at least 3 cop cars and an ambulance, the cyclist was on a stretcher and being loaded into the ambulance, the bike was wrecked, and traffic on P was completely shut down. It looked like the guy got doored, although he may have been hit by (or, to be fair, hit) a turning car. Just a reminder to the bike commute brigade to be careful out there!

    • Britt

      I’ve been searching everywhere for info on this accident- anyone know more? I really hope the cyclist is ok….

  • Anonymous

    Dying to know how the above photo was taken (flickr is blocked so I can’t view the EXIF data). It looks like a low light scene, yet there doesn’t appear to be any blur from a slow shutter speed, or the narrow focus of a small aperture, or the noise/grain idicative of a high ISO. And there are no harsh shadows which is unusual for a backyard night shot. Almost looks staged.

    • PG

      I’m wondering who the band is. One of the guitarists looks really familiar.

  • thomasrufus

    rave: turned in my application for an apt today! I am so excited! i hope i’m approved!!

    rant: it’s tiny

    rave: but i love it and i don’t care!

  • Veronika


  • dclady

    Rave: I can’t stop thinking about how I want to get engaged (read: I found someone awesome enough to want to get engaged!)

    Rant: I can’t stop thinking about how I want to get engaged (read: I’m not this girl! How did this happen?)

    (Let the judgment begin!)

  • imal

    Rant: Dennis Miller
    Double Rant: Dennis Miller
    good god, he sucks.


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