• caballero

    Rant: hot weather
    Rave: hot sex

    • Anonymous

      Ew, gross. We don’t want to hear about old people doing it.

      • caballero

        Huh? When, exactly, did 63 become “old?”

        • Claire

          Don’t listen to the downers! I am all about people of all ages (well, >18, let’s say) enjoying sex!

        • Anonymous

          Well, you’re too old to enlist in the military, fly a commercial airliner, or adopt a child. Pretty soon, you won’t be buying green bananas.

        • Anonymous

          Man I wish I could do it. I used to get some, and now, practically never, darn kids poking around wondering waz goin’ on. Now I better understand the use of boarding schools.

    • Johnson

      I don’t care if you’re on the surface of the sun, it simply isn’t hot sex when it’s with your hand or the dog.

      • caballero

        If you’re doing it right, it doesn’t matter who or what you’re doing it with. Whew!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The number of tweets per day from @dcfireems about pedestrians hit by cars. Lets learn to drive and walk.

    Rave: Air conditioning

  • la boca

    Rave: Being jacked up on coffee.
    Rant: 20 minutes from now.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Fantastic crossing guard at 8th and Kennedy this morning who cheered me on as I was finishing a very humid run!
    Rave: The garden is doing really well!
    Rant: FU mosquitoes who make it painful to water the garden and squirrel(s?) who keep stealing and half-eating our green tomatoes.

    • RegO

      HA HA HA HA, thanks for the laugh

    • OrderedChaos

      +1. F’ing mosquitos.

    • Claire

      Are mosquitoes more likely to bite you while watering the garden? I’ve noticed this as well but am not sure if it’s just because of being outside for that period of time or because of the water involved or just because mosquitoes seem to love my blood . . .

  • poster

    Rant: studying for the bar
    Rave: it will be over next week!

    • Anony

      It’s not as bad as you think, and you will pass! Try to enjoy the celebration after the bar!!!

    • Rave: Pretty sure my boss is leaving town for three weeks. HALLELUJAH!

      Rant: Feeling I’m becoming more distant from my friends because I am the attached one of the bunch now. Completely unintentional but I feel like there is mad distance.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, just wait 15 years, til you get divorced. The speed with which your coupled friends evaporate is nothing short of amazing.

        • 14th St. Heights

          ain’t that right. Geeez.

    • dcmer610

      +1 on the Rant: CA Bar in less than a week:(
      Rave: at least after I fail the CA Bar I can enjoy the non-humid 80 degree weather and the beach for a few days.

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Rave: Just got back from a whirlwind tour of Connecticut visitng family. Had a great time with everyone and the little man did great in the car.

    Rant: Got back just in time for the heat & humidity!

    • dt

      “the little man did great in the car”

      Is that a euphemism for something???

      • Fellow Petworthian

        If by euphemism you mean our 7 1/2 month old did not in fact cry the entire way up and back on I-95, then yes it is!

  • Bear

    Rant: Layoffs. 18 of my coworkers got axed, a couple of them are big–and surprising–losses. Also, only one of them was male. What’s up with that?

    Rave: My job is safe, for now at least.

    Rant: Paid a visit to the travel clinic, and now my arms are so sore from vaccinations that I can’t lift them :(

    Rave: I won’t die of any tropical disease while I’m abroad.

    Rave: 10 days until I leave for Glacier, and 18 days until I leave for Africa! I am very happy to be escaping the doom and gloom of the office.

    • EL Gringo

      +1 Rant on sore arm…2 shots in the left yesterday

      +1 Rave on travel…Tanzania for 3 weeks on work trip!

    • Formerly of Capitol Hill

      Care to elaborate on what shots and at what cost? I need to get shots for a trip to India next year, and I’m trying to budget how much they’ll run me.


      • Kalorini

        After getting travel shots at Capitol Travel Medicine in Arlington, I called my insurance company to see if they’d be able to cover it. Since I have a PPO and went to an out-of-network provider, they said they’d cover 80% of the nearly $300 I shelled out for an office visit and 2 shots.

        Turns out if I went to an in-network provider, they would have covered 100%. They recommended going to an in-network hospital and seeing if they have a travel clinic. Good luck!

        • dreas

          Yeah, DEFINITELY check with your insurance (if you have it). We paid almost nothing at the GW travel clinic because they take BCBS–my husband and I were prepared to shell out a big chunk of money for the vaccinations before our honeymoon, so that was a really nice surprise. Insurance even covered the anti-malarials and Cipro.

      • Bear

        Here’s the breakdown, if you’ll be paying out of pocket:

        Yellow Fever: $150
        Typhoid (injected, not oral): $100
        Hepatitis A (first of 2 doses): $125
        Polio booster: $70

        I went to the Farragut Travel Clinic, and they charged a $50 consultation fee.

        • Anonymous

          If I’m remembering correctly you don’t need yellow fever for India. I think my bill was somewhere around $150.

          • Bear

            Could be, I have no idea what’s required for India. My shots were for Uganda/South Africa travel.

      • Anonymous

        Northwest Nurse Practitioners specializes in travel medicine (Conn Ave across from the Zoo entrance). It’s a small outfit and they don’t accept insurance, but their rates are spectacularly low.

        • Formerly of Capitol Hill

          Thanks everyone for the info. I’ll check with my insurer and see what they’ll cover before I just pay out of pocket.

  • Kam

    Rant: People who ask POP what he thinks about breathing and blinking. I mean seriously, some of you need to need to really grow up.

    “Dear POP,

    I was wondering what you or any of your readers thought about crossing the street. I often see people cross the street when the signal says not to but there are no cars in sight. Is it OK to cross then or should I wait until the signal says to walk?”

    I mean seriously people, grow up!

    Rave: I can use my mind to make my own decisions.

    • joker

      Ha! +1

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Good for you Kam. Congratulations.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        PoP comes to the rescue of his readers who don’t know how to cross the street! Awesome.

        Kam, I’m also a bit tired of people asking for advice on stuff they should be able to figure out for themselves, or seeking validation and there-there’s when they’ve ‘endured’ some perceived injustice. (Thinking of the ramp-walker and the rolling-stop cyclist).

        • me

          Dear PoPville, I was tying my shoes this morning and one of my shoelaces broke. And I don’t really know what to do, because I really wanted to wear those shoes today. Has this ever happened to you? Can you recommend a place where I can get a new shoestring in a hurry? :)

          • joker

            Folks here (including myself) were laughing at the relative ridiculousness of the things people talk about on the Cleveland Park listerserv (hair dressers in Paris, yacht clubs etc) last week, but really, the only difference between that blogging population and this one, is age and money. The general inane ridiculousness doesn’t go away, its just moderated by age and fiscal means.

            I can promise you that the twenty something ramp walker chick from last week will be posting something similar to “where do I get a decent hair cut in Paris” thread in 15-20 years.

          • PG

            Switch to lofers. :)

      • Kam

        Hold up! Pop commented on my comment. I have arrived and am now validated. I am now better than most of you!! ; )

        All jokes aside though, I appreciate this blog. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • GDopplerXT

    Revel: Going to see DC United tonight after missing the last two homes games for friends’ weddings.

    Revel: The weddings were fun and I’m glad I have good friends.

    Rant: Fred makes his final appearance for DC United tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: In one week I have managed to loose my apartment keycard, Smartrip card and Zipcar card after successfully holding on to them for years

    Rant: Summer violence

    Rave: Completed a 6 mile run in the heat and well on track for my half-marathon in 6 and a half weeks!

  • Stoney_D

    Rave: Buds with buds
    Rant: Grasshoppers

  • Kim

    Rave: I just booked three trips: one for August, one for September and one for October.

    Rant: I have no money do to said trips.

    • Kim

      Ugh…due to, not do to.

      I need to learn to proofread. I guess the trips got me too excited!

  • yunkstahn

    Rave: I have a job.
    Rant: I hate it.

    • RegO

      Shit, you beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing. Do you sit in the cube next to me?

  • what

    Rant: can’t find any medications to relieve my depression.

    Neither rant nor rave: Am thinking about trying alternatives, going to look into buddhism but don’t know where to start. Suggestions?

    • Grey Area

      Might not be something you are willing to try but Cannabis could do wonders for your depression…give it a try if you have given up on pharmeceuticals!

      • anon

        Go with the Cannabis before any pharmaceuticals. Trust me I am a doctor.

    • EW

      This may be really silly, but when I was going through a bad breakup last year, group exercise classes saved my sanity. I personally loved Zumba and yoga and nowadays even though I’m over it and have a wonderful new boyfriend, I still turn to dance and kickboxing classes at the gym. I’ve made new friends, and can turn my mind off to everything but kicking/leaping/punching/booty-shaking for an hour, and on top of that, the post-workout high of knowing you are getting into better shape and doing your body right is wonderful. Having an instructor and other people there is even more motivating than just working out on your own, although that is therapeutic as well. Going to the gym can be a pain, but it really did wonders for me. On a similar note, my roommate’s normally Eeyore-like spirits have drastically improved from long weekend bike rides. I guess what I’m trying to say is that exercise can be cathartic, but overall, find something that relaxes you, and push yourself to do it, even if it feels better at the time to wallow in self pity. Best of luck, and good vibes your way :)

      • Formerly Blue

        +1 on the exercise thing. It works wonders. I know exactly how it feels to not want to get out of bed/get off the couch/put down the whiskey… you just have to force yourself to do it.

        I’m now happily off the meds and things are good. I’m no Jimminy Cricket, but life looks much better these days!

        • Anonymous

          Photography is good for depression too. Whenever I’m feeling down I’ll go for a walk with my camera… before I know it I’ve become fully immersed in capturing all the beautiful and interesting details of the city.

    • Claire

      These are basic ones so you may have already tried, but I would highly recommend exercise and vitamin D supplements. Both of those have worked very well for me. When I have the time to do 30 minutes of yoga a day (easiest exercise for me to fit in – whatever you’re most motivated to do will work), I’ve noticed a substantial overall mood boost, with the bonus of having an easier time falling asleep, a better appetite, and no sore neck from sleeping funny type of things.

      I kind of stumbled on vitamin D because after basic blood work this winter, my doctor told me that my vitamin D levels were low and recommended taking 200 IU a day. I’ve always gotten pretty down in the winter, and when I realized that vitamin D was supposed to help with this, I slowly upped the amount to 10,000 IU and noticed a huge improvement. When I started being able to get some natural sunlight, I gradually dropped it down to 1,000 IU. Since I started taking vitamin D, nearly every time I’ve had a major anxiety/depression episode, it’s been because of dropping the dose too quickly or running out.

      My sister has had some success with acupuncture and biofeedback (on top of medication – but she has bipolar so that’s a whole ‘nother beast).

      Hope this was helpful!

    • Madison

      This may or may not be appropriate for your situation, but I recommend animal therapy (especially for those with milder depression/anxiety where caring for an animal wouldn’t be an issue). Rescuing and caring for a dog or cat can be wonderful for your life (and for the animal’s!). I’m convinced that having a furry companion works wonders for humans, and studies have confirmed their good influences on heart health, stress, etc… Just a thought. :-)

      • Anonymous

        Also with a dog you’re more likely to take walks and interact with other people in the neighborhood, both of which hepl with depression.

        • andy

          dude but what if the school where your dog poops tells you to go away? how’s that for a downer?

      • Claire

        Here’s some interesting info about the health benefits of having a pet: http://pets.webmd.com/slideshow-pets-improve-your-health

        • Claire

          Also, not mentioned there, but I’ve also heard that cat purring helps bones heal faster.

    • what

      Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I agree that having a pet really helps. I have a kitty and without him I’d be in a much deeper despair, I’m sure. I need to force myself to exericse, that seems to be the answer. Thanks again everyone!

    • La Bella Donna

      I’ve heard that St. John’s Wart is good fro depression. I just went through a bad breakup and became depressed (sucidal). I am on anti-depressants and got back into working out and concentrating on myself. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I know what you are going though. Best of luck to you!

      • Anony

        Beware of St John’s Wart, it can counteract the birth control pill (if you’re on it).

      • pworthy

        Bless you. What an awful thing to go through and way to feel. Glad you are making your way out of the woods and know that even strangers on a blog are cheering you on.

    • anon

      There are a lot of antidepressants out there… have you gone through most or all of them?

      If not, maybe see if switching to a different one is an option.

      Are you in talk therapy?

      • Idaho Ave

        Synthetic medicines can be just as big a nightmare as depression itself. Try what Grey Area and Anon said above first! Natural is the way to go!

        • anon

          I consistently explain this to people. Pharmaceutical companies design medicine to keep you sick and depressed. The medicinal and therapeutic properties of cannabis are being recognized more and more. There is a reason why a synthetic form of cannabis, Marinol, has been patented by Big Pharm..

    • me

      Going through the same stuff… first thing first, before trying random supplements or whatnot, please go to the doctor and have them run a blood test. I found out I was low on Vitamin D and was also extremely anemic, which was a whole ‘nother issue, as I had to get iron by IV a few times. The iron has helped, the Vitamin D, I can’t tell a difference. BUT, they run all sorts of tests on your blood and you could very well be low on something without realizing it.

      That being said, I agree with the exercise part. I hate exercising more than anything, just about. But, it does help me feel better. I just have to keep it interesting- I can’t do yoga every day or run every day, I have to mix it up.

      Also, just remember that it is a process. It will likely take awhile. And it sucks. A lot. Try to not keep it all inside. If you have someone that you trust to talk about it, please do so. If you don’t, doing everything from seeing a professional to creating/writing your own blog (that you don’t even have to let anyone else see) would be something. Most of all, don’t feel like you’re alone in all this. We all may not know each other, but there are others out there that understand, will help in what ways we can, and despite all of the news reports out there, we’re not all bad. ;)

      • Anony

        Agree with seeing a Dr. My Sister was prescribed anti-depressants, then went to another Dr. and found out she had some sugar problem, that she now regulates with proper eating. Ugh- doctors in the US do like to grab drugs at the drop of a dime.

    • svi

      work out. hard.

  • thomasrufus

    Rave: I am going to NYC this weekend to visit friends. I haven’t been there in a very long time.

    Rant: Strong dislike for buses filled to the brim in the front and people in the back having plenty of space. MOVE BACK PEOPLE!

  • WDC

    Got two mosquito bites while waiting for the bus at 9am. Damned Asian mosquitoes and their round-the-clock work ethic.

  • Emmaleigh504

    rant: My herb garden is not thriving any more. Something appears to be eating my basil and nothing wants to grow.

    rave: No one is stealing my herb garden.

    • Eastern Market

      Yeah, my herbs are not as hearty as they were a few weeks ago, and the hot peppers seem to have stopped growing, but the bigger rant has to do with my tomato plant. Just as the first tomato got ripe something came and took a huge bite out of it. So I thought I’d outsmart the creature and pull the second tomato off while it was still hard and orange, but he was one step ahead of me and took a big bite out of that one before it ripened. Now I only have one tomato left (still green) and I’m not sure what I should do to protect it.

      • Emmaleigh504

        fried green tomatoes!

      • ¢hris

        this is the saddest story i’ve heard yet today. mostly cause I can relate. Come on last little tomato. GROW BIG AND STRONG!

  • slgdc1433

    Rant: My husband and I may not be moving to Hong Kong after all. Politics at play well above his pay grade in the State Department may result in his position being cut. No explanation, no timeframe given to make a decision.

    Rant: No idea where we could be assigned if Hong Kong does fall through.

    Rant: I hate my job. Don’t ever work for MPD. Worst decision I have ever made.

    Rave: I have a 6 pack in the fridge with my name all over it when I get home.

    • Ira

      eww, the state dept. so glad I left!!!

  • Britt

    Rant: M and M Appliances- delivered a faulty washer (two weeks late)- finally came out to “service” it a week and a half later and now tell me I have to wait a month for the part.
    Rave: Treating myself to an ice cream break this afternoon. We all deserve it :-D

  • Mischa

    Rave: I am not depressed. but I know what it’s like and it helps me appreciate my current positive stat of mind.

    Rant: I haven’t had time to workout and it’s starting to show. damn.

    Rave: I like my job ok. Above all, glad to have it and be decently paid.

    Rant: I’m seeing someone great. But I know it isn’t quite it. sucky, sucky situation.

  • PG

    Rant: Finally gave into this nasty cold I’ve had all week and called in sick. I almost went in for a half day, but I think it’s better to stay in and relax.

    Rave: Not at work, have beer and food, girlfriend’s coming over later. Also, got the new Daniel Silva book from the library. I didn’t think it would be available until August or September!

  • Andy(2)

    Rave: Went on a nice humid run last night
    Rant: Rolled ankle 1 mile into the run – a little sore today but nothing swollen or bruised.

    • andy

      lucky dude. getting banged up and unable to go is the worst.

  • andy

    RANT: Smokey’s on 14th being called a Petworth carryout in Post article on mumbo sauce. Petworth is a half mile away.
    RAVE: Smokey’s in the Post! Yeah to my favorite DC commercial block!

  • mv

    Rant: Recently realized that my stories of “well in high school I played 5 or more softball games from Friday night through Sunday, AND did ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop Monday through Thursday in addition to softball practices” are becoming too close to that guy with the potbelly who sits in a bar and regales everyone of his high school football glory days (I’m not fat, but an out of shape 26 y/o female)…

    Rave: I started doing zumba about 3 months ago, and I LOVE it. Even though I’ve never been a runner, in fact I have always HATED running, I went for my first run on Monday. Ended up run/walking 2 blocks/1 block respectively for a little over 2 miles, and I’m excited to do it again tonight! I also started biking to everything instead of driving, and I’m going to train for a duathlon through the end of the summer and through the winter.

    Rant: I can’t quite get my diet to where I want it to be. I love food too much (good burgers, sandwiches, etc., not junk food like chips and cookies) and I can’t figure out how to ration things and eat only half of the burger (I only think of that once I’m done eating). Tricky tricky tricky.

    Ugh that felt like a brag rant/rave but I wasn’t trying to… I’m just in shock that I want to run again tonight.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Just booked two nights at Bethany Beach for much-needed get away with Mr. Squid. Considering it an early anniversary present.

    Rant: More expensive than I was planning on spending.

    Rave: Beach!

    Rant: Will need it since previous week will include boss leaving and in-laws visiting.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I leave town for 2 days and apparently 2 people get bashed in the face by thugs with a pipe and perhaps a hate crime shooting for transgender.

    Rant/Rave: Mayor Gray finally speaks up about crime, but includes phrase “my administration will … see that there is an appropriate response to this kind of violence, which cannot be tolerated.” I hope he means to all kinds of violence!! Or do they tolerate some, like shooting bammas from PG or a kid from another crew.


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