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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth July 19, 2011 at 10:00 am 79 Comments

Image by PoPville flickr user thisisbossi

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

A reader sends an email at 9:55am:

“11th St NW between M&P on police lockdown
Bunch of police vehicles outside a building on east side of 11th on the N-O block. Cops not letting residents walk down the street, directing everyone around.”

  • elcal

    Rave: police action started after I got through the intersection.
    Rant: but my wife got stuck on the bus in that mess

    • Prince Of Petworth

      DDOTDC says:

      “Traffic alert: suspicious package at 11th and O Streets NW. Avoid the area.”

  • Rant: Still need a new job.

    Rave: Lunch from Potbelly today is all I need to smile.

    • dude

      that’s a sad statement indeed (the potbelly). hope you get an awesome job offer soon!

      • anon

        Why is that a sad statement. Sometimes simple things can make you feel better. I like Potbellies!

        • dude

          It sounded sad to me cause I don’t like potbelly and don’t consider it a “simple thing” that I crave. I’d rather have a nice simple apple or homemade sandwich, I guess. No offense Potbelly lovers! it’s too hot to fight. I take it back :)

          • anon

            I had a home made sandwich for lunch and I’m having an apple later. :)

  • Vileinist

    Rant: Why is it so hard to find an attractive, sweet, smart young 20s gal in this town?

    Rave: Back was killing me yesterday so bad I couldn’t go into work, but it got magically better over night!

    • sweetandsmart

      What makes you think there’s a lack of attractive, sweet and smart young 20 year old girls in DC?

      In MY opinion, I think there’s a lack of attractive, sweet and smart guys who aren’t arrogant assholes in DC

      • MHFoodie

        I agree sweetandsmart! There is a lack of attractive, sweet, and smart guys in DC who are also straight and over 5’6″!

        • Anonymous

          I think you’re being too picky!

        • anon

          I’m one, but I have a girlfriend. Sorry, ladies of PoPville!

        • D

          I’m 5’6″.

          Haha, captcha: RUBM.

      • Vileinist

        not saying there is a lack of them, they just seem to be very elusive….

        • Kalorini

          Or live in inconvenient places (read: Reston, Alexandria, Baltimore)!

    • Anonymous

      Finding her will not help your back…..

    • CutiePie


      I’m a attractive, sweet, smart 26 year old – wanna go out for drinks? :)

      • Vileinist

        PoP should totally have a dating column featuring a single-and-looking PoPvillian each week

        • Prince Of Petworth

          I’ve actually been asked to do this a few times but logistically I don’t know how to make it work.

          • Vileinist

            Set up a PoP email address specifically for the column, suitors email a short description/pics, PoP forwards emails to the profiled at end of week, profiled and lucky suitor send PoP beautiful success story, PoP considers entering online dating industry?

          • Emmaleigh504

            And Pablo.raw can take photos of the weddings!

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Alright, Vilenist – we’re gonna start with you! Email me a short description and two photos.

          • Tres

            For singles, this is the go to blog for local nightlife news. It would seem to be a good match. Benefits existing advertisers, and could draw in new types of advertising. The Onion has dating on it’s website, run by a 3rd party provider.

        • CutiePie

          That’s a great idea. PoP get on it! and Vileinist – there are great girls out there – promise :)

          • Em

            And I am sure that POPville could be much more fruitful than WaPo’s Date Lab, which usually ends in disaster or at least a fizzle.

      • anon

        Pictures please!

    • Claire

      Not trying to be snarky here, but where are you looking? Bars are (usually) a bad place to find someone attractive, sweet, and smart – how can you pick out someone who is sweet and smart in a situation where there are tons of people, it’s far too noisy to have a real conversation, and both of you are most likely some degree of drunk? Try venues more targeted to your particular interests.

      • Anon

        Second this. And seriously, the stigma of internet dating is waning. I met my girlfriend on OKCupid and my best friend put it best “That’s exactly the girl you should be dating, and you probably kind of knew that before you even met.”

        We actually knew we had some things in common before our first date, and we’re still learning a lot about each other over a year later. If we’d had mutual friends and been introduced at a party or something, maybe it would have worked out, maybe not, but I’m just glad I didn’t have to count on chance to find that out.

        And PoP, please, as an experiment, hook these two crazy kids up (VileInist and CutiePie) and let them each write a guest column. Could be a nice pilot program for a new feature. “PoP Love Story of the Day/Week/What-have-you.”

        • CutiePie

          If Vileinist is up for it, I’d be willing to do it. Could be fun!

          • me

            CutiePie, sorry to say, but it seems that you don’t have to keep posting hints (or saying outright) that you’re interested in a blind date with this other poster… methinks he would have put something under one of your posts by now instead of saying he’ll try to volunteer to meet other people…

        • anon

          Yup. I met my girlfriend on plenty of fish. That worked much better than eHarmony.

          Funny thing about plenty of fish – one of my first “matches” was my ex gf. She broke up with me because she was “too busy to be in a relationship.” And there she is a couple of weeks later, looking for a new relationship.

          • dude

            ouch. I’m sorry. that sucks. perhaps she wasn’t looking for a new relationship, exactly. or at least not a long-term one. I know that sometimes I don’t have what it takes to be in a full on relationship, but still like to have some companionship and intimacy. you know?

            the other option is that she was trying to spare your feelings. either way, it sucks. I’m glad you met someone else!

          • anon

            dude, she was an immature asshole and I’m very glad it’s over. There were many times I wanted to end it with her but was afraid to hurt her (plus, she had a great rack! – fake but nice.) :)

          • victoria

            Wasn’t that in the Pina Colada song?

          • anonymous

            @anon: gross.

      • Chris

        I recommend volunteer opportunities. These are normally a good place to meet people (for dating or otherwise) and have a conversation. Also – try a lot of the intramural leagues around the city. While many have a culture of drinking, at the very least you can strike up a conversation before the debauchery begins. I have had several friends that have had luck with this.

        Above all, I’ve found that when I’m not looking is when I normally find it. Doesn’t make sense, I know.

        CAPTCHA: PB8R

        • Vileinist

          good ideas, thanks!

        • Anony

          Great recommendation. Also, there are many single women who volunteer with the local animal rescue organizations, and very few men, you’d certainly get noticed!

        • victoria

          My sweet, smart, sexy, gregarious and available 25 year old niece 1. goes to bars 2. volunteers a lot 3. rides metro. You have to be open to the opportunity where ever it might present itself. But more important – be open to ALL opportunities to meet all kinds of people – you might just impress an “old lady” who has a gorgeous niece!

      • what

        I recommend meeting people through meetup.com. It is not a dating site but rather a site where people can find other groups of people with similiar interests and plan events/meetups/dinners, etc to get together. There is a group for every faction of society and every interest. If you can’t find a group you like, its easy to create a group.

    • Rosie

      Maybe you could meet someone on the metro… just look for rings first!

      Rant: why do guys always try to befriend me on the metro and then ask me out when I clearly have a ring on my finger?? It’s awkward when you travel at the same exact time every day…

      • riiight

        get over yourself sweetheart

        • anonymous

          LOL! +1

      • Anonymous

        what’s your man got to do with me?

    • noodles

      Searching for a love to call my own, as well (awww, isn’t that sweet?). However, where are the age-appropriate hang-outs for the late 30’s-40’s crowd? Plenty in NoVa but I live in DC and I’d prefer not to commute for my lovin’. Any good DC hangs for this age group?

      RANT: Frequently asked out by married men.

    • yep

      they are around, i am one of them. the problem is single guys like you think maybe we are not single and we are too shy to approach. a lonely, lonely town this is.

    • victoria

      Maybe because you’re the sort of guy to pick “Vileinist” as a moniker?

      • Vileinist

        yes, because I have that tattooed on my forehead.

        • victoria

          Is it your actual name? Then I’m sorry – really didn’t mean to offend you! I just assumed it was some kind of blog name, and with “vile” in it didn’t strike me as a big plus. On the other hand, if I was mistaken this way, so might others be, so perhaps consider using something that might cause less mis-understanding?

  • what

    Rant: Building’s mgmt freaked out about the heat wave, adjusted the a.c. to blast arctic temperatures inside. Have to go outside every once in awhile to thaw out.

    Rave: At least I work in a building that has a.c.

    • Anonymous

      My building’s actually warmer this week– I can almost get by without a sweater.

      • 14th St. Heights

        RANT: I had the opposite problem. Came home last night to a warmish, muggy-ish house and found my new AC had frozen up. Solid ice on the copper pipe outside leading to the condenser.
        RAVE: Googled “ac freezing up” and found (silly me) that I really should change my air filter more often.
        RAVE: temporarily fixed the problem by running the AC on fan only for a while to thaw it out, then flipped the filter for the night and stayed cool.
        RAVE: quick trip this a.m. to Brookland Hardware for new filter! (OK, so this is geeky and boring)

        • Idaho Ave

          AC freezing up this time of year is more likely due to a refrigerant leak than a dirty filter. While true any restriction from the natural suction of the AC unit will cause strain and can cause freezing up, usually its due to a hole in the evaporator coil or the copper piping elsewhere (due to expansion/contraction from the weather). you were correct running the fan will allow the ice to dethaw without being completely AC-less but is only a temporary fix. It will freeze again when you put it back in cooling mode.

          • 14th St. Heights

            Yes, that was identified as a possible cause as well. However, I just had a new unit installed and gassed up, as it were, with coolant. If the filter thing doesn’t work, then I will check that. Often it is the filter, especially if, like me, you don’t get around to changing it either monthly or tri-monthly depending on the type.

  • me

    Ha, nevermind! It was deleted!

  • mca

    Rave: The new traffic lines at Park Pl that go to 5th Street finally make sense!

    Rant: The new employee/supervisor (not my supervisor) is making me crazy.

    Rave to the Rant: Her staff however are staging a coup of sorts by calling in sick all the time. So she has to sit at the front desk! Karma will get you in the end.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Even though there were delays on metro, I got to work on time without leaving the house early.

    Rant: I’m addicted to lip balm, particularly Blistex Complete Moisture SPF 15.

    Rave: I have soft and supple lips.

    • Eastern Market

      Rave: Not having to take the metro to work. Either I walk, or bike, or when it’s really hot like today I take the free shuttle my office provides.

  • green

    Did something happen on the green line this morning around 8:30? There were slight delays and as I was going into the station, I heard an announcement but couldn’t understand it. At the same time, a guy ran passed me out of the station saying someone had died on the green line. Updates??

    • anonymous

      *ran past me

    • C3PO

      Train was offloaded at Columbia Heights because smoke was coming from one car. Not sure why. I don’t think anyone died.

  • Meg

    Rave: May be getting a ride home from work so I can avoid the brutal heat walking the 1/2 mile to the bus stop. I’m a pansy, I know.

    Rant: Ate at Le Pain Quotidien on a whim yesterday for lunch. Severely disappointed in the price to “what you get” ratio. No artistry, extremely small portions. Was it the fact that it was organic food that I was paying over $10 for two thin slices of artisan bread spread with avocado and chickpeas? Maybe it was some sort of gold flakes ground up in the spicy tahini that I was some sort of secret ingredient? Was it the clever way the single tomato slice side was cut? Perhaps I’m missing something, but this pregnant girl was still hungry.

    • Eastern Market

      I’ve been underwhelmed by Le Pain as well. I think I got the same avocado and chickpea thing the first time I went, and it had absolutely no flavor. I would have kept the chickpeas roughly mashed to give it some interesting texture, at least.

      • Meg

        Right. “You gave me guacamole with a few whole chickpeas rolling around on top.”

  • grumpy

    This Metro map is trippy – I like it.
    +1 to the PoP dating feature, but please don’t limit it to 20-somethings!

    • what

      30-somethings need love too!

      • dude

        true dat!

        • 14th St. Heights

          And 40-50 LGBTs do to. Our community is tough!

          • 14th St. Heights

            I mean “too.”

          • Anonymous

            Where’s the PoP Ashley Madison?

            I kid, I kid.

  • Rant/Rave: Finally had my interview for my dream job after they stood me up on Friday. It was really strange, they only asked 4 questions, all of which were opinion based and none of which had anything to do with my resume or allowed me to talk about myself and how i’m epically qualified. I managed to squeeze in They said they’d know in a week or two.

    Rave: Got invited for an in person interview for another job I interviewed for last week.
    Rant: Its in Boston.

  • Kerry

    Rave-I might not have to work today!!!

    Rant-The water on my block is shut off for the day while they fix pipes or something and it’s 100+ degrees


  • WDC

    Have a friend looking for a temporary apartment. She needs it starting around August 1, for a month or two while she finds a permanent place.
    Any non-craigslist leads to suggest?

    • Bear

      I *might* be able to help out–will be out of the country for 5 weeks from August-Sept. I’ve offered my place to a friend who is job-hunting here, but she hasn’t said if she’ll need it or not. If she passes your friend could be in luck.

      PoP, can you hook us up over email?

    • MC

      I might know someone as well. Second option if Bear’s doesn’t work out!

    • victoria

      Post her own ad on CL under “Housing Wanted” offering to house-sit or pet sit. Lots of people go away in August, or might want a temp room-mate without the trouble of having to look for & screen people. Write a good, thorough, personal description that basically convinces people you are not psycho.

      Also check http://www.airbnb.com

  • 14th St. Heights

    Still seeking a cat sitter for next week. Any suggestions?

    • what

      Pet Peeps is good, reliable.

    • anon

      I can catsit! Shoot me an email- cpcrouse [@] gmail


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