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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2011 at 10:00 am 48 Comments

Newly married couple biking home from the church courtesy of Armand Emamdjomeh

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

A neighbor of mine is having a yard sale Saturday:

536 Taylor Street, NW
(corner of) Taylor & New Hampshire Ave, NW
Date: Saturday, July 16th
Time: 10:00a to 4:00p

  • Caroline

    Rave: Could the weather be any nicer? Looking forward to the weekend!

    Rant: My wallet has disappeared; I normally don’t lose things so I’m beyond frustrated. If anyone comes across a pink & white zippered pouch containing cards and ID in the SE part of the Hill please let me know (or just drop it off at my house– the address on my DL is correct). Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I am desperate to get out of my job.

    Does anyone know of a good staffing agency for federal or contracting jobs?

    Thank you ahead of time.

    • anon

      Try InfoCurrent, Trak and Library Associates.

      Rant: Coworkers outside my cube, talking all morning about Harry Potter. I just don’t get the whole Harry Potter thing. Maybe it’s because I stopped reading fantasy books when I discovered girls.

      • Anonymous

        I’m no fantasy fans, but the Harry Potter books are pretty damn good and addictive.

        Now is not the time to be looking for a federal contracting job. There probably won’t be any by the time they pass the next budget.

        • Kalorini

          I agree with you on the federal contracting bit–try applying at USAJobs.com for a real fed job instead of a contracting job. Speaking from personal experience, contracting sucks the big one right now.

          However, I don’t agree with you on Harry Potter. I’m with anon @ 10:14 am on this one–I just don’t care about fantasty wizard fairy land as an adult.

        • anon

          The contractors I work for (being a sub-contractor is even worse than being a contractor) haven’t found out yet if they got the re-bid. They were supposed to find out in June. It doesn’t look good for them, but whoever gets it will most likely keeo the current staff. If not, I’m not sure what my work situation will be like soon. Not sure if that’s a rant or a rave.

      • Tres

        Rant: Got bumped by Harry Potter. Proposed date was nixed in favor of some kind of HP thing that day, which I did not want to attend. From reading these comments, I see that a new HP flick is out. That explains a lot.

        Rave: I am enticing in ways a fictional man is not.

    • anonymous

      usajobs.gov. har har. good luck w/ federal jobs. nobody is hiring except homeland security.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 My Office is short staffed but can’t hire because Congress won’t let them have their money*. Office can’t fill much needed spots, which means I’m stuck in contractor limbo a little longer.

        *fee based not tax payer funded

  • e-beth

    Rave: I worked out for the first time yesterday since my son was born 1.5 years ago. I’m feeling great! think I’m going to keep this up.

    Rave: It’s friday and the weather is gorgeous. Going to an outdoor wedding tomorrow without the kiddo. Yay! grownup evening!!!

    Rant: ordered a pair of shoes online that unfortunately are too small but I’m not sure if I can return them.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: Bought a Groupon for Sugarloaf Mnt Vineyard a few months ago, but didn’t realize that you could only use it Monday thru Friday.

    Rave: Great reason to take a half day! Going up there this afternoon.

    Rant: Getting really sick of the slow trickle of work coming in at my office. I realize there’s a government lock-down on budgets, but I seriously can’t fill 40 hours of my week with billable work (the bittersweet side of my half-day).

    • Anonymous

      Is that the one in MD? I like their wines, but they are $$$$$$. Very friendly too when we visited.

      • Kalorini

        Yep, that’s the one – I actually went on a Saturday and tried to use the Groupon on a weekend without reading the fine print. Their wines are eh, and their service was short and curt, but we get a tasting, two glasses of wine, and cheese with this Groupon. It’ll just be nice not to be stuck in an office on this gorgeous day :-)

    • me too

      I bought the same groupon and had to get a refund after I realized that. We just told them the language was vague and they were not specific on the times and they issued the refund right away.

  • Bear

    Rave: 2 weeks until my travels begin!

    Rant: Have to turn down a week in Haiti because I have too much prep work for my other work trips.

  • anonymous

    rave: kilts. growlllll.

  • erin (1)

    Rave: Scored tickets to Virgin/Free Fest!

    Rant: Didn’t make it in time for the free tickets, so I had to shell out for them.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Got bumped out of the interesting class, now just sitting here waiting for a question from the smaller class.

    Rant: Can’t remote into my desktop to do any actual work while I wait for someone to have a question.

    Rave: It’s not like I was going to do anything besides read PoP while I wait.

  • Elza

    Rave: I am eating a donut.
    Rant: I just made the mistake of googling “human centipede.”


  • anonymous

    this crap economy
    companies trying to maintain profits to shareholders by cutting on quality of items manufactured, the customers who are tools too and waste precious money — young women who play into it, wasting it on crappy clothes

    thrift stores, yard sales, etsy, trades, new resale shops, vintage, new business owners who work hard, classic ones who are tethered to tradition, women who aren’t tools to the industry and the men who respect them

    thank you for reading

    • anonymous

      rave: punctuation.

      • Anonymous

        “rave: punctuation.”

        What was the point of that? Is that a correction?

        Rant: posters who write rants, like parasites, on others’ rants. It’s a “rant” wall.

        try to write your own rant, just try

        • Anonymous

          Rant: Ranting.

          • Anonymous

            Ok! that’s a start

  • DCster

    Rave: Got to share a delicious meal with my partner on Bastille Day.

    Rant: Paul’s bakery closed before we could get pastries for dessert.

    Rant2: My partner didn’t get the government job he applied for.

  • Rant: I am currently stuck inside awaiting the biggest interview of my life. They gave me a window of 8-12 CST that they would call. Dear Army, I really want this job but you are not a cable company or a repairman. Having a set interview time would have been awesome.

    Rant2: I went to see a midnight showing of HP last night (I’m not really that hardcore but I’d never done a midnight showing and being unemployed figured it was a good time to), I wasnt entirely pleased with the movie as I had recently reread the last book and noticed all the glaring creative license changes they’d done. I am now regretting staying out that late when i have to wait on this interview. My brain is moving slowly.

    Rave: I am getting interviews in a tight market in a niche field.
    Rave2: I am looking forward to a nice nap and laying out by the pool once this interview is done.

    • Emmaleigh504

      bleck! a window of time for an interview!

      Good luck!!

    • C3PO

      Why would someone go to a midnight showing of a movie when the most important interview of their life could start at 9am the next morning?

      Good luck with the interview. If you haven’t already done it, get yourself caffeinated.

      • Because she applied to this job 3 months ago and got emailed for the interview yesterday after having bought the tickets a month ago. It was just a confluence of bad timing.

        She also got stood up by the interviewer. Because apparently the interviews before her went long. But they might call today. But probably Monday or maybe Tuesday. Because apparently only their time is valuable. ::Bitter::

        • C3PO

          Sorry to hear it. They couldn’t even give you a definite DAY on which they’d call? Talk about taking advantage of someone.

  • Andy(2)

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I wear out shoes so quickly and never have enough spares to keep up with the failure rate. I got some shoe goo and was able to reattach the soles of one pair, and I successfully sewed together a broken strap on another, but my biggest issue are the ones with worn-down heels. I bought some replacement heel tips but I can’t get the metal part of the old tips out because can’t get a good enough grip with the pliers. Anyone know how to do this?

    • erin (1)

      go to a dry cleaners that does shoe repair and pay like 5 bucks a pair.

      • Anonymous

        Really, they’re that much cheaper than dedicated shoe repair places? I’ll have to look into that. Last time I went to India I brought of bunch of shoes to be repaired but I find it’s too expensive here.

        • erin (1)

          Getting the caps on high heels replaced is super cheap. I took several pairs in last fall that were missing the little cap and had the metal rod all sorts of chewed up from waiting a while before taking them in. One pair even had the leather on the heel peeling up-which they fixed beautifully! I just dropped them off at a dry cleaners I found on yelp. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid, but I do remember being shocked at the price.

          I’m impressed that you’re able to repair your own shoes. I would have no idea where to start.

          Also, I’m curious what you mean by dedicated shoe repair places. I’ve been hunting for a good cobbler/shoemaker (for a few pairs of boots that need some serious work). I’ve found that even most places that advertise as shoe repair are really just dry cleaners (like Art’s Shoe Repair on 17th).

          • Anonymous

            There’s a full service shoe repair shop at 8th and G SE across from the Marine Barracks (Metro: Eastern Market). It’s expensive and I wouldn’t say they looked like new, but it got the job done.

          • Anonymous

            I live on the Hill so I’ve taken shoes to the place at 8th and G mentioned above, as well as a dedicated shoe repair on Pennsylvania Ave SE (can’t recall the name but it’s around the 600 block). The guy at the latter wanted to charge me $40; I don’t think I even paid that much for them in the first place.

          • Webster

            Phillips shoe repair on Upshur in Petworth does fantastic work.

  • PG

    Rave: Breaking Bad season premiere Sunday!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hoping I can convince my out of town guests to go to the Yards Park this evening; I think the weather will be perfect for it.

  • Formerly of Capitol Hill

    Rave: day home from work

    Rant: pinkeye!

  • Local PW

    Rave: Great weather, adorable kids, searching for a vacation rental is my biggest problem at the moment, and I cooked dinner in advance this morning so I won’t have to steam up the kitchen.
    Rant: Will miss cutie boy while he is away on business.

  • angrychicken

    Rant: Stupidly inquired about a meeting that I wasn’t invited to (which was fine with me) and somehow I ended up on the invite list. For a 3:30 PM meeting. On a Friday. I have learned nothing from Rebecca Black.

  • Anonymous


    “The American people are sold.” 80% of the American people want higher taxes we are now told by the President of the United States.

    For the past two and half years he’s been spending and spending with limitless profligate federal spending multiple trillions of money our government doesn’t have, handing out outrageous pay raises to the fawning White House staffers that surround him:


    while the rest of us in the private sector suffer through nearly 10% unemployment and pay cuts if you are employed, all without any scrutiny or accountability by a servile and compliant press which continues to give this President a pass no matter what he does or says;

    and now that there might be some fiscal constraints towards administering our federal government, does this President rise to the occasion with some plan for prioritizing spending and some decisive action ?

    No, he slides and slithers.

    He submits to the easy street he has always known, to the easy path of fear mongering and demagoguery of taking more from the very American people he and his administration are supposed to serve and protect.

    “Time to eat our peas”, -like some Eastern European dictator right out of the 1950’s behind the iron curtain speaking down to his own people telling them to make sacrifices.

    This is not the expected comportment of a U.S. President.

    This is not Presidential leadership uniting the American people during very hard times.

    It is the willful, deliberate incitement of class warfare by an American President dividing his own people.

    This is not the expected behavior of a chief executive responsible for the administration of government.

    80% of the American people want more taxes ?

    How much more can be extracted from a private sector that provides for everyone including those in the public sector.

    Looking at this latest Gallup poll giving any Republican a 47% to 39% win over this President:


    This seems confusing, a menagerie, and more like desperate.

    It’s a feeble attempt at hypnotizing people.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rave or Rant?

    I thought the Gray Administration was supposed to be a return to the days of no accountability in education.


    I wonder how the teachers union feels about their support for him now.

  • Em

    Revel: This picture is so perfect! My partner and I just got hitched today and we also used our own leg power to get around town for the celebration – cocktails and dinner at Poste and dessert at Zaytinya :)

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I had no clue nonchalant’s song was DC based. Craps games at 5am, hmmm



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