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  • JDC

    Rant – Previous Post. Seriously?

    • Anonymous


    • Jack Momma

      I propose that the random rant spots are posted too early in the day. I don’t have enough to rant about until the evening, when the posts are too far down to matter.

      P.S. consider this a rant.

  • indc

    This weather is absolutely glorious! Glorious, I say!

    • Marty

      totally…love having the windows open again!

  • me

    Rant: This whole allergy/sinus thing has GOT to stop. Feel like I’ve been punched in the face for 5 straight days now.

    Rave: Out of work early today for a doctor’s appointment, and out again tomorrow for a final interview at a different place. Here’s to hoping.

    • Anonymous

      when it’s bad enough i get an acupuncture treatment. it’s not cheap, but it’s like a different punch in the face (pain killer, antihistamine and decongestent all in one)that works IMMEDIATELY and lasts anywhere from 3-5 days for me.

      • Steve

        Er, yeah. I’m sure it’s ’cause your Qi is out of whack. Acupuncture hasn’t actually been proven to do anything except in specific types of pain. May as well spend your time/money on a massage or something instead.

        • Anonymous

          i’m sure you know cuz you’ve tried it. right?

    • Kalorini

      +1 on the acupuncture. Check and see if your health insurance will cover it–sometimes it counts as “physical therapy” and you just pay the co-pay. I’d recommend Beth Burke in Silver Spring (http://www.healingspectrum.com/bethbo.html). She’s great, and the treatment is totally worth the trip!

  • PG

    Rave: Artscape starts tomorrow.

    Rant: Put off mowing the lawn for way too long and can’t do it tonight. It’s going to be a bitch to do this weekend.

  • stinkypesto

    Rant. The Mayor/Council is putting firefighters on streetcorners to reduce crime.


    This is the lowest thing that I’ve heard them do yet. Firefighters/paramedics are already attacked on a regular basis when going into certain neighborhoods. Posting them up in bright targets with no real means of self-defense other than radios and asking them to protect teenagers and those in the jobs program is stupid, shortsighted, and will end up costing the District millions when one gets attacked or hurt while on the post. Not to mention that every truck put on “patrol duty” removes firefighters and paramedics from rest between calls and puts them in the heat all day.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Why exactly are firefighters and paramedics being attacked? I can understand the repo man or the Gub’mint Revenuers, but this makes no sense.

  • what

    Rant: There is nowhere in this city that sells taco pizza.

    Wish: Wish more apts would allow residents to grow container gardens or raised bed gardens on the roof. I’d love an apt that offered that as an amenity.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha. i havent even heard of a taco pizza since the 80’s.

    • PG

      Sounds like you have an idea for the next big food truck.

    • photodork

      Pizza? Now that’s what I call a taco!

  • hh

    Rave: Got offered a job!

    Rant: The offer is not as good as I was expecting it to be. Decisions, decisions.

    • Anonymous

      I’m probably stating the obvious, but circle back with employers you’ve interviewed with in the past week or two. I did that after getting a job offer, and it turned out there was a better one waiting for me but the guy had forgotten to send out the offer letter!

  • Dan

    Rant: Friends coming to town this weekend. Had to clean up the apartment.
    Rave: We’re no longer living in filth. At least for another week…

  • Bear

    Rave: Blackbyrd soft opening. Food was delicious, looked great inside. Might be out of my normal price range though, so extra happy that the bill was completely comped.

    Rant: Free wine does not make for a pleasant Thursday at the office. My head….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My cat has decided ALL of my pillows are now her pillows, thus I didn’t get much quality sleep last night.

    Rave: She has learned that “movie assy” means move.

    Thanks: To my cool Dad for the phrase “movie assy.”

    Rant: If it turns out he didn’t come up with the phrase on his own, like the infamous lumber jack song, I’ll be mildly embarrassed.

    Rave: My cat will still move if I use said phrase.

    Proud: I’m a crazy (1)cat lady who is a librarian.

    • Sandy


  • thomasrufus

    Rant: Got yelled at by a cyclist this morning while trying to cross at a crosswalk. I had a walking man, she had a green bike signal. If I had seen the green bike signal, I would have obivously not attempted to cross, but she also could have waited the 5 seconds it would have taken me to cross or have been more polite about it. I don’t yell at you when you cut me off, so please be a little more polite. I yelled back “sorry!” out of shock, but of course, she yelled back a curse word. Yeah, thanks.

    Rave: much needed beach day Saturday and very pretty weather today.

  • angrychicken

    Rant: Working from home since my cat decided today was a great day to eat the leaves from a tomato plant.

    Rave: He’s annoyed that I keep poking him but otherwise he’s fine so far (knocking on wood)

    Rant: The new George RR Martin book has been sitting on my book shelf since Tuesday night since this is the week work decided that I just wasn’t busy enough during normal hours and I really need to work at night and on weekends.

    Rave: I’m thankful that my job will actually be around next year and that I might have the chance to go to bunch of international conferences.

  • Early Times

    Not a rant or rave, but I feel as though an unusually large percentage of people in DC are cat owners….why is that?

    • anonimouse

      because during the deep dark cold winters that last for 8 months we can carry them around to keep our hands warm.

      • Anonymous

        what winters? It never even gets below 25 degrees in this town, you basically don’t even need a jacket. Its summer that sucks,,,sure we have a reprieve now,but check the 10 day forecast. Hell is coming back, summer in this town might be the worst weather I have ever lived in in 45 years on this planet.

        • Anonymous

          Amen, I wish winter lasted 8 months in this town, then there would be less summer.

        • Emmaleigh504

          One winter (3 winters ago?) we had a HORRIBLE spell where it was colder here than Siberia. It lasted about a week and was about 7 degrees every damn day. Meanwhile the town in Siberia I was tracking had temps in the 30s! So not fair. I almost moved. I also almost moved the year of the several feet of snow several times. Clearly I’m a cold weather weenie, bring on the heat! (but please Mother Nature, keep it 96 or below, thanks.)

    • Amanda

      Because cats are easy and you don’t have to worry about walking in DC’s non existent yards.

      Rant: The ants that are all over my house even though I keep it extremely clean and leave no food out.

    • Kalorini

      You don’t have to worry about throwing dog poo bags away in public trash cans and getting yelled at by PoP commenters about a dog being tied up outside a restaurant and barking at people :-)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Apartments are tend to be more likely to allow cats than dogs. My (awesome) building only allows cats.

      I’d also have to move closer to my job in the burbs if I got a dog. I’m not ready for the burbs, so cat lady I stay. It also really works with my chosen profession. Dog lady and librarian just don’t go together the same way.

  • Honey Badger

    Rave: It’s gorgeous outside today.

    Rant: Despite the fact that I believe that DC law allows me to stay in my apartment on a month-to-month basis after the lease ends in August, I am being forced out.

    Rant: Condo I was really interesting in seeing tonight that has been on the market for 125 days went under contract yesterday.

    Rave: Really excellent realtor and loan officer helping me with the purchase of my first place (if I can just find something I want to buy).

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Great weather for my run this morning. Haven’t had that in a while.

    Rant: Our landlord just sold the condo we’ve been renting, so we have to move out. We’ve found a decent apartment to move to, but it’s not available until two weeks AFTER our lease ends. All of the other places we’ve checked aren’t available until even later than that.

    • Anony

      Check with the new owners, if you promise to leave the place in great condition (and obviously pay rent for the 2 weeks) maybe they’ll let you stay. Can’t hurt to ask.

      • Anonymous

        We don’t know who the buyers are. We’ve checked with the landlord about staying for an extra two weeks, and she says she’d check with the buyers, but that was a week and a half ago. I get the impression that she’s just not going to tell the buyers, because she doesn’t want to scare them off, and she’s just stalling with us. But it’s really hard to tell what’s going on.


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