• Pennyworth

    Rave: Dero
    Rant: rfk

    • Anonymous

      Rant: no solid plans for replacement of RFK on the horizon
      Rave: Najar’s goal on Saturday

      • SF

        I went for a walk on Heritage Island Saturday and RFK looks like something from a Mad Max movie. The city really needs to get with it and do something with that area and the ridiculous sprawling parking lots that surround it. What an awful use of urban space.

        • Anonymous

          It’s really an NPS problem.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rant: Another weekday, another day out of service for the down escalator at the east exit of the GA Ave./Petworth Metro station. Truly Ri-freakin-diculous.

  • Clarissa

    Rant: Raining today, after I spent 20 minutes last night watering my front yard and making a good meal for mosquitos. Also, it’s our staff picnic today.

    Rave: Rain! We need it.

    Huh: rfk. What does that mean?

    • GDopplerXT

      RFK Stadium?

      • Clarissa

        Thanks. I’ll take the dunce cap off now…

    • Veronika

      we work together!

  • AMP

    Rant: Casey Anthony
    Rave: Short week!

    • Anonymous

      You people and this Casey Anthony thing, its ridiculous. There was no evidence that she did it, none. That’s why she walked, other than some chicken shit misdemeanors about lying to the police. The jury could have convicted her of Murder, 1st or second degree, or manslaughter. Jury’s in murder cases, and yes I speak from experience, if they believe something was not quite right, but feel the state has not proven the case, will “split the baby” (excuse the inappropriate use of the idiom). They will convict on a lesser included offense. That did not happen here, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE. I was criminal defense attorney for three years in Florida, I know people down there, and Baez (her attorney) was widely considered to be doing a horrible job. So it wasn’t that a great lawyer got her off, it was the state had no case. The saddest part isn’t that you people would have convicted her without listening to any evidence, the saddest part is that she probably didn’t do it (it is very rare for mothers to kill their small daughters) and the real killer is now walking free because the police and the state’s attorney did what you did, decided she was guilty without any investigation.

      • Twoshort

        According to her defense, the child drowned in an accident. There is no “real killer now walking free.” How familiar with the case can you be if you didn’t realize that?

        • profchris

          Rave: Off clip on mosquito thingy, going to Harpers Ferry for the holiday and it being basically 87 minutes nonstop no traffic from the corner of Warder and Irving St NW.

          Rant: people who say the state had no case when Casey was the last person to see this baby alive, the kid was plastered in duct tape and drugged with chloroform, then dumped in a mud hole. It’s good to be a little white party gurl.

          • anonymous

            You should’ve taken Amtrak to Harpers Ferry! It’s a delightful ride that drops you off right in town and it’s 70 minutes, almost always no traffic.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, but the state had no case against their suspect. Nothing connected the duct tape, the chloroform or the mud hole to the person on trial. I own duct tape, my clothes are often muddy, maybe I did it.

          • Jon

            The way you always have to bring race into everything is despicable.

        • Anonymous

          Not familiar with the case, just with what people were saying about it, the verdict, and what they were saying about the lawyers. Never said I was familiar with the case, only how juries behave. I was aware, however, that no evidence connected the suspect to a murder. Juries don’t often care what the defense theory is, and whatever it was, doesn’t mean she wasn’t killed. Point is, there was no evidence showing who did it.

      • idiocracy

        But, but, but the tee vee and internet said she did it! Why wasn’t she found guilty?! The tee vee and internet lied to me! :(

      • Meg

        Scott Peterson got the death penalty based on circumstantial evidence.

        • me

          Kids only matter in this country if they’re a fetus.

          • Anony


          • Anonymous

            30 million abortions (i.e. murdered children) says you are wrong. Seriously. But thankfully there is forgiveness for us all.

          • me

            I meant that that’s where all the debate/attention goes.

          • Idaho Ave

            I think its funny people like anonymous can talk about abortion being “baby murder” but fight tooth and nail to try to leave our seniors out in the cold to rot away and die and don’t hesitate to rush 200,000 of our young soldiers off to some made up war in Iraq to die….I guess it only matters when its politically advantageous?

          • Matt

            Idaho Ave:

            So Anonymous fought tooth and nail to try to leave our seniors out in the cold to rot away and die and didn’t hesitate to rush 200,000 of our young soldiers off to some made up war in Iraq to die?’

            You read a lot into that reply that just isn’t there…

  • thomasrufus

    Rant: Rain without an umbrella—guess I should have checked the weather report this morning.

    Rant: Folder cuts–worse than paper.

    Rave: I do have rain boots in my office. Good thing I was too lazy to bring them home several weeks ago!

    • 14th St Heights

      You probably still wouldn’t have your umbrella because they said it wouldn’t start until later today. I think.

  • Dizzy Comet

    Rant: the rain, plus my delayed flight that landed at 1 am this morning at BWI, make it unlikely i will have the motivation to go to the Nats game today.

    Rave: at least the Nats are a game above .500.

    • me

      Adding to your rave- I went to high school with a new addition to the Nats, and he’s doing really well as a starter!!

  • W

    Rant: Someone stole my basil plant off my doorstep last night. I live on a quiet street and most of my neighbors have potted plants/herbs outside so I thought it’d be OK. Nope. 24 hours outside, and stolen…planter and all. Now I get to explain this to my mom, who will be in town this weekend and will of course ask where the plant she gave me is. And then she’ll be all worried about me living in the ‘unsafe’ city…arg.

    • profchris

      Tell her this crap happens in the lily white upside odown on the mortgage strip-malled burbs, too–especially when someone needs some basil for thai stir fry
      They just do it when high on grandma’s leg pain Oxy, rather than crap weed or rock.

      • I don’t think so

        got some issues, huh profchris?

    • Jack Momma

      One minute they’re stealing your Basil, the next your Tomatoes. LIFE & DEATH IN THE CITY I TELL YOU!!! LOL @ Unsafe City.

      • anon

        First they came for the basil. But I did nothing because I only use dry herbs…

  • Anonymous

    rant…i hate applying for jobs. i have a job now so i’m not desperate or anything, but i just hate the whole process. cover letters, resumes, generic job postings (must be a team player! must be able to work independently! must know how to use a computer!), and the whole networking bullshit. i know networking works – it’s how i got my current job – but it sucks applying for a job you feel you’re a good fit for and knowing you’ll never hear anything back because you’re not best buddies with the HR manager. UGH. i am so ready to move on.

    • WDC

      + a lot.

      I will also be looking for a new job in the next few weeks/months, and just dreading it. I’ve stayed in a bad-fit job with no advancement possibility for ages, just because I hate job-hunting SO much.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 Job hunting is so much worse than my crap job. At least my crap job pays me well.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Back in office after nice week at the beach.

    Rave: Weather at the beach was perfect and avoided sunburns.

  • 9th Street Resident

    On the Mind: Sketchy ice cream trucks.

    The photo on this post got me thinking about something my friends and I have long observed. Sketchy ice cream trucks in DC. I have on multiple occasions witnessed ice cream trucks in Shaw, as well as near RFK, driving around at odd hours or in places where there are clearly no children around. It has been hypothesized, by myself and others who have observed the sketchy appearance and behavior of these “vendors,” that they are not so much ice cream entrepreneurs, as they are drug dealers in ice cream trucks.

    Is this just a conspiracy theory we have come up with or has anyone else ever witnessed suspicious ice cream truck behavior? Has anyone ever bought ice cream (or other treats) from one of these trucks?

    • Getoffmylawn

      I can’t really think of too many more conspicuous way to sell drugs than by driving around in an ice cream truck in the middle of the night, but this is indeed a strange phenomenon worthy of further investigation.

    • Nice Dreams

      I’m pretty sure there was a City Paper cover story about this a couple of years ago.

      • 9th Street Resident

        I found the article: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/38791/hamidu-jalloh-sells-ice-cream-not-drugs

        It appears others did share the same hypothesis as I. Sorry to any legit vendors like Jalloh. Although, it is good to know that neighborhood blogs can actually draw attention to the going-ons of our city.

        Next time I see one of these trucks I think I will be doing an investigation of my own. Hopefully it ends with a delicious ice cream treat in hand, or a cup-a-soup should it be midnight in the middle of the winter.

    • anon

      I don’t know about suspicious ice cream trucks, but I’ve heard about a truck that sells sandwiches that cost something like $15! That sounds sketchy to me.

    • me

      I noticed that around V between 13th and 14th…. in the winter. WHY would there be an ice cream truck sitting there when it was cold enough to snow? Another time, I heard that same ice cream truck blasting MGMT’s “Kids”, but I assumed it was because the person was downloading “kid”-type music and neglected to differentiate.

    • WDC

      I always thought they were drug-trucks, too, but have heard from multiple sources that they’re selling regular food. Not ice cream for kids, but chips and sodas and whatnot for residents who live too far from a market, or can’t get to a market for other reasons (kids are sleeping, have to cross dangerous territory, etc etc).

    • Herb

      I saw this sketchy one near 10th and U


  • DCinDC

    Rant: Mosquitoes. If I’m standing outside anytime around dusk it’s smorgasbord time for them. Walking around with welts the size of quarters on my legs is really hot. Really.

    Rave: DEET.

    • me

      Don’t use deet- get one of those Off Fans that you clip on to your shorts or shirt. No joke, it really works, and then you don’t smell like Deet or have it all over you.

      • Anony

        The fan might work for some, but it did not work for me at all! I must depend on how tasty you are!

        I will stick to deet until something else works.

        • Veronika

          load up on B12, i hear that works too

        • Veronika

          Oh and Skin So Soft by Avon… it works. and smells lovely (for girls at least)

    • DCster

      Someone I know said he uses garlic pills. Anyone ever had any luck with them? I’d prefer not to use DEET/Off if possible.

      • me

        If it’s the smell that bothers you, the fan doesn’t have a smell. Otherwise, I’m not sure about the garlic pills. Will have to ask my friend- he takes them for something unrelated.

        • DCster

          It’s more the putting chemicals on and having a cat, than the smell. I’ll also have to follow-up with the person I know to see if it’s working for him.

          • me

            Then definitely try the fan. No chemicals on your skin, and although I don’t wear it inside (I leave it in my garage or in a ziploc, just in case), I have 3 cats that I don’t worry about at all. Really was a miracle worker for me- it was like I had a little cone of inviolability around me! I even held it up to a cloud of bugs- within a few seconds, they all dispersed. I should call them to get a job selling them, I seriously love them so much.

          • 14th St Heights

            Nothing wrong with garlic pills other than they don’t really work, but they really do make you smell like garlic.

          • greent

            + 1 14th St Heights.

            The only thing garlic pills are good for is to ward off Count Chocula.

  • EW

    Rant: Extra creepy hobo at the bus stop yesterday at K & 19th (NW). Leered, stunk, followed me. Gross. But I guess that’s a regular occurrence in DC.
    Rant: Same complaint about networking/job applications. Infinitely frustrating.

    No raves today…

  • cheebu

    Rant: Having my bike stolen a few weeks ago.

    Rave: Seeing someone riding it on Monday night a block from my house and taking back right then and there.

    • Veronika


  • Jack Momma

    Rant: People from other neighborhoods hanging out in my neighborhood. Nosy, offensive yelling at each other like they live in the houses they hang out in front of…

    Leaving beer bottles in my yard daily when I’m out at work like cowards… Police need to show more neighborhood presence, and at least check IDs (once a month) for people hanging out on stoops, so at least one person is a resident. If I could find out where they lived, I’d hang out on their doorsteps.

    I dread if any of them say something to my mom when she visits my house. Have mercy on their souls!!

    • Veronika

      automatic sprinklers… give them a try.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not required to produce ID just because a cop asks and certainly not if you’re “hanging” out on private property.

      Might try another plan.

  • MAR

    Rant: Break in at the house yesterday.

    Rave: My pup is the best guard dog ever! He managed to keep the loser confined and thus limiting the amount of stuff he/she could take.

    Thoughts: Trying to decide if I can handle to work full time and go to grad school part time (night classes) and not totally hate my life. Is it worth it (monetarily and time investment wise)?

  • AtticusGrinch

    Rave: LA over the weekend complete with awesome weather, star sightings, and spectacular West Coast style tacos and breakfast burritos.

    Rant: Back to DC with no West Coast style breakfast burritos, tacos, star sightings, or awesome weather.

    I love DC but someone has to do something about our lack of readily available breakfast burritos. I know I am not going to win on the weather or stars (other than an occasional senator or two), but come on food truck people!! Give me some burritos and tacos!!

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • AtticusGrinch

        Thanks for the tip POP. I will check it out.

        But I am not going to lie; I have a real addiction problem. I need breakfast burritos close to work or home so that I don’t experience withdrawal. I am tired of making them for myself every morning. And they can’t be some bastardized version with rice like I had at the Dallas/FW airport. They must be real and with a choizo option.

        Thus….FOOD TRUCKS TAKE NOTICE!! The downtown market for breakfast burritos/tacos is untapped. Get on it.

        • PG

          I think Taqueria Nacional serves them. I haven’t had them because I’ve only been there for lunch.

        • Shelster

          The one caveat I make to your request is that there is a real and important difference between breakfast tacos and breakfast burritos, with breakfast tacos being way better. I grew up in south TX, and the real taquerias serve breakfast tacos–served on smaller non-burrito sized homemade flour tortillas. It just makes the tortilla-to-filling ratio so much more delicious, and it’s easily portable (no need for two-handed eating!).

          Otherwise, I totally agree. There definitely needs to be a breakfast taco food truck.

        • Veronika

          LOL! Make them on Sunday and freeze them. you can freeze a breakfast burrito, yes?

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Lake Anna vacation next week!
    Rant: Jayson Werth’s batting average

  • Shelster

    Does anyone have any suggestions for where to watch the Tour de France?

  • RnR

    Rant: those horrible fireworks that are like flash grenades. It doesn’t bother me when the neighbor kids run around and shoot off rockets or whatever, but those flashing ones are awful.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: New work computer!

    Rant: New work computer. Seriously, evil, large software company, what was so wrong with menus that you had to replace them with ribbons?

    Rave: New work computer is a laptop with a nice bag and plenty of accessories to make my work at home experience pain free.

    Rant: Not allowed to work from home.

    Rant: I’ve taken to talking out loud to my computer because it is PISSING ME OFF!

    • BCinDC

      Emmaleigh504…I love reading your posts. You are always so hilarious and I mean that in a good way.


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