• Timmy

    Rave/Rant: While this 1711 Florida project could completely change that area, Planet Pet is so damn convenient at that location, and I’m sure traffic would suck on Florida for the entirety of construction.


    • greent

      Damn. Good for the area. Damn.

    • Rob

      I go to Planet Pet as well but that building would be a welcome change to that corner. Perhaps they could be part of the retail component for the new building.

      • Timmy

        I think Planet Pet would be done in that location. They wouldn’t be able to wait out 3+ years of construction, and I’m skeptical that a residential building would allow 100s of barking dogs on their first floor, so the daycare would need to move elsewhere anyway.

    • MichelleRD

      Looks good though.

  • J.H.

    Went to Meridian Pint last night and tried the DC Brau Pale Ale… tasted like beer and window cleaner (which if it actually had that combo in it, it might have tasted better). I couldn’t finish it.

    • Anonymous

      I really was disappointed too. I understand completely.

    • SF

      Too bad. The Public and the IPA are quite good, in that order.

      • “The Public” is their pale ale. I think it’s pretty good.

    • andale andale

      agreed. I really wanted to like it!

    • oink

      Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like I don’t need to. That’s a shame.

      Rave: Traffic was FLYING this morning!

  • Me

    Rant: I have 7 hours left of work.

    BUT, when I get home, I get to hang out with my soul-mate for 3 straight days. I am really looking forward to this weekend.

    • me

      Rant: Someone using “Me” as their name on here, too! I thought I was the only one!

      Rave: You can have the capital “M”, I’ll stick with the lowercase. ;)

      Rave: 3 full days of grilling and beer, plus not having to go to work. Can’t ask for much more.

    • anonymous

      rave: people using “soul-mate” in all seriousness. thanks for the chuckle!

      • MAR

        Agreed…also Hubby.

  • PG

    Rave: Three day weekend followed by three way work week (and beach trip) next week.

    Live music returns to the Surf Club!

    Buying a new bike this weekend.

    No Rants to report today!

  • Bear

    Rave: All tickets are booked for summer vacation/work travel. Starting July 30, I’ll be in Glacier National Park for one week, followed immediately by two weeks in Uganda and three weeks in South Africa. So, so excited!

    Rave: Headed to Atlanta this weekend to spend some quality time with family.

    Rant: I have to sit at my desk for another 6.5 hours before I can leave.

    • WDC

      I would like to go on that vacation.

      If you get down to Port Elizabeth, try to see the elephant park. Finding myself in the middle of a herd of 20+ elephants who seemingly appeared out of nowhere is one of my fondest (and most frightening) memories!

      • Bear

        That sounds awesome! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be heading that way–most of my work will be in Gauteng province, with short site visits to Limpopo and Western Cape.

        • 14th St Heights

          I wish I had a job that included international travel. Sounds like an awesome trip. Hope you have a safe and good time.

        • Andy(2)

          very jealous of work travel that takes you there.
          Was born in Gauteng and its on my short list of future vacations.

        • djdc

          I got to travel twice for work. To Winchester. That’s Winchester, Virginia.
          I too am envious.

          • Anonymous

            my work just gets me all over the metro area. but thats it. at least i know our region and city very well though.

          • Bear

            This is the first time I’ve gotten to travel anywhere besides to our headquarters in NC since I’ve worked here, and it hasn’t been an easy few years. So…

            Additional rave: Finally feel like it has paid off to stick with my job over the last few years, despite the many times that I wanted to jump ship. Very grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way now.

          • djdc

            Bear, sounds like you deserve it. Work hard and have fun!

    • C

      Jealous of both parts of your travel. I LOVE Glacier National Park/Montana. One of my very favorite parts of the U.S.

  • Anon

    Rant: I have not seen enough pre-4th fireworks yet. Come on people, light ’em up if you got ’em.

    • peaworth

      Come on up to Petworth. We’ve got fireworks aplenty, including some house-shaking blasts the guys a couple of doors down were setting off last weekend. One of my poor dogs is petrified of fireworks, but, since she’s a little older now and can’t hear as well, the panting/trembling has subsided a bit.

  • Sleepy

    Revel: 4-day weekend!

    Rant: At the end of the 4 days, going back to a shitty job.

  • Lindsey

    Rant: Craigslist keeps ghoset posting the ad for my grandfather’s car that my mom is trying to sell. I am trying to help her, but its just not working. Grr.

    Revel: 3 day weekend! Fireworks! Grilling! Folklife Festival!

  • Rave: spectacular Machu Pichu yesterday
    Rave: Jim Carrie was in Machu Pichu yesterday
    Rave: a guy recognized the PoP t-shirt in Machu Pichu!
    Rave: going back home

    • Kalorini

      Rant: Pablo’s going to beat me by 2 months for the PoP Shirt Travel the Globe — Peru edition. You can have Cusco–I’ll take Arequipa :-)

      Rave: I’m sure he’ll come back with amazing photos of Peru, far better than anything I could snap.

      Rave: Get me outta this office and onto a 3-day weekend train!

  • Florista

    Rant: idiots trying to get me to do their work!
    Rave: shutting down said idiots!

  • Lei

    rave: family coming to visit
    rant: I need to get cleaning and finish a paint job I started… all before they get here at 4ish.

  • Jen H.

    Rave: Didn’t throw up on any poor guys on the Rosslyn Metro escalator this morning!

    Rant: Still feeling horrible about the poor guy in the Wednesday morning throw up incident. I would love to be able to track him down and apologize and pay his dry cleaning bill….

  • Anon

    Seriously? Someone on a blog, with a completely different palate than you, badmouthing a beer is enough to get you to pass on it? That seems a little shortsighted on your part. Give it a shot and then come back and tell us if J.H. is right.

    For what it’s worth, all of the beers DC Brau has released have gotten good reviews on Beer Advocate–a site where people who actually know a thing or two about beers. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/25327

    Taste is a very subjective thing. I feel sorry for you if you don’t try the beer just because a few people have said they don’t like it.

    • photodork

      “For what it’s worth, all of the beers DC Brau has released have gotten good reviews on Beer Advocate”

      According to you, it’s worth nothing.

      • drinker

        Beer Advocates opinion on taste means nothing to me.

  • Rob

    Rant: DDOT and Mayor Gray wavering on their commitment to build dedicated east west bike lanes on L and M St NW.

    Rave: Three days of morning bike rides through Rock Creek’s Beach Drive this holiday weekend.

  • PetworthRes

    Rave: I overslept this morning and got to work at 10am – and no one was even there to notice :) Summer is great – office full of Euro colleagues who take ridiculously long vacations.

    Rave: Great dinner at Graffiato this week – I love Top Chef so this was a lot of fun, and the food was actually really, really good!

    • anonymous


  • Zandunga

    Rant: Yesterday, I saw my neighbor’s pit bull playing with a dead rat for at least 10 minutes. The dead rat looked like it came from inside the house because the blood was dry but the flies didn’t start swarming them until after a few minutes that they were out. My neighbor was outside but didn’t do anything about it – at least while I was out there.

    I hope they clean the picnic table the dog was playing with the dead rat on before eating outside this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    rave: work has been picking up lately! it’s good to have money in the bank. and work to do.

    and stocks have rebounded. whew.

  • DCster

    Rave: Three day weekend followed by three day work week (and beach trip) next week.

    Semi-Rant: PG beating me to post my Rave – I guess we’ll have to share! You’re not also going to Rehoboth, are you PG?

    • PG

      No, Ocean City. Have a great weekend!

      • DCster

        Cool – you too!

  • Mike

    Rave: Work travel is over in about a week. So is the GF’s,

    Rave 2: We just moved in together.

    Rave 3: Time to start looking for our new dog!

    Rant: Are you kidding me? 3 day weekend in an hour. No rant in sight.

  • Tricia

    Rant: No early release today.
    Rave: Eating tons of crabs tomorrow.

  • Amanda

    Rant: The punks throwing eggs over the fence and smashing them on my steps and porch! Get a life!

  • donewithdc

    Rant: 5 weeks of grand jury has put me in constant fear of stepping out anywhere in the streets of DC.
    Rave: Done with 5 weeks of grand jury.

    • Anonymous

      be careful out there.
      5 weeks of grand jury would get cause me to loose my house.

      • Anonymous

        lose it too.

  • MK

    Rant: Trying to get DC to tow a ticketed abandoned car that’s in front of my house.


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