Holy Cow – Lobster Rolls for $8.99

by Prince Of Petworth July 8, 2011 at 12:30 pm 19 Comments

Now this could be huge or, admittedly I’ve been known to do this in the past, I could be overreacting but I’m cautiously optimistic. At the Dupont Marvelous Market (1511 Connecticut Ave, NW next to Kramerbooks) the sign above stopped me dead in my tracks. Since a Lobster Roll costs $15 at Luke’s Lobster Shack and Red Hook Lobster – this could be awesome. Though it could also be like comparing a McDonald’s hamburger to a Palena hamburger. Anyone happen to try the Marvelous Market lobster roll yet? I’ll be sure to report back after I grab a taste.

  • CheeseTriangle

    I have a feeling it would be a lot like MM’s sushi. Which is to say it’s good if you have 5 minutes to eat and a few dollars to spend.

  • Anonymous

    i’m calling this now: huge disappointment. the sandwiches there are all pre-wrapped and are typically pretty bad unless you need something in a hurry.

  • J1992

    In Maine they actually do sell lobster rolls at McDonald’s in the Summertime. I’ve never tried one, but I bet MM’s is alot like those.

    • Jaynuze

      the McLobster … and it should be call the McUnwantedPartsOfLobster. Very similar to the poutine the Quebecois McDo’s sells … subpar.

      Lobster Rolls: Red’s
      Poutine: Chez Ashton’s
      Admittedly, both are over 700 miles from here :(

      • poutine!!

        is there poutine anywhere nearby?! anyone willing to throw it together for my? i will pay!!

        • EdTheRed

          The Wonky food truck sells poutine. It’s not as good as in Quebec, but it’s better than nothing.

          • greent

            Wonky is ok – but you have to get there early, otherwise it is cold (the gravy and fries I mean).

            I miss Montreal.

        • Kim

          Churchkey has it as well. Again, not as good ad in Quebec, but still pretty good.

        • oink

          Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia does poutine with duck fat fries, duck confit, gruyere, and duck gravy.

      • Shaw Girl

        As a fellow Mainer, I second Red’s!

  • The Real Jason

    Finally. Lobster rolls for the rest of us. Those perched high in your office buildings cackling with your $20 sandwiches clasped in your hands take note.

  • victoria

    Lobster rolls are extremely simple to make. If they got a deal on lobster meat this would make sense. To make your own

    1. buy lobster tails when they are on sale – (often at Harris Teeter.)
    2. boil a pot of water, throw in 1 T. of salt.
    3. Drop in tails, simmer for 5 min. Take them out and let them rest 10 min.
    4. crack shells (lay ’em out belly-side down and slice them lengthwise down the back with a big-ass knife) – remove meat – (if they still look a little underdone – drop them back into the hot water – just don’t overcook.) Chop the lobster.
    5. Mix with GOOD mayonnaise – making your own mayonnaise is actually the easiest thing in the world. Buy pasturized eggs. separate out the yolks – whisk them until foamy – add a little dry mustard powder (nice, not essential) drizzle in olive oil while whisking until it is thick & satiny. (Don’t expect jar mayo texture – this is more like pudding)
    6. butter and toast/grill a roll – pile on!

    • SSRS

      OR i save myself the time and effort and just buy one for $8.99 at my local MM.

    • Anonymous

      Will you be my friend?

    • Rukasu

      Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances add mayo…

      I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

      • victoria

        So you just eat plain un-dressed lobster meat on a roll? Fine if you like that – I doubt God has much of a position on home-made mayonaise.

      • Yum

        Plus one to no mayo. Butter all the way!

    • Rukasu
  • Kim

    The hardest part of making it at home is getting the New England style hot dog buns (which next to the lobster is a key ingredient!). I’m bringing some back in my suitcase after trip to RI this weekend but I’ve seen available online.


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