Friday Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth July 8, 2011 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments

This rental is located at 16th St NW & Euclid St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“I am helping the Dorchester House rent my large efficiency, which will be available between, July 9th and 13th, depending on when they can get it cleaned and repainted. This efficiency is a steal at $1218.

This apartment features,
* Between 525 and 550 sq feet.
*Awesome Hardwood Floors
*Changing room with walk in closets and ample closet space
*Easy Access to Harris Teeter and Meridian Hill Park
* Close Proximity to shops and entertainment in Adams Morgan
*Amazing rooftop deck
* Laundry Room
* Gym
* Onsite Parking Available”

$1218 sound right?

  • noodles

    Checked out the Dorchester House when I first moved to DC several years ago. These statements may no longer be true but I found the following to be a turn off:
    -Air Conditioning is tenant supplied and window unit only. In short, no facility supplied AC and this includes the dank and musty lobby I visited in the summer months.
    -Pests: Spotted a few dead roaches during my tour. Granted, they were dead but clearly, a sign of a pest control problem.


    • Anonymous

      Central air now.Works pretty well, but have to pay own electricity.

  • L

    I have some friends who live in the Dorchester and their unit has AC, also no bugs.

  • JS

    Here’s the City Paper article on the Dorchester House HVAC installation:


    • anon

      Wow. After reading all of that, I’d be hesitant to live in the Dorchester or any place managed by that management company.

  • Jose Carioca

    Borger Management is the worst. Rude, nasty people. Run away from this place and anywhere else they’ve infested.

  • CH Resident

    Some DC history for you: The Kennedys lived in the Dorchester house then they first came to Washington.

  • Kalorini

    As of August 1st, The Dorchester House will no longer “all utilities included.” After a long legal battle, Dorchester was forced to reduce the current rental rates fairly to account for this new charge to tenants.

    There’s some serious issues with this building, the management company, and the front desk staff (a service hired by the management company–which is a whole other problem). Steer clear of this hell-hole.

  • caballero

    I lived there for years, and I had few complaints. Sure, some folks complained about everything under the sun, and the tenant association was run by some activist wackos who though they were entitled to cheap rent and high living for the rest of their lives, just because they were able to scrape together the rent check every month.

    I treated the staff with courtesy, and they were pretty kind in return. The location was great, the apartment was roomy and had lots of light, and the rent was reasonable.

    No, it’s not the best building in the world, and the management was mediocre, but you get what you pay for.

  • Liz

    I lived at the Dorchester for six years, and it’s a good value – large apartments and nice amenities at a great location for a reasonable price. The HVAC installation/rent adjustment was handled very badly, and I think they’re planning further renovations some time in the future (like updating the kitchens, which could use it), so prospective renters should be wary about that. But overall, I’d say it’s worth a look.

  • I live here

    I live in the D-house. Yes there the management have their ‘quirks’ that I don’t always like. An no I don’t have a dishwasher or granite counters. In fact the kitchens are probably in need of a little love, in general.

    However, the location suits and my place is large with plenty of storage. The roof is great and when things need fixed it generally happens pretty quickly. Most of all I like the price. I haven’t seen anything else in this price range, for the size, in this area.

  • DHresident

    We’ve lived in the D-House for two years now and have always paid our own electricity (I think we were one of the first units to do so). We’ve never seen roaches or other pests.

    The maintenance staff are awesome. Seriously, the best.

    The office management are always on the defensive. They are eager to tell you why they can’t do something, or act like they are doing you a favor if they do help you.

    A couple of the front desk staff are awesome but powerless; a couple are horribly mean. And yes, from what I understand, they are hired from a third-party company, which totally sucks. There used to be a local front desk staff who knew the residents well, were well liked, and did a great job. I suppose the third-party people must cost less though; we get what we pay for.

    The apartments are vast but the kitchens do suck. We’ve made the best of ours. I hate that there is no laundry in the units, but I guess that’s the standard here.

    As long as there aren’t too many run-ins with the office staff or the horrible front desk people, it’s a fine place to live.

    And yes, they did drop the rent slightly- nothing significant but more of a gesture.

  • can’t wait to leave

    Borger is evil. Some of the staff, including the Community Manager are very nice people, but the strategy with which the place is managed is maddening.

    They are skinflints, for one — do these ridiculous raffles and breakfasts in the lobbies and stuff, while the kitchens are awful, the new HVAC system works horribly, the paint and such is cheap (so, eg, the doors stick to the frams), and we have mice (yes, plural — one at the time, but they keep replacing themselves!)

    The apartments are spacious, but Borger does not deserve the benefit of your tenancy.

  • adinaINdc

    @ can’t wait to leave: I never understood the raffles or the community events. Does seem like a waste of money. And agreed, Borger is evil. What are my choices here in Adams Morgan?


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