• Anonymous

    have people seriously not made alternative plans yet?

  • newintown

    Seriously, people. Bus, cab, walk, bike. There’s no way I’d stand in that line. No way.

  • noodles

    Must be a hiking boot this time.

  • me

    I still don’t understand why they don’t walk under 10 minutes to get to a different metro stop…

    • Rosie

      Ignorance/laziness/wanting to have something to complain about/scared of the city

      • I just love these generalizations. Did it ever occur to you people that this might not be an easy option for folks with injuries or disabilities?

        • sigh

          yes because all of those people have a disability or injury. maybe to the head for standing in that line. nice excuse to be late to work though

        • Anonymous

          while there is a possibility, it is highly unlikely.
          unless it was some sort of convention for the sick and disabled.

          look at the picture again gordon. these are not people waiting for the elevator or for MetroAccess.

          these are people waiting in a long ass line to walk down a broken escalator and NONE of us any any idea why the hell they would do that.

      • Anonymous

        “scared of the city”


      • Dartagnan

        Or just maybe the line isn’t really THAT big of a deal….

      • C3PO

        Rosie and all – or maybe they weighed their options and decided they’d rather stand and wait for 15 or 20 minutes than walk 10 minutes in blistering heat.

        Strangely enough, what they probably didn’t consider was what a bunch of faceless parrots on a random blog would think of their decision.

        • Anonymous

          Yep, and everyone seems to overlook the fact that there is a huge, very busy hospital right on top of this station. Chances are good that some of these people are patients.

    • anonymous

      probably would take the same amount of time to get in that station and on a train as it would to walk to farragut. plus, with a line like that, once you get in it’s probably really empty and nice.

  • the totten.

    I have no idea why people can’t figure this out. I work down the street. Biking, taking the bus, or walking to another metro stop… any (and all) of these things have successfully gotten me home without waiting in line (and potentially catching the stupid cooties from these people!).

    • anonymous

      not everybody lives where you do, is my guess. a shit ton of people that work here probably live in vienna and beyond so they have to take metro out there. I don’t know why this is pissing anyone off besides the people that have to wait in line. just like you argue nobody is making them wait in line, nobody is making you get riled up about something that doesn’t affect you.

      • Eastern Market

        Right, and a lot of those folks who live in Vienna don’t know the city well enough to know where the buses go or where the next closest metro stop is.

        • Sanderlina

          Right, and sitting on M street for an hour totally fixes everything.

          If you walk to Farragut, all those people still cram on at Foggy Bottom.

          • Anonymous

            Not everyone is as adventurous as you are. Sadly, a lot of suburbanites have absolutely zero interest in knowing what’s beyond a 3-block radius of their office building.

      • the totten.

        all the more reason not to associate with them! suburbanites! EEEEEKKK!!!!!!!! GROSS!!

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    I don’t see this getting better anytime soon. Clearly the station wasn’t designed to handle this much volume, escalators working or no. It’s already been mentioned a bunch of times, but there are alternatives to standing in line for the Metro. If you’re okay with it, great. If not, find another way out.

  • Anonymous

    people, you have to realize that the DC metro system is the oldest in the world and that when it was being built they did not have the advantage of studying other existing systems to see what worked and what didn’t. For example the staircase did not yet exist and they were therefor limited to escalators and elevators. Shallow trench tunnels were not yet on the horizon and thus they were forced to bore through the earth with tunnel diggers at great depth and expense. The understanding that a station was for people to embark and disembark a train was again not yet realized, thus they built giant cavernous (and dutifully repetitive) tombs to the gods of Brutalism in a way that only savage peoples of the time would have.

    So please take this into consideration when you see the devout in their processional line of devotion to enter the tombs. They are simply honoring ancient traditions.

    • elcal

      actually, all sarcasm aside, it’s relative age is probably a major factor in why it doesn’t work as well (i.e., how many years has MTA had to iron out its kinks?); existing improvements in transportation infrastructure have nothing to do with major bureaucratic failures.

      • Anonymous

        I would say that in the case of Metro both design and management work in tandem to achieve maximum suck.

        • textdoc


  • Elza

    I’m just amazed that this many people get finished with work by 5:16pm. Jealous.

  • cottontails



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