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  • Bryan

    I was too intrigued not to look this album up. There are different ones for every year, and the red headed guy gets more and more into the 60’s. Pretty awesome. Does anyone know the history of this series?

    • Saint

      same here. I came across this just now: http://leemichaelwithers.tripod.com/cruisin.htm

      seems they gathered radio DJs who were active whichever year they were covering and had them recreate an entire broadcast, commercials and all. quite the time capsule.

  • Very cool!

  • whoa_now

    looks like a read-headed brad pitt…also he is reading catch 22.

  • nettie

    that’s a riot! He’s also reading Howl!

  • Hilly

    Too many innuendos on one cover!

  • Disgusted in DC


  • Richko

    Complete with a bad teenage mustache. Are you sure that isn’t Howdy Doody all growed up?


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