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What’s the perfect song for DC?

by Eric Nuzum May 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm 121 Comments

A Musician's Yield

So “Empire State of Mind,” “New York, New York”–okay, we get it. A lot of people love NYC and want to sing about it. Okay, a lot of people, obviously, as there are hundreds of songs about New York City.

But what about us? We are the most powerful city on Earth. Shouldn’t we get something?

DC has a lot of great music, obviously. Bluegrass, hard core, go go, hip hop, jazz, and even opera. In fact, I’d put DC music up against just about any music scene in the country, if for no other reason than its eclecticism.

But songs about Washington? There we are a little slim.

The ones that come to mind aren’t particularly flattering: Bad Brains “Banned in DC”, “Mt Pleasant Isn’t Anymore” by The Evens, Skip James “Washington DC Hospital Center Blues,” Scapegoat’s “Walk in Washington,” and even Burning Airlines’ “Wheaton Calling.”

Sure, there’s Parliament’s “Chocolate City”–but that’s just cool because it’s Parliament. But that pales in comparison to NYC, which has 22 songs about it that start with the letter “P.”

So let’s co-opt a song. I am willing to use my power and influence as Lord of Petworth to unilaterally decree a song as DC’s theme song–but I’d like your help in picking. If you were going to adopt a song for Washington, DC–a theme song–what would you pick and why?


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